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Sunday, August 22, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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3:34AM BBT

Kyland goes to the Have-Not room and talks to the cameras. He checks around the room for hidden ears. "Okay, I feel less bad again. I don't know who would hide under the bed...someone dedicated. I might one day just to be crazy. It's interesting, the conversation, I feel llike when I see...I mean I just asked SB for her confidence in us, her and I, and she didn't really seem to have it. That kinda sucks. I don't think it's a distrust in me. But, it was an odd thing, but she hasn't slept. She is dealing with a lot, too. And she has a relationship with Claire that is distinct from mine. . From her perspective when I asked 'will you keep me safe from the Jackpot?' ane her response to say, 'I can't guarantee that.' Her response is not her not wanting to make that guarantee or wanting to be her best but the way she lives her life, her default, is to set low expectations. From her perspective, I get that. I understand that...pause..."uhhh"...it is setting expectations that is not nartural to her. I need to see persepctives from others. I understand that....Right now, I am just really glad to let her know that she should never feel like a fool...no one in this game should ever, not no one, some people have done some crazy, obvious crazy things, no one in this game should feel like a fool because they believe someone. At the end of the day there is always a chance that someone who said that meant it, but then something happened to change that. No one should be too hard on themselves. And you know what, this is a message I put out to everybody. Past players, fans and just people who deal with heartbreak and just family betrayal, you are not a fool for just believing in someone. Maybe you did something foolish, but I don't think that makes you a fool, even when their hearts are involved. Even when their minds are involved. Because our minds are imperfect. And we can sometimes...often, our logic is bias to our persepctive. Actually, almost entirely our logic is bias to our persepctive and to our awareness. And there are things we do not know that we cannot see. Our logic can fail us and that does not mean you are a fool if that happens. I think you are more foolish if you believe that 'can' and or 'should' can happen to you in life, but especially in this house. So whether that is Frenchie or Brent or Travis or Christian...none of you are fools.You may hvae done foolish things, but you are not fools."


[I have to note that Kyland did not mention Whitney or Britini. He is focusing on the males in the game. This is very telling of Kyland. I won't lie, I am NOT a fan of Kyland at all. I want to like him, but he is just unlikable to me in the way he plays this game. And, he is no longer easy to look at, either. Perhaps outside of the house Kyland has redeemable qualities.  -MamaLong]


3:40AM BBT

Kyland continues talking, "At the end of the day, it could be me next week. But regardless, we'll be good. And regardless, you are good and amazing and smart and intelligent and worthy of all this praise. Maybe Derek X was right and I'm gonna be a life coach. I love people and I want them to remember how great they are. Shortcomings about themselves and their actions....I definitely need myself to feel that. I do need to figure out who in the 6 I can trust the most. I can't tell if which one actually does think like I do. Which one actually has my back in the true sense. It's hard not to believe that people talk about me in ways that can make look bad in any way are the ones that have my back. Wow. I think the people I want to play this game the most with.....Well, first off, that's one thing that is crazy...is that when I look at the 6, they do not make up the people I want to play this game the most with. Honestly, it would probably be this new four plus DX. Ah man, if I could end.... I think that X (Xavier) would want him. If we weren't both working with the 6 (Cookout) I think X would agree with me, which suuuuucks. Actually, I would...you know that we needed to make this decision at some point, regardless."

(The camera closes in on a full frame of Ky's face)


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3:44AM BBT

"Doing this sucks because I have no relationship with Alyssa.....*long pause*....if, Ugh......Well, Huh....Brett, Dad, whoever is watching that I know, send me whatever telepathic signals you can...I need help with this decision. Not with the 6...the 6 I am good with. Obviously, that plan is something I am fine being committed to. I am fine being fooled by them......long pause.......Sorry...I may be out of things to say. Lots of thinking. Your ability to go far in this game is dependent on your accuracy of percieivng (people that are lying and those being honest) which people fall into which categories....long pause.... I don't think there is anything else to say."


3:53AM BBT

DX has finished in the DR and joins Kyland in the HNR. 

Ky- there is a lot of game left

DX- yeah, there is

Ky asks DX if he spoke with Tiffany about the replacement nom Claire would feel safe next to. DX says that he did, "I feel pretty okay about it."


3:56AM BBT

Ky and DX get into their beds and Ky asks for the lights to be turned off in the have-not room


3:59AM BBT

All lights are off in the BB House



8:02AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles. The houseguests are having to wake up early today. This is very unusual for a Sunday.


8:17AM BBT

The feeds return to all house lights on and HGs moving about


8:30AM BBT

Big D, Alyssa and Azah are still in their beds in the YBR.

Big D- I can't wait to see faces watching this show back...only one person went for money

Azah- mm hmm

Big D- I need to find something to start rolling. Maybe I could use your body butter.

Azah- Huh? (still half asleep)

Alyssa- What? (just waking up)

Big D- to practice rolling

Alyssa- oh for the coin roll comp. Well, don't make it obvious.

Big D- no, I'll do it in here.


8:33AM BBT

Xavier is in the kitchen scrambling eggs.. SB passes through and tells him she wasn't able to sleep because she had to use her inhaler after the comp. SB heads back upstairs. Xavier talks to himself about his arms looking small and he should work out his arms. Now he is looking for turkey bacon.


Back in the YBR, Big D asks if X said when his punishment would start. Alyssa says right before the live eviction "He just did that third nominee and BB Bankrupt."

Big D- today I was thinking BBC and a few games of mafia, for sure

Alyssa- only like one or two rounds of mafia

Big D- okay

They start discussing what the theme was in the veto comp. Azah says she understands the dominoes "but what were they doing on a treasure map? What does that have to do with BB Beach Club?"

Alyssa- I liked it. I was glad it wasn't the same

Big D- you got a cute ass outfit out of it, too

Azah- yeah, I did

They agree that the games don't always tie into the theme.


8:43AM BBT

SB comes out of the HoHR and speaks to Xavier over the balcony railing.

X- They woke us up at 8AM and I do not know why. I'm trying to figure it out. It better not be another twist. I can't handle another twist.

SB- I thought they would let us sleep until 10. Maybe they are going to start giving us clues or something.


9:28AM BBT

After eating his breakfast, Xavier settles in the living room. Claire walks through on her way to the SR and X just looks at her and shrugs his shoulders as if to answer her silent question, 'What is going on?'

Xavier begins studying past comps in an audible whisper


9:39AM BBT

SB is talking to herself in the HoHR bathroom (whispering) "If it was you and Chaddha, I'm pretty sure Chaddha would go home. If it was you against Azah or Big D....If it was you against Xavier.....I don't know...and people in the house right now...I think you have Tiffany and Claire's vote against pretty much everybody else in the house. We are getting really close to that part in the game where all you need is 3 votes. I don't see CLaire or Tiffany or Chaddha not voting to keep you....and Kyland's vote....Yeah, you know, we've got a few competition threats...multiple competition threats in the house right now. It worries me but it's not what scares me the most. X.....you know, everyone know you're a competition threat but that's not what scares me the most with you. You are a social threat. We have someone in this house right now that is not only a competition threat but is competiton threat. The person on the block is Claire and I feel strongly she is one of the few people in this house that would stay sitting next to  this person...things have perfectly aligned to make this shot. It really feels like it would be reckless to not take this shot when it's perfectly lined up for me. It really feels like someone has loaded a gun and put it in my hand and aimed me at the target. All I have to do is pull the trigger. Okay, I'll say something like that.......Oh, literally, no one is up. Where is everyone? Today might be a cheat day."

SB starts fishing through her HoH basket.


9:44AM BBT

Xavier knocks on the HoHR. He teases with SB that he is going to use the PoV on Claire.

SB laughs "Nooo. Don't do that." SB says that the only person that would stay next to Derek X would be Claire.

Xavier- Agreed.

SB wants to talk with him and Kyland later, "Honestly, I feel very strongly that Derek X lied and manipulated me when he had me on the block and then he sent Christian out. I have no qualms sending him out."

Xavier- let's do it

SB says it's crazy that someone who is so good at comps has such great social connections that there are many who wouldn't vote him out. She mentions Tiffany, Claire, Hannah "and maybe even Azah depending on who was next to him."

Xavier tells SB that he thought he had an agreement with DX to not put the Kings up (after the wall) but then SB went up. "I think it's time for him to go." He says that maybe he didn't say it since DX said he agreed to keep just him and Alyssa safe, but X feels he did say to keep the Kings all safe because taking out SB or Christian would hurt the Kings. "You just declared war buddy." He says that he feels like he must have always had a backdoor plan for Christian. SB Agrees saying he was planting seeds with her against them.

SB- I think he thought it would just be two against him because he thought he had me.

X- it's not really revenge but...

Xavier says that he is the biggest competition threat

SB points out that she doesn't see anyone else in the house doing out "It was going to have to be one of us"

X- You myself or Alyssa...I'm on board

SB- his main argument to me right now is that Big D would put me and Kyland up


9:56AM BBT

Sarge- Good morning houseguests. It's time to get up for the day (many are still in bed, including Ky, DX, Azah, Tiffany and Hannah. Big D is back to snoring.)


9:58AM BBT

SB and Xavier agree the right thing to do is to get rid of Baby D and then Big D is the only one left with a power, but he should be happy that SB took out his competition giving him a 50% chance to be the next HoH.

X- it's time to play...I'm only a bucket hat away. Let me know if you need anything

SB- Okay


10:05AM BBT

Sarge (with stern voice)- What do you not understand about please? Please get up!

Azah- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm so tired.

SB is eating chocolate from her HoH basket in the HoHR.


10:08AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


10:11AM BBT

The feeds move to RCHS

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12:57PM BBT

The feeds have returned. There is no clear reason for the feeds being down almost three hours.

Many of the houseguests are sitting in the living room chatting about random things.


In the bathroom, Tiffany gives Derek X a hug. She tells him it's not a goodbye hug. She wants him to fight hard.

The feeds pop back to RCHS


1:02PM BBT

The feeds return to Hannah talking with DX in the bathroom.

DX- What do you think I should be doing right now? SHould I talk to Alyssa?

Hannah- yeah, it can't hurt. It's not like we are doing anything today.

Hannah- if you end up going on the block, where do you expect your votes to come from?

DX says that he thinks Ky would give him his vote

Hannah0 Are you for sure going up?

DX says he doesn't know. He thinks he might have Azah's vote. "I think at a game level, I think Tiff would keep me."

Hannah tells him to work on Ky and Tiffany.


1:05PM BBT

Tiffany is making a PB&J sandwich in the kitchen. Xavier and Claire are also in the kitchen.


1:06PM BBT

The feeds pop back to RCHS, again


1:08PM BBT

The feeds return to Big D, Azah and Alyssa chatting in the living room talking about their clothes in the house. Alyssa says that she wears the same 3 things. Big D says Hannah wears the same outift every day. Big D asks her where she got the clothes from that she's wearing. Hannah isn't sure, "I live in other people's clothes."

Hannah (to Alyssa)- I am going to give this to you

Alyssa- why would you give it to me?

Hannah- so you can give it back to him, he might like this flannel

Hannah says she will return it to him in person or ship it to him

ALyssa- If you want me to give it to him, I will give it to him

Hannah- well, you will see him first

Alyssa- yes

Big D asks her about her sweatpants

Hannah says she thrifted them

Big D says he has never known a girl to wear such baggy clothes "she's the sylish Billie Eilish"


1:13PM BBT

The feeds pop back to RCHS, again


1:14PM BBT

In the kitchen, Tiffany asks if they can go to bed at 11 tonight. Claire says she will make an effort to go to bed at midnight. Xavier says he will go to bed when he feels like it. "That's my vibe though. If I have nothing else to discuss, why stay up?"


1:17PM BBT

Xavier is talking about his solitary confinement. He says it will start Wednesday in the Have-Not room and he gets out right before the live eviction "I think food gets provided, but other than that, I'm just up there."

Tiff- you have to poop and pee in a bucket?

X- I think so. I think they are gonna give me a squatty potty

Tiff says they should let him go to the "bathroom over here that nobody supposed to know about"

Xavier says he will be stinking through live show and HoH and then can take a shower

Xavier says it is strategy to keep him from knowing where the vote is going, "I could be voting with the house or could be voting against the house."   [What a cruel punishment! Can we give it to Kyland, please?  -MamaLong]


1:22PM BBT

The feeds are back on RCHS. It seems the kittens and puppies are managing the control room today. 

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1:24PM BBT

Alyssa, Big D, Azah and Claire are talking about having sex in the BB house and if it's on the feeds. Alyssa says they might show going under the covers, but that's it, "I never saw Holly and Michie"  [Alyssa is wrong. They do sometimes show more, and once it is on the feeds, the internet likes to spread it like wildfire] Claire says most couples use the HoH shower. [I gave away my wooden stool after BB21. I could never look at it the same way again. It had to go.  -MamaLong]


1:38PM BBT Feeds are back on critters. There has been no indication about why the feeds were down almost three hours this morning.


[I'll be out the rest of the day because my dad was hospitalized this morning with heart and lung issues. We have not been told if it is COVID, but he has been vaccinated, so it seems unlikely. We have no more hospital beds in the Austin area, so he was sent by ambulance to a VA hospital over an hour away. COVID is really bad in Texas right now. Patients are being sent to other cities to get things like appendicitis taken care of because the hospitals are all at maximum capacity. I hope you and yours are able to stay healthy.  -MamaLong]

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4:15PM BBT

The houseguests have been enjoying the backyard. They also talked about what happened when the feeds were down: Apparently they were creating emergency care packages for American Red Cross. Tiff and Big D said it felt good doing something that can help people in need.

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