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Big Brother Season 23-Nominations and High Roller Week 7

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Previously, on Big Brother, the six person alliance was secretly dominating the game, and they all had unsuspecting partners outside the group. Kyland had Sarah Beth, Hannah had Derek X, Tiffany had Claire, Xavier had Alyssa, and Big D and Azah had Britini.

With Britini’s fate seemingly sealed, the Cookout started looking towards their next targets, and Derek X’s days seemed numbered. After the HG called it a wrap on the rapper, the HOH was back on the line and Derek X came within one second of sezing glory.

But he wasn’t fast enough to stop SB from ascending to power. Tonight, who will be nominated? And the High Roller’s Suite is back open!


We pick up on Day 44 after the HOH competition and Sarah Beth and she is the first female HOH and she is so excited and she thinks it will completely change how her going. She wants to win so bad.


Derek F says it feels great to still be here and the got a kiss from Kyland, but then his parade ended when Sarah Beth won the HOH. He says Kyland is on the inside, but it is time for someone else in the house to be a pawn.


Hannah says SB is the last person she wanted to win because they do not trust each other. She says this sets the Cookouts game further back. SB and Kyland celebrate in the SR. Kyland says his top priority is keeping the Cookout safe, but he cannot reveal that.


Kyland says he knows if SB mentions one of the six as a potential target, then he has to put a stop to it. SB asks what she should do and he throws out Derek X and Claire, but he says it is her HOH and he will support her.


Azah is emotional and she hated seeing Britini’s picture turn to black and white. If she was not in the Cookout, she would have wanted Britini in the final two with her. Azah and Tiffany are talking about Kyland not throwing the previous HOH to them.


Tiffany says of all the people who could have won HOH, SB was the last person she wanted to win. She wanted to be HOH and put SB on the block and now she is probably going on the block.


Xavier and Derek F are talking and Big D is nervous. Kyland comes in and tells them to trust him. X tells Big D not to blow a gasket until they see what happens. Xavier feels like he has a good relationship with SB, but he is not feeling confidence the Cookout is safe.


Derek X is talking to Alyssa and he says things could have been so different. Alyssa asks how he is feeling and he says ok. Alyssa says SB’s head is probably where Ky’s head is.


Derek X is nervous because he put SB up during his HOH. Derek is nervous who she would target. Alyssa says you can never feel safe. She says the Roulette Wheel can really help this week.


Tiff and Big D are talking and Tiff says they never talk game. Big D says they have been butting heads and he wants to make sure they are good so they can look out for the Cookout. Alyssa comes in and Tiff and Big D head to the SR.


Big D says he and Tiff are cut from the same cloth and she says no they are not. Big D tells her that Brit did not feel comfortable talking to her alone and she says he rolled up on her and intimidated her. Tiff says they are not on the same page and he has not apologized.


Tiff says the Cookout with Big D is all good, but that chapter of her book will be closed. She does not owe him anything if he does not have respect for her in the house. She says it was disrespectful and he apologizes and she says do not apologize if you do not mean it.


SB is talking to Kyland and she tells him she is happy and he says she has to be. SB is thinking in her gut whether she trusts DX more or Alyssa more. She feels good with Claire and Tiffany. She says she used to be on the Kings team with Alyssa and Xavier.


SB says she always felt on the bottom of the totem pole of the Kings alliance and sitting next to Christian did not help their relationship at all. Ky says X is one of his strongest allies and he is going to do what he can to ensure X is safe.


SB wants to nominate someone who may use the power. She says she will be very vulnerable next week and she has to get one power used because two next week will be risky. She says she finally has power!


SB is talking to Alyssa and they are talking about the High Rollers Suite. Alyssa says she would play for the power this week. Alyssa says other than Xavier she has no one she can trust so she wants to play in the twist competition his week.


SB is then talking to Claire and Clarie says she has no money and she cannot play for the power. DX asks if she is going to make him spend the money and she says she does want the power used this week.


SB asks Big D about the power and he says he wants the power used because he does not want it floating around another week. Big D says he is not telling anyone he still has BB Bux left.


Derek X and Claire are talking about who people might be working with and they think Xavier would be a huge target. DX says you cannot help but be paranoid in this house. The toss out the idea that Tiff, Big D, X, Ky, Azah, and Hannah are working together.


Big D and Azah are talking and they are concerned over what SB might do for nominations. Azah says she has absolutely no idea where SB’s head is at and now she has power and everyone is scared.


SB and Ky are talking in the HOH room and she thinks everyone in the house would put one or both of them up. SB says Baby D, Alyssa, and X are the ones who scare her, but she is not sure who should go. Ky wants to convince SB to take out DX, but not pressure her.


SB says she wants to get rid of someone who is a threat to her and Ky says he does not think X is because they were in the Kings. SB is discussing if DX were to win and she does not like that. She wants to get a target out and use the power for the week.


SB says she is considering putting up two pawns because she cannot really decide on a target until she sees the power get used. She wants to leave the option open for a backdoor.


It is time for nominations! SB’s first nominee is…Big D. Her second nominee is…Claire. She says this week was complicated because of the Chopping Block Roulette in play. It is not personal. SB says neither of them will be her real target.


SB is looking at Derek X because he is smarter and more athletic. Claire says with the veto and the roulette game in play she could still come off the block. Ky says there is no way for two members of the six to be on the block on Thursday.


Big D is not going to let SB dictate what he is going to do in this game and he is not going to let anyone force his hands. Claire is talking to Tiff and she is not stressed about it. Tiff says she is not ready to let Claire go but she does not have any BB Bux.


Hannah and Derek X are talking and Hannah feels like DX could be SB’s target. Hannah is not ready to let him go, but her primary loyalty is to the Cookout. She wants to play to stay safe and try and keep another Cookout member off the block.


DX says he could play this week but if he does, then he might not have enough money next week which is more powerful. He says if he gets backdoored, then he might not even make it to next week!


The high roller’s room is now open! The winner of Chopping Block Roulette will remove one nominee and spin a wheel to see who the replacement will be. Claire is in first and she has $100 and she feels better about herself but it is not enough to play.


Azah has received $50 and she now has $100 and she cannot play either. Hannah has received $75 and she now has $150 and she is not going to use $125 to play.


Xavier has received $75 and he has $150 and he is not going to play this week and save it for next week. SB has been given $50 and that is all she has and she cannot play. Tiff gets $50 and she now has $75 and cannot play.


Alyssa has received $75 and she has $125 and she wants to play. On go, she will use her body to move a ball around a roulette table as many times as she can in two minutes. The HG with the highest score will win and they will be safe and remove one nominee.


Alyssa begins the competition and she says the table is flimsier than she thought and she has to stay as close to the middle as a possible. She scores 19 in two minutes.


Ky received $50 and that is all he has and he cannot play. Big D has won $100 and his total is $150 and he is not going to play and save it for next week. DX has received $100 and he has a total of $200. DX has no idea if he wants to play or not.


DX has decided not to play so he can play next week and maybe make a huge move. The HG are in the living room and SB says the game was played and there was a winner. With a high score of 19, Alyssa is the winner and she is safe for the week!


Alyssa hopes the spin will land on a target she has her eye on. She wants to take Big D down because he is seen as the ultimate pawn. She does not want to land on Xavier and see him on the block because of her.


Alyssa has decided to take Big D off the block and she loves Alyssa for that. It is not time to find out who will be replacing Big D on the block. All eligible HG has an equal number of spots on the wheel.


Alyssa gives the wheel a spin and everyone says this is crazy and the ball lands on Xavier and Alyssa is very upset. Xavier is the replacement nominee on the chopping block.


Claire and Xavier are now nominated for eviction. Alyssa says she was at such a high point but now she is at a complete low. She says X is sitting there because of her. Claire says this is unexpected but now she is next to a big threat, but she needs to win veto.


Xavier says it never feels good to be on the block. He is going to go for the veto and everyone is going to have go through him. SB says if one does come down then she has a backdoor plan for Derek X.

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