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Saturday, September 4, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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4:20PM BBT: After the feeds returned it took a while to figure out that Alyssa won the PoV. The competition involved tweezers and making micro cocktails. Alyssa won a micro PoV charm on a bracelet. Tiffany described how bad her hands were shaking while holding the tweezers and trying to make the cocktail.

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4:50PM BBT: Tiffany and Hannah try to figure out how to explain to Claire that she's going up as Alyssa's replacement. They consider telling her that they made a deal not to put two of the four people on the block at once and Tiff has to honor that deal, but, they have votes for Claire to stay. Hannah says she wishes they could convince Alyssa not to use the PoV or to use the PoV on X, but Hannah knows Claire is a big enough fan to know not to do that.


Tiff says she'll have to tell Claire she made a deal. Hannah says to just use names, not that it's with people of color as Tiffany suggested. Tiff says she doesn't want to completely mislead Claire. Tiff later wants to tell Claire she's not safe, the question is, when?

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5:09PM BBT

Azah is cleaning up the kitchen so she can prepare dinner: Salmon, steak, mashed potatoes and spinach.

Ky comes in and begins drying the dishes. Hannah comes downstairs announcing she is coming to help with dishes, too

Azah- Thank you so much. Much appreciated.

5:11PM BBT 

Tiffany is talking to Claire in the HoHR. Claire tells her that Azah doesn't trust Alyssa.

Claire- We could form a coalition. If X goes this week. Maybe ALyssa goes next.

Tiff- I need Azah to be tighter with us.

Claire- Yeah

Tiff- I need her willing to vote him out. She's not gonna vote him out.

Claire- You think Ky keeps X

Tiff- Azah proabably keeps Ky over X

Claire- No, no way!

Tiff- No?

Claire-She keeps X over Ky. The only way I could see her doing that is with Big D

Tiff- I've been trying to pull her in to working closer with the girls. What votes does X have?

Claire- Alyssa, Ky question mark; Azah question mark

Tiff- You don't think that Ky is working with Big D?

Claire- I think he is. I think he would keep Big D over X. He knows he needs X as a shield and you as a shield. I think he thinks he can slide with Big D to the end.

Tiff- I need Ky and Azah to vote out X


21 minutes ago, morty said:

I am aware that my web site at www.mortystv.com/bb is not working. I don't know how to fix it, however smart people have been alerted to the problem.


It's baaaaaack!

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5:16PM BBT

In the YBR, Alyssa and Xavier enter the YBR to talk with Big D about their "plan"

Alyssa puts Big D through a rehearsal of sorts for when he talks with Tiffany

Alyssa- Okay, so act like I am Tiffany

Big D- Okay

Alyssa- Okay, so we are in the HoH room

Big D- okay

Alyssa (as Tiffany)- 'So Big D, I am thinking I am trying to think of who to put up next to X. I want X to go home and no one wants you to leave, so I am thinking of possibly putting you up as a pawn.'

Big D- 'Well, I think the better route would be, for your game's sake,  If you want to guarantee X is going home, then I would put up Ky. If you put up Ky, especially,  X will go home.'

Alyssa- Because you have mine and Azah's vote.

Big D- Okay, 'because you have mine and Azah's vote.'

Alyssa- 'You have mine and Azah's vote, but if you put up one of us you don't have our vote.' 

Big D- right

Alyssa- 'I want to split up that duo. That duo is way too strong.'

Big D- okay

Alyssa- 'I want to split them up. So it doesn't matter who X is up next to, he is going home.'

Big D- right

Alyssa- 'I just don't want it to be me and Azah'

Big D- Mm Hmm

Alyssa- 'And there is no reason to have any bad blood between us' 

Big D- Okay

Alyssa- 'because I have no intent to go after you because you kept us safe last week'

Big D- Okay

Alyssa- Now try it.

Big D- Try it? Damn. I got it. I got it.

Alyssa- You don't got it.

Big D- I do got it. I have it. I have it.

Alyssa- You got to make her really believe that you want X to go.

Big D- I think I can make it very believable.

Alyssa- Okay?

Big D- I got it. I got it. That's my plan.

Alyssa- Okay, and if you see Azah...

Big D- I will talk to her

Alyssa- You know you need us.

Big D- I know that.

Alyssa- You don't need no Ky because Ky will put you back up again.

Alyssa- I can promise you that I am not putting either of you up.

Big D- But I want to win HoH next week.

ALyssa- It inreases your odds.

Big D- If you win HoH next week, who are you gonna try to get?

Alyssa- I don't want to say that right now.

Big  D- You and me have to be on the same page because I really want to win HoH next week

Alyssa- We will be on the same page. It's not gonna be you, and it's not gonna be Azah

Xavier- she will talk about targets more after the veto ceremony

Alyssa- It's not you guys. And I know X can say that, too. Then it will be 4 against 3. You got to really sell it.

Big D- Okay.


Alyssa leaves so Big D can talk to Xavier.

Xavier says it's getting harder and he hates that.

Big D- There ain't no mac and cheese at the Cookout!

X- What?

Big D- There ain't no mac and cheese at the Cookout!

Xavier- There's your line, America. I know y'all was looking for it.

They discuss the comp and how close Big D was to winning. X says he was close, too.

Big D- I had it. I was so close. Damn! I can't win shit in this house. Of course,  I CAN'T go up an tell Tiff that.

Xavier- I know.

Big D- Here's the thing, we have to make sure you me and Ky are on the same page because if he hears that, and he doesn't know.... you know how is.

Xavier- He knows. He's fine. 

Xavier says if he was in Tiff's shoes I'm pretty sure she would find a way to see if Alyssa would use it on me so she wouldn't have to put up Claire. I'm sure right now she is trying to find out a way for that to not happen. It's gonna be bullshit.

Big D- If she is a woman of her word....I don't think she would

Xavier- If she were going to do it (go against her word) it would be Ky. If she puts up Ky, Ky is going home.

Big D- then we're fucked...If Ky goes...

Xavier- We are the only guys

Big D- Y E S ! If she doesn't put up Claire I am going to flip this fucking house. I'll drag her every fucking day. I'm gonna pop off. 

[Big D throws around his threats that he will use if Tiff doesn't put up Claire  -MamaLong]

Xavier says she should have just let Ky or Azah win. "She better pray there is not a Battle Back because if there is, she is fucked."

Hannah walks in and they ask how she feels about Tiff and what she will do

Hannah says htere is no other choice

X- Do you think she is going to do it.

Hannah- I think she will.

X- Right, Tiffany is not that dumb. How is she?

Hannah- Tiff? She's fine.  She accepted all of the responsibilities and risk that came with this HoH. Claire has to go up.

X- How is she going to frame that?

Hannah- I would tlak to Tiff because I don't want to misconstrue anything. 

X asks for the gist and Hannah says her advice was to tell Claire that she had a deal to not put up the four of them. The boys don't like that idea because the mention of a deal exposes the Cookout.

X- Who is she saying she made a deal with?

Hannah- you and Big D and Azah

Xavier says they need to work on that and he begins to orchestrate the conversation that Tiff will deliver to Claire

[Xavier makes like he sits back a lot like Chester Cheetah. But, actually, he still tries to control the smallest of details. -MamaLong]





5:40PM BBT

Tiffany has started washing dishes in the kitchen. Hannah held some for her because Tiff wanted to do her part. Azah says the potatoes need another 15 minutes to boil. "I always do the salmon while i do the mashed potatoes."


6:56PM BBT

Sarge- No Napping Houseguests

CLaire and Hannah hear Sarge

Hannah- It's not us, is it? (Hannah is laying down on the backyard couch)

Claire- It's probably Alyssa.


6:59PM BBT

Back in the kitchen, Azah realizes she doesn't have enough spinach. Claire walks through and says it smells so good. Claire then heads to the backyard where she and Hannah talk about Zingbots zings for them.

Hannah- I think he had Tiffs together

Claire- I didn't see yours coming. I didn't see Azah's coming.

Hannah- I think Azah's was most embarrassing.

[Azah's zing was about her crush on Xavier -MamaLong]

Hannah says she was hoping her zing wouldn't be that for her and Derek X.

Claire- that would have been rough

They agree that Alyssa's was the meanest.

[Alyssa's was about her being "dim" -MamaLong]

Hannah- She took it well, though. 

Claire- I don't think she knew what it meant.

Hannah- Alyssa is not dumb. I think that's why she got casted [sic]....to be the Analyse of the season (BB21)

Hannah- Tiff's was just on point 'Four Score and Seven Zings ago' It was so funny.

Hannah says hers was just "like, hm; interresting, Zingbot"

[Hannah got salty with Zingbot because he marked her as boring or irrelevant -MamaLong]

Hannah- I didn't take offense. As long as I ma not irrelevant in the game....I think that's what Zingbot meant.

Claire admits she was disappointed about hers, "I wanted it to be better"

Hannah- It could have been better.



7:05PM BBT

Big D and Xavier join the conversation in the backyard about their zings. "I'm surprised he didn't say nothing about your food."

[Hannah is always snacking. Baby D used to tease her all the time about it. -MamaLong]

Big D- I thought he was gonna get me for something else but he just got me with...I forget...oh; the toilet "you leave your mark"

Hannah was surprised Zingbot didn't comment about the one sided relationship he has with Kyland

Xavier says Azah is quite embarrassed

Hannah- Zingbot kind of made you look bad because he made it look like you rejected her

Xavier- I never once said I wouldn't go on a date with her

Hannah- Let's not take Zingbots zings too real

Claire- I mean I do have big feet  [Claire's zing must have been about her feet.]

Azah announces that dinner is ready. The HG's head inside for their meal.

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7:28PM BBT

Hannah heads into the HoHR to talk with Tiffany

Hannah clues her in on her talk with Xavier and Big D 

Tiffany- I am a terrible fucking liar. Claire is going to have so many questions...possibilities...odds. You should go eat.

Hannah- Okay, but should we talk to Alyssa tonight or just hold off?

Tiffany says she will wait until tomorrow, "I really need to think on some things". Hannah offers to make her a plate and bring it upstairs. Tiff doesn't want he rto bring it up and make people think she doesn't want to go downstairs, "just set it to the side for me, please." Hannah agrees and leaves.


7:29PM BBT

Tiffany- Fuck. I got to pretend to all of you. That's the fucking game, right? I am not feeling it today. This is not easy. This is not what I wanted to happen. This is not what I wanted to do. This is the most unattractive, uncool, unsophisticated best friend like thing in the world. Y'all want to know...Do I regret winning HoH? No. Claire was gonna go home anyway so "then you wouldn't have to be in this positiion" It doesn't matter. I have to lose her regardless. So, it is what it is. My whole point...my whole purpose in winning this week was so I wouldn't have to lose Claire. Her only chance of staying was me winning HoH, and the only risk was Alyssa winning veto. And damn if it didn't happen. I have tried my best to save Claire, as long as I could. Now I have to put her on the block. Y'all might say it would have been easy if it was someone else. I didn't want her to go home this week. So, because I did what I wanted, which is what I always do, I got to lay in the bed I made. And that means...I got to nominate my girl.


Tiffany stares for long time at the HGs on the spy cam. They are eating their dinner downstairs. Tiff then joins the HGs at the table, "Thank you for cooking Azah!"

Azah- You're welcome Tiffany

Hannah- Tiff, I made you a plate




8:30PM BBT

Alyssa and Big D are playing pool in the backyard. Xavier is watching. Hannah and Claire are washing dishes.


Sarge- Azah, please go to the diary room downstairs.



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9:25PM BBT

Azah and Xavier are cuddled up in the YBR chatting about Tiffany.


Hannah and Alyssa are in the hammock, also talking about Tiffany

Alyssa- How is Tiffany? Is she stressed?

Hannah says she has wanted to be alone today, and she has a headache.

Hannah- You and X are my greatest chance at getting to the end. You and X are strong enough competitors to get to that point. The three of us could compete in all of those comps. 

Hannah says it would then come down to Xavier deciding which of them to take to the end. "If you win, you take me. If I win, I take you. It's a fair shot. My point is, X needs to stay this week."

Alyssa tells Hannah about the plan she came up with to get Tiff to put Kyland up when Alyssa pulls herself off.


[I'm out for the night. It's be a long Long long day. -MamaLong]

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9:12pm Big Brother Time

Cameras are bouncing around the house and back yard.

Xavier is on the sofa, Alyssa goes to the hammock.
Azah in loo, Claire in lavatory
Hannah is cleaning up after dinner
Voices on patio, but not sure who...

Bubbles stops by, but she will probably wander off once the cameras get situated on house guests.

Feeds come back to Azah prowling around the anchor room cupboards, straightening her bed clothes,hiding dirty dishes on the cabinet. She is tossing things into a trash bag from her bed side table.

Big D and Kyland are in the lavatory area, Xavier comes out of the loo.
Kyland is fussing about a pimple on his face, Big D tells him to wash his face and leave it.
Xavier is fussing about how the week is going.
To the loo with Kyland, and the others leave the area.

Xavier goes to the anchor bedroom with Azah and Big D follows.

Big D is fussing about the HOH not telling him what they are doing.  He says he is not going to study for the next HOH with “her” because he wants to win.

Azah says that Tiffany is okay with putting Claire on the block. Xavier takes credit for her changing her mind.
Xavier says he told Tiffany that there aren't many people that he could beat on the block. 
They are planning some sort of flip on Tiffany in some way, they are trying to manipulate her into putting Claire on the block, Hannah is involved in the plan.

Azah says she isn't sure Tiffany would be convinced to put up Claire, it could be Kyland.
Xavier takes credit for Tiffany deciding to put Claire up...

(Xavier takes credit for all sorts of things that happen in the house.  There are going to be some surprised people later when people compare notes.)

Azah and Xavier continue to talk about the votes but seem to be talking as if Alyssa is going to be on the block on Thursday (And that is not a real possibility) But they interchange Claire's name with Alyssa's name.
Azah presents more confusion by using Tiffany's name as a substitute for Claire's name.
They mention Kyland, not trusting him, Xavier doesn't want him to be able to flip his vote.
Azah continues to talk about her plot to ensure Claire she has the votes to stay, Xavier is not happy that the vote could be 4/1.  He wants the unanimous vote,  so Azah adjusts her plot.
(She gets so confused she transposes Xavier and Claire's names, and the vote counts)

Xavier continues to tell her that he needs the unanimous vote, or he will go home.  He says 4/1 is just not okay with him.

In the back yard Alyssa and Hannah are talking about what to do with the veto.
Hannah says Tiffany could put up Kyland, Big D or Claire, and she tells Alyssa that Tiffany needs to believe X is going home.
Alyssa says “they know the plan.”, to go to Tiffany and pretend they want Xavier out of the house.  She says Big D and Azah are going to present the idea.
Hannah says she might not trust Big D, he lied about votes before,  maybe Azah should make a deal without Big D.
Alyssa says Tiffany doesn't know how close she is to Big D and Azah.
Hannah continues to plot with Alyssa, she says the vote has to be 3/2 to make it look like one person flipped.
Alyssa says they can blame it on anyone else (flipped vote).
Hannah tells Alyssa that she should try to build something with Tiffany to avoid being targeted later.
Alyssa says she doesn't think she can beat Tiffany and if she wins HOH she would nominate Tiffany and Kyland.
Hannah says she could mention to Tiffany that putting Claire on the block as the replacement is not a bad idea.
Hannah makes a final two deal with Alyssa.
They decide to call themselves the “Sloppy Seconds”
They plot the demise of the house guests, Azah is first on the list, followed by Tiffany and Kyland. 
(Hannah is in the Cookout, her loyalties will not allow this plan to go past the first opportunity to send Alyssa out of the game to protect her five partners.)

Azah and Xavier continue to cuddle, whine and plot.

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10:00pm Big Brother Time

Hannah and Alyssa continue to talk about positioning in the game.

Xavier and Azah continue to cuddle.

10:15pm Big Brother Time

Hannah and Alyssa end their conversation
Xavier has gone to the living room area.

Claire and Hannah are talking in the lavatory area.
Claire is telling Hannah that Kyland was running final two scenarios with her in the kitchen.

Claire tells Hannah that Kyland is worried about being on the block this week.
Hannah says she doesn't think so, Kyland is a shield for them (Herself, Tiffany and Claire)

Hannah continues to talk to Claire about who will go up and who will leave.

Xavier is in the living room, he is talking to Kyland, who is in the kitchen.
Alyssa is in the living room area as well.
Kyland says Tiffany is in her room.

General chatting about the competitions.

Hannah and Claire continue talking in the lavatory area, the topic remains the same. (future game play, nominations and evictions).

Hannah says she is done talking game today, but Kyland wants to talk to her and that will be 45 minutes, she goes to the loo.
Claire decides to go to the gym and pick at her face. Meanwhile Alyssa is looking at something in her eye.

Xavier is sitting on the sofa in the living room area staring (at the wall?)

Kitchen talk in the kitchen, Azah and Kyland voices are audible

Big D has left the diary room, Xavier is reminding him that he (Big D) was called to the block before him (Xavier doesn't like anyone to be acknowledged, or spend long periods of time in the diary room)

They are laughing about the veto competition, Big D says he didn't do well, and was frustrated.
He is laughing with Xavier about the two of them asking people to make deals.
Azah is laughing about the faces house guests made when she read their scores earlier.

Bubbles interrupts..

10:35 pm Big Brother Time

Hannah and Claire are whispering again in the lavatory area, they are interrupted by someone coming to the door to tell Hannah there is ice cream.

They are plotting their path to the final four. 

Hannah leaves the room while Claire stays behind to do her night time routines.

Hannah goes to the kitchen and looks for the ice cream.

Xavier, Big D, Alyssa and Xavier are in the living room area.
Big D is complaining about being a Have Not this week, Alyssa tells him he will get through it.
Azah is lying on one of the sofas watching Big D complain.

Xavier goes to the kitchen

Big D decides to eat a can of olives, but lies back on the sofa instead, complains more about being a Have Not.

In the kitchen there is conversation about going to Vegas. They say they are taking Brent, they mention Travis as well.  Big D starts yelling that he would be a good time if they take him.  “You might as well take a loaf of bread if you take Travis”, Big D yells.
Big D starts yelling at them, he gets louder and louder.
The kitchen is laughing, teasing him back.
Big D continues to yell “But you're goin to Vegas you're not gonna take me?? You'd be lucky, my black ass might take you all.”
They tell him he would be perfect for Vegas but not New York.
Big D “There is no where I would not be a good time. I am an international b**ch.” He goes on his rant, starts yelling at them.
They ask him if he would even want to come with them. They tell him they are not bringing him,  because he said he would make their lives a living h**l.
Big D says he is “gonna let it go.” because he will be too busy as an A star, and hang out with the Kardashians.

Big asks them why they think he won't mix well with them. He says he likes the same things they do, mentions activities men might want to do in a bar situation, says he likes that stuff too.


Big Brother Time 11:00pm

The loudness continues but the loud conversation tuns more serious and personal.

Xavier mentions that he didn't want to be part of “guy's night”, so he can't go with them.
Big D gets support from the girls.
Big D tells them to do whatever they want., he says he didn't involve himself in their little shenanigans.

Big D says people won't remember them after the show, but they will remember him (Big D).
He calls them his co stars.

Big D tells the girls he doesn't want to go on the girl's trip, he wants to go on the guy's trip. 
They ask him why he doesn't want to go on a girls trip, but wants to go on a guy's trip.
He offers to pull down his pants and show them why he wants to go on a guy's trip.

He stomps into the living room 

(He has gotten angry now, not fooling at all. In my humble opinion these boys went to far with some of the comments and pointed questions they asked him.  Big D has made decisions about his life that should be respected)

Xavier tries to explain to Big D that he didn't want to prank the girls, then Big D has said he doesn't like Brent and Travis.  Xavier “and you voted them out.”
Big D, “I'm about to vote you out too.”
He tells them that it would be a waste of time, he feels like it is delusional for him to think he would like to go anywhere with them.
Kyland says that Big D has gotten personal and they have been attacked personally.

Big D tells them he feels personally attacked, that they could ever say he would not be good for their guys trip.....
Kyland and Xavier say they didn't say that (they did)
Big D says 'you know what, you guys are right and I am wrong” He tells them it was wrong of him to try to join their trip.
They try to appease him by offering him a trip somewhere else, but Xavier continues to talk down to him.
Big D says if they feel personally attacked it was not his intention, he felt left out and stuck in the corner, he fights back.
Kyland continues to apologize (not in a good way).

The girls are giggling at this, Alyssa is coaching him.

Big D says something to Alyssa, Xavier wants to know what he said, Big D tells them he was talking to Alyssa and it wasn't related.

Kyland quietly tell Claire and Hannah that taking Big D on that trip might stifle them since his energy level is low.  They say that he might not join in with the fun. He says that he is willing to other things, like go to his birthday celebration in Montreal.

Big D and Alyssa are talking in the living room area.  Big D has composed himself and he is talking to Alyssa and Azah about television shows.

In the kitchen conversation has turned to who they would each take as a partner if they could take a trip anywhere in the world.

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Big Brother Time 11:25pm

Conversation continues in the kitchen regarding travel.

Claire comes into the living room area, and Azah tells them she plans great trips. Claire tells Azah she is a great planner.

Big D asks Xavier (three time) why he would not be invited to the guy's trip. 
Xavier doesn't answer.

Bubbles interrupts the answer.

Big D says he has fun with his friends when they go out...
Big D tells Xavier that it was his idea to go to Vegas with Brent, that was a long time ago when he did that.
Xavier says it is because of the group who would go.
Big D asks Xavier why he was excluded from the guy's trip.

Azah interrupts, say they are dropping this'.

Big D says he is going to go ask the other persona who left him out.

Tiffany comes out of the diary room, the girls fill her in on the argument.

Big D is in the back yard going over the dates with Kyland.

12:00am SUNDAY morning Big Brother Time

Darlings it is time for me to say goodnight.  I know none of you would ever make a person feel excluded because they are not like you in some ways.  Everyone you will ever meet has a story, and a value or the good Lord would never have given their soul a voice.  Be kind—hugs  Grannysue)

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