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America's Got Talent Season 16 - Live Shows 2 - Results

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We are live in Hollywood - It's AGT The Results! Only 7 of this week's acts will go through to the SemiFinals. There was a lot on the line here in the Dolby last night. Check it out.

Last night, we saw performances from T.3, Dokteuk Crew, Johnny Showcase (XX), Tory Vagasy, Northwell Nurse Choir, Shuffolution, Aidan Bryant, Positive Impact Movement (X), Pete Antoniou, Korean Soul, Josh Blue and Victory Brinker. Which act earned your votes? 

All these acts have dreams of winning $1,000,000 and staring in a show in Vegas. But for 5, the dream comes to an end tonight. The vote tonight is tight and will bring surprises. Simon says there were some amazing performances and some dreadful performances.

The top 5 acts will go through on your vote, America. The acts that came in 6th, 7th and 8th are all in danger. But you can save one with the Instant Save. In no particular order, the acts on the bubble are Korean Soul, T.3 and Tory Vagasy. Please step forward. Vote now!

There are 5 acts going straight through and here are the first results. Good luck to all of you. Northwell Nurse Choir and Shuffolution, please step forward. Here we go. America has voted and the first act into the SemiFinals is...   Northwell Nurse Choir!

The early results for the Instant Save show 46% for Tory Vagasy, 22% for T.3 and 32% for Korean Soul. You still have time to vote tonight in the Instant Save. But first, let's take a look at the acts cutting loose in the Sonic Route 44 Lounge.

Back in 2016, two performers took the stage and left the whole country speechless. Tonight they are back - give it up for The Clairvoyants! As they always say, what happens in Vegas stays on social media forever. 

It's not too late to vote for your Instant Save tonight. Let's find out who joins Northwell Nurse Choir. Victory Brinker and Aiden Bryant, please step foward. America has voted. The next act going into the SemiFinals is...   Both you!

That's three acts through and right now one more act will make it. Peter Antoniou and Positive Impact Movement, please step forward. America has voted. The next act going into the SemiFinals is...   Peter Antoniou!

That leaves us with 3 acts remaining. Let's turn up the heat with the next result. Dokteuk Crew, Josh Blue and Johnny Showcase, please step forward. America has voted. The act taking the next spot in the SemiFinals is...   Josh Blue!

That's 5 acts through. But who will win your Instant Save? This is your last chance to vote!

We've seen some great mentalists tonight, so now here are some not-so-great mentalists - your judges: Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell, Sophia Vergara and Heidi Klum. Not surprising, they have little clue what is on each others' minds. Until they do. This was not prepped.

Back 2019, a sensational singer won AGT with some of the greatest performances we've ever seen. Tonight he's back to duet with an Academy Award winning and 4-time Grammy winning superstar. America, give it up for Kodi Lee and H.E.R.!

Tonight, Northwell Nurse Choir, Victory Brinker, Adian Bryant, Peter Antoniou and Josh Blue have made it into the SemiFinals. The dream of $1m and a show in Vegas is one step closer. But there are 2 spots left for the winner of your Instant Save and the Judges's Choice!

Let's find out who's made it. The acts are Korean Soul, T.3 and Tory Vagasy. The vote is now closed. The act put through to the SemiFinals via Instant Save is...   Tory Vagasy! You are headed to the SemiFinals!

That leaves us with Korean Soul and T.3 for the last spot in the SemiFinals to be decided by the judges. The two acts make their cases to the judges. Judges can only pick one. It's the last result of the night.

It's time for the Judges' Choice. Korean Soul or T.3. Only one will survive. Heidi votes for T.3. Sophia votes for T.3. Simon votes for Korean Soul. It's up to Howie. Howie votes for Korean Soul. It's a tie so the tie breaker comes from the most votes at home.

With a tie from the judges, based on America's votes from home, the final act going through to the SemiFinals is...   Korean Soul!

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