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Jairus Robinson 20, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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Name: Jairus Robinson

Age: 20


Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Current Residence: Oklahoma City, OK

Occupation: College Student


Hobbies: Obviously Survivor, working with kids/pediatric nursing, athletics (jiu jitsu, running, dance)


3 Words to Describe You: High energy, charming, charismatic


Pet Peeves: I really hate bullies, and I don't like loud eating.


What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? I'm so proud to be a two-time state

track champion because it is the culmination of seven years of absolute passion, but also pain. Literal blood, sweat and tears! Everyone will tell you running is hard, but running with the fastest people in the state running sub five minute miles and pole vaulting is a story of its own.


What is something we would never know from looking at you? When people first

meet me they always assume I'm the goofy, go with the flow bro who's here to make you laugh. But I'm also a lot smarter than people think until they see my grades or hear me speak in front of a crowd. I did Toastmasters, a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership, when I was in 6th grade up until high school so I can speak eloquently. Public speaking has never been a problem for me.


Who is your hero and why? Every now and then I volunteer at the children's hospital because pediatric nursing is what I want to do with the rest of my life. Those kids are absolutely my heroes. To know and see what they go through hurts, and yet they still have a smile on their faces. Why would I - someone in perfect health - spend so much time being angry at dumb stuff like bad weather, girls or no more milk in my fridge? I'm so much more privileged than they are. I will always have a smile on my face and a laugh on the way because why not, right?


Which past Survivor will you play the game most like? I would love to play the game like the culmination of some great Survivor winners, specifically Parvati, Fabio and Jeremy Collins. No one in the history of Survivor can charm like Parv. I'm going to change that. I would love to have Fabio's ability to be underestimated, which I believe is the best thing you can be in Survivor. Lastly, I want to work Jeremy's shield management into my gameplay while still having my own king spin on it.


Why do you believe you can win Survivor? I believe that there are numerous aspects of

Survivor. You'll drive yourself mad trying to do one of them perfectly. If I can do everything well enough, I know I can win. I have great social awareness and in high school I was very popular. I had my hand in every clique with the jocks, the band kids, musical theatre kids, popular kids, rappers, academic kids, ROTC kids, quiet kids and even the teachers loved me. Even now, I have a great relationship with the president of our college. I have that "it" factor that some people just have. I think JT had it and Kim Spradlin, now I have it too.



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