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Thursday, August 19, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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10:08pm Big Brother Time

Sarah Beth continues to talk to Derek X about the BB High Roller cash that might become available to them. They feel that the information they have is not complete enough.  Sarah Beth says she is having a problem figuring out a way to keep Kyland off the block.

Sarah Beth says people are agreeing to play roulette because she has asked them to, but may not if she says they don't have to. She doesn't know if being safe on the roulette is worth not competing next week.

Derek X says he may not even get enough to play the roulette this week, he doesn't expect to get more than 50 this time. Derek X says neither him nor Kyland would play this week,

 (Sarah Beth continues to bounce it around, play this week, don't play this week....who she should ask to play, who she should ask not to play, who has the best chance of winning..)

Sarah Beth says she would want Xavier to play to use up his money, Derek X says if he plays this week he would prefer Alyssa and Xavier not to play.  Sarah Beth says they could say they aren't playing then play.

Derek X says that will show their cards, but Sarah Beth says that would be too late. 

(She continues to rehash her options with nominations, BB High Rollers,)

Derek X says if he gets 50 or 75 this week he will play, if he gets 100 he will not because he will be certain to have the money to play the third week.

(Now Sarah Beth is bouncing around the idea that if Derek X gets 75 he should not play this week,she says he should only play if he receives 50).

Cameras move to the living room area.

General conversation 

Xavier says Michigan is the only state with two bodies of land in the United States (I think he forgot Alaska's Aleutian Islands and Hawaiian Islands )

Cameras go back to the Have Not Room

Azah joins Sarah Beth

Azah hugs Sarah Beth and congratulates her on her win.

Sarah Beth mentions the powers are making things crazy, she says she thinks she might want people to play this week.

Azah says she thinks they should be used, but she isn't sure she will have the money to play. She tells Sarah Beth that she only received 50, the same as Sarah Beth.  Sarah Beth says that she has already used her 50 so she is now at zero.
Sarah Beth asks Azah how she feels going into the game this week.

Azah says that she didn't talk much last week, she says she was not going to go against either Britini or Big D, but she knew she knew she would not vote against Britini. Azah says she has said that Kyland is her target but she has talked to him since.

Sarah Beth says she felt that Azah and Britini were targeting her in the HOH last week, and she was worried that she could be at risk. Sarah Beth says that she is close to Kyland and Kyland went after both Britini and Big D.  She tells Azah that she campaigned for Britini to leave because of things that people told her about Britini's comments that made it clear she (Sarah Beth) was her target, as well as against Kyland.

Sarah Beth says she knows that the comments were not attributed to the Jokers, they were said by Britini specifically.  Sarah Beth says she appreciates her honesty, she realizes that Kyland sent home her team mate and understands why Kyland would be someone Azah would target.

Azah says when the HOH competition was going on, she was already in the mindset that she was going home and she played like that.

Sarah Beth says Kyland told her that during the HOH he would choose whoever chose him to play, then add another person.

Azah says before that HOH she had never mentioned Kyland's name.

Sarah Beth says she wants it to be clear that this is her (Sarah Beth's) HOH, not Kyland's. She says that she is playing with Kyland, but she is playing her own game.

Azah says she apologizes that she acted indifferent to Sarah Beth after the HOH, she says she has trouble making eye contact when she is hurt.  She says she will respect whatever Sarah Beth decides to do, one on ones are awkward and she doesn't like them.  She says she likes talking to people one on one, but in a different scenario.

Sarah Beth tells Azah she has no target this week, she is looking at the powers and will probably put someone up that she wants to come down.  She promises Azah that if she does decide to put Azah on the block, she would give her clues.  She tells Azah if she does go up, it would not be because she (Azah) is a target.

Azah thanks her for the conversation and leaves the Have Not Room.

Sarah Beth comes out and tells Big D she is ready to talk to him.  Big D follows Sarah Beth up the stairs.

Big D congratulates Sarah Beth and Sarah Beth says she understands how upset both Big D and Azah were at losing Britini in the game.  Sarah Beth says she will not make any decision this week based on the reaction the house saw after the eviction.

Big D asks her if she is pulling out chexmix or silverware.  Sarah Beth smiles, says no, just a conversation.

Big D tells Sarah Beth that he wants to get to the top 5, he says he has always said that.  He says in the past he has always been open with Sarah Beth.

Sarah Beth asks how Big D feels about the power this week, he tells her he would rather it be played and out of the way.  He says he has already spent his money, he can't play it.  He says roulette will force anyone to go up.  He says the coin flip is next week, and not using a power this week will make two in force next week.

Sarah Beth tells Big D she would like to see the power used this week, and agrees with him. Big D says he doesn't expect to get enough  money to play this week, he thinks other people have it.
Big D says he got 50, Sarah Beth asks him if he really got 50, he says he got it. (Big D got 100).
He says that Britini had 75 as far as he knows, (she got 100). He says people will tell you what they want to tell you about it.

Big D tells Sarah Beth that she should get the people who have the money to play to play.  He tells her he has no money left.  He says he hopes not to go back on the block this week, Kyland put him up and he wasn't expecting it (Big D offered).  He says after Kyland put him on the block and they were able to get past it later in the week. 
Big D says he has had a confrontation with Tiffany and he doesn't talk game to Claire at all. He tells Sarah Beth she should just play smart. (this is a very uncomfortable conversation, Big D seems like he is out of his element with Sarah Beth).  He does say he is used to be open with Sarah Beth and this conversation seems odd to him. He says she should put up two people that have the money on the block to get them to spend their BB cash.
Sarah Beth tells Big D that she is putting someone on the block that she wants to keep. She says she has a lot to think about.

Big D tells her he doesn't want to be the designated pawn this season, he says there are moving targets, and he isn't even sure he was a pawn this week, nothing was confirmed. He says her advice to talk to Kyland made him feel better, he says he is glad he did that because people are going to start the 'he said, she said” bullsh*t.
Big D tells Sarah Beth that Tiffany came to him wrong, she screamed at him, and he didn't like it. He says she has been rude to multiple people in the house as well.
Big D starts talking about who might have received the 100 dollars, he names five people.
Sarah Beth says someone is lying about receiving 50, she isn't real concerned about those who have 75 or 100, it is the extra person who is claiming 50 that bothers her. Big D says he got upset with Derek X when Derek X accused him (Big D) of having 100.

Sarah Beth says that whoever is nominated will get a heads up. (First she says, 'You will get a heads up.”, then she says, “whoever gets nominated will get a heads up”.... a slip up?? not sure)

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11:00pm Big Brother Time

Xavier is in the Have Not Room with Sarah Beth

He compliments her on her win, claims he was happy she earned HOH.

Sarah Beth repeats the story about wanting the power used this week, but she changes it a little. She tells Xavier that she would like him and Alyssa to wait and play next week.

Xavier says if he gets 100 this week he could potentially play next week, and he is willing to do that.
Sarah Beth tells him it is his game, his decision.

Xavier asks if she is worried about who will go up in the roulette, she says she is, but there is a veto later.  Xavier asks if she is going to put up two people who can play or cannot play.
Sarah Beth says she is thinking she might want to put up someone who might not win, but would play if they had the money.

Xavier asks if Alyssa should play this week. He give a confusing reasoning..Alyssa could play, possibly winning and be safe, leaving both Xavier and Kyland with the possibility of going on the block. He says he would be interested in playing the coup De tat next week.

Sarah Beth asks Xavier who might be a threat to him, he says he cares about his self interest and by doing that, it is what he thinks keeps Kyland safe.  Xavier says Big D has reason to put Kyland up, but he doubts he could do that, he also thinks Claire has a motive to put Kyland up. He mentions that Britini has targeted Kyland.  (he has never mentioned who might be after Sarah Beth).

Sarah Beth says that everyone else has said that Britini had not told them she was after either Kyland or Sarah Beth. She thinks it is odd that is the case.

Xavier says that him and Alyssa have no reason to lie to her, he has tried to be candid.  He repeats that other people in the house have said Britini did not mention Kyland and Alyssa.  He says that during her one on one she mentioned the HOH, but did not say his name. He can't understand why she would only say it to two people.  He says anyone trying to flip the vote and keep Britini would have been on board with getting Kyland out.

(finally he mentioned Sarah Beth—he tossed out Claire's name.  He names Cookout members as being “not after” her.)

Talk moves to who got how much money in the BB High Roller votes.

Xavier pushes to see who she might nominated, Sarah Beth does a good job deflecting, she tells him that she will not be able to avoid “p*ssing someone off.”  Xavier offers to help her with information, she tells him that will be good, she will need the support of the house.
Xavier asks her again if there is someone she wants to avoid p*ssing off, she says not really, she knows it will happen and she has no limits.
She repeats to him that she would want Alyssa to play this week and him to wait until next week.
Sarah Beth says “that's it” and they end their conversation with Xavier telling her that he will be investigating to find out who and why people are not sharing information about Britini's targets.

Sarah Beth and Kyland head to the Have Not Room.

They hug after Kyland compliments her appearance.

Sarah Beth says that Alyssa threw Tiffany under the bus by saying that Tiffany was frustrated that Sarah Beth won HOH and made an aggressive motion with her hands. Alyssa will play this week, if she wins Xavier would not play. Alyssa will only play if she has enough money.  Sarah Beth says that Alyssa seemed to be staring into her eyes intently, and Alyssa could be lying to her.  Sarah Beth says that she is concerned because Alyssa was so quick to toss Tiffany under the bus.

Sarah Beth says Tiffany seemed worried, like they weren't in an alliance, and Tiffany was diplomatic. She says that Tiffany feels that both her and Claire are vulnerable. She repeats that Tiffany felt most safe with Kyland. When Sarah Beth tells Kyland that Tiffany claims her relationship with Derek X is room mate based, Kyland slaps his leg and laughs.

Sarah Beth says Claire seemed to be relaxed when she came in,  Sarah Beth says Claire says she felt safest with Kyland and Derek X.  Claire says she isn't sure about Xavier.

Kyland asks about Tiffany, Sarah Beth says that she thinks Tiffany played, spent her money and got zero points.

Sarah Beth goes back to Claire, saying she was vague about who she (Claire) would put up. Sarah Beth says everyone was vague with that.

Sarah Beth says Hannah told her she would play the game if she had the money. Hannah said she would use the power as Sarah Beth wanted as long as it was not detrimental to her game.  Hannah confirmed that Christian and Alyssa were coming after her (Sarah Beth) and that Sarah Beth was the reason Alyssa was up.  Sarah Beth says a little more, she says she feels sketchy with Alyssa.

Sarah Beth says when she talked to Derek X, it seems that he was interested in having both powers available next week. She said that he told her he was willing to play if she wanted him to, he understood her concerns because she doesn't have the money. Sarah Beth says Derek X indicated he wasn't feeling good about wasting the money, they agreed to talk when she makes her nominations.
Sarah Beth said that Derek X told her two people told him that Alyssa tried to flip the vote against Sarah Beth but wanted to make sure it was okay to tell her who told him before he shared that.

Sarah Beth says that Big D and Azah were short conversations, she says that Azah told her that Britini was upset about the veto but didn't say much more than that.  Sarah Beth says that Azah told her that if she (Azah) won, Kyland would have been her target.

Sarah Beth says she plans to clue people in before nominations, she is surprised when Kyland tells her that he also did that. (Big D claims he was surprised).

Sarah Beth says that Xavier wanted to make sure he and Alyssa are okay this week.  Sarah Beth says that the only people who said Britini was after Kyland and Sarah Beth were Xavier and Alyssa.  She says that Xavier seemed to be throwing Derek X and Claire under the bus.

Kyland is rubbing Sarah Beth's feet, he is making sure she doesn't mind, she tells him she like it. (how nice that he asked her permission—Grannysue)
Kyland asks her if she has had her questions answered with these conversation.  She says she is torn with trusting Alyssa or trusting Derek X.

Sarah Beth is called to the diary room.

11:49pm Big Brother Time

Alyssa and Xavier are talking in the chess room...seems like they are having a one sided conversation with Christian.

Xavier wonders if he and Alyssa would be invited to a slumber party in Sarah Beth's HOH room.
Alyssa says she doesn't want to .

Xavier goes on to talk to his family, he is apologizing to them, he knows they saw him live earlier.

Conversation with Christian continues....

12:00am FRIDAY MORNING Big Brother Time

It is time for me to go find my pillows and puppies. Have a wonderful day today!-hugs, Grannysue

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