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Big Brother Season 23-Veto Comp and Ceremony Week 7

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Previously, on Big Brother, the powerful Cookout alliance was secretly running the game, but when Sarah Beth won power the Cookout scrambled to keep their alliance safe.

So Sarah Beth’s ally Kyland steered her towards a target outside the six and a backdoor plan was put into motion and once again, two pawns found themselves on the block.

The high rollers room was back open and unaware he was in danger Derek X chose not to play turning down a chance at safety leaving Alyssa as the only one to spend her BB bux.

Alyssa’s win gave her safety and the right to remove a nominee. Then a fateful spin of the roulette wheel chose the replacement and Alyssa was left in tears as her closest ally hit the block.

But Sarah Beth had bigger plans. Tonight, who will win the POV? And will it be used to save Claire or Xavier? And if it does, will it mean Derek X will be backdoored?


We pick up on Day 45 after the chopping block roulette meeting. Alyssa feels really bad. She says Xavier has looked out for her and she put him on the block. If he goes home, then she will feel so bad.


X says he was working so hard not to get nominated, but then a roll of a ball gets him nominated, and his closest ally outside of the Cookout. He says it is almost funny how bad his luck was.


Claire says she is still on the block but she is against X and he is the ultimate physical specimen. SB says this is perfect because that power is out and she does not have to worry about it and she can still backdoor Derek X.


Derek X says he feels good with SB and he got to save his money. And now that the wheel has been spun, he is glad it was X and not himself. Alyssa is crying and X says it is not her fault and she says it is her fault and X says it is alright.


Claire is talking to SB and SB tells us Claire is not her target, but she is close with Derek X and she cannot tell her that. Claire asks what SB wants done with veto and SB says it would put her in a tricky spot. Claire believes SB when she says she is not the target.


Claire does not think SB would want X out. Claire says Ky and SB are joined at the hip so she does not think it is him. Which leaves Derek X as a big target and a backdoor option. Claire goes to talk to Derek X and tells him about her convo with SB.


Claire is telling Derek X that she thinks they are the targets. Derek X is a little concerned and he wants to talk to SB and see if he is potentially the target. Claire and Derek X are concerned about X winning the veto and Tiffany joins them and they fill her in.


Tiff says Derek X needs to win the veto and he says he needs to get picked. Tiff says it is upsetting that DX is a backdoor option because she is not ready to let him go, but she knows the Cookout will not save him.


Alyssa is talking to SB and she is telling her she wishes she had never played. She wants to see what SB is thinking with he upcoming veto competition. SB says she never intended for Claire to go home and she clues her in on Derek X as a backdoor option.


Alyssa says she is so excited because she wants to target DX because he backdoored Christian. She wants to get picked to play even more than she did before so she can take a role in the backdoor plan. SB says if DX does not get picked to play, he is definitely going home.


Derek X is going to talk to SB and try and find out who her target is. DX asks if SB would want the veto used and she says she is hoping she wins because she does not know what she wants to do and she wants options.


Derek X says he should have played the stupid wheel because now his game is on the line. He needs to summon the veto king energy and pray his name gets drawn for the veto.


Derek X is talking to Hannah and he is feeling her in on his conversation with SB. Hannah says if X or Claire win then he will go up. She says he needs to win and he says completely. Hannah feels guilty for keeping DX from playing and she does want to protect him.


It is time to pick players for the veto competition! SB draws…Azah. Claire draws… Derek F. Xavier draws…Alyssa. Derek X says his name did not get drawn and it is a week straight from hell. He says he does not know what karma he did but it is hitting him now.


Derek X is talking to Claire and he says how did his name not get picked? Claire says these were the worst picks she could have gotten and her biggest fear is Xavier could come off and Derek X will go up. She does not want to sit next to him. She needs to win this veto.


For the veto competition they have to set up dominoes to complete a chain reaction. They can go for the veto but they have to knock down three red punishment dominoes. But if they give up veto they can include three green dominoes for a prize.


Alyssa is up first and she chooses BB Bankrupt, which means she would lose her BB bux, solitary confinement, and solo have-not. She feels like she did pretty good and she hopes her time is fast enough.


Derek F is going to go for the prizes because he is safe anyway and does not need veto. He starts knocking his dominoes down but they get stuck and he has to reset everything. He gets it on his second attempt.


Azah wants to win the POV so she can keep herself safe and take Xavier off the block. She says the difficult part is the log at the end. Azah has to reset once also and she begins again and she completes the task.


SB says she sees the prize blocks and it is tempting to win another 10k, but she did not have complete control over HOH so she wants to go for the veto. She goes for the same punishments Alyssa did. She completes the task on the first try.


Xavier is up and he is going to go for the veto. X says he has thrown previous comps but he has to go for this one. The fastest path will be strategy shutdown, bb bankrupt, and solitary confinement.


Claire is up and she thinks SB is trying to backdoor Derek X and that is the worst case scenario so she needs to win this veto so she can take herself off. She does not want to be a third nominee so she goes with veto disadvantage and hope it does not impact her time.


One person went for prizes instead of the veto. With a winning time of 16:29 and they walked away with 100 BB Bux and $7500 cash. Everyone knows it was Big D.


Now it is time to find out who won the POV. X says he feels good but he is hoping his time was fast enough. With a time of 3:05, X has won the POV! The punishments he got are BB Bankruptcy, Third Nominee, and Strategy Shutdown.


X says he will take all the punishments. Claire is upset because she really wanted to win. She does not want to be sitting next to Derek X on Thursday and now the odds of that are pretty high.


SB is happy and X can take himself down and she put Derek X up and send him home this week. Claire is in the shower crying and DX says she is ok. She says she should have gone for the third nominee and DX says it is fine. She feels like she let him down.


Tiff comes in and asks if Claire is ok and she wants to talk to her for a second. DX does love Claire and it hurts him because he could have played the wheel and kept himself safe and maybe saved Claire but he cannot dwell on the past.


Tiff tells Claire not to beat herself up and keep it together. Tiff says this is a tough situation because Claire and DX are her closest allies outside of the Cookout. She needs to try and figure out a way to keep him off the block.


CBS has partnered with the Red Cross and the HG will donate time and assemble emergency kits to be used in emergencies. Tiff is excited to be doing this because it is important.


Ky says there are food rations and flashlights and they are important things to have in an emergency. He says if you are failing to prepare, then you are preparing to fail. Azah says this was a great break from the strategy of the game.


Derek X says he needs to figure something out because if he does not, then SB will backdoor him. Tiff pitches DX suggesting Hannah go up and then they get rid of Claire. Tiff says Claire is her girl, but DX is more valuable to her game.


Tiff says the Cookout would never vote Hannah out and if she has to lose Claire to keep DX that is ok with her. SB was targeting Hannah at one point so this might be an opportunity to take that shot. DX says it is a hail mary but he does not have any other options.


DX goes to make his pitch to SB and he is offering a form of guaranteed safety. He says she does not have to be the one to take the shot at him. DX offers two weeks of safety. He says putting Hannah on the block would be a favor to him.


SB asks if he thinks Hannah would go home over Claire if she hit the block and DX says yeah. But really she would not but he is going to tell SB what she needs to hear. DX says with Hannah gone he would needs SB as an ally and he would not target her.


SB does think Hannah is a dark horse and she would not be surprised if she was throwing comps and she is smarter. SB wants to make the best decision for her game and getting rid of Hannah it could weaken DX’s game.


It is time for the veto ceremony! X has decided…to use the POV on himself. SB has to name a replacement nominee and she nominates…Derek X. She thinks if she did not take this shot it would show reckless overconfidence on her part.


SB says DX is a huge obstacle for her to get to F2 and he is too dangerous. She is winning this game, not him. Claire says this just sucks. If she were next to someone she did not like, then she would be scrapping, but his is the worst case scenario.


Hannah says she made a commitment to the Cookout on day 3, but DX is good for her game and she does not want to see him leave. DX is emotional and he apologizes to America for letting them down because he did not spin that roulette wheel.


DX says he is going to fight like hell to stay this week and if he is successful, then all hell is going to break loose. Find out tomorrow who will be evicted live!

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