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America's Got Talent Season 16-Semi-Finals Live 1

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Terry greets us and then the judges and we get ready to kick off the first semi-final competition.


Our first act of the night is Peter Rosalita and he is a singer. He takes the stage and has chosen the song Without You by Harry Nilsson. Heidi says his voice is as powerful as he is adorable. Sofia says he had command of the stage and that was spectacular.


Simon says Peter Rosalita was awesome. He says he took control on a live show and that was an amazing vocal. He really likes Peter and he thinks America will too. Howie says there was not a better way to start the semi-finals.


Michael Winslow is our next act and he is voice impressionist and does noises. Sofia says she was mesmerized because he is so good at this and she loves that he is here. Simon says he has so much respect for him and that he was nervous and he was just funny tonight.


Howie agrees with Simon about Michael and he loves that he chose to do something interactive with them. He engaged the audience and he thinks he engaged America. Heidi loves watching him and hearing the audience laugh. Well done.


Next up is Beyond Belief Dance Company and they are dancers who earned a wildcard spot in the semi-finals. Heidi says she loves them so much and she is so happy they got brought back. Howie says they rose to the occasion and they delivered.


Sofia says Beyond Belief Dance Company deserves to be here and they did a good job tonight. Simon says there is something about this group that is a sense of optimism and that is what the world needs. He thinks tonight was better than their previous performance.


Aidan Bryant is the next act to take the stage and he is an aerialist. Sofia says he gets better and better. Sofia is so amazed by what he does and that was so smooth. Simon says this was a gold medal performance.


Howie says Aidan was so impressive. He was a little critical last time and this was so smooth and he took previous criticism and turned it into a wow moment. Heidi says he continues to impress everyone and she thought that was hands down his best performance.


The next act is Tori Vagasy and she is a singer. She takes the stage and sings Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John from The Lion King. Simon says she may have struggled following Aidan. He says it might have been too safe for the semi-final.


Howie agrees with Simon about Tori. He says she is an amazing singer and voice, but he thinks this show needs more. Heidi says any Broadway stage would be lucky to have her, and she as flawless. Sofia says she definitely belongs on Broadway and she stepped it up.


World Taekwondo Demonstration Team is up for their performance and they perform martial arts. Howie says they are his favorite act so far tonight and this was the best act of the night and he could watch that for two hours straight.


Heidi says she loved World Taekwondo Demo Team and she thinks people will want to learn what they do. Sofia says their performance was more dramatic and spectacular and amazing. Simon says they came back and tonight was the best performance they have given.


Madilyn Bailey is up next and she is a singer. She sings an original called Red Ribbon that is honor of her grandmother and how to move on after a death. Howie says she is very lucky and he did not think that was special. Heidi says this was a hard song and she nailed it.


Heidi also says Madilyn won her over. Simon says Howie is an *ss and he is talking out of and Madilyn did a great job and that was a beautiful song and he is so proud of her. Sofia agrees with Simon.


Dustin Tavella is ready to take the stage, and he is a magician. He gets an ovation from everyone in the audience and the judges. Sofia says he is nervous each time and she thinks he performed better than ever before.


Simon says Dustin is a born storyteller and that is what makes him unique and he is so special. Howie says he loves him and he is amazing and magical and he loves orange yogurt and Dustin is the orange yogurt of entertainers.


Korean Soul is up next and they are singers and they take the stage to sing You Say by Lauren Daigle. Simon says the song choice was a million times better than last time, but some of the song sounded out of tune.


Sofia says Korean Soul sounded amazing and better than the last time. Howie says he thinks they are great, but he liked last time better. Heidi says she liked it better this time because they each had a moment to shine.


Gina Brillon is a comedian and she is next to take the stage. Howie says this is the first season four comics made it into the semi-finals and he is so happy and proud of her. Heidi says with or without spanx, she is fabulous and she deserves a spot at the finale.


Sofia says she is funny and relatable and she is her cup of tea. Simon says she loved the fact that she acknowledged the competition and he was critical last time and he will be the first to admit, he was talking out of his *ss.


Jimmie Herrod is our final act of the night and he is a singer and he has chosen to sing Glitter In The Air by P!nk. Sofia says he is unbelievable and this is how a semi-final performance should be.


Simon says that was a master class from Jimmie and he is an amazing singer. He is incredible. Heidi says she is waiting for his album to drop. Howie says he is by far the best singer in this competition and what he does is perfection and he could listen to him day or night.

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