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Big Brother Season 23-Nominations and High Roller Week 6

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Previously, on Big Brother, the team twist was over, Derek X was in power, and Christian was in trouble. The Cookout was a secret and powerful alliance and each member was working with a partner outside the group.

Two new punishments were revealed, and soon after Christian’s fate was revealed, and he had to kiss the house and Alyssa good-bye. With everyone now in jury, Julie unleashed a huge new twist.

Tonight, find out who America awarded with the most BB bucks. Plus a new HOH will be a crowned and two more HG will hit the chopping block. All this now on Big Brother!


It is Day 37 and it is time for Name that Croon! Derek F thinks it might be a dance battle and he has the moves. Derek X says he made a huge move, but with twist maybe he can win a power.


Two at a time, HG will face off at the podium and they will hear a short BB lounge song that will be about a competition they have played. First to ring in with the right answers stays in the game and names the next two to face off.


Alyssa says it is so crucial to win HOH because she is a lone wolf right now because she just lost her best ally. Kyland does not want to win HOH because Sarah Beth might be the next target and he does not want to send her out.


The first song is up and Claire rings in with HOH, but she is wrong, it was a veto competition. Claire has been eliminated. Britini selects SB and Kyland.


Song 2 is going and Kyland rings with HOH and he is correct. SB has been eliminated. Kyland selects Britini and Azah.


Song 3 is playing and Azah rings in with Wildcard and she is correct. Britini has been eliminated. Azah selects Kyland and Alyssa.


Song 4 is  next and Kyland slaps the veto button and he is correct. Alyssa has been eliminated. Kyland selects Azah and Big D.


Song 5 is up and Azah selects veto and she is correct. Big D has been eliminated. Azah selects Tiffany and Hannah.


Song 6 is up and Tiffany hits HOH and she is correct. Hannah has been eliminated. Tiffany selects Azah and Kyland.


Song 7 is ready and Kyland hits Wildcard and he is correct. Azah has been eliminated. All that is left is Xavier and Tiffany.


Song 8 is playing and Xavier hits Wildcard and that is incorrect. Xavier has been eliminated.


The final round is Tiffany vs Kyland and song 9 is playing. Tiffany wants a letter from home and to see her son. They are both thinking. Tiffany finally picks Wildcard and she is incorrect. It was an HOH competition and Kyland is the new HOH!


Azah says she is happy she is safe because Kyland is part of The Cookout, but she thought he would throw the competition to her. Tiffany is upset because Kyland tried to throw it to her and she missed the question and he will not nominate Sarah Beth.


Azah says she knows they have to let people go but she is crying because she is afraid it is Britini and Xavier is comforting her. Xavier says keeping The Cookout together is one of the toughest jobs he has had in his damned life.


Big D is talking to Kyland and he tells him to be smart about his power. They are talking about how to adjust to the powers that are available and they also talk about all the girls still being in the house. Kyland mentions Claire, Alyssa, and Britini as the three targets.


Kyland says Claire is a great player, and Britini was targeting him during that competition, and Alyssa is outside of the alliance of six. Tiffany says Kyland winning means SB is not going home and she is concerned about Claire.


Xavier says the longer you are in the house the closer you become with people and it makes it hard for emotions not to cloud judgement. Tiffany does not want anyone in the house think their connections are not real, but she knows it has to be done.


Kyland is talking to Azah and he asks how she is doing and she says she is ok. Azah wants to discuss the HOH Competition and why he kept picking her. He says he did not know what other allies Britini might have had.


Kyland and Azah are both feeling like there is an attitude between them and they decide to reset and discuss things further. Kyland says Azah is not a great communicator and she explains that him on throwing the comp made her question things.


Claire is in to talk to Kyland and she says these nominations are so pivotal. She is not confident who his targets are this week. Claire tells him she would help do what is best for his game. She mentions Xavier or a joker would be a good target.


Kyland says he is asking about targets and Claire is tossing out names of The Cookout. She may have to go sooner that he thought. As she is leaving the king wants to be entertained with a game of 52-card pickup.


Kyland is talking to Big D and Kyland says he does not want to upset the wrong people, especially with new powers being available. Big D is discussing Britini being lost, and Claire being a potential threat and they discuss Alyssa. Big D pitches SB as a pawn.


Kyland pitches putting up Azah and maybe Big D as a pawn so they can figure things out. Kyland says he would take Big D down if he won veto. Big D wants to protect Azah and Britini so Ky can figure out who he wants to send home. Big D agrees.


It is time for nominations! Kyland’s first nominee is…Claire. His second nominee is…Big D. Kyland has nominated because actions taken during the HOH competition caused him to reevaluate his position in the house and he wishes them luck.


Kyland says Claire told him all her targets were members of The Cookout and Big D is a pawn. Claire says what is Kyland doing? She needs to get herself off the block somehow, some way this week.


Azah is a little surprised and she thought she would see herself on the block. She has no idea what is going on in Kyland’s mind. Big D is not telling Azah and Britini that he is a pawn and he does not want them to say something to ruin the plan.


Tiff and Claire are talking and she is telling Claire she has her vote. Tiff says Claire has been close since day one and losing her this early would not be good for her game.


The HG are sleeping and they hear music. The High Roller room is now open! Xavier says the room has a good vibe to it. They are welcomed and they all have the opportunity to gamble for greatness.


For $50, they can play a game to win a chance to bet on who will veto and if they are correct they will win a second veto. For $125, they can play a game to win the power to remove a nominee from the block and a replacement will be named via a roulette wheel.


For $250, they can play to win the power to overthrow the HOH. No one will be able to play anything but veto derby first. They can play or save their money. And there will be other opportunities to win BB bucks. Kyland says it is an interesting twist but he is not a fan.


Sarah Beth has received $50 and she is going to play. She will press a button to start the clock and then select a mint julep to slide down the table and after three shots she stops the clock. The sum of her total will be her final score.


SB’s first hits 2, her second falls off. and her third hits 2. Her total is 2. Hannah has $75 and she decides not to play. Xavier also has $75 and he saves his bucks too. Britini has $100 and she is excited and she saves her money.


Azah has $50 and she has chosen not to play. Alyssa has $50 and she saves her BB bucks. Kyland receives $50 and he chooses to play to keep all the power in his hands. His first shot his 4, his second hits 2, and his third hits 3 and he scores 9.


Claire tells Tiffany not to play because it is not worth it. Tiffany gets $75 and she wants to play. Tiffany says she still needs Claire here. She hits 1, then 1 again, then her third shot knocks all of them off. Her score is 0.


Derek X has $100 and he decides to save his bucks for next week. Big D gets $100 and he decides to play. He scores a 1, then a 2, then a 2, for a total of 5. Claire has $50 and she decides to play.


Claire scores a 2, then a 2, then the last one falls off for a score of 4. Everyone is told to gather in the living room. First place is Kyland with 9 points. Derek F scores 5 points. Claire is third with 4 points. Sarah Beth is fourth place with 4 points.


There are no fifth or sixth place finishers. So only Kyland, Derek F, Claire, and Sarah Beth will get to bid on who will win. Kyland wants to make sure he wins so he can protect his HOH.


Claire has the chance to get a second veto which has doubled her odds to come off the block. Tiff says Kyland saved SB last week and he is saving her this week. She wants to save Claire and get her off the block this week.

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