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America's Got Talent Season 16-Live Shows 3

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Tonight, we have 12 more acts competing for the next seven spots in the semi-finals. Terry greets us and the judges and we are ready to get started.


Our first act of the night is Unicircle Flow and they are a group of 12 unicyclists. They take the stage for their performance and they get an ovation from everyone.


Howie says wow, that was amazing, and what a way to kick off the show. Heidi says they all moved with such grace. Sofia says it was mesmerizing and surprising and it is unique and special. Simon thought it was incredible and this is what AGT is about.


Anica is our next act and she is a singer. She takes the stage and performs River by Bishop Briggs. Heidi says she is one of her favorites in the competition because she gives Janis Joplin vibes and she really loves her and she is a gem.


Howie says he loves this lane that Anica is in. She ripped the roof off the house. Sofia says she is a rockstar and she liked the performance better than her audition. Simon says it was a million times better than her audition, but the film was horrific.


Next is Heidi’s golden buzzer, Lea Kyle, and she is a quick change artist. Heidi says she loved it! She says it was vibrant and colorful and perfect for Vegas. Sofia says it was so much fun and she had never seen an act like that and she loved it.


Simon says Lea is a real star, but he thought her audition was better than this performance. He says it was amazing but he thought it would be better. Howie thought it was better and she was amazing!


Next is The Curtis Family C-Notes and they are a family of singers. They take the stage and perform Love Train by The O’Jays. Howie says he loved the idea but it seemed like a 70s coverband that you would see at a wedding.


Simon says he loved the first audition of The Curtis Family C-Notes, but he suggests them not allow mom and dad to make the decision on what to sing and they need to be current. Heidi loved them and she loves listening to old tunes. Sofia loved their performance.


Keith Apicary is the next act and he is a dancer. He takes the stage for his performance and Simon buzzes him. Howie says he is funny and goofy and he is lovable and energetic and he puts a smile on their faces.


Heidi thought Keith was dynamite and she is not entirely sure what it is but he makes them laugh. Sofia says she was dancing because she did not know what was happening and he is amazing. Simon says this was terrible considering the prize.


Up next is Michael Winslow and he does sound effects. He takes the stage for his act. Sofia says he is such a unique human being and it is incredible what he is doing and he is so entertaining. She is glad he is here.


Simon says Michael was not better than his audition. Howie says he is a joy and an amazing talent and people need to vote and he is a true talent and he deserves to move on.


Brooke Simpson is our next act and she is a singer. She takes the stage and performs Lost Cause by Billie Eilish. She gets an ovation from everyone. Sofia says this was elevated from her audition. Her voice is amazing.


Simon says Brooke was the best performance of the night. He really felt this was her and he felt her hunger and it felt like everything was her choice. He says it was a great performance. Heidi says she was absolutely incredible. Howie says she deserves to go through.


Our next act is a trio of brothers called Rialcris and they are Columbian acrobatics. They take the stage for their hand balancing routine. Sofia says that just kept getting better and better and it was fantastic. They were amazing and she is so proud of them.


Simon says Rialcris was good and we have a competition now. He says that was really difficult and it is a Vegas act. Heidi says they are seriously so skilled and there were so many amazing moments. Howie says this makes the competition and he seen unique tricks.


The next act is Chapkidz and they are a dance act. They take the stage for their performance and they get an ovation. Heidi says that was crazy. The energy they had was incredible and everyone was so in sync and they used the entire stage.


Sofia says Chapkidz were incredible and that was unbelievable and beautiful. Simon says this stage could make or break them and tonight, it made them. Sensational! By far the best act by a mile. Howie says amazing!


Storm Large is our next act and the American public voted her via the wildcard show. She is a singer and she takes the stage to perform Take On Me by a-ha. Heidi says she looks incredible and she sang amazing and she is a force of nature.


Sofia says Storm was the perfect package, but she did not like it better than the first audition. Simon says he knows where Sofia is coming from. He says everything was too soft tonight. Howie agrees with everyone and he does not know if that was the best song choice.


Klek Entos is next and he is a magician. He takes the stage for his routine. Simon buzzes him. Simon says it took a long time to get there and it was not a great ending.


Howie totally disagrees with Simon about Klek Entos and he says he is like a horror film. He says it as scary, dramatic, and a great story. Heidi says it was super strange and super creepy and she enjoyed it. Sofia says was afraid of what was going to happen.


Our final act of the night is World Taekwondo Demo Team and they were Terry’s golden buzzer who do a martial arts routine. They get an ovation from everyone. Simon says he loves them and he loved their message and their talent and their ambition.


Sofia says World Taekwondo Demo Team was fascinating and amazing. Heidi would definitely buy tickets to see them in Vegas. Howie says they are a great message of strength and he agrees with the other judges. He says this was the best act of the night.

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