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Friday, August 20, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:05am BBT SB gets her HoH room. There's nobody around when she bursts from the DR so they recreate the moment with appropriate cheer. The HG gather on the balcony and create a tunnel for her to walk under to get into her room. Once inside, they rush to her pictures.

12:07am BBT SB identifies her family members. She looks through her fridge - she got her Riesling wine, a new pair of sunglasses, a BB23 bracelet, cooling water eye patches, blackberry hibiscus chap-stick, honey-mustard pretzels, coffee and fudge strip ice cream...

12:08pm BBT ...Lime-Aid, tuna salad wraps, key lime pie yogurt, peach tea, pepper jelly, fig butter, sour skittles, and much more.

12:10am BBT Letter from Shelly: Hello, Baboo! Congratulations for winning HoH. Sorry if this letter is awkward - you know I hate writing. I am practicing roller skating to be better than you. Not being able to talk is worse than not being able to see you. 

12:12am BBT Shelly's Letter: I'd say come home soon but you have to win, so I'll be cheering you on from here. You can do it. Early HBP or late, depending on when you get this. Love, Shelly. There is a PS but it is private.

12:14am BBT SB promises a Girl's Night with the wine and says sorry, boys. Tiff sends a thank you to whomever packs the HoH baskets. She gets a thin, tailored robe that fits her. 

12:23am BBT The HG leave HoH.

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11:07AM BBT DX and SB head to the HOHR talking about playing in the next Casino games. She says that Chadda and Alyssa both agreed to play and take off the block who she wants. SB tells DX it is up to him if he wants to play or save his money for another week.  She doesn’t have a preference.


DX asks SB if she is wants as many people as possible to play this week. She says that it depends on what the rules are. If you play and it has to be used then I only need one person. But if you play and have to win then it makes it riskier. 


SB says that if the noms stay the same she is ok with that and Big D will probably be the one to go.  However, she still has her veto so she could use it. It keeps the options open. DX: That’s fair.


11:17AM BBT SB and Claire are not in the HOHR talking about who SB wants to play. SB tells Claire that DX is undecided, you may want to talk to him. If he did win he would take you off the block. SB says she told DX she didn’t mind whatever he decided.


SB said she didn’t have an opportunity to talk to Tiff before the nominations. Claire: Yeah, you were doing your makeup for like hours… They both laugh. SB says that there is a possibility Tiff will play and if she wins she will take you off.


11:26AM BBT DX and X are talking in the living about the nominations and if they plan on using their money. X says that he doesn’t want to use his money. He says that he knows Brit had $100 and there could be at least two more $100’s in the house. X would rather wait to use the money if there was someone on the block that he wanted to save.


11:55AM BBT SB and Ky are in the HOHR whispering super low about her conversations with Claire and DX. Claire is being super cool about everything. I tried to make DX feel comfortable this week. They discuss how SB would like Ky to handle conversations with DX.

scrnli_8_20_2021_1-15-57 PM.png

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12:44am BBT Claire notes that it's just 1am (their clocks are off) and SB is already done with 1-on-1s. She asks Tiff not to get herself in trouble this week. 

1:15am BBT Azah is laying on top of DX, telling him about her talk w/SB. He asks why she would be honest about targeting Ky? What game is she playing, Love Island? Azag says DX must be an actor. She can't act and it hurts when she can't make eye contact. 

1:25am BBT DX is snuggling w/Tiff in the SGBR. He says to leave SB alone and not try to manipulate her noms. That's the plan, Tiff says. We need to stay off her radar, DX says. DX says Ky offered to be a pawn but SB won't. Tiff thinks Ky could be a replacement nom.

1:30am BBT Claire/Hannah talk politics. Last yr was Hannah's first presidential election. Coming from South Africa and living with apartheid, Hannah's mom first voted in 2000. Claire says Azah's sister also experienced apartheid. Hannah says it depends on where you were.

1:35am BBT Hannah supports Bernie Sanders. Claire was an Elizabeth Warren person. Both supported Hillary in 2016 and were shocked with the result. They trade reaction stories. Hannah wonders how Biden is doing and worries about her family in India with the Delta variant.

1:50am BBT Ky joins SB in HoH. SB jokes she's giving him a chance to defend himself. He says Shelly looks familiar, maybe he knows her brother. SB offers him ice cream but he's a HN. DX is also a HN - they volunteered. 

1:55am BBT SB tells Ky the PS in her letter was about cosplaying and she didn't want to share that side of her with the house. BB left in all Shelly's typos in the letter - it means she really wrote it. Ky wants to see SB in her HoH robe so she puts it on and twirls.

2:15am BBT Ky tells SB that DX was up front about saving Brit but Claire denied it. He says she tried to sell him (as HoH) while DX just explained his position. Tiff made him aware of Claire's attempts so he could resolve it. SB not surprised Claire took the shot.

2:20am BBT Ky tells SB that DX wanted to keep Brit because he had no Jury argument against DF. SB doesn't have to take a big shot directly because of the Power. He says X would turn on him before he turns on her or Alyssa. Alyssa is an island and X is the opposite.

2:25am BBT Ky continues offering his advice to SB. DX has expressed a lot of loyalty by being willing to have difficult convos while Claire has not. Being vulnerable is a big indicator of trust for him. DX is a bigger fan of Survivor than BB and that informs his game.

2:30am BBT Tiff asks BB to turn out the lights in the SGBR. SB says Ky is the only one who wouldn't put her up. She wants to get rid of a threat, someone she cannot beat. She can beat Azah, Big D, Tiff, Claire and Hannah. She's planning or a Backdoor option.

2:35am BBT SB says she does  not trust Alyssa to not play Roulette. She almost believed Big D didn't get $100. She has distrust for DX too. Ky says less trust for Alyssa, steering SB away from DX. SB says DX is making her not trust Alyssa unless she can't trust him first.

2:45am BBT SB says she could nom DF/Hannah, then Azah could play to save DF and DX would play to save Hannah. SB could get 4 HG playing. She doesn't want DX to be able to save himself. Ky says if DX/Alyssa nom, only one can get off the block. SB says DX would target her.

3:00am BBT SB thinks X could control Alyssa if she came after SB. Ky says DX wants to have a 4-person alliance with them. SB says DX would assume he was a BD target anyway. If nom, Tiff would not be able to play for the Power. Maybe nobody plays for the power.

3:05am BBT Ky says Tiff is willing to work with both of them but Claire only wants to work with SB. SB says without DX, Claire would be more likely to work with them. Ky says Claire would put both of them on the block. The one only one Ky wants to protect is SB.

3:10am BBT SB says Alyssa would know something's up if she were nom against a HG who did not have BB Bucks to play. That could ruin her relationship w/X too when neither are targets. Ky says Azah said Claire was campaigning against both of them. She did not tell SB that.

3:30am BBT SB tells Ky it is a terrible idea to nom DX, Alyssa or X. She could nom Claire, Tiff, Big D or Azah. She'll nom first and figure out a target later. Ky says not only did he warn Big D and Claire of his noms, but Big D was part of the plan from the beginning.

3:50am BBT SB asks Ky about putting up Claire/DF. She'll tell Azah to save DF and they are both safe. She'll tell Claire it's to get Tiff/Hannah to play Roulette to save her. SB doesn't think Claire will come after her for it. DF would be upset but Azah would accept it.

3:55am BBT Ky suggests nominating Claire/Hannah instead of DF since she offered to be a pawn. SB says they would talk and she could not tell both to save themselves, and both would tell DX. Ky suggests telling DX her targets are X/Alyssa but SB thinks he would tell them.

4:00am BBT SB says Claire/DF are less likely to compare notes. She'll tell Claire that Big D is her target and Azah is not a BD option. Ky says if necessary, she can leave Claire up. 

4:25am BBT Ky presents the option of Claire/Azah as noms. SB says no. Ky offers to go up instead of Big D. SB says there is no way he would be safe with Roulette. SB thinks Tiff was more upset about losing the HoH comp than for DX not beating SB. Ky agrees.

4:35am BBT SB gets sick to the stomach imaging Alyssa winning the Power and not saving Ky. She thinks someone will try to make a big move with the Power. Ky will feel out to DX and Alyssa in the morning. He says it's either him and Claire or Big D/Claire.

4:50am BBT SB worries she is showing her cards by prioritizing Ky's safety over Tiff/Claire. Ky wonders if DX cares more about Hannah than him. SB says Ky is better for DX's game and DX would never keep Hannah over him.

5:50am BBT SB and Ky finally end their strategy session. They hug, exchange I Love You's, then Ky heads down to the WA. SB goes to the HoH WA. Ky heads back upstairs to the HNR. SB paces around HoH, rehashing her strategy to herself. 

6:15am BBT The HoH lights go off.

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12:10PM BBT Several HGs are in the kitchen. Big D is opening a box of Chicken Pot pie and telling X that when he saw his picture being nominated that he didn’t know what to do. He just smiled. It was awkward, being on the block for the second time. I don’t know what to do, how to feel. Like, it is out of my control.

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7:30am BBT FotH. Wake up, HG!

9:30am BBT SB fills Big D in on her plan. He says he's mentally checked out. SB says in a normal week, he and Azah wouldn't be on her radar, but she is sure the Roulette Power will bring one of her noms down, so neither nom is a target. DF says not happy but powerless. 

9:45am BBT SB fills Claire in on her plan. She is open to being a pawn; if she's on the block, she's not on the Roulette Wheel. She tells SB to talk to Tiff about how much BB Books she has. Claire won't hold it against BB. 

9:50am BBT Claire goes straight to DX in the HNR to say she's going on the block. She says SB doesn't know Tiff has no money. DX says he will play to save her. 

10:02am BBT FotH. Time for noms.

11:03am BBT Feeds return. Claire and Big D are nominated. 

11:25am BBT Big D tells Azah he doesn't mind being on the block but he's tired. He just wants to win something. Azah says she wants to win stuff but not winning is what is keeping her in the game. Great players don't win comps: Dr. Will, Enzo. 

11:35am BBT Tiff tells SB her leg is healing well. SB doesn't think it will scar. They see a spider but it's not Spike returning. SB says this spider saw what happened to Spike (being captured and studied) and doesn't trust humans. This spider is named Brutus (eh tu?).

11:50am BBT SB fills Ky in on her morning convos. She wants Ky to convince DX to not play (last night she wanted him to play and he didn't). Ky says it could build trust with DX if he shares some of SB's plans with him. SB says that would make him more comfortable. 

12:15pm BBT Ky talks to DX in the HNR about whether he should try to win the Roulette game to save Claire as SB asked. Claire shares with Hannah what SB told her before noms. Hannah suspects SB is trying to flush out BB Bucks to reduce how many HG can play next week.

12:20pm BBT Claire says Azah is going to play to save Big D but Azah said Big D wouldn't play for himself. Claire plans to talk to Alyssa to get her to play for her. Hannah says X 100% won't play. It's not the worst thing if it doesn't get used this week, Hannah says.

12:25pm BBT Ky tells Tiff things are falling into place. She needs to make sure each Cookout member shares the same message with their Side Dishes. He says he was able to limit only one nom being one of the Six, and Clair went from untouchable to #2 on the target list.

12:30pm BBT Ky tells Tiff that SB wants DF to come down. Her real target is either Claire, Alyssa, DX or X. X is a target only because he is close to Alyssa and SB doesn't trust her. Ky says SB stayed out of her HoH and he's been completely in hers.

12:54pm BBT FotH. Time for the HG to find out how many BB Bucks they were awarded and to decide whether to risk their bank for a spin of the Roulette Wheel and the opportunity to replace one of the noms with the HG spun on the wheel. 

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5:48PM BBT

The feeds have returned

In the HoHR, Claire asks SB what she wants done iwth the veto. SB says she doesn't want her to go home.

Claire- Alyssa makes her own decisions. She played and she won.

SB has apologized for Claire being in this position, "I hate the powers. They are savage."

Claire- I'm sure we will be talking more later

Claire leaves and Ky comes in. He tells SB to act confused (when others talk with her about the power)

SB- it's still good odds. Alyssa said to me on her own that she would take down who I wanted.


5:53PM BBT

In the coral reef room, Alyssa is telling Claire that SB asked her to take down Big D


In the bathroom- Xavier says, "I saw the ball bouncing and knew it was gonna be me."

Claire says it's the roulette wheel's fault


[Alyssa won the High Rollers competition. Big D was removed from the block. Xavier went up in his place. -MamaLong]

Xavier- production gave us the wheel. I blame production.

Hannah says it was completely random.


6:00PM BBT

SB is talking with Xavier. She tells him that she is hoping he comes down because she has a backdoor plan. SB says the only ones who know are him and Kyland. "I'm gonna play it that I don't know what to do...that I feel conflicted."

Xavier- now we just wait and see what the veto comp is. This is what the game is about.

6:04PM BBT

SB talks to the camera. She says she knows that we love Baby D, but if he doesn't get pulled to play veto and win, he will go up and go home home next to Claire. "Sorry America!"

Tiff knocks on the HoHR and comes in to chat with SB

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6:10PM BBT

SB talks with Tiffany in the HoHR. Tiff tells SB that she feels terrible for what happened. SB says that she told Claire the truth about her reasoning behind pulling Big D down instead of her. Alyssa brought up that if XXavier ended up the replacement, he would likely go home next to Big D but have a chance next to Claire. Tiffany said they have to keep Xavier because he has been so loyal to his team. SB tells Tiff she doesn't want either of them to go home. (she did not mention a backdoor plan or any other HG as a replacement if one fo them come down twith the veto) Tiffany assured SB that she supports her 100%


Tiff leaves and Alyssa comes in. Alyssa tells SB that people are asking her if it was her decision or SB's. SB said that she has md\ade it clear that Alyssa brought up a valid point and she decided to go that direction.

6:18PM BBT

Hannah is talking with Claire in the parlor. They both agree that if veto removes someone, DX will go up and go home.


6:22PM BBT

Derek X and Tiffany are talking in the sea glass bedroom. DX says that Alyssa said she wasn't sure if she was given permission or was asked to do it. Tiffany says that SB made it seem like it was Alyssa's choice.

DX- they both don't want to take the heast and are going to blame each other. Alyssa was saying, 'Damnit Hannah. Damnit'. This is why I wanted you to play

Tiff- I only got $50. I swear. I have a total of $75

DX- $75?

Tiff- you are the only one who knows that

DX- Okay!  I got $100 again

Tiff- I knew that you would

DX- if we make it through this week, I am guaranteed to be able to play again

Tiff- if you win veto or X comes down, I may go up. I'm afraid if I win veto and pull Claire down. Who goes up

DX- then it's me against Claire and I go home

Tiff tells DX she doesn't want to lose him. "Don't tell anyone else"

DX- I am only telling you, Claire and Hannah that I got $100 both weeks. I'm not telling Ky. I'm not telling X.

Tiff- If I have to lie and say I got $100, I will

DX- that's good


They begin discussing veto and all of the scenarios.


6:38PM BBT

Back in the parlor, Hannah is guessing that the veto could be the spelling competition. Claire doesn't think it would be this late but says she won't go out there with a word already in her head. SHe would just see what letters she gets. Claire sayys "it could be the dark room one"

Hannah- the black box. How do you think she would do in that one?

Claire- I don't know

Claire is lying down with her hand on her head. Loud construction noises can be heard comeing from the backyard. Claire says she is going to go downstairs

Hannah- if you want to study, just let me know

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6:08pm BBT SB's spin is that Alyssa had agreed to take Claire down if she won the Power and she did not. X asks Big D if he's OK. Yeah, he says, I just hate seeing you, I owe you a big one for that. X says he'd rather be sitting there instead of Big D.

6:09pm BBT Tiff tells SB in HoH that she's so sorry SB is in this position. She doesn't really have a connection to X but respects her loyalty to him (SB, X and Alyssa are all Kings). SB says she just has to see how Veto goes and if she can save Claire.

6:12pm BBT Tiff says she's trying to be less emotional. She was homesick a couple weeks ago. She's trying to get more alone time to escape the pressure. She doesn't have any feelings toward SB's decisions. X has his shirt off and he's working out in the gym.

6:14pm Tiff replaces by Alyssa in the HoH. Alyssa says she's telling the others SB gave permission to use the Power on whomever she wanted. SB says that's OK. SB says she's been saying that Alyssa talked to her about it. They talk about Claire being mad she wasn't saved.

6:16pm BBT DX joins X in the gym but isn't working out. SB/Alyssa discuss votes to save Claire. SB tells Alyssa she told X his target is now Claire. She doesn't want DX to have any inkling he could be a Veto replacement. She doesn't want him playing Veto.

6:20pm BBT Claire is complaining to Hannah that Alyssa didn't even say she was sorry for not saving her with the Power. They discuss Veto scenarios. In HoH, SB says Ky wanted to keep it simple this week. Alyssa says it was a close comp - Alyssa just barely won.

6:23pm BBT DX/Tiff in the SGBR. DX says Alyssa was worried X would win the Power before the comp. Tiff repeats what SB told her about Alyssa having permission to make her own decision. Both DX/Tiff and Hannah/Claire are power-whispering while dishes clatter in the KT.

6:25pm BBT Tiff tells DX that she only got $50 and has $75 now (If she got $50, she has $100 total since she got $100 wk1 and spent $50 to go bowling). She says she's only telling him. Ky comes into HoH and says it smells. SB worries it's her. Ky says it's just his nose.

6:32pm BBT Ky and SB discuss Veto scenarios. X will fight to win Veto, so even if DX gets picked, there's a chance he won't win. SB counts the votes for Claire and X to stay. She's being careful to not name a target until after Veto. DX and Tiff still whispering.

6:36pm BBT DX tells Tiff he got $100 again. He says neither SB nor Alyssa want to take responsibility for her using the Power.  In the Parlor, Hannah/Claire agree that if Veto used, DX will be the replacement. SB/Ky discuss telling X/Claire not to choose DX as HG Choice.

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6:42PM BBT

Xavier is rolling up a yoga mat in the gym. It looks like he just finished his workout. Claire comes in for the loo. Xavier returns the stationary bike to its proper location.


In the sea glass bedroom, DX is quizzing Tiffany on math facts.


6:49PM BBT

Claire and Alyssa are both napping in the coral reef bedroom.


6:53PM BBT

Kyland has joined Big D and Azah in the kitchen. He plops in a chair at the bar and Big D tells him that he has been doing pretty good on the slop. Kyland tells him he is low energy, but he has eating windows.

Big D says everything on the show is cool, "but, slop? I don't get it."

Big D notices that Ky is deep in thought

Big D- I love watching your wheels turn. What is going on in that brain of yours

Kyland- fantasies

Big D- fantasies?

Kyland says something inaudible

Big D- say no more


6:59PM BBT

In the HoHR, SB is talking to the cameras. She is worried that if it ends up being Claire and DX on the block, they will tell Alyssa and Xavier the truth about Christian being a backdoor plan, but she is prepared to say that none of that is true.

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6:45pm BBT Claire walks into the SGBR where DX and Tiff are talking multiplication. Claire crawls into bed in the CBR where Alyssa is under her covers. Ky/SB consider who HG choice would be if DX chosen to play Veto directly. 


6:47pm Ky tells SB this is kind of the best case scenario. SB is excited for Veto. Ky begs her to draw his name. Silence in the CBR. Ky will tell DX there are other HG who could go if Claire came down. SB says let him bring it up then say you don't know.

6:51pm SB tells Ky she trusts him and he says it back. They hug. Ky encloses SB in a big hug. Ky looks for DX in the HNR. No one there. He looks over the balcony and DF and Azah are in the KT getting dinner started. Ky joins them. Azah asks if he's ready for dinner.

6:54pm BBT Ky discusses his slop strategy - he and DX eat only once every 4-8 hours. Tiff continues working on her multiplication in the SGBR. Big D asks Ky what he's thinking. Different fantasies, Ky says, Oh, says Big ? No, not those kind, Ky says.

6:57pm BBT Ky approaches X in shower. He can't talk to Hannah directly but wants him to ask her what he should tell DX so he won't go after Veto. X will go between. In HoH, SB worries DX will throw them under the bus if he's BD'd. She will deny all accuse him of lies.

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10:00PM BBT

Tiffany, Claire and DX are talking about Sarah Beth in the parlor

Tiff- How old is SB?

DX- 27? 28?

Claire- or is she?

Tiff- does she remind you of a 30 year old woman?

Tiff why does she seem like she is 23 to me

Claire- that's a weird thing to lie about, though

Tiff- why does she talk like a baby then? Did you hear what Ky said? She said I'm not a baby and he said 'you just want to sound like one.'

Claire- they are fucking mean to each other sometimes



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10:16PM BBT

Derek X and Hannah are cuddled in bed chatting in the HoHR room

Hannah says she hasn't talked to hardly anyone today because she has been sleeping

DX says that he was so shocked when she said Derek because she promised Claire she would come down.

Hannah says she wasted her money and she was so close to being able to take Claire down.  Hannah says SB hasn't talked with her at all today (before or after comp), "I think she assumed I wasn't going to win. She has no faith in me." Hannah is annoyed about being called a "house pet"

They discuss how hard it was to watch Britni leave because she wanted to this so bad.

DX- Just imagine Christian in the house right now. It would make everything so complicated. Alyssa and Christian could run this.  "Alyssa has been by herself and she is low key running this."

Derek X says he thinks he has the most money in the house with X right behind him.

Hannah- not Big D?

DX- Big D at most has won $50  [Big D likely got $100 again. He has a huge fan base  -MamaLong]

Baby D says he thinks Xavier got $100

Hannah- nah, he only got $75

Hannah- I think the $100s are you, Big D and Claire

DX- Damn! Who are the $75s?

Hannah- me, Alyssa and X

DX- You don't think maybe Big D got $75 and Alyssa got $100?

Hannah- no

They discuss getting another opportunity to win money next week and try to determine who may have enough money.

DX- I want to compete for Queen of Destiny but I don't want to compete for bonus money. I want someone else to win the bonus money . Like you or Ky. Ky winning the Queen of Destiny or bonus money would be perfect.

Hannah- no, I don't think it's a competition because we are all going to be notified at different times.I think it's gonna be one of those things where you can accept an offer.

Hannah and Derek X  are laughing over Big D and how mad he was going on the block. Apparently he was grumpy and slammeded the kitchen towels on the floor then he came off the block and now he won't shut up. Hannah says he was staring at the memory wall, and DX adds "he is looking at his picture on the memory wall and he is like another day, another girl gone"

Hannah- Azah got called to the DR and he was like come on Azah, you gotta show something and get that money. He thinks he is the gatekeeper for the money.

DX- Oh my God. He definitely got $100.

Hannah- He was like Alyssa, if you want some pointers on how to get $100, I'll show them.

DX- oh my God. I am legitimately going to be competing against Big D in the Queen of Destiny. This could low key be his comp...rolling a coin down.

Hannh- It could be. You need to solidify your final two (with Big D)

DX- I'm gonna get out of here before SB comes...Damn! me and Big D in final two. That would be America's favorite duo. 


[Okay y'all. According to Hannah, the awarded money amounts are:

$100 = Big D, Derek X and Claire  (Hannah thinks America liked Claire in her costume)

$75 = Hannah, Xavier, Alyssa

$50 = Ky, SB, Azah and Tiffany (Hannah believes America hates Ky and SB)


I disagree and think it's more like:

$100 = Big D, Derek X  (maybe Azah or Tiff...just not sure)

$75 = Hannah, Xavier, Alyssa (Azah is in line to get Brit's fan base; possibly even $100)

$50 = Ky, SB, Claire     


I'm not sure about Tiffany.  She told DX she got $50. She told Xavier and Hannah that she "got nothing...I didn't play, but I don't got enough to play anything, ever"  -MamaLong]



11:15PM BBT

Hannah and Kyland discuss the possible competitions and coup d'etat in the gym. Hannah says, "as far as DX is concerned, I only have $25 to my name"   

Hannah wants to get a puzzle or memory comp, "I think it's time for me to win a comp"

Ky- Yes.

Kyland asks if she checked out he comp and how does she feel she can do. Hannah says she did and she thinks she can do well given she is a dancer and has good coordination with her limbs.

Kyland says that anyone who doesn't know about the 6 would put up Xavier and Alyssa or Xavier and DX.

Hannah- it's too soon to put both of you up together (Xavier and Kyland)

She sayss he will put up Ky with Alyssa and get Ky pulled off then put up SB


11:50PM BBT

Azah and Big D are talking game in the YBR

Azah- what I can't stand about you is you bragging to the whole crew that you are the DR king then still telling everyone you got $75

Big D- because I did

Azah- it don't make sense...okay Mr. $75 with everyone laughing

Big D asks Azah to talk with DX and see what she can find out

Azah- I don't talk with DX like that. I think he is on to us. I think he is suspicious

Big D- just talk to him and say we haven't talked in a while

Azah- we made a deal for 4 weeks to not touch each other

Big D- follow up with that deal and make sure you are still good with each other

Azah- Did Xavier get $100

Big D- no, but I think he got enough to play (he means Queen of Destiny)

Azah- he got $100 last week...Alyssa seemed very happy with her money

Big D- she won't have enough because she played today. Hannah...she got $75 and $75

Azah- It's $225?

Big D- yeah, but there is a possibility for people to get

Azah- more money

Big D- we gotta see tomorrow

Azah- I am starting to realize we are playing a floater game

Big D- I really don't think I am playing a floater game

Azah- I think I am

Big D- to be honest, I am floating but I am manipulating. I'm dropping seeds, doing what I need to do. Alyssa playing for me today...I said you need to get Alyssa to play and take me down. What did she do? She took me down. But you have nothing to worry about. If you are on the block, you are a pawn. If you win something, great. You are good with Ky and X. Hannah said you me and Tiff haven't won anything. (implying they are not a competition threat) Which is great. Hannah said we are playing the best game ever. X can win veto and we get DX out of here and have nothing to worry about. Next week you take ashot at SB. Claire don't owe SB nothing.

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