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Thursday, August 19, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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The longest unbroken alliance in world history is between England and Portugal. It has lasted since 1386, and still stands today.
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9:00am BBT HG are awake early today doing Eviction night ADLs. Ky and X in HOH talking what ifs. 

9:09am BBT Well some HG are awake. (I think Derek X fell asleep in the shower.) X and Ky still going over what ifs (who will go up next, what if certain ppl win  HOH etc) Can switches to Anchor bedroom where 3 are still sleeping and Brit twirling her hair around her finger. 

9:13am BBT Derek X talks to Claire and Tiff in WA. He says he (Ky) wants to keep Big D but doesnt want them to feel pressured on how to vote. They go on to talk what ifs. (What happens if one of them are HOH or on the block.) 

9:18am BBT X and Hannah  in LR. X tells her that if there is an Enduro that they need to not let Derek X win. X will throw it to her but he (X) cant drop until DX is down.  They say next LD is at 10:45am BBT. Derek X and Tiff talking in WA. Both couples are talking what ifs. 

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9:33am BBT X gets called to DR. Hannah asks Brit to sit with her and just talk to her. Brit starts with an English accent telling her what day it is. Hannah asks for a story, Brit starts whispering a made up story about a unicorn. 

9:50am BBT Ky, Big D and Tiff in the HOH bed. Tiff says she votes how she wants she dont care, she has a lot of excuses on how she didnt vote for someone. they all LOL. Tiff says the BB roulette is Fed. They need to ensure that none of them are on the block Thur. 

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4:53AM BBT: Ky in the gym says to the cam "I wonder if my mom considers herself a lucky person or an unlucky person." and then continues lifting weights.   [ ooooh deep]


4:56AM BBT: Ky speaks to the world fans.  Literally.  "If you're international and you're watching the live feeds of our show, I hope you enjoy it, and know I love and appreciate you."  He is then whispering and breathing hard after working out, so it's difficult to understand, but something about being pissed and not knowing what to do.  He wants to win something for Christian and says "I did love Christian, by the way. I loved his loyalty."  Back to weights...





4:58AM BBT:  In between lifting weights he looks at the camera and says "only 2 of the past 10 winners didn't have a 6 pack.". 




"It is what it is"






"It's only if I flex those though.  I changed my sleep schedule so I don't stay up late everyday.  I wasn't expecting how much talking we do though.  But I've adapted."  


This is what he lets the HG see:




"I've been able to make bolder moves because I've solidified my relationships outside of the six and I've got the votes.  X has been more cowardly than I expected.  That may not be the the case, but seems possibly it is.  So he's either this week or next week. I let him know. It's because he tried to flip the vote and didn't talk to me."  Back to weights.




5:01AM BBT: "Hey live feeders, uh, America, I just want to say that I love you, and I hope that  you are enjoying the show."  Then he send his love out to each of his family members.  He whispers to his grandpa "I can do it;  'be better than you, be better than them' "


He works out while yawning and whispering to himself for another 10 minutes and then disappears back into the house.

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10:00-10:30am BBT HG are starting to go up to the HOHR to get their spots for lockdown, Derek F says he never gets the bed and gets up there to get his spot in the bed. Just general talk going on.

#BB23 10:30-11:00am BBT Tiffany and Hannah in the hall talking about Sarah and how she wants to put up Derek F and Azah next week and Tiffany says she does not want her here and she has to go next week as they head to the HOHR. WE now have Puppy Cam as the HG are in HOH lockdown.

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10:23am BBT Tiff/Alyssa/Big D in the HoH bed. Ky said everyone said they would hang out on his last night in HoH and no one did (For HG who play a lot of mystery/crime/murder games, they don't have much of a clue). He offers his drinks to the HG while he takes a shower.

10:26am BBT X and DX are in the KT. X likes to eat healthy unless it's dessert. X says Lucius (his afro ego) would get $125 in BB Bucks. DX thinks America wants a write-in option. Claire jokes Hannah has 2 modes: dancing and fighting. DX goes up to HoH to claim his bed spot.

10:44am BBT HG gathered in HoH. DX says he got to 2nd base for the first time playing a game of Nervous (this is a preteen game where one person starts a hand on another's knee then moves it up until the person slaps it away). Ky asks what it means to get to 2nd base.

10:45am BBT DX says he tried to be romantic with a girl in the 6th grade and was rejected. In the 7th grade, he was more casual in approach. In the LR, Tiff tells Hannah that SB said she was targeting Big D/Azah but Ky said she was targeting DX.

10:50am BBT HoH LD. 

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12:30pm BBT Feeds return with Hannah/Big D dancing in the KT, DX, SB, Tiff, Claire and more leaving the HoH. Azah is in the WA with Brit. Ky has to finish clearing out of the HoH. Tiff looks in the fridge and says Ky, I can't help you. He heads down to grab his duffle.

12:35pm BBT In HoH Tiff sings, 'they're lying to me. Everyone is lying to me.' Talking to America, Tiff calls out SB for lying about her targets. She says Ky is slicker than owl doo doo. She says Hannah ain't gonna take her either. Nobody will; she's got to take herself.

12:37pm BBT In CBR, Brit tells DX/Hannah she feels OK but nervous. Azah' back in bed in the YBR. Ky returns to HoH with his bag and starts stuffing clothes in while Tiff grabs his food. She looks at his candy and says she's on a sugar-free diet. Don't forget your ring.

12:40pm BBT Tiff gives her version of the Big D Blow-up to Ky in HoH: If you want to talk to me about keeping you here, then do it but don't talk to me inappropriately. She knew she was loud in the SR but didn't care. Ky tries to package DF's perspective in soft cotton.

12:45pm BBT Light hearted banter between DX and Hannah in CBR. DX jokes in DR he described Hannah as a leach on his leg while running a race. X talks targets with Azah in the YBR. In HoH, Ky says not everyone consistently has intention behind what they say and do. 

12:50pm BBT Ky and Tiff continue talking in HoH. He wants her to look at things with other eyes but Tiff only sees the game from her perspective. In the YBR, X tells Azah he's going to shoot for HoH but would toss it if he feels comfortable with someone else winning. 

12:52pm BBT Ky is explaining Big D to Tiff who says she understands but then responds dismissing Ky's explanation. in the YBR, X doesn't want his HoH to be as selfish as Ky's. SB grabs X from the YBR to talk in the SGBR w/Alyssa to make sure they're on the same page.

12:55pm BBT Big D is in the nom chair in the LR talking to Alyssa about how she'd be proud he held back last night against Tiff. Ky and X are in the KT putting his HoH food away. Alyssa thanks them for taking his stuff out of HER room.

12:59pm BBT Hannah tells Brit/DX she nearly died when she was 7 after drinking dirty water in India. DX says Hannah she was an Oompa Loompa back when she was 7 and weighed only 30lbs. She huffs off to get a shower.

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1:04pm BBT HG just moving around the house talking general talk and about talking to Julie tonight. KY , Claire and Sarah in the KT cleaning and talking.

1:10pm BBT: Xavier and Tiffany talking in the LVR about Alyssa and Xavier says he does not think Alyssa has  points and he does not think she would lie to him about that and Tiffany says ok.

1:14pm BBT: Tiffany tells Xavier That Derek X is going to go after him and Sarah and that Sarah will go after Derek F, Azah and Hannah, Xavier tells her that Derek X can not win at all.

 1:16pm BBT Xavier tells Tiff he will throw the HOH if he can throw it to a cookout member only and then he tells her if he is HOH her and Claire will be on the block as Claire has no money top play the highs steaks games.

 1:20pm BBT Tiffany talks to a camera telling everyone she has to win HOH as she does not want to be put up as a pawn next week. Derek F is talking to Britini and gives her a prep talk about being strong and keeping her head up as brit cries in her bed.

 1:30pm BBT: Derek F tells brit if she was to leave tonight that means someone thought she was a threat and to  feel proud about that. Derek X talking to Clair and tells her that they have the power to send who they want home this week. 

1:40pm BBT: Claire and Derek X still talking about how they need to control the house and how lines need to be drawn, He says if they keep Brit they are drawing a line and will be on the losing side of the house so they are torn at what to do.

1:45pm BBT Derek X, Alyssa and Azah in the bed laughing and Derek F laying in his bed in YBR just general talk going on, They talk about Comps they want to watch after they get home from playing this game and laugh.

1:55pm BBT: A lot of general talk going on and Tiffany giving hair cuts  as HG rest and prepare for tonight's eviction.


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2:00pm BBT Big D tells Azah there will be only 2 left here (in the YBR). Brit is resting behind Azah. Big D tells Azah Tiff is dong a high bun (hair) so she should do low. She's going to do high anyway. SB wants Ky to shave his beard. 

2:05pm BBT SB tells X she can't wait to see Lucius (X's afro ego) in the DR. X says they may not show it - it's stereotypical. Talk turns to BB Comics. SB: Big D would be a human bowling ball. X imitates crashing down the lane. He says Hannah's hands will be on fire.

2:10pm BBT X is singing a song to Lucius while in the shower. Hannah says X should have entered the BB House as Lucius - that would have been instant F2. More like instant eviction, X retorts. Hannah says she would have self-evicted for Lucius. Good natured ribbing.

2:15pm BBT Tiff has captured a live bug on a paper towel. She, Claire and Alyssa examine the bug. (the bug she cares for - the HG she'll step on in an instant! -- Fuskie). 

2:20pm BBT In the KT, a shirtless Ky tells a shirtless DX the BB High Roller powers could but either or both of them on the block this week. DX asks him what are the scenarios Ky is considering but before we can hear, FotH. 

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1:50PM BBT

Britini is asleep next to Azah in bed while Azah talks with Big D in the YBR. Azah is loud and moving around in the bed. Brit has her left arm resting on Azah but Azah's movements and the conversation is not waking Brit at all.


DX, Alyssa and Xavier are chatting on the living room couches.


2:05PM BBT

Brit is now snoring in the YBR

Tiffany and Alyssa have found a spider under the coffee table in the living room. They get down on the floor to get a closer look. 

Tiff- he stopped moving. He wants us to think he's not alive

Alyssa- can you imagine seeing something as big as us?

Tiff- I'm glad we are the biggest living things on this planet except giraffes

Alyssa- bears

 *WBRB Bubbles


2:06PM BBT

Tiffany is now on the floor alone just watching, "are you really going to just lay there and act like you are dead? I just watched you walk across this carpet. That's okay. I am a patient person, too. I can wait it out, too.


Tiff says the spider is in defense mode and has curled up its legs.


2:16PM BBT

Claire has joined in to watch the spider which they have named Spike. Alyssa says she is afraid all the babies will come out.


2:24PM BBT  Feeds cut to RCHS until after tonight's live show


[So, you may be asking what will happen tonight?...Britini is the target. The Cookout is still concerned about covering their alliance, so it is possible a vote or two will be thrown to Brit. Azah said if the Cookout is giving Brit a vote, it should come from her "because that's my person." But it seems the Cookout has not decided who will vote for Britini. Personally, I do not think the Cookout needs to throw a vote to hide their alliance at all. They can simply say they voted with the house. Nevertheless, Brit is going to the jury house tonight.  -MamaLong]

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6:03PM BBT

The feeds return to Azah crying in the YBR

Big D- I just feel like every comp...no comp is built for a fat dude. This is just not cool.

Azah- one of us has to go out there

Big D- I'll let you have your time

Azah- I don't know what homegirl is going to do; we definitely have to use the power this week

Big D says she will put him up because she said everyone would want to keep him as a pawn

Xavier comes in to check on Azah

Azah says she just needs a minute over Britini

Azah teases "I just need a man's touch"

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6:05PM BBT: Feeds are back post-show and Azah is teary-eyed on her bed.  Big D goes in to check on her and she is trying to keep him quiet so she can keep it together. He thinks the comps are not fair for everyone.


6:06PM BBT:  Big D also mentions that one of the balance beams that they had to walk on was leaning over and how was someone like him supposed to work with that.  Azah says to go back out and she'll be follow in about 5 min.

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6:08PM BBT

Big D is complaining about the final beam being crooked "All these comps are made for you skinny bitches"


6:10PM BBT

In the SR, DX and Ky are congratulating SB

They ask how she feels and when she says she feels fine

DX- that will change...trust me

SB hopes her letter is from her mom and brother


6:12PM BBT

Alyssa and Tiffany are eating at the table. Xavier is sitting with them at the table.

SB joins them at the table while they play FMK with alter egos in the BB House

They all say f* Lucius

Marry Javier

Xavier- no one wants to marry Lucius?



6:15PM BBT

Calire and Azah are whispering in the SR

Azah- I have no money for roulette

Claire says she thinks Azah will get more money because Brit's money will be redirected to her

Azah- I do nothin' though. I cook....

Azah- the one person in the house (they didn't want to win)

Claire- she flew throught it

6:19PM BBT

In the coral reef room, Tiff and DX begin discussing what SB will do

Tiff- she lied to us last night

DX says he thinks there is value in being gclose to Ky this week

Tiff- that is why we couldn't vote wrong! Could you imagine? They gonna make you spend your money

DX- I think so



Tiif and DX say they should volunteer as Have-Nots this week with  Chaddha


Meanwhile, Alyssa and Xavier head to the storage room

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In the kitchen, Hannah tells DX "We were so close. I think you and I were the closest"

6:28PM BBT

Tiff is chatting with Azah in the YBR

They are both laughing and quote Whoopie Goldberg, "You in danger, girl"

Tiff- I been wanting this girl out the last four weeks

The both feel like Ky knows what SB is going to do even though he says he doesn't

Tiff- the only people that's safe is the KIngs and Ky

Azah- yep

Tiffany says that this is why she was so mad that she didn't win HoH last week because she knew Ky was the only one who wouldn't put her up "She's coming back here...she is always coming back here. When she does, you crying about Britini"

Azah agrees

Claire joins them

Azah hides her face (crying over Brit)

Claire asks Tiff how she feels

Tiff- confused...stomach upset. I don't know what she is capable of doing. I don't knwo anything, but I did know this was coming, so I'm not surprised. Brit! Where is BRitini and when did she get to the jury house.

Claire- she will probably get there tonight. We will probably see her later, but being there alone is rough.

Tiff- it might not be. That's a vacation from all this shit.

Azah- It is a vacation. I'll be able to sleep regular again

Tiff- as long as Brent is not there

They all start laughing

Tiff- Imagine....as much as we wanted to keep her.

Claire- um hmm

Tiff- And Ky would have had to break the tie and she would havea  reason to put us up

Alyssa walks in and breaks up their conversation

Alyssa- you okay

Tiff- she is thinking about Brit

They are laughing about Britini and what she must be saying to Julie

They all agree Brit would have done great in that comp

Claire says she is going to eat pizza. She tells Azajh, "love you" Azah sayss he loves her too.

Once Claire is gone Azah asks Tiffany how much money she got

Tiff- $75...I played the game

Azah- you played? (because Tiff did not make the score board)

Tiffany tells her everything that happened "I'm always overzealous. I have to learn to find my medium."

Azah says they have to play this week. Tiff says it's a gamble. They may not win.

Tiff- she ain't lookin' at ALyssa. She ain't lookin' at a King. She probably ain't looking at Claire.

They agree she will consider putting them up

"After that, DX, Chaddha, Me, DF, you, X, Alyssa, Ky... I know I am second or third in line if I ain't mother fuckin' first. If she put me on the block, I got two chances to take myself off, but I ain't got no money." 

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6:48PM BBT

Azah- If Ky is a man iof what he says he is and SB is drinking his kool-aid, maybe he can turn that Will SMith power on

Tiff- she only has one option

Azah- Okay, let's say she puts up DX and a Cookout member, he plays

Tiff- and he comes down and another Cookout member goes up

Azah- oh Lord


Tiff- we got to figure out how to manipulate her HoH but she is the only member outside of the Cookout that I felt I couldn't been in with her on her nominations. That's why she was always dangerous to me. SHe is always quiet and closed off.

Tiff says she let go of a secret to her today "today, when we were in the room, Sarah Beth says, 'she is not gonna talk game if I'm around. That's why she pulled Claire in there.' I was like okay. She said 'I'm gonna go in there'

They agree the SB comes into the room all the time to spy

Tiff- I knew from day one she was the one I did not trust


7:07PM BBT

Tiffany is going on and on with Azah about how hard she tried to get SB out when she was on the block, but X said the Cookout wouldn't do it.  

They hear SB coming so Azah drops on the bed and pretends to cry, but SB heads into the sea glass room

Tiff leaves and meets up with Hannah in the hall. They hug tight and Tiff starts whispering to Hannah "this is why I tried when she was on the block" Hannah tells her, "Shh! She is right there."


7:12PM BBT

Tiffany is talking with Kyland in the SR. 

Ky says if roulette is played, he will go up "that's the way the game works" (it's an anonymous HoH power)

Ky says  right now, SB is trying to decide if  she  should be more concerned about Claire and DX  or X and Alyssa

Tiff- she ain't gonna put them up. She can't put up DX in the beginning because if he play the game he only keeps himself safe

Kyland says he would prefer it be Claire and him put up, "that's what I prefer"

Tiff- you want to know what she told me last night? Will it be between us or are you gonna tell her?

Ky- I would never do that

Tiff says she said she would oput up the Jokers and then Chaddha if one came off



7:19PM BBT

Xavier and ALyssa are whispering on the couch but Xavier's mic is covered with a pillow so he is difficult to understand and Big D is yawning loudly, so I just can't figure it out (likely about playing roulette)

Sarge- please do not obstruct your microphone

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7:22PM BBT

X- (with mic still obstructed) it's my decision but I need your opnion

Alyssa- I don't want to tell you what to do, but I think that people are gonna want to send you out. Save it

X- oh, save it for the coup d'etat?

Alyssa- it makes sense to save it, but I see what you mean

They both agree that more people will be playing this week because they don't feel as confident.


7:28PM BBT

In the living room, Big D is coomplaining again about the comp not being made for him because of his obesity. Alyssa says he did really really good, though and that he is talking like he didn't. She tells him he did better that X. 


7:30PM BBT

At the kitchen table, Tiffany whispers to DX, "What do you think she's gonna do?"

DX says he thinks she will make a safe move and not want to put a target on her back. Tiff asks if he thinks Ky will run the HoH. DX says they will run it together. Tiff says she is glad they didn't vote to save Brit "You need to listen to me kid." DX says Claire had him convinced.

Tiff-Claire don't know nothin'


7:34PM BBT

In the bathroom, Ky asks Sb if she wants to see if Have-Nots is open. SB says she wants to just wait. Ky apologizes saying that the part that sucks is waiting for the HoH since they don't let them in until after midnight and he is just trying to make it "less suck"


7:35PM BBT

Alone in the bathroom, SB whispers to herself that her looks messy. She primps for a bit knowing he cameras will be on her more now. SB begins singing in a DIsney voice, "Yo, I do not want to do one-on-ones. I hate one-on-ones. They are awkward and stupid, and I hate that they happen."


7:38PM BBT

SB heads upstairs and meets up with Ky in the HNR.

Ky- how are you doing?

SB- I'm happy

He tells her she should be happy

SB- I think it's perfect timing because I am working with a lot of people and I get to decide who I am going to be loyal to. Those I am loyal to will come closer to me and that is nice.

Ky warns her that it is always a risk.

SB says right now she feels really good with Claire and Tiffany because "they actually listen to me...I have not had that experience in this house up to this point. You know who doesn't listen to me, ALyssa and X, especially X. He doesn't listen

Ky- I listen to you

SB- You do. Once X makes up his mind

Ky- that's true

SB- back to Tiffany and Claire. I mean, we had the Jackpot. If I make them feel part of my HoH, it will build trust. It would be a waste for me to go after them because I don't think they would come after me.

Ky says his week was different because Tiffany came to him and said this is what is happening but Chaddha didn't. Ky says he didn't love the two people that were campaigning the vote were suddenly meeting with everyone


[Alright, y'all. Ky is throwing DX and Claire under the bus right now....or maybe I should say throwing them on the coals  -MamaLong]




Ky says he felt bad about Tiffany pre HoH and good about Claire, but now that has flipped.

Ky says the timing is hard but DX helped him to figure out that they need to determine the top priority for Thursday night eviction and work backwards to see how they get there.

Ky is coaching her to make sure her nominations are strategic "this could be the week where we decide where we go, so tell me what your goal is"

SB says she is not sure if she trusts DX more or Alyssa and X more

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Ky says the good thing is that there are moves they can make that don't leave them both coming after them

SB says maybe Alyssa is still mad at her "I wouldn't be surprised"

Ky- I have a fliter I want to express from my brain that I want to clarify so I don't say anything bias; I think when I hear hey let's bring Tiffany and Claire with us to the end that triggers uncertainty in me than other members; in terms of the next couple of weeks that is a filter that I don't want to impact 

SB says she wants to work with Tiff and Claire because they can both beat them

Ky- okay

SB- right now I feel like as long as DX and X are in the game, they are huge threats and could betray me. 

She goes on to say that Tiff and Claire could betray her, too, but she can at least beat them.

Ky positions her in the room for maximum camera exposure then checks for hidden ears before SB begins explaining what her plan is...

SB says her plan is to pull in The Kings first and be like "Yo, Kings. We are in this. What do you think we should do what are we doing?" then bring in Jackpot and do the same thing "Ka-Ching...what are we doing....make them feel included in my HoH and looking for their advice and make them feel super comfortable. I see what names they throw out. With everyone I want to ask do you want the power used this week Ask what would be the path to most likely get the power used. "

Ky says he thinks that is perfect and that the cool thing about hte competition being before the veto is that there is a leverage opportunity to ge them to play by asking "would you be willing to play it and do you think you would be able to afford it?"


8:05PM BBT

Tiffany and Hannah are whispering in the sea glass bedroom. They are hoping that DX will win the veto.

Tiff- they are gonna try to backdoor DX. He has to play and win

Hannah- do we want Claire to go home?

Tiff- our only option is Claire or DX

Hannah- okay, so you and Claire go up

Tiff- I know this is mean to say, so I'm trying to word it....See, I don't want her to have a successful HoH. I don't want her to be able to say she got DX out. Her putting Claire out (suggesting getting Claire out is not a move worthy of a winning resume)


[Tiffany is willing to sacrifice Claire over DX  -MamaLong]


The both feel Claire would go home if she stays on the block with anyone.

Tiff warns Hannah that Ky is going to try to get close to her

Hannah- for selfish reasons; he said he would for selfish reasons

Tiff- he wants to use your brain

Hannah- I didn't think his ego would allow him to think that  

Tiff- be careful with your words   (warning Hannah not to give Ky any good ideas)

Hannah- yeah

They are speculating that Big D, DX and Brit got the $100 and last week's highest $50 will move up to the next level. Hannah says it could be X because of Lucius "can't beat that"

Hannah speculates that Alyssa will jump up to $75 but not Azah

Tiff- this is my only issue with X and Alyssa. X said he knew for a fact that Alyssa didn't get that money. How do you know? were you in the room? He believes her to a fault.

Hannah- just like I don't know for a fact that you guys got $75 (Tiff and Big D)

Tiff- Big D had to get the $100



8:16PM BBT

Back in the HNR, Kyland tells SB that if she puts him up it couldn't fail him that ionly he can fail himself. SB says she wants to talk with people then touch base with him after. Ky warns her to get some sleep because he didn't and that was a mistake

SB- are you glad you're working with me?

Ky-I have been happy working with you longer than you have about working with me

SB- you think so?

Ky teases her a bit then gives her big hugs saying he is just kidding.

Ky- I've been happy the whole time!

SB- Really?

Ky- What makes you feel otherwise?

SB- Because I get tired of myself.


8:20PM BBT

The cameras are all on Hannah and Tiffany in the sea glass bedroom. Hannah says that everyone knows she got $75 and if DX is gonna play, she would rather save her money. 

Tiff- you should have him play to save you then you would both be safe

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8:29PM BBT The feeds move to WBRB Bubbles then quickly to kittens from RCHS



[As much as I wish I could stay up and keep reporting these conversations for you, I must tuck in for some desperately needed sleep and pass this torch to another willing live feed updater. I'm sure grannysue will be here soon to add the late night details. Teaching in Texas right now is harder than even last year when the pandemic had us teaching from home. My first student is COVID positve and our area is almost out of pediatric ICU beds. Last year I knew my students were safe at home. This year is an entirely different situation. My own family has experienced a lot of loss during COVID, and I have a student whose family has lost 15 people. I do not wish a single loss on anyone. -MamaLong]

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8:50pm Big Brother Time

Sarah Beth and Alyssa in the Have Not Room

Sarah Beth tells Alyssa that Tiffany and Azah were interested in evicting her (Sarah Beth) when she was on the block with Christian.

Alyssa confirms.

Sarah Beth says that  Big D has told her he wasn't sure what was going on with trying to save Britini. He gave her a disclaimer, Sarah Beth says after her one on one with Britini they did not speak again, Sarah Beth says she told Britini she did not believe her about not having both her (Sarah Beth) and Kyland in her sights.

Alyssa says Big D asked her how she (Alyssa) is feeling, Alyssa says she told him she felt okay. (Fishing to hear she is safe). Sarah Beth does not offer safety.

Alyssa leaves the room, lets Tiffany know they can talk now.

Tiffany follows Alyssa to the Have Not Room.
Tiffany congratulates Sarah Beth on her win tonight.
Sarah Beth says the power this week makes her nervous, Tiffany understands, says “You can handle it.”
Sarah Beth says she wants the power to be used this week, she doesn't want to go into next week with two powers at play.
Tiffany agrees that is okay and she will play for the power even if she is not nominated, the odds are 1/6 to win it.
Sarah Beth says she wants someone to play this week, however Tiffany says she doesn't have enough money to play, but she might get the money tomorrow.  If she does get the money, she will definitely play it.
Tiffany says there are so many girls and so few guys, the guys are all strong, with the exception of one.
She says anyone not in the Jackpot is a threat.  Tiffany says she feels that she is now an option, but she has not felt like that before now.  Tiffany says there is not really a house target, but that could change tomorrow.  Tiffany asks to know if she is going on the block, she would like to be mentally prepared.
Sarah Beth says she would want to know as well, she says Tiffany is not on her radar as of now. Sarah Beth is interested in working with the Jackpot, but doesn't want it to be obvious.  
Sarah Beth says if she does put Claire or Tiffany up it would be to flush a power and they would know it ahead of time.
Tiffany says if she is on the block she would like to be saved from the block, however she realizes that if that happens it causes issues for Sarah Beth.
Tiffany says she is willing to help Sarah Beth, if she gets enough money to play the power she will do that.  Tiffany says if that is the case she will just have to win the veto.
Sarah Beth asks if Tiffany has anything else to talk about while they have privacy.
Tiffany tells Sarah Beth that she has made a good decision to align herself with Kyland in the game, she says “everyone here has got a guy but me and Claire, and we have each other.” and that makes them vulnerable.
Sarah Beth says people are telling her that they see the house in duos. Sarah Beth asks Tiffany about the three men and their order.
Tiffany says she is most comfortable with Kyland, Xavier is her housemate she doesn't really talk much game to him. She feels Xavier was torn between losing Christian or Sarah Beth, and she let him know her vote was for Sarah Beth to stay.  Tiffany adds Derek X as an afterthought, she says he is just keeping relationships, he is funny. She calls him a strong competitor.  She adds that she doesn't think she would win against any one of the three guys.  Tiffany says Derek X does talk to her a little, but they don't really have much game together.  She says they like each other, but she considers Kyland her ally.

Tiffany says she doesn't see why Kyland and Derek X would go after each other, Sarah Beth agrees, says that could cause us problems later. Tiffany says yes it could.  Tiffany congratulates Sarah Beth again, hopes to see her partner's photos. (I think her name is Shelly).

Tiffany and Sarah Beth end their conversation.

Hannah follows Sarah Beth to the Have Not Room next.

Hannah hugs Sarah Beth and congratulates her.

They say they are happy another boy didn't win the HOH this week. Hannah says it is exciting to say “she” and “her” about the HOH.

Sarah Beth says she is worried about the power coming up, she repeats her concern that if the power is not won and used this week she (Sarah Beth) could be at risk next week since she can't play.
(This is a classic play by HOH winners, they want powers wasted during their week to lower the risk of powers being played when they are in power...and the smart play is, you always agree that you will use the power you have to avoid being nominated—Grannysue)

Hannah agrees she would use a power if she wins it this week, if she won it next week she would probably use it to benefit Sarah Beth.  Hannah says she tries to honor the HOH's wishes, and her voting history shows that.  She says as long as what is being asked does not damage her personal game she is willing to do what is asked.

Sarah Beth asks if Hannah has any questions about anything this week.  Hannah mentions a rumor she heard, a person she does not name tried to pit Sarah Beth and herself against each other. Sarah Beth says she thinks the real goal could have been to get her (Sarah Beth) to play hard for the HOH so they (the rumor starter) would not have to win HOH and show their cards.

Hannah says she wasn't after Hannah, and after the rumors were addressed she realized they were not true. Hannah says Kyland help her resolve it.  Hannah says even if “you put me up tomorrow it is what it is.”
Sarah Beth says she isn't sure what she will do, it is likely that a person she is comfortable with could go on the block then be taken down.  She tells Hannah she will give her a hint if that is the case. Sarah Beth is happy that Hannah has agreed to play the High Roller game if she has the money.
Hannah says if someone agrees to play, then doesn't (if they have the money) it would be a reason to back door them.
Hannah says she one of 6 people in the house that has not won anything in the house and three are already gone.
Hannah asks if Sarah Beth has any other questions for her, Sarah Beth says she does not. Hannah repeats that she is glad they have cleared the air.

Sarah Beth goes to get Claire, and Claire follows her to the Have Not Room.

Sarah Beth says she is doing the one on ones now because she wants to get her sleep.

Claire says people have been thinking that only the guys can win things and now they know that is not trues.

Sarah Beth says she is working with the Jackpot, and although she is good with Kyland, she doesn't want to sit in a final two with him.
Claire says she also loves Kyland, but she is worried about what Kyland is thinking about the end of the game.
Sarah Beth says she is also concerned about the guys and what they are all thinking.  Sarah Beth says she really wants the power to be used this week, she doesn't want 6 people to be safe next week.
Sarah Beth says she knows Claire has no money but she wonders if Claire knows who a couple of people sit.  Claire says Britini told her she had only 75, not a hundred, but she is just not sure if that it true.
Claire says Sarah Beth could put up the money, they would play for sure.  She says she could put up someone without the money. Claire says she could put up Big D and someone else who would play for someone else.  Claire says there will also be a veto.  Claire says she could put people up who have money to get them to spend their money. 
Sarah Beth says she doesn't even know who has the money, but if Britini only got 75 she (Sarah Beth) really doesn't know who has it.
Claire says she isn't sure who would have gotten more than they say, she says they should just assume Britini got the 100.
Sarah Beth asks who is worrisome for her, Tiffany and Claire.
Claire says the jokers are a possibility, she also worries about Xavier because she looks at guys working together, and he is unattached.  Claire says she has a social relationship with him, but she is sure Xavier will not go after Tiffany.
Sarah Beth says that is the problem, no one knows about Xavier...(she also says she fears action could be taken by the jokers against anyone in the house)
Claire says Derek X and Kyland are attached, and it was obvious that both of them were working together in their HOH weeks. She says she didn't think they would go after her, but she worries how long that will be the case.
Sarah Beth says she wants her one on one's to be conversational, she hated Kyland and Derek X's methods.  Sarah Beth says she didn't say anything to Tiffany because she didn't want her to get upset. Sarah Beth says that Alyssa said Tiffany was upset that Sarah Beth won tonight.  Sarah Beth says Alyssa has told her and Hannah both that they were coming after each other.  Sarah Beth says she is also aware that Alyssa and Christian were trying to throw Sarah Beth under the bus.  She also knows that Alyssa pretended that she was not campaigning, and she is a schemer.

Claire calls Alyssa smarter/slyer than people thing.

Sarah Beth says that Alyssa told her no one was going after Big D, they were in fact targeting Sarah Beth and Kyland. (insinuated everyone in the house).  Sarah Beth says she isn't sure where that really comes from.

Claire says she will try to talk more game to Alyssa this week, she will report back.
Sarah Beth says she doesn't want to mention this to Tiffany, she doesn't want Tiffany upset.  She says she doesn't really believe Alyssa anyway, Alyssa has a track record of lying to her.
Claire says that seems to be her habit when she thinks people are coming her.
Sarah Beth says Alyssa has also said Big D is coming after Kyland, she starts laughing, says “I guess I will find out, he might come in here and say 'I am going after Ky.””. They both laugh.

Claire says maybe think about who I want my target to be, then work backwards.  She says use strategy to put two people up on the block, keeping in mind a veto may not be used.
Claire says the house believes there will be no additional BB High Roller bucks coming in, they will only have what America sends to them.
Sarah Beth says she believes that too, and they were very misleading.
Sarah Beth says not to go out of her way, but if she hears anything, she would love to know about it. She repeats not to tell Tiffany about Alyssa's comment.
They giggle a little bit, then Sarah Beth goes for her next victim.

Derek X follows Sarah Beth to the Have Not Room.

They laugh about Sarah Beth being the King.

Derek X asks her if she is going to make him spend his money this week and she tells him that she doesn't want two powers in play next week when she is not able to play for HOH.

Derek X asks if she is sure about that, wouldn't she be able to play? Sarah Beth says she won't have the money. She says she might want Derek X to sit out and play next week for her.  Derek X says Britini may not have got the hundred, he wishes he would have asked her.  If Britini did not get the 100, someone else has it and they don't know.

Derek X and Sarah Beth both say Britini made them comfortable in the house and they liked her.

Sarah Beth says she isn't sure how much Hannah has, but she hasn't told anyone, and further could Alyssa be lying about how much she has.  Sarah Beth says when she talked to Alyssa it seemed she was lying.  She tells Derek X that Alyssa said Tiffany was upset when he (Derek X) didn't win. 
Derek X says he doesn't see that, he knows she feels good with Sarah Beth and him, but she doesn't have a preference like that.
Sarah Beth continues to tell the lies she believes Alyssa told her.
Derek X says Alyssa did seem to campaign a few times, Sarah Beth says it looked like that to her.
Derek X confirms that Alyssa and Christian did throw her under the bus, and that Alyssa and Christian approached Derek X to put Sarah Beth up. Derek X says she has never admitted that was true.

Sarah Beth asks Derek X to tell her who the people were who pushed for her to go up.  He tells her he needs to ask them if he can tell her first. Sarah Beth agrees. She is worried that Alyssa and Xavier have been nice to her, and she is worried about how much she can trust them.

Derek X asks if her one on one with Alyssa was helpful, Sarah Beth says she is thinking back on it, and now is worried that Alyssa talked to her in a way that reduces her confidence in Alyssa. Derek X says when he was HOH, Alyssa would talk to him and convince him that what she was saying was true. He said he had to take time to think then get back on track.

Sarah Beth says right now Alyssa is not her target, but she wants to be open with it for now. She says that Alyssa has said she is willing to play in the BB High Rollers, Derek X says, then she has the money.  Sarah Beth clarifies, she says Alyssa says told her “if she has the money.”

Derek X is reluctant to play this week, he asks Sarah Beth what she would do. She says she just isn't sure.  Derek X says if he plays it this week they would not have a chance next week.

Sarah Beth says she is not leaning towards believing anyone would take Kyland down.
Derek X says the best thing to make sure Kyland is safe is for no one to play the power at all. Derek X says if he were HOH he would not want the power used so more would be in play the following week.

Sarah Beth says it could be their reasoning that next week 6 people would be safe.
Derek X says if the roulette is first, then the coin of destiny is next, it wouldn't matter who won the roulette because he could take them down anyway. He says “I take them down anyways.”
Sarah Beth says she didn't think about it that way, she would be able to play the roulette if she had the money and it was still in play next week.  If it is used this week, it is done.

They continue to confuse and worry themselves about something that “may' happen next week.

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