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Big Brother Season 23-Veto Comp and Ceremony Week 6

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Previously, on Big Brother, the secret Cookout alliance was sizzling and each member was sauteing with a side dish. With only eleven players left, a callout comp had the Cookout at odds. In the end, Kyland got his second HOH of the summer!

Wanting to keep the Cookout along with his partner Sarah Beth and Derek X safe, he had limited options. Big D offered to be a pawn to protect Britini. And after Claire indicated that members of the Cookout were on her radar, she inadvertently made herself Ky’s top target.

A new twist called the High Roller’s room was open and America gave HG either 50, 75, or 100 BB Bux to gamble for powers. With a chance to bet on a veto player and possibly win a second veto on the line, Kyland, Sarah Beth, Big D, Tiffany, and Claire played.

Tonight, will a second veto be unleased on the game. Plus OTEV is back and he is jacked! All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 38 and Kyland, Derek F, Claire, and Sarah Beth get to bet on who will win veto. Kyland says this twist is huge, so both of his nominees could get pulled off the block. He needs to win one of these vetoes so his HOH week does not get screwed up.


Claire is going to get a chance to bet on another player so she is doubling her chances. Derek F says even though he volunteered to be the pawn, he is acting like he is the real target and he does not want to be on the block on Thursday.


Britini says she did not play in the veto derby because she felt safe because she made a deal with Kyland for two weeks of helping each other. Kyland says those terms are ones he can agree to. Britini wants to save her BB bux so she can play in future weeks.


Derek F goes to the HOH room and he says it is hard pretending he does not like him. He asks why Kyland he played and he says he wanted the power to get used while one of them is HOH. Derek F says that was a smart play and he wants to know who the target is.


Kyland says there could be two vetoes in play and he wants to keep his options open. Claire is his target, but he could also target Alyssa or Britini. Derek F says Kyland does not know what is on his mind, he just hopes he is not the target or one of the Jokers.


Derek F is talking to Britini and Azah and he says he thinks he is the target. He says it is hard to keep up the act to the girls but he wants to keep them calm. Azah thought Britini would be Kyland’s target and after the HOH comp she thought she would be next to her.


Azah is confused because Derek F is saying he is the target. She says Kyland is in the Cookout, but she does not fully trust him. Britini says veto picks is very important so maybe two of those vetoes can be held by Jokers.


Tiff is trying to figure out if she can get Claire out of danger, because even though she is not in the Cookout, she is not ready to lose her yet. Ky tells Tiff that Claire is the target and tells her who Claire said her targets were. Tiff does not think that is true.


Tiff says Claire! What are you doing?!? You do not tell people who your targets are if you do not know who they are aligned with. Now she has to dig Claire out of this hole. Tiff says Claire will listen to her and she can divert her attention on to someone else.


Kyland feels Tiff is confident about what Claire is going to do. Kyland says now he has narrowed down his targets to Britini and Alyssa. He says he has to see how this veto goes before he can lock in on his target.


It is time to pick players for the veto competition! Ky draws Alyssa. Claire draws Azah. Derek F HG choice and he selects Britini. Britini says this is best case scenario. Alyssa is glad to play because she does not feel safe.


The winners of the veto derby will place their bets on who will the veto. They get a clue on the upcoming veto competition and it says veto backwards. Derek says this is a quintessential comp and he is mad he is not playing on this veto.


Kyland gets to place his bet first and he bets on Alyssa. Derek F is second and he bets on Britini. Claire bets on Kyland. Sarah Beth bets on Azah. Derek F says no one had faith in him or Claire.


Claire says with this veto derby, it is about to be intense. 6 players, 4 bets, and 2 vetoes up for grabs in the one and only OTEV. It is about to be on. Let’s go!


We have OTEV the jellyfish and he is jacked. He needs special jelly to get even more jacked. They are supposed to bring him his jelly with the names of two evicted HG. The last HG standing wins veto.


Derek F wants to win veto, but it will be better if Britini wins veto to keep the Jokers safe. Claire says she bet on Ky so if he wins, she gets the second veto. Ky wants to take Claire off the block and replace her with Britini or Alyssa and he is going to play savage.


Round 1-he needs the jelly of the HG who were evicted the week veto was used. Claire knows it is Travis and Christian so she is looking. Alyssa wants to win POV to make sure she is not backdoored next. She gets her jelly and she starts to head up the ramp.


Alyssa is first back and everyone is still looking. Britini has it and runs for the ramp and Azah is behind and Kyland is with them. Azah struggles and face plants. Kyland is cheering Azah on and she makes it up.


It is between Big D and Claire and he falls and he falls hard. He keeps fighting to get up there but Claire makes and everyone is cheering Big D on and he makes it to the top, but he is last.


They all have brought Honey Christian and Mint Travis Jelly and they are all correct and Big D has been eliminated. He says it sucks but all he can do is pray that Britini wins so he can get a veto too.


Round 2-he needs the jelly of the evicted HG who were on a team together. Kyland knows it is Whitney and Brent. Claire is up first, then Alyssa, and Kyland is going up. It is now between Azah and Britini. Azah throws Britini the right jelly and Tiff is bothered by it.


Tiff says Azah is obviously throwing the comp and it does not surprise her at all. Britini and Kyland are up with Alyssa and Claire. Azah finally finds another right answer and makes it up. They all brought Walnut Whitney and BoysenBrent jelly. Azah has been eliminated.


Round 3-he needs the jelly of the evicted HG who competed in the Massive Cocktails competition. Alyssa knows it is Frenchie and Travis because she competed against them in that competition.


Alyssa is the first to the top with Claire right behind. Kyland and Britini hit the ramp at the same time and Britini is the last to the top. They all brought Tangerine Travis and Mango Frenchie jelly. Britini has been eliminated and she is devastated.


Round 4-he needs the jelly of the evicted HG who were not team captains. Claire says she is the last team captain remaining. She knows she is looking for Travis and Brent. Kyland finds it and is first to the top. Claire cannot find the right answer. Alyssa is up second.


Claire is the last to the top. They have all brought Blackberry Brent and Goji Berry Travis jelly. They are correct and Claire has been eliminated. Claire is disappointed because she wanted to win, but if Kyland wins she can still win the second veto.


Final round-he needs the jelly of the HG were evicted on even numbered days. Alyssa tells Kyland she will do whatever he wants with it if he lets her win. Kyland wants to save Claire so it builds trust and he is going to throw it to Alyssa.


Alyssa says Frenchie was evicted day 16 and Whitney was evicted day 30. Claire is frustrated because she can tell Kyland is throwing and she says he is a real jackass right now.


Alyssa has brought Wild Whitney and Frenchie Berry jelly. Alyssa is correct and she has won the POV and Kyland has won the second POV for betting on her. Alyssa is so excited to win on an OTEV and she hopes Christian is excited.


Kyland says even though he lost the competition he still won veto and he flushed the power and now he can lock in Britini as his target. Big D is not happy because he wanted all the Jokers to be safe.


Claire is so upset because she has no opportunity to take herself off the block. Britini says she is a little nervous because she has no idea what will happen.


Claire’s Duke of the Deck punishment is over. We then see Kyland’s jackass punishment is over. Kyland is in the hammock with SB and they are talking about nominations and she would target Big D and if one came down Britini would go up.


SB is glad they agree that Britini is the target because she targeted her in the HOH comp and then did not talk to her about it so she needs to go. Kyland is telling Big D that Britini is the target and he is trying to stay calm, but he is not really calm.


Big D says he needs to come up with a plan to get her out of this. Kyland says it will be better for Britini to be against Derek F because then he would not have to campaign. Big D says he is just scared of who Derek X would target if he were to get HOH.


Kyland says there are plenty of reasons to go after Derek X because he is intelligent and a competitor and could figure out The Cookout. He says this would be a good backdoor, but he is a good friend and he does not want emotions to cloud his judgement.


10 minutes before the veto meeting Ky wants SB to give Britini a heads up she might be a replacement nominee. She likes this idea so maybe if she is in final two she can get Britini’s vote.


SB tells Britini about her being a potential replacement nominee and she goes to find Ky and says he is a liar. She wants to talk to Ky and he tells her there are reasons. She says she has been honest. Ky says he is trying to get his game as far as possible.


Britini asks who she will be sitting next to and he says it will depend on if Alyssa uses the veto. Britini says he is going to go back on their deal? He says he is trying to get rid of an unpredictable variable.


Ky says she does not show her cards and she says she could not because she was on the block three times and it is about to be four. She says their deal meant something to her. Ky says he is just trying to do what is best for his game.


Britini says they had a deal and he went back on it like an arrogant little b*tch and he apologizes as she walks away. Ky says he feels heartache for her and he wonders if there are other options.


Ky says there are people who would like to see him backdoor Derek X. He needs a second. Britini says she will fight like hell to stay in this house but they are about to see her fourth degree blackbelt come out. No way is she going out silent.

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