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Saturday, August 21, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

Most toilet paper sold for home use in France is pink.
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12:05AM BBT

Hannah is sitting at the kitchen table alone munching on snackage and staring at the memory wall.

Tiffany and Claire have gone to bed.


12:18AM BBT

Big D and Azah have fallen asleep in the yacht club bedroom.

Hannah is in the bathroom moisturizing her face. She turns to the camera and begins whispering, "To my sister, I never talk to my family and friends. To my sister, she is about to start her freshman year at the university. I want to wish her the best of luck. I love you and miss you so much." Hannah tells her parents she loves them and misses them. 'I wish I could hear from you. I really want to win HoH so I could get a letter from you"

*WBRB Bubbles  [So rude, BB! -MamaLong]

feeds are back on Hannah, "so every day I have at least three different moments where I am like wow I am really in the Big Brother House. It's been really surreal...thank you for supporting me." Hannah continues hyping up her sister as she arrives for her freshman year in college "You are going to do amazing...I hope everyone is safe and healthy and happy. I want everyone to know I am safe and happy and healthy. You don't need to worry about me" Hannah is difficult to hear but says she feels she must be doing something right because she is being awarded money. "Thank you America for dgiving me $75 again. Thank you very much!....I'm not a larger than life personality. All I do is run scenarios in my head...I hope America understands the purpose and the mission of the Cookout and why we are so adament anbout what we need to do. I want to make it clear that those people don't deserve to be here any less than the Cookout does...but...just know that if all goes according to plan, none of them will win. It's an upsetting thought...I have other relationships and I have a final two with DX, and I probably shouldn't have done that. I have to get it together. I have to win. I am tired of losing. I am tired of getting 3rd or 4th. I can win. The Queen of Destiny requires less physical. I can win...I am feeling very fortunate to be here....for previous players, Nicole F, I want to apologize. Coming in to this season. I mean being in this house is totally different. You have to be adapatable. The fact that Nicole F came in three seasons. Nicole F, you have my respect. Every single player that has played this game. You have my respect. Da'Vonne, my girl. Da'Vonne and Bayleigh, I wouldn't have applied if I hadn't see you two play together. I really hope you guys are watching and rooting for the Cookout. I have the biggest crush on Enzo. I can't explain it. I'm almost like half his age. I'm not trying to be hit with a restraining order. Okay, goodnight."


12:38AM BBT

Ky heads to bed in the have not room


12:41AM BBT

Hannah goes to bed in the sea glass bedroom and all house lights are now off.



6:45AM BBT

The houseguests are still sleeping. They are expecting an early wakeup for today's competition.


7:02AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles for Wakey Wakey

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7:16AM BBT

The feeds return with all house lights on and HGs beginning their day.


7:17AM BBT

Xavier heads into the loo and says good morning to Claire and Azah "Why did we get up so early?"

Claire- they woke us up at 7



7:19AM BBT

Sarge- Rise and shine houseguests


Sarge repeats, "Rise and shine houseguests"


7:33AM BBT

Baby D and Kyland are still in bed asleep in the HNR.


7:37AM BBT

Sarah Beth is out of bed and getting fresh batteries in the SR


7:40AM BBT

Xavier is mumbling to himself in the coral reef room.

Sarge- have you changed your batteries?

X- I hope you said that to the rest of the house because I have

Xavier begins practicing long words in anticipation of the sepelling comp

"e x c e p t i o n a  l l y....."


7:48AM BBT

Azah joins X in the coral reef room, "Do you want to be alone?"

X says no. They begin talking about the BB Bucks. Azah asks who she thinks got it (the $100)

Xavier says he thinks it could be Tiffany because of her personality or Claire because she had a costume.

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Azah thinks it is Alyssa. She thinks Claire would have told her.

Xavier says, "you would be surprised what people don't tell you." 

Azah really thinks it's Alyssa (the 3rd $100)


Azah continues pushing that Alyssa got $100 for winning the veto and having a showmance kiss

Xavier- I'm telling you she got $75  (Alyssa)

Azah- okay, I believe you


7:58AM BBT

Big D and Hannah are in the bathroom speculating the veto comp will be a puzzle or face morph 


In the YBR, Big D says they woke them up early and it likely means the comp is individual, one at a time


8:00AM BBT

Hannah and Xavier are discussing the morning music. They played Accidentally in Love,  Pretty Girl Rock and a country song

X- that song was number one for a reason

Hannah tells Claire she thinks the music was played for her (CLaire)

Claire- Wow, I love that! Pretty Girl Rock is a beloved anthem


7:50AM BBT

Sarge- Alyssa! Houseguests, it is time to get up for the day......thank you!

8:10AM BBT

In the YBR, Big D tells Azah she looks beautiful. He tells her she is beautiful every day and he knows he is hard on her, but it's only because he loves her. Otherwise, he wouldn't mess with her. Earlier, Big D told Azah he didn't like the way she smelled (he body butter)


8:19AM BBT WBRB Bubbles

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8:25AM BBT

Alyssa is talking about her dogs, Jeter and Piper. She has a greyhound and hopes if she gets HoH that she gets pictures of her dogs. Alyssa says he mom doesn't look like her, "if you saw my mom you would think she is Whtiney's mom."


8:27AM BBT

Kyland and Derek X are still not on camera.

Xavier says his dog has a middle name. Alyssa says her dog is Jeter Derek Lopez.


[My dogs have middle names, too. I thought it was a southern thing.  -MamaLong]

Alyssa can't remember Piper's middle name (her ex gave it to her)

Alyssa begins talking about her ex "He has my dad's name, but it's Lew, l e w"

The feeds cut to bubbles, so I guess Lew didn't sign the paperwork.


The houseguests are expecting veto player picks by 9:30AM

8:52AM BBT

Alyssa suggests today may be "hide, set, veto"

Big D thinks it is too early for that


8:55AM BBT

Hannah and Claire are studying the HG's features on memory wall photos

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7:16am BBT BB gets the HG up early.

8:50am BBT Alyssa thinks the VETO will be the Hide veto where they tear the house apart. She is trying to put things she doesnt want damaged away. Hannah is memorizing the faces on the memory wall. 

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8:58AM BBT

Tiff is talking to the cameras in the sea glass bedroom. She says she wants to win the veto today, "I want to win something. We don't know what will happen but something will happen. We got to keep this together. It might mean I gotta get rid of CLaire. But there might be a battle back. We'll see. America, this is something I have forgotten to as y'all for a long time..."

Tiffany asks for positive energy because the house is draining. She would like some love and BB Bucks, too. "I like sweet little Sarah Beth, but you know, everybody got to have a target, and she's mine. Bye."


9:00AM BBT

We have RCHS on the feeds for veto picks

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9:00am BBT Tiff talking to camera. She is ok, send her some love, send her some luck and send her some BB Bucks. And we have FOTH (Furbabies of the house) 

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9:16AM BBT

The feeds have returned



Playing for veto today: Sarah Beth, Claire, Xavier, Big D, Azah, Alyssa  

Baby D is hosting


SB- it's just me, Derek F and Chaddha that have never been picked.

Hannah- I'm the only person who has played in one veto.


9:22AM BBT

Derek X and Claire are talking in the bathroom

DX- what the fuck...a shit draw

Claire says that she talked to Azah and begged her to try to win it. Azah told her she feels indebted to Alyssa for taking down Big D

Derek X sits back and sighs, "We can talk to her. I think we can talk to her and I can try to bribe her with the anonymous HoH."

Claire- I can't imagine her target isn't one of us. She is probably going to take off X.

DX- Fuck! How did my name not get picked?

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9:17am BBT HG hare hugging all around. Sarah says its been her, Hannah and Derek F  that have never been picked. Playing for veto today: Sarah Beth, Claire, Xavier, Big D, Azah, Alyssa. Alyssa and Sarah talk. The only one they have to worry about winning VETO is Claire. Sarah asks her if Clarie does come off would Azah and Big D keep X? Alyssa says oh yeah. In WA Derek X and Claire talk, he tells her she needs to bring the day one energy. 

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9:32AM BBT

DX- I can get my host voice on

Hannah- yeah

Alyssa- up until now it's just Azah and Ky that haven't hosted.

Hannah- let's face it, Ky would be so slow. It would take him 5 times to get one thing


9:33AM BBT WBRB Bubbles




9:36AM BBT

Feeds return to DX sighing loudly, "Ahhhh, cold showers for me."

Hannah walks into the bathroom, "Is there anyone else in here?"

DX- she left

Hannah- we needed four people to get picked. Our four best shots! I'm sorry!

Hannah repeats that she's sorry a few more times

DX- oh, I don't really mind that much

Hannah- you never know what is going to happen

Baby D keeps letting out sighs

DX- Alright! If there is a time for Claire to clutch

Hannah- well, if Claire wins she is taking herself down. Ideally, the noms stay the same. I think Azah has less chance of keeping noms the same. If Claire wins the noms are not staying the same....then Big D and it doesn't really matter at that point....I really like Alyssa, but in this game she is bothersome. SHe gets drawn for everything. This is her 5th veto.


Azah walks in and hugs them both.


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9:34am BBT X says everyone called him Z from Kindergarten thru High School. HG in LR taking about nick names and parents. Hannah, Derek X, Azah, and Tiff in WA. Hannah describes a dream she had. 



(LOL I couldnt remember X from school but the second he said Z I remembered him!! All the kids loved him. Morty don't post that!)



9:53am BBT Tiff wants a BBH rabbit, she needs to cuddle something. Derek X says he would love a rabbit, he says sometimes they bring in cat or dog (?). They need a rescue animal says Tiff. In LR Azah says she loses stuff all the time, phone, car keys etc. X says she needs the Tile to keep track of it. She says she has lost a fanny pack before. She lost her wallet once and had to answer a ton of questions to get on the plane to come back home. 

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9:54AM BBT

Azah tells Kyland, SB and X in the living room that she loses important stuff all the time (phone, car keys, wallet, etc.) "I just have to deal with life...process life." [I think that shows a lack of processing, especially if it is a repeated behavior.  -MamaLong]

They suggest she use a body strap bag, but Azah says she likes to wear stuff that shows her body.


Tiffany has joined Hannah and Baby D in the bathroom.

They are talking about pets.


9:57AM BBT

Big D is scrambling eggs at the stove. Alyssa is whispering to him about her DR session.


10:08AM BBT

Tiffany is telling Baby D and Hannah that being from Detroit means you love anyone from Detroit because "we know we are cut from the same cloth."

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10:07am BBT WBRB, Feeds back. Tiff is saying if she is away from home and meets someone from Detroit they are from instant friends. She talks about some of the shirts she has designed. 

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Tiff- I will talk all the shit I want to about Detroit but if I'm out I know (that people from Detroit will always have each other's backs)

They begin discussing their clothes that production took. Tiffany says she had a tshirt that said Tippy Toes on the back.


[Okay, Dade is here , so I'll leave this to her.  -MamaLong]

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10:17am BBT Big D, Azah, Alyssa, Sarah and Ky  in LR talk about their fav comp. Big D the only thing he liked about a comp was looking at Ky in his outfit, he was looking at the snack. 

10:25am BBT Big D says he isnt unpacking this week. They agree that they hate powers. They talk about how they think the coin flip will be front of them but they wont know who said heads or tails. 

10:33am BBT Tiff says this chat has been so nice no BB talk. Hannah says she has met Big Sean thru her dance. In LR they joke about if Big D goes home it will be a triple eviction, he will take Lucias and Haviar with him. (Its just general chit chat no game talk)

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10:57am BBT Alyssa and X are looking for places to hide their veto for the Hide the Veto comp (if they have it today) X says there are not a lot of places to hide it, its about the size of a vinyl record. Big D says if you flip over the bed that lamp is going, if his big butt his timed he will destroy things. 

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11:00 AM BBT Alyssa and Xavier are stretching before the veto comp. Tiffany is in the kitchen cooking. Meanwhile, SB and Big D are discussing the veto. She tells him that she would like it if the veto was used and X comes off. But not share that info with the house.


11:09 AM BBT SB and Big D are talking in the BR. They are trying to figure out who got the 100. Big D says he got 75. He thinks Brit got the 100 but she said she got 75. SB says she is fine with the 50. She knows she isn't America's favorite and is fine with that.


11:12 AM BBT SB and Big D are discussing the mistakes that Frenchie made in the first HoH week. She thinks that he failed because he tried to make a big alliance and then run through to jury like most of the modern seasons have been doing. He just went to big with it.


11:17 AM X, Claire and Tiffany are working out in the gym. Big D and SB are talking in the BR. He is not looking forward to any slip n slide comp. He is going to fall all over the place. If they do Crisco, there is no way. He may just go for BB Bucks.


11:20 AM BBT SB tells Big D that she is going for the veto. It doesn't matter about any size prize Even if it was 250 BB bucks. She then discusses that she wasn't doing the dance right earlier and ended up just doing freestyle. Big D says she was smiling and it was fun.


11:23 AM BBT SB tells Big D that she doesn't care if she looks silly. She loves to dance in the clubs and loves to have fun. She may look ridiculous, but that's fine if she is having fun. Big D claps and says Yeah, he is so down for that. 


11:28 AM BBT Azah and Hannah are talking in the LR about the different countries in Africa and whether they are part of Western or Central Africa. The feeds switch to Tiff and Ky whispering in the gym. Tiffany says that Big D refused to make any deals with her and that is B.S.

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11:33 AM BBT Alyssa and X are in the Reef BR. Alyssa is going over the days. She has every day, comp, player, results, nom and eviction down and she recites them very quickly. X is pretty much just staring at her in awe. After she finishes, it is his turn.


11:44 AM BBT Now Claire and Tiffany are studying dates in the Sea Glass BR.


11:50 AM BBT In the WA, Alyssa tells Azah that she is glad she got picked to play. She wants to take X down since she put him up there. Azah tells her that Alyssa did not put him up there. Chance did.


11:54 AM BBT SB, Azah and Alyssa are in the WA. They wonder if the comp might be faces and they should go and look at the memory wall.


11:58 AM BBT IN the gym, Azah and SB are discussing they should have worked out more before coming into the house. Azah thought she would be better at endurance comps then she was. SB reminds her that they have only done 1 so far and it was the hardest. 


12:00 PM BBT Azah and SB continue to discuss the wall comp. Their issue wasn't the endurance but the cold. SB said she started shivering and tried to fight it but it was hopeless. Azah let herself shake. She knew it was her body trying to generate warmth. 


12:06 PM BBT Azah and SB are now discussing last season. Azah said she is no longer hating on Nicole anymore. That girl made it to finals twice. Good on her. SB said it was a boring season overall, but that last Nicole and Cody HoH was great television. 

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12:09 PM BBT The house is pretty quiet as they wait to play the veto. Azah is sitting at the KT table studying the memory wall. Little D and Alyssa are sitting on the LR sofas relaxing. Claire and SB are in the gym. Claire says she is in a good place and ready to compete.


12:13 PM BBT Claire and Tiffany are whispering in the Sea Glass BR.Claire is worried. Tiffany tells her that the key to staying in the house is socializing and to remain calm.


12:17 PM BBT Tiffany tells Claire that she would not be surprised if X doesn't come down from the block. They have no idea what SB is going to do if he does. They suspect she is working with Alyssa because Alyssa has been upstairs a lot.


12:20 PM BBT In the Sea Glass BR, Tiffany and Claire are trying to determine what Azah would do if she won the veto. Unfortunately, Claire's whispering skills are on point.


 12:22 PM BBT Tiffany and Claire continue to talk in the Sea Glass BR. Claire says that at the end of the day, she is going to have to make a deal with SB. BB calls Derrick X to the DR so the HGs clap and say Let's Get After It.


 12:27 PM BBT All 4 feeds show Azah, Claire, Alyssa, Tiffany, X and Hannah hanging out in the LR. Tiffany is wrapped up in blanket, preparing for a toga party. She puts her fist to her mouth like she is holding a mic and she is singing. BB is letting her sing. 


12:30 PM BBT Big D is in the HoH listening to music. SB tells X that it is his turn and he goes to the HoH to listen to music. Big D doesn't want to give it up to X. X says that he is on block and had to listen to country this morning so he deserves it. 


12:35 PM BBT Feeds 3 and 4 show X dancing to music in the HoH that only he can hear. Feeds 1 and 2 show SB and Ky at the KT table at Big D is at the KT counter. He has enjoyed everyone's music. He had never heard some before. He likes the fact they have had such a variety.

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12:38 PM BBT Little D, the veto host, has exited the HoH. They realize that means it was a Veto false alarm. Azah, Alyssa, Claire, Hannah, and Big D are discussing music in the LR. They contemplate telling X but decide not to because he is in his own zone right now. WBRB.


12:42 PM BBT We keep getting WBRB because half the house is downstairs discussing music lyrics. 


12:44 PM BBT Big D is discussing that they got some food delivered. He forgot to ask for veggie bouillon. Azah and Big D are discussing what they want to cook and how they are splitting up the ingredients and KT time. He jokes that Azah is always getting in his the KT.


12:48 PM BBT Ky, SB, Hannah, Big & Little D are in the KT area discussing the live feeds. They wonder how much their friends are watching. Ky admits if he had a friend in the house, he probably wouldn't want a lot of live feeds.


12:52 PM BBT SB, Ky, Big and Little D are at the KT discussing social media. It is going to be hard to keep their social media accounts private the longer they stay on the show. They may create new social media accounts accessible to the public and keep their personal one private.


1:00 PM BBT Big D is talking about his platform on tiktok. He hopes that his guys are keeping it active on his behalf while he is gone. SB has 3000 followers on Instagram and 3000 on Twitter. She tried YouTube but her followers will not transition.

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1:10 PM BBT X comes down from the HoH. SB says it is now Azah's turn to listen to music. Big D says that X is going to be doing all fitness stuff after the show. He can see him doing Nike adds now. Maybe shaving cream adds. Bald heads are in. 


1:15 PM BBT X and Tiffany are talking in the Sea Glass BR. She asks who he thinks will go up if the veto is used. He thinks that whoever comes down, Derrick X is probably going up. Tiffany is not a target for SB. Tiffany told X that out of the cookout, SB would target X first. 


1:18 PM BBT Tiffany tells X that if the noms stays the same, she has a clear justification to go after SB now. SB told her the Claire was completely safe. If Claire stays on the block through this, then that gives Tiffany her reason to target SB. 


1:20 PM BBT Tiffany and X are discussing the need for Cookout to get HoH and keep it. SB can't be the 7th. SB wants to go after Big D and Tiffany. So, she has to go long before then. 


1:30 PM BBT Tiffany is dressing in her blue toga blanket again. She is alone and addresses the camera. She says that she just confirmed with X that she, him and Hannah are still good. She feels that she can trust him. He seems trust worthy.


1:35 PM BBT Tiffany continues to say that Ky seems like he wants to keep her but she is not sure. Ky is only 1 person. Hannah and X are 2. Everyone seems to want DX gone this week. It isn't the best for her game, but it is probably best for the 6. If the noms stay the same, it is going to be Claire. 


 1:40 PM BBT Most of the HGs are sitting around in the KT while they discuss movies. They are doing it in a more of Would You Rather type of fashion. Such as would rather be in Black Panther 2 or.......etc

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1:48 PM BBT Everyone is hanging out in the KT waiting for the veto to start. There are multiple conversations going on at once. Azah is discussing African wedding traditions. Big D is helping Tiffany pick out how she is going to do her nails. 


1:54 PM BBT Ky is in the shower and calls Little D to him. It is very hard to hear what they are saying. Little D says that he doesn't want to rock the vote. It doesn't sound like Little D suspects he is likely a back door option for SB. 


2:00 PM Hannah and Little D are in the HoH. Hannah reads SB's letter. She apologizes to America for doing it, but says that SB sketches her out. She doesn't trust her. So, she read it.


 2:03 PM BBT Alyssa, Azah and Tiffany are in the KT. Azah is singing a song she made up that appears to be all chorus. She sings Do What You Gotta Do over and over. Tiffany is singing it as a back beat at the same time and drums along on the table. 


2:05 Ky is in the shower and Big D is talking to him over the door. Big D says that they are coming for him. They say that everyone needs to stop playing with their feelings. If they want to make this mission possible, they are all going to have to let go of their people.


2:15 PM BBT Big D and Ky have been discussing that their ultimate mission is cookout and everyone is going to have to quit playing in their feelings. Everyone is going to have to let people they care about go. 

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2:26 PM BBT Alyssa and Claire are up in the loft playing chess. The rest of the house are downstairs just talking general chit chat, passing time until they start playing for the veto. 


2:33 PM BBT Little D and Claire are up in the loft trying to determine what kind of veto it is going to be. Downstairs SB is explaining to X how she won the veto. Those tiny feet of hers, she was able to take all the easy paths and she never had to stop.


2:35 PM BBT SB is called to the DR. Tiffany and Little D are talking about their upbringing. Tiffany says she was in a really good place before coming into the house. 


2:38 PM BBT Alyssa is singing Everyone is Hanging Out in the Rooms Because Everyone is Conspiring Against Us


2:45 PM BBT Hannah and X are in the WA. Hannah says that no one is going to rooting for Ky to win the HoH. No one. X agrees and starts singing the Grease Lightning song from the movie Grease. BB does not ask him to stop singing. 


2:52 PM BBT X and Alyssa are whispering in the LR. She says that she is going to have to show her cards. She doesn't care what kind of veto it is. She is just glad she gets to play.


2:54 PM BBT Ky and Claire are talking in the loft. He asks how she is doing. She said it has been a rough week, but she is okay. Her head is in a good place for this comp. She would feel good if the veto was a puzzle comp of some type. 

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