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America's Got Talent Season 16-Live Shows 2

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Terry greets us for the second week of the lives. 12 acts will perform tonight and 7 will move on.


Our first act is T3 and they received a golden buzzer in a box as a replacement for Simon’s golden buzzer who is no longer in the competition. They take the stage and perform good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo.


Howie says T3 was all in harmony and it was good. Heidi preferred them a capella and she thinks they were better than that. Sofia says she loved it and enjoyed it, but liked their previous performance better. Simon says he agrees with Heidi and he thinks they blew it.


Dukteuk Crew is next and they are a Korean dance group. Heidi says she really likes these guys and they are in sync and they feel like they are doing special effects and it elevates the dance.


Sofia says Dukteuk Crew was a little too orange for her but she loved the dance and she would have preferred it to be a little less orange. Simon says they lost the group in the backdrops and colors. Howie says he loved it and the synchronicity was great.


Next is Johnny Showcase and he is an entertainer. He takes the stage and performs an original song. Simon and Howie hit their buzzers. They get an ovation from Heidi. Sofia says there was so much going on and they lost their essence and it did not click.


Simon says Johnny Showcase was horrific. He says they were so good the first time, but this song was horrible. Howie says he did not get the joke. Heidi says she loved it and she is totally on overdrive and it was hilarious and she loved it.


Tory Vagasy is our next act and she is a singer. She takes the stage and performs Heart of Stone by SIX. Howie thinks she is an amazing singer and she deserves to be on Broadway, but he thinks in this lane on this season and he does not thinks he has a chance.


Simon says Tory Vagasy knows who she is and where she wants to be and that started off as a good performance and ended up a great performance. Heidi thought it was a flawless performance. Sofia says there is nothing bad to say about her and it felt so real.


Shuffolution is a dance act who is ready for their performance. Simon says their audition was one of his favorite this year but that was a huge step back for him. It felt like something he seen a million times.


Heidi says she loved their energy and music, but it did seem repetitive. But they were fantastic. Howie says there is a lot of pressure this year and they are truly deserving of being here. Sofia did not like the song but today felt like a cheerleader thing.


Next up is Aidan Bryant and he is an aerialist. He gets an ovation from three of the judges. Heidi says he is an inspiration and it is insane how good he is. Sofia says he looked like a professional.


Howie says he has always been impressed by Aidan Bryant and he loves what he did, but the resets were too long between tricks. Simon says this so far has been the best live performance by a mile. He says he is a star in the making and he is the one to beat.


The Northwell Nurse Choir is next and they take the stage and perform You Will be Found from Dear Evan Hansen. They get an ovation from everyone. Howie says he feels so emotional and that was a beautiful moment.


Sofia says The Northwell Nurse Choir was spectacular and it was emotional and spiritual and fantastic. Simon says he believes America and the world needs them right now and it was better than the first audition. Heidi says they touched her and it was beautiful.


Positive Impact is up and they are a strength act. They begin their act that involves basketball goals and Simon buzzes halfway through the act. Simon says the buzzer was about the act being a mess and he would call that No Magic Mike.


Howie does not agree with Simon, but he loved Positive Impact’s previous performance better. Heidi says this is the only place you can see this type of act. Sofia says she thinks everyone loved it, but these guys are fresh and different.


Our next act is Peter Antoniou and he is a mentalist. He takes the stage with Howie, Sofia, and Heidi. Howie says that is kind of unbelievable and he came through with flying colors.


Heidi loves how there are so many layers to Peter Antoniou’s act and it is super engaging and special. She loved it. Simon says Peter is a wizard.


Next up is Korean Soul and they singing I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. Heidi says it was a different version but I was all about them. She missed them being more intertwined but she loved it.


Sofia liked Korean Soul’s outfits and she thinks they are getting better. Simon says he likes them. He missed the harmonies and he thought the song was a bit predictable and he thinks they need to do something different. Howie says that was his favorite of the night.


Josh Blue is up next and he is a comedian. He takes the stage for his set. Howie says he is amazing and funny and informative. He says he checks every box and he is a superstar.


Sofia says Josh Blue is funny, disabled or not, he is amazing and inspirational. Simon says he is very naught and he has a great edge about him. He says there is a buzz before he comes on and he adores him. Heidi says he is truly one of a kind and he is very funny.


Our final act is Victory Brinker and she is a singer. She takes the stage and performs opera. Simon says he remembers Carrie Underwood and he knew she would sell millions and he predicts Victory will be one of the biggest stars to emerge from one of these shows.


Sofia says Victory Brinker amazes her because she is so young and singing like someone who has done it for years. Heidi says she has the most amazing gift. Howie says she is amazing and people have to vote.      

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