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Tuesday, August 24, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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In 1980, a Las Vegas hospital suspended workers for betting on when patients would die.
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1:40AM BBT

Azah, Claire and Hannah discuss a possible double eviction this week. Hannah says if there is a double, there will not be a battle back. Claire thinks the double will be the week they go from 8 to 6 because Xavier's third nominee messes it up. "I think next week might just be a normal eviction. It could be a double though, or a triple potentially, at the double. I don't know how much they think these things through."

Hannah agrees there will likely just be a double eviction and no battle back.

Azah- I have no idea. I just go with the flow with everything. I just take things literally, week by week. You guys honestly do be freaking me out, though. All your consipracy theories freak me out.


[BB Production has the timeline already set long before the season begins. They think it through, but sometimes their "twists" don't work out the way they want.}



1:53AM BBT

Big and Azah are talking in the YBR. Azah shows him her hair in space buns and asks how it looks. 

Big D says he really likes it. [So do I. Space buns work for some, not for others. They really work for Azah.  -MamaLong]


2:01AM BBT

Hannah and Kyland are whispering about Azah, Tiff, Big D in the bathroom.

Ky- if this week there were two of us (Cookout) on the block, no one was gonna blame Tiff. No one was gonna  blame Azah.

Hannah- that's interesting

Kyland- like this week, if it's in the best interest then we'll just give someone else what they want above my own personal interest then I'll just do it. I'm here to do what needs to be done. I'm just being honest. It is what it is.

Hannah- yeah, they need to get it together

Kyland yammers on about how they (Azah and Tiff) don't want to do things and he is just like "fuck it...I'll give you what you want because obviously..." Ky says he is telling Hannah this because she is doing what she is supposed to do

Hannah-  Give it some time. They'll come around.

Ky then says he is embarrassed at himself for being so emotional

Hannah teases that he is compensating for her lack of emotion, "I have concluded that all of these people are crazy." Kyland agrees. Hannah then laughs about Big D saying "my back is breaking from carrying all you guys in the house."

Ky says that earlier Big D was claiming to be runing the show as the willing pawn


2:05AM BBT

In the coral reef room, Alyssa tells Xavier that she misses having Christian there. Xavier tells her that she feels stronger for Christian than she let her self believe

Alyssa- mm hmm...that's fair. I think so too. I think I realized that once he left. But I don't want to get too much in my feels just in case it goes south.

ALyssa suggests that there is something between Ky and SB becauses eh saw them hiding their hands under a blanket on the couch. X says "aw, everyone is finding love in the BB house"

Alyssa- don't push it

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11:00 am BBT:  Houseguests are up. They were still sleeping about an hour ago. 

Azah is in the bathroom getting ready for the day. 

X and Chaddha are talking in the living room, SB is there too.  X left now SB and C are chatting. They are talking about Frankie and Victoria from BB16. As well as who their all time favorite players are. 

Camera switches to outside where X is chatting with Big D.  He was starting to talk about what he told SB about next week for noms (Tiff and Claire) and Big Brother gives me bubbles. 

11:17 am BBT:  Back from bubbles. All cams on Tiff and Claire making beds in the orange and blue room [sorry I don’t know the names of the bedrooms].   No talking between the two. 

I get X in the kitchen making eggs before BB gives me more bubbles. 

11:25 am BBT:  Back from bubbles. Claire is in the kitchen making coffee, X is cooking bacon [he has the burner cranked high, his pan is smoking!]. SB and Chaddha still in the LR talking about old season of BB. 

X is still cooking. [someone needs to tell him not to use metal utensils on a non-stick pan]. 

11:30 am BBT:  Claire has joined SB and Chaddha in the LR. They are discussing dreams now. Claire writes hers down every morning usually but hasn’t been able to since she’s been in the BB house. SB rarely remembers her dreams. SB and Claire think animals dream. Now they’re discussing kittens and how cute they are. 

Bubbles and I briefly get Derek X talking to someone before all feeds go back to pet discussion in the LR. 


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11:56 am BBT:  Chaddha is now cooking eggs [metal spatula on a non-stick pan, someone help them].  Alyssa is also in the kitchen mixing an avocado with salt, pepper and lime. 

Tiff, Ky, and Derek X are talking in the bathroom while Tiff is getting ready. Tiff is going to workout with Ky outside, but she wants coffee first. Tiff wants to do burpees and Ky is recommending they do something with the burpees. Derek X has left and I’ve got bubbles again. 

12:06 pm BBT:  Azah, Big D, SB, Claire, Derek X are in the backyard. Big D is killing a wasp or something. Swearing at the bug because he wants to enjoy his time outside and relax. 

Claire and Derek X are doing yoga. Bubbles. 

SB is laying out in the sun, as is Azah while Claire and Derek X do yoga. 

Tiff and Chaddha are on the couches in the backyard chatting. They are whispering about the coin of destiny and he but I can’t hear who he is.   Tiff leaves to work out with Ky. 

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2:13PM BBT

Tiffany tells Derek X "I have a pitch for you. We are gonna need to talk later."


2:17PM BBT

Tiffany is in the bathroom talking to the cameras. She says she told Xavier and Kyland she wouldn't campaign for Derek X and she won't. But she will tell Derek X how he can campaign to Ky and X in order to try and stay, "I am not giving up. This is Big Brother. I want to have some fun...so I'm sprinkling a little seasoning on the Cookout."

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2:55 pm BBT:  Derek X and Alyssa are having a big talk on the outside couches. Derek X said SB was telling him at the beginning of the week that he wasn’t a target and gave him a list of 4 that she was considering. He asks if Alyssa thinks SB will target X next week since he’ll be on the block. 

Alyssa says no. She says SB trusts X. Derek X out two of her former teammates on the block. It doesn’t make sense for SBs game to go after Alyssa or X. 

Derek X says there is a lot he wants to say to Alyssa but isn’t ready to say yet. Alyssa says it’s fine if he’s not ready to talk yet. For her right now she doesn’t think SB or Ky will go after her because they’ve kept her safe so far. 


Alyssa says she can read people well due to being a bartender.  Beetle interrupts their chat.  Sounds like Alyssa said Derek X needs to make amends with Ky as he would be who would go after Derek X next. Alyssa said she trusts Derek X more now.  


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3:00PM BBT

Ky goes out to the backyard to show DX the slop slushee he made. DX tries it and says it's not bad. Ky says it's just protein powder and cream. DX says it's like Halo Top ice cream. Claire says that's probably exactly what Halo Top ice cream is made of.


3:28PM BBT

Azah is finishing in the shower and then plans to meet Derek X in the yacht club bedroom to play chess.

Alyssa and Xavier are in the kitchen grabbing something to eat.


3:32PM BBT

Azah has joined DX in the YBR. DX is campaigning to Azah that this week is an inflection point in the game, "If I leave the house this week, between the four of them, they will have won every...(HoH and veto is what will finish that sentence)

*WBRB Bubbles


3:35PM BBT

The feeds return to Azah and DX in the YBR.

DX- do you think that the house looks different thatn what you see here?

(DX is referring to chess ieces on the board which we missed during WBRB)

Azah says that she needs to look at it from her persepctive and begins moving the pieces around, "that's me and Big D, you, Hannah, Tiffany, Claire, X, Alyssa, but they're close to SB who is close to Ky.

DX- That's correct. I totally agree with that, so if me or Claire leaves this week my question is, where is your head at for what is best for your game

Azah- That's what I need to figure out. You're right, I haven't really won anything and think people see me as whatever, but this is the one, Ky, that I want out 

DX tells Azah that if he stays he will put up Ky and SB. I believe everyone sees Ky as the bigger threat, but SB is

Azah- can I think about it because I really do love you Big D

Baby D laughs

Azah- I said Big D......but, you are MY Big D

Derek X- if I can stay through this week, I will never come after anyone here, not even going on the block as a pawn (DX is referring to Big D, Hannah, Tiff, X and Alyssa)

DX tells Azah that he knows it's not a given, but he thinks he has more of a chance at her vote than BIg D

Azah- absolutely

DX tells her that after the veto ceremony, he say Kyland, Big D and Xavier come out of the Have-Not room one at a time. He feels like he needs Big D as a swing vote

Azah confirms and asks how his relationship is with Big D. DX says he thinks he screwed it up.

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3:52PM BBT

DX- Legitimately, I know I am leaving this game, but there are people that I am playing for right now. I feel stupid because America sent me money and probably wanted me to play the roulette and I didn't. I let them down.

Azah- you didn't let them down

*WBRB Bubbles (as usual, Bubbles pop in to interrupt an important conversation)


4:07PM BBT

The feeds return to Azah and DX ending their conversation. They hug and Azah says, "lov eyou, boo"

DX- love you too. Do you think I should talk to Big D?

Azah tells him to save it for Wednesday but she will talk with him, too.

Derek X heads out leaving Azah alone. She begins talking to the camera saying that she was pretty certain about voting DX out up until a few minutes ago when he brought up really, really good points. She comments that she has a bone to pick with us (audience) wondering why we are giving money to others and not to her, "Why ain't y'all giving me money. Huh? What did I do to you? I ain't done nothing."

[got that right, Azah.  -MamaLong]

Azah says she doesn't like Kyland either so she can justify him just getting $50 each week.




4:30PM BBT

Claire is campaigning to Xavier in the coral reef room before he ends up in solitary confinement (veto punichment) Calire says she has no reason to go after Alyssa. It doesn't make sense for her game. "In my pitch I don't like it for people to go anti, but to see how this person can be an assett to me. I'm not DX but how can I be..."

*WBRB Bubbles interrupts again


Xavier says he is curious to hear Derek X's pitch. He tells Claire he respects her and he has tried to be straight up. 

Xavier- I am leaning more towards voting him out but everyone just has to make up their mind. I want to talk to other people before I go and be locked away

Claire- absolutely

Xavier tells Claire he likes it when he sees people fight for it and not just roll over and die

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4:46PM BBT

Big D is talking with SB in the backyard saying he doesn't see how keeping Derek X could ever benefit his game. "When it comes to these types of situations, Me? I'm not stupid. You don't need to tell me. I need some of these dudes to get out of here. I'm not dumb. At the end of the day, I'll let you know if he says or campaigns and says anything trying to drag your name through the mud is...

SB says she doesn't care of Derek X drags her name, she just doesn't want Big D to allow it to make him doubt their relationship

Big D says it's not gonna make him doubt their relationship


4:51PM BBT

Xavier goes into the Have-Not room and waits for Baby D who arrives with the chess board

DX- what's poppin'?

Xavier- it's Gucci

DX- What's the vibe down there?

Xavier fills in DX on where everyone is located in the house

DX- how are you feeling after the convo we had yesterday?

X- about the same

DX gets the chess board situated for strategy show and tell

Derek X points out to Xavier that he will be on the block next week and likely the following week

Xavier agrees that he will unless he wins HoH

Derek X tells Xavier that with three nominees next week, he only needs 3 votes. He guarantees Xavier the third vote. "On top of that, for getting you off the block, if chips get drawn, Alyssa would play for you and you would have me and Hannah as well. That's specifically for next week. Any thoughts on next week?"

Xavier says no...it's been covered, "What are you thinking long term game wise?"

DX- Okay, let's get this chess board going...I think what I will start with is I think I have a pretty good understanding of why you would want to take me out of this house. If you have you, Alyssa, Ky and SB, you four will have won every HoH and veto so far. This would be a very strong group and my first thing would be, do you think SB would ever take out Alyssa?

Xavier says no

DX- I don't want to throw anyone under the bus, so I'm gonna present logic around why this might make sense

Xavier- If it comes down to the final 4, probably

DX says before the final four. He argues that SB is a very calculating player and points out that if he can see this logic, he expects she sees it too.  

DX says if it gets down to the four (Ky, X, ALyssa, SB) it becomes a coin flip (Ky would take SB and Xavier would take Alyssa) but he doesn't believe that SB will want to do a coin flip and would want to take a shot at Alyssa before the final 4

Xavier- you say you and SB have a good relationship.

DX- mm hmm

Xavier- do you forget your HoH week, dog?

DX says there are things he doesn't want to say (implying there is more that he should say to explain all of that but he isn't ready to say it right now...same thing he told Alyssa)

DX- Sb and Ky will always look at me before the two of you. Do you believe that?

Xavier- SB definitely. Ky it's a toss up.

DX- I'm not looking at you two and I think you go far. Honestly, at this point, I have accepted that my fate in this game is not good. Even if I stay this week.

Xavier says he should never say that

DX- I want you to go far. I want Hannah to go far. I think if I stay in this game, I can contribute to that.

Xavier- Okay, so we keep you around and let's say you two take these two out. Azah isn't looking at you. Tiffany isn't looking at you. Claire isn't looking at you. You see what I'm saying?

Derek X says he does  



*WBRB Bubbles


5:10PM BBT

Xavier continues to counter all of Derek X's arguments in his campaign 

[I appreciate this about Xavier. He is always rather candid with the nominees during campaigns  -MamaLong]

Xavier tells Derek X that he views him as stronger than any of the others, but he does appreciate his argument.

Xavier tells DX that he argued everyone is going after Ky and SB so he feels rather safe being on the block against either of them. He also feels safe with Alyssa being up against them.

DX- Do you think this is actually a better dynamic to have, for you exclusively?

Xavier- Oh, you are saying Alyssa and SB would gang up against me?

DX- I don't know.

Xavier- truthfully, I see what you are saying

DX- do you think this would be better

Xavier- me and all women?

DX- I think this game is interesting because in the beginning, you want strong players on your side but then it turns and you don't want strong players anymore

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Xavier says this game comes down to just who wins (individual competitions) rather than looking at the personal relationships. "If you are at least guaranteed to compete you have a chance in the game instead of them just wiping you out.....by the way, you are crushing this. You are making very good arguments."

DX says he just wants to show him why keeping him would be beneficial for him.

DX says that Xavier, Ky and Alyssa have a better shot at winning HoH than he does.

Xavier points out that he (DX) beat all of them on the wall.  

 Derek X continues presenting various scenarios.

Xavier says he loves this game and looking at the intricate details

*WBRB Bubbles  

[It's COVID testing day for the HGs, so we should expect frequent bubbles tonight  -MamaLong]


5:40PM BBT

Xavier and Baby D finish their talk with Xavier agreeing that Baby D has presented valid reasons that keeping Baby D would benefit Xavier's game. Xavier says he feels the two fo them (X and DX) are the two most liked guys in the house and it all has to do with the duos right now and how that could get them further, "As a duo, I think Alyssa and I would be more of a threat than you and Hannah." DX says that Kyland will probably work the middle, but Xavier believes that people want to take out Ky and won't trust him. Xavier says he wants to talk with Alyssa, but he has a lot to think about.

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5:43PM BBT

Tiffany is playing billiards alone in the backyard. Claire and Azah are playing chess. Big D is prepping chicken for dinner tonight. Hannah is munching on snackage, as usual.

Ky and SB are not on camera, and I haven't seen them around the house in a good long time.


5:52PM BBT

Sarge saw me looking for missing HGs and decided to move the camera to the HoHR where Ky is talking with SB and Alyssa while watching spy cam

Ky begins quizzing the girls on BB23 trivia.


5:55PM BBT

Xavier asks Azah if they can talk in the YBR

Azah- do you want to cuddle

X- we can

Azah- How you doing? I haven't seen you all day.

X says he has been trying to talk with people before his lockdown in isolation.

Azah- you better today?

X- yeah, I was just in a funk last night

Azah- good

Xavier says he wanted to touch base with her after speaking with Claire and Baby D so they can figure out what is best for the 6.

Azah tells him she thinks what's best for her game is keeping Baby D because what she wants most is to make sure that everyone in the 6 gets there.she doesn't want Tiffany and Hannah exposed. Xavier asks why they would be exposed if Claire was still there, and Azah answers that Claire can't win competitions. Xavier says they don't want anyone outside of the 6 to win competitions.

Azah- Yes, but the people left are going to ruin your jury game if you have to go after Alyssa and Ky has to go after SB

X- so you don't think you can beat them?

Azah- As of right now we have struggled


5:57PM BBT

Alyssa walks in and breaks up their conversation

Alyssa tells them that she was studying with SB and Ky in the HoHR but she doesn't want to study any more. "But, I'll leave you two alone." Xavier says he will find her later for pool and Alyssa leaves.


6:08PM BBT

Azah tells Xavier that she was dead set to vote out Derek X based on him possibly being on to the Cookout, but now, after talking with him, she feels like keeping him would be beneficial for the Cookout because he will help take out SB.

Xavier says if DX stays, he continually wins competitions

He adds that if DX goes, the Cookout can take out everyone else.

Xavier- on a personal level, he is a light in the house...very likable, but from a game standpoint, I don't think it's as solid as you think based on your conversation.

Azah sayss he knows DX will say whatever he can to stay in the house but feels he will focus on SB

X- I just think he is cashing too many checks...making promises he won't be able to keep


Azah- for game purposes, I just keep mentioning that Ky needs to leave and he keeps telling me that SB is the more dangerous one. He seems very focused on the fact that SB is completely

X- why aren't you guys willing to take a shot at SB

Azah laughs and says she wants to and she has been trying

Xavier says he just feels that they would have to be up against DX in competitions and she already says she can't beat SB

Azah- I hear you

Xavier- And I hear you, too.

Xavier says he doesn't want to come off as a dictator. Azah says he hasn't been doing that since Ky's HoH. "I don't have any complaints anymore."

Azah admits that Ky and Xavier have been carrying them (the Cookout gals)

Xavier wants to make sure they all come together and reach a conclusion they all feel good with, "I see an opportunity to take out the biggest competition threat besides the Cookout and that makes us closer to our goal."

Xavier says keeping DX is a risk that one of the 6 could go home before the final 6.

Azah- I see that

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Xavier adds that they (the girls) have been talking about wanting to win competitions and getting rid of DX will greatly increase their odds at winning. Azah laughs and says she agrees. "Let's not talk game anymore. Let's just chill."

X- Okay

*WBRB Bubbes


6:30PM BBT

Xavier teases Azah about Derek X. Azah admits that she may have liked Derek X if Xavier wasn't there but she can only like one man at a time.

Xavier gets called to the DR, "Alright, Doc. Let's get after it. Get ready Doc. I'm gonna kick some ass."

Azah- Enjoy. Let me go take care of the chicken.


6:42PM BBT

Tiffany and Derek X are "playing chess" in the backyard 

Azah is getting ready to fry some chicken in the kitchen and Big D mentions that he has made potatoes.



6:45PM BBT

Tiff and DX begin playing pool in the backyard. The kitchen crew is talking about PE (physical education)

They begin assigning all of the HGs to various high school school courses

Whitney = Home Economics

Britini = Music & Dance

Big D = Drama

Brent = Athletics

Claire = Creative Writing or AP English

Baby D = Computer Science

Alyssa = Photography

Xavier = Government

Frenchie- Woodshop

Hannah- Calculus

Christian- PE



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6:50PM BBT

Kyland joins Tiffany, Claire and DX in the backyard

Tiffany- You look nice. Dang, you almost look like somebody else.

DX- cleaned up

Tiff- I think you look almost as handsome as the first time I saw you

Ky- I looked handsome the first day

Tiffany- the first week 

Ky- the first week? I'll take it

Tiff- then you started talking    [Agreed, Tiffany. AGREED.  -MamaLong]


7:00PM BBT

Hannah, Alyssa and Xavier are in the hammock. Ky comes over and invites Hannah to play chess. She agrees saying she has been blowing him off "just like I've been blowing you (Xavier) off when it comes to working out."

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7:26AM BBT

Baby D asks Tiffany what type of girl would be good for him,

Baby D- Okay Tiff, you know me pretty well, right?

Tiff- No, I don't know you at all, brother!

Baby D- What kind of girl do you think I need

Tiffany whispers "Chaddha"

Baby D- Really? Okay, give me a description.

Tiff- I just did

Baby D- the characteristics

Tiffany- I think she should be a little free spirited but mindful..a deep thinker, loveing, compassionate, kind, a good listener, ambitious...she should not be hard. I don't think it would benefit you.

DX- what do you mean. Were you hard?

Tiff- a little

DX- okay like hardened...Is hard the same as closed off...no, like you've been through something

Tiff- you don't have to have been through something to be hard. She should be open. I don't think you need someone that is rigid and firm and hard. I think she should be soft and warm and open. If you find yourself with someone that is too hard, you will find yourself needing to be hard. You would porobably alter yourself to accommodate how she is...thus, you would come out being hardened. So, she should be warm and accepting and open. She should allow you to not change your natural characterisitics about  yourself.


*WBRB Bubbles


7:40PM BBT

Tiffany almost reveals her age to Baby D then stops herself saying she said she wasn't going to tell until she got out of the house

Baby D says he thinks he knows and starts doing the math in his head

Tiff- Guys, though...guys never want a woman their age. They want younger.


7:44PM BBT

Baby D reviews the things that Tiffany told him women want

DX- you said 'provided for, protected and pleased'

Tiffany- very good

Tiffany says it is very rare that a man provides all three.


Alyssa joins the backyard crew and they all notice how beautiful the sky looks tonight.

DX- What are the equivalent of the three Ps for the guys

Xavier- the three Ps? What do you know about the three Ps?

DX repeats them

Xavier- Oh, you knew

Tiff says she taught him (DX)

DX to Tiff- I thought this was a you thing

Tiff says it depends on who schooled him and whispers to DX to ask Ky

DX calls out to Kyland asking what the three Ps are

Kyland does not know, and Tiff tells him not to worry about it.

DX asks again about the flip side of what guys want from females.

Tiff says "feed me, fuck me, leave me alone"

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7:52PM BBT

It's time for dinner: chicken wings (Hot Honey, BBQ and regular) grilled veggies and mashed potatoes

Hannah- thank you so much Azah and Big D and Claire

Ky- It looks amazing (he can't eat it as a Have-Not)

Tiff- Wow! You guys are awesome


8:03PM BBT

The houseguests are all gathered around the table enjoying their dinner


*WBRB Bubbles


They are taking turns listing their "highs and lows"


*WBRB Bubbles


[I'm out for the night, y'all. My dad made it through  surgery and could be released from the hospital tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! Nighty Night!  -MamaLong]

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9:12pm Big Brother Time

Azah and Hannah are talking in the bedroom. They are whispering about what they see happening with Kyland and Sarah Beth.
Azah mentions seeing them in the hammock, she says she went to join them then realized later that she had interrupted them.  She says she has started noting more and more they are together.
Hannah says she wonders if Sarah Beth's girlfriend might be upset watching this unfold, and she just may ask Sarah Beth about it.

Claire and Derek X are in the hammock, they realize they have been “played like fiddles.”  Claire says she should have gone for third nominee but thinks Xavier would have won.

Cameras move to Alyssa, Tiffany and Azah along with Hannah in the bedroom.
Tiffany wonders if Christian (her son) will be taller, how he is doing, is he well, and the ultimate mommy worry, she wonders if he is able to keep up with his skin care.  She says Christian has a high top hair cut and she dyed it sort of blonde for him.

Tiffany whispers something, Azah says, “I am furniture anyway.”  Alyssa asks if she would like to play the chess game, Azah declines

Cameras move back to the hammock with Claire and Derek X.  General chat mixed with game decisions they regret. Claire has realized that Tiffany and Xavier are social and good with everyone in the house.

Cameras move back to Hannah, Azah and Tiffany in the bedroom.
Hannah still questions whether or not Shelly is real.
Tiffany says people think Sarah Beth works in a field where she does some sort of behind the scenes critical analysis.
Tiffany says they need Britini and the other girls agree. They wonder what she is doing right now.

Cameras interrupt and move back to the hammock with Claire and Derek X.

Derek X says he should not have won the wall competition, he thinks that harmed his game.
Claire says she never wanted to play the game scared, but with no power there is nothing you can do.

Cameras move back to the bedroom, Hannah is asking about how they should move if they win HOH.

Tiffany says while she was reading her bible earlier she heard Sarah Beth say that she would be on the block next week but the anonymous HOH will take her off anyway. Azah says that would be Tiffany or Big D and Big D has said nothing like that, so let Sarah Beth believe that.

They wonder if Kyland is manipulating, and his actions are a problem for the 6 (Cookout).  Azah says Kyland sometimes says things. Hannah says she wants to believe in Kyland, but if Xavier and Kyland don't drop the first and second round they (Tiffany, Hannah and Azah) will know where they stand.

Hannah thinks the HOH Thursday will be luck based (or a quick) one. (House guests speculate every week about the competitions, if they are right, it is just luck and no amount of plotting will do any good if they are wrong.)

Hannah and Azah are alone in the bedroom, they decide to do some “thinking”. (napping).
Hannah asks Azah if she could see Kyland and Sarah Beth dating in the outside world, they seem weird together, and off-putting.  Azah mumbles.

Cameras move to the backyard

Derek X and Claire are laughing about what their parents are thinking about them.  Derek X says his parents are learning more about him by watching this than they have ever known.

Derek X and Claire continue to laugh and clown around, they are making plans to see each other after the show is over.  Derek X says that they can rent a cabin and play big brother in it. He says they can make slop and everything, or they could play survivor. 

While Derek X and Claire are in the hammock, Xavier, Big D, Sarah Beth, and Alyssa are on the patio. Their conversation is just general chatter.
Big D is in his usual reclining position propped up on one arm while he plays chess with Alyssa.


9:40pm Big Brother Time
Feeds return, no change.

9:45pm Big Brother Time
Cameras move to the hammock, still general talk.

Claire says she came to the Big Brother house because she loved the show, but she says after she leaves she thinks she will be less enamored. 
They agree that the weeks have been interesting, but being there is nothing like they expected it to be.

Neither Derek X or Claire seem to be passionate about staying in the house and they are sharing that with each other by having an open talk with each other. 

Derek X tells Claire to get the go pro and walk around the house with it hidden while she talks game with different house guests. He tells her Tiffany would be game so she should tell her to do it as well. They wonder if production would call them out for it.

They are ranking other house guests in tiers, but names are moved around. The tiers don't relate to game play, they relate to how fond they are of the person.

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10:14pm Big Brother Time

Sarah Beth and Azah are in the HOH room.

Sarah Beth is telling Azah she was pressured into going after Derek X this week, he had no idea he was at risk so he didn't play the roulette game.

Sarah Beth says she put Derek X up because she thinks he is working Tiffany and Claire. She says neither woman mentioned him, and Derek X mentioned Hannah, and not Tiffany or Claire.
Sarah Beth says if Derek X stays he will have three votes, and that worries her so she put him on the block.
Sarah Beth says putting Claire on the block with him will separate Tiffany's vote from Derek X.
She tells Azah she wants her to know why she did it, and Azah says she will go with whatever the HOH wants, but she is struggling with it.
Azah says she is not having any conversations that campaign for either nominee. Azah repeats her position , she will do what the HOH wants, she has trouble with doing that.

Azah says she remembers the first day she came into the house, she says she felt that she was out of place in the house when she came in. She says she doesn't know if there will be another opportunity to get closer to where she wants to be, she knows that.

Sarah Beth tells Azah she can come talk any time she wants.

Azah gives Sarah Beth a short, impersonal hug and they leave the HOH room.

Camera moves to dining room/kitchen area, then to Derek X, who is alone studying the chess board.
(house guests use the pieces to try and develop strategy).

In the living room area house guests are laughing and talking.  No game talk.

10:47pm Big Brother Time

Still no game talk.

11:00pm Big Brother Time

In the chess room Kyland and Sarah Beth are having a photo shoot.
In the living room Alyssa, Claire and Azah are having a giggle fest.

11:02pm Big Brother Time

Derek X and Big D are on the patio.

Big D tells Derek X he is still thinking about what he will do, both of them have campaigned to send him (Big D) home.  He says it is hard for him because he thought the two of them were on the same page.

Big D says he is just thinking about what is good for his game, he needs someone to win the comps so he doesn't go on the block.  He says Claire has not talked to him once, he hasn't made any deals with her.
Big D tells Derek X that people are telling him to do what's best for his game, they can say what they would do,

Derek X asks Big D who he would rather fight for him, Big D says he would rather have Derek X, but he is worried about what is best for his future.

Big D says he knows that Kyland, Sarah Beth, Alyssa and Xavier are together in the house.

Big D says he has the money for the coin of destiny money, Derek X says he also has the money for it, he says he could throw the competition, and Big D can win and blame him (Derek X) for winning.

Big D waffles on whether he can vote to keep Derek X.  
Derek X says he only needs four votes to stay, with Big D he has them.

Big D tells Derek X that both he (Derek X) and Claire wanted to keep Britini over him (Big D).

Derek X asks if Big D is having trouble believing “my words”

Big D says he is bothered that Derek X and Claire tried to flip the house and keep Britini.  He tells Derek X that he has been told Claire and Derek X were working to do that. He says if that isn't true, Derek X should tell him.  

Derek X tells Big D that he had conversations last week about who to vote out, but he never campaigned to vote Big D out of the house. Derek X tells Big D that for his personal game, Britini was better to keep, but for his overall game Big D was the better choice.

Big D says he might be risking himself to help Derek X. He is worried about the scenarios with Derek X and the block.

Derek X says he doesn't want to name names, but if he stays in the house he is if he does it as a martyr. He says he would defend, Azah, Tiffany, Big D and he could take out as many people as he could before he (Derek X) gets put out of the game.

Derek X asks Big D what logical reason he would have to go after Big D.
Big D has problems finding that reason, he comes up with being targeted because he is not a physical threat.

Derek X tells Big D that there are strong players who would put Big D up, he names people who have already done that.
Derek X asks Big D if he trusts Kyland, Big D says he did trust Kyland, but Kyland put him on the block.  He says that either Derek X or Kyland would be an equal target. His reasoning is that Derek X wanted to keep Britini over him (Big D).
Big D says he needs to think about what is best for his game, he will talk to Azah and see what she thinks.
Derek X says the other thing he can do to prove his character is that America gave him 100 dollars two weeks in a row proves that America sees him and knows he is doing nothing shady in the game.  Derek X says “think about the people in the game that only got 50 dollars.

Big D repeats that he needs to think about what he will do, he plans to talk to Kyland and see what Kyland thinks, he wants to talk to Azah as well. Big D says he will not share this conversation with the others. 

The conversation ends and they separate.

Big D goes in search of Kyland.

Kyland and Big D go back to the patio.

Kyland is fussing at Big D because Big D commandeered the entire back yard for a one on one.

Big D says Derek X is afraid to talk to him anyway, Kyland says that if the conversation was going to take more than two minutes, then Big D should have taken Derek X to a different area.

Big D says that the conversation was a good one, Derek X said nothing bad about Kyland and Sarah Beth.  He says that Derek X made valid points.

Xavier shows up and reinforces his position, when Big D says he is sorry about him going, Xavier says in a confrontational way, “You sad about him leavin????”, and puts Big D on the defensive.

Big D says he knows that  Derek X would be better to send him out for the other peoples' games, but he wants Claire out, she is a name on his list.  Kyland agrees that Derek X going is bad for his game.

Big D says his problem is that Derek X wanted to keep Britini over him (Big D).
He tells Kyland that he understands his position, getting snappy with him. He makes jokes about Kyland being cranky because he hasn't eaten.

Big D says he told Kyland to go away because his hovering around caused Derek X to stop talking to him. He says there is a big yard, Kyland could have gone somewhere else instead of standing right by them.  He does it in a joking manner but he has repeated it twice now.

Big D starts breaking the 6 down into two groups, he tells Kyland that he (Kyland) has people protecting him, but Big D doesn't have much protection at all.  He is worried that if they get to seven Tiffany may take him out.

Kyland says they all have the same concerns within the six (Cookout).

Big D says this is a stressful week, although they have sent several males home they have the competitive girls out.
Kyland says that those competitive girls are not after Big D, they are after other people.

(It sounds to me like there is a plan in place to make it look like Tiffany and Hannah have the money to play in the BB High Roller game next week and blame them for the nominations.  The problem with this plan is that Big D has told too many people that he has the money to play and the plan to push the agenda that Tiffany and Hannah have the money has no traction at this point—Grannysue)

Kyland says he needs to get Sarah Beth to believe Tiffany doesn't like him (Kyland).

Talk continues between the two, Kyland mentions Tiffany blowing up at Big D.
Big D says he thinks it was just her venting for everything she was upset about over time in the house.

This conversation continues, it seems the focus is Kyland talking about his own game and what he needs. 

Big D says people are taking people from them and everyone let it go, it is time to take out Sarah Beth.

12:00am Big Brother Time

Kyland and Big D continue to talk about the game, Big D tells Kyland that he approached Sarah Beth already about the direction of the game.  He says he fed her ego a little.

Cameras move to the inside of the house.

Darlings, it is late and I think I am ready to cuddle my puppies. My puppies are little people that came to live with me and GrandpaCoy because their original parents just couldn't raise them.  If you are thinking about committing to being a pet parent, please check out your local shelters like the one we see on the feeds during the Big Brother season.  Hugs, Grannysue.

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