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Saturday, August 21, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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8:59PM BBT

SB says the comp made you think and there wasn't enough time. If you went for all the money it would have been a total of $10,000 there was $100 in BB Bucks and a $50 BB Bucks. DX says there was an opportunity for $200 BB Bucks total

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Azah- He was booking it to do all that in three minutes (Xavier)

Claire is crying in the sea glass bedroom.

Azah- I'm sorry. I'm sorry

Claire- it's okay. Thank you Azah. I really appreciate it.

Azah- I didn't go for prizes. I didn't even look at them.

9:07PM BBT

Azah is talking with Big D in the YBR. Azah is disappointed that Big D went for $ instead of veto. She says Alyssa took him off and put up Xavier..... "it's a perception in the house"

Big D argues that he looked at the comp and knew either Xavier or Alyssa would win

Azah has some attitude with him just clearly not understadning why Big D didn't try to save Xavier.

Big D- I am playing my own claim

Azah comments that it is very clear he is playing his own game. Big D asks ehr how long it took her. SHe says over 11 minutes because she messed up.

Azah says they just have a difference of opinion.

Big D continues saying why wouldn't he go for the money. Azah says the perception in the house is part of jury management

Azah- I'm glad you got your money. I'm happy...you need that for your self. I'm sorry I came at you like that. They could put me up there.

Big D says they won't do that. "David went for the money, but he wasn't safe. If they want to feel some type of way, That's okay."


9:13PM BBT

Xavier is in the SR talking to the camera, "The key to this game is not winning all the time, it's winning when you have to."


[Okay, y'all. I'm out for the night.  -MamaLong]

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9:15pm Big Brother Time

Big D and Azah continue to argue because Big D went for the money and not the veto.

He tells her he came into this house alone, he isn't here to...He says “If I were on the block and didn't go for it...then I would be stupid.”  He says “at the end of the day I didn't come here to..”
Big D tells Azah there were 3 or 4 people ahead of him in that veto.
Alyssa comes into the room, Big D asks her if she was upset because he went for the money, Alyssa says she is not. Alyssa says if he has the money and saves either her or Xavier or Azah it is all the same..

Claire is in the shower, Derek X catches her crying and tries to tease her out of it.
Derek X says he thinks there is a high chance of him going up
Claire, “I know uh,” starts sobbing.
Tiffany comes into the lavatory, she is talking to Claire now, trying to convince her that she is fine, and it will be okay.  Tiffany tells Claire she needs to think about herself, she isn't going anywhere. Tiffany tries to get her to calm down, telling her she isn't going this week, she will not go to jury either.

Kyland comes and goes to the loo, he nods to Claire and leaves after hand washing

Tiffany tells Claire to focus on the future, not the past, she tells Claire they are together in this, they have each other, Tiffany says she will not let Claire go, whoever she is up against.
Tiffany tells Claire things happen because they are under pressure, she tells Claire, “you are still in this game, nobody wants you out of here.”
Claire cheers up a little, makes fun of herself just a tad (through tears).

(We all know Tiffany is sold to the Cookout alliance, she constantly works towards members of the Cookout making the final 6.  We can't be sure if Tiffany is just talking to Claire without intention or if she has developed a kinship with her and truly means it.--Grannysue)

Kyland and Hannah are talking in the chess room.
Kyland is not finishing sentences.
He tells Hannah that Big D just got an extra 150 bucks. (no verification)

Tiffany is in the bedroom talking to Big D, he is making the excuse that he comes from the “hood” and has to take care of his mom.  Tiffany says if he has done this for his mom, that is fine, she says she is there for her son as well. Tiffany says “For me not to take an opportunity is a wasted opportunity.”, and she tells Big D to take two minutes to feel guilty.  

It sounds like the veto included organizing dominoes.

Big D is talking to Sarah Beth about the money, he says he will play the game next week and the only other person that can play is Derek X.  Sarah Beth whispers, “There is no way he will be here next week, we have the votes.”
The two of them leaves the room.

Big D starts stacking pillows on end in the living room as he relives the veto competition.

In the lavatory area Tiffany and Azah are talking about Big D winning the money (not sure if it was US dollars or BB High Roller money).
They both agree that Sarah Beth “stole” 5k from Derek X and now is going to send him home and neither of them show respect for that move.

Also, for the second time Tiffany mentions $7500.00 in a conversation related to Big D's winnings. (not verified).

Tiffany tells Azah that Alyssa and Sarah Beth send each other to spy on people in the house. Tiffany also tells Azah that if she is talking to either of them the other comes in and stays so the game talk stops.

Azah says she has also seen that behavior in them.

Talk moves to the veto competition, Azah says she knew it was Big D going for the money, Azah says the house guests in the competition were not allowed to speak.

Tiffany says Xavier is not a lawyer or a bartender, he is so disciplined he has to be a government man.
(Xavier is a lawyer)

Azah says she just realized this week “I am a floater.”
Tiffany, “Don't worry about it, me and Claire are coasters.”

Camera moves to living room area.
General talk.

Hannah and Kyland continue to plot for the next HOH and nominations (Xavier will be the third nominee as a punishment he was given during the veto competition, he also has to be in solitary confinement right after the veto ceremony is finished and will stay there until it is time for him to vote on Thursday)

In the living room area Xavier, Derek X and Sarah Beth are rehashing the veto competition, we can hear Big D in the kitchen. 

Xavier goes to the bedroom, hugs Azah. She says she sucks at the game. She says she wanted to win the veto, but she knew as soon as she heard someone went for the prize, it was Big D.
Xavier asks if he got BB High Roller bucks as well, Azah says he did. (not verified).

Azah continues to make jokes about Big D's time in the competition. She says she avoided the third nominee area.

Cameras return to the living room.
Sarah Beth says she should have gone for the money, if she had known she was going to lose she would have. Sarah Beth says Big D can stop ragging on her for getting the 5k, he has more that she does now.

Derek X asks Sarah Beth how she is feeling, she hesitates, says she will have to figure it out.
Derek X makes an awkward joke about packing his bags.
Sarah Beth makes her own awkward joke about Britini being in the jury house.

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10:00pm Big Brother Time

Tiffany, Hannah and Kyland near the end of a plotting session.  We hear them mention Big D as being a problem since he has the BB High Rollers money.  Tiffany leaves the area.

Kyland wants Sarah Beth, Claire and Big D on the block, he complicates it with vetoes he thinks will be played.
Hannah tells him he (Kyland) can't win veto next week.

(They are whispering, so it is hard to get what they are saying clearly).

Cameras move to the living room, several house guests are in the room, but no game talk other than rehashing today's veto.

Camera moves to the bedroom, Azah and Xavier are talking about how they can use Big D to advance themselves.  Xavier says he went BB bankrupt, got solitary confinement and the veto. (he has no money left for the third week of BB High Rollers, whatever he gets next week will not give him enough unless the denominations are increased when viewers vote)
Xavier leaves the room, Azah staring at the ceiling.

Claire, Derek X and Tiffany are in the living room—more rehashing of veto competition.

Camera moves to storage room with Claire and Xavier.--more rehashing of said veto competition.

Hannah and Kyland still plotting in chess room. High level of noise in the kitchen drifting up, they are whispering, can't really hear them.

Cameras move around downstairs
General chatter in the kitchen and living room area.

Cameras move to HOH with Kyland and Sarah Beth

Sarah Beth confirms she is putting Derek X on the block as a replacement for Xavier.

Sarah Beth insists that Tiffany and Azah will vote Derek X out, but she is worried that Derek X will spill the beans about Sarah Beth and her game play.
Kyland says he thinks they should talk to people about it, Sarah Beth says “stick with the lie.”, and never go back on it.  She says the only person that knows she knew Christian was going on the block was Derek X. Sarah Beth says they should tell the others that Derek X offered her an alliance, she plans to tell them a long, confusing story about Derek X manipulating her into not trusting others in the house.

Sarah Beth continues to tell Kyland her strategy for dealing with Derek X—not realizing there is no alliance she can form or join in the house, and not realizing she is telling a member of the Cookout her game strategy that includes lying and denying.--Grannysue)

Sarah Beth plans to manipulate Claire into naming who she would stay in the house against (with the exception of Kyland). She tells Kyland that he needs to win the HOH next week so they won't be on the block together.

Kyland hesitates, “Thaat is ..the plan.”

Sarah Beth says they can work with Xavier and Alyssa until later in the game, they are the four strongest players in the game.  Xavier suggests until 6 or 7.  He tells her he doesn't know how Xavier and Alyssa feel about that and doesn't know how to approach it.
Sarah Beth says she wants the winner of this season to be someone she could be proud to vote for.

Kyland asks Sarah Beth if she thinks he (Kyland) would take her to the final two, Sarah Beth says she believes that, she is not sure what Xavier might do but she thinks he would take a male with him. She adds that if Xavier and Alyssa are in the final four group they would cut one of them, and the person remaining in the house would be alone. She doesn't like the idea of that feeling. She says that they can talk about being in the final four to Alyssa and Xavier, but then “back stab them and meh.”

Kyland is tip toeing around the idea of not sending Derek X out of the house. He keeps telling Sarah Beth he isn't happy about sending Derek X out, but will support her.
Sarah Beth, “Is there anything I can do to make this better for you?”
Kyland, “Yeah, give me a hug.”
They hug for quite a long time, then giggle and step away.

Sarah Beth says she plans to say that she is still thinking about what to do and ask anyone that approaches her who they would be comfortable going against.  She plans to tell Derek X that she is still looking at her options. Her decision will be between Derek X, Tiffany, Azah and Hannah, and she will listen to anything he (Derek X) has to say.

Kyland says he will do the same.

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11:02pm Big Brother Time

Cameras are still on Kyland and Sarah Beth in the HOH room.

More talk about the upcoming veto ceremony, plotting next week.

Big D and Azah are whispering at the dining room table.  

They seem to be in a conversation about her winning HOH and him winning in the BB High Rollers as well.
Alyssa comes over with a snack and the conversation goes to making fun of Big D's facial expressions.

Derek X is in the HOH room with Sarah Beth and Kyland

Derek X asks what are the pros and cons to putting him up, Sarah Beth gives him a long list of why she is considering him as the replacement.

He asks her how the house looks to her with him gone, and he asks if it would be possible for them (Kyland, Sarah Beth and himself) to work together.
Sarah Beth agrees to listen to him.

Derek X says he has tried to build loyalty. He thinks as a trio in the game they have possibilities to go further if they do it together. He says he didn't play the roulette wheel because she asked him not to, now he realizes he should have played it.
Derek X asks Kyland how he is feeling about all this.  
Kyland gives some double talk about having a group of four people to consider is difficult. He talks in half sentences to Derek X, pauses and says “umm”, but Derek X doesn't finish for him. Derek X also says “mm humm”.
Kyland continues to try the half sentences, Derek X remains silent.
Kyland is making no sense whatsoever.....and the Kylandisms continue............

Derek X tells them that if he doesn't go home he will play the coup de tat, if he wins he would use it to Sarah Beth's benefit. He says he has the money to play, he thinks he can beat Big D.

Sarah Beth says she thinks she can beat the other people she is thinking about, they have to go anyway, and that is what she is thinking about.

Kyland asks her which of the other three people would take her far, possibly to the final 6.
Sarah Beth says she doesn't know.

Derek X asks who are threats to her game.
Sarah Beth says she doesn't know, exactly, she thinks there are more than just Big D that can play next week. After going over who she thinks has the money she says it could be Big D and Derek X who are the only people who have the money to play.

They are trying to figure out how the game works.

Derek X repeats that if he is still around he likes his odds to win in the BB High Roller, and when he did win they could remove a person with no blood on their hands because it is anonymous.

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12:00am SUNDAY MORNING Big Brother Time

Derek X asks who Big D would nominate if he won the BB High Rollers next week.
Sarah Beth says he has said since week 3 he would nominate her but he could be kidding.

Derek X winds up his pitch to avoid being nominated.

Kyland says if Derek X and Big D play and Derek X wins in the BB High Rollers, Big D would be very vocal about losing—and that would make Big D less believable.

Sarah Beth says she noticed that the coins are both silver and gold. They start to question whether the competitions were staged and changed before the game.

Sarge keeps telling them “you are not allowed to talk about production”. They ignore him.

Bubbles shows up

Feeds return and they are no longer talking about production. (they are a little, but indirectly).

Kyland tells Derek X that he has a lot to consider, after two or three sentences about him making a decision he finally says, “Oh, as a voter.”  (Derek X caught that, starts looking directly at Sarah Beth)
He tells her that he will continue to be a target if he stays, he will be a back door option before either Sarah Beth and Kyland.

Sarah Beth says Britini referred to herself as a sword and shield.  They all laugh, Sarah Beth says she knew Britini lied to her and she knew it.

Derek X asks if Sarah Beth has any questions for him, she says she doesn't know, but she wants him to be comfortable making further pitches to her. Derek X says he will not put anyone down in his pitches, but he would appreciate knowing if someone does that to him.

Derek X leaves the room, he tells Kyland he will talk to him later.

Kyland and Sarah Beth decide to talk before they leave the room.  Kyland goes to the loo, but asks her if he said anything to throw her under the bus. Sarah Beth says no, 

Sarah Beth says she has a sore throat, she had an asthma attack after the competition, Kyland is sincerely concerned, says he didn't know that.  Sarah Beth brushes her teeth, Kyland waits in the loo for her.

Kyland tells Sarah Beth that if the vote is safe, he would like to vote to keep Derek X. He says other people have been able to do that without repercussions and he wants to take advantage of that as well.

Sarah Beth tells Kyland to tell Derek X that there are a lot of people in the house he could be up against that would ensure he stays in the game but Claire is not one of them.  Sarah Beth says she is going to nominate Derek X.

Sarah Beth plans to tell Big D that Derek X is the only person that can play (in the BB High Rollers next week) against him. She plans to send Derek X out this week so Big D will be the only person who will play the last week. Sarah Beth is going to try to use it for leverage.

Kyland and Sarah Beth continue to needlessly plot. (she has already decided to put Derek X up as the replacement and that is unlikely to change)

It is 3:30 am at my house, and time for me to say goodnight.  Have a wonderful day! I will be snoozing when you read this later this morning darlings—goodnight and hugs, Grannysue.

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