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Wednesday, August 18, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Astronaut is a compound word derived from the two Ancient Greek words “Astro” meaning “star” and “naut” meaning “sailor”. So astronaut literally means “star sailor”.
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10:07AM BBT WBRB for Wakey Wakey


10:13AM BBT HGs are slowing waking up. Brit is sitting on the blue cough with Big D talking about a conversation Big D had with Ky. He said he asked why he was put up and Ky said he just had to let one of the jokers go. Big D said he told Ky that the beginning of his speech was low blow. Brit asks Big D if he mentioned her name to Ky and he said no, that’s your business.   Brit leaves to get batteries.


10:30AM BBT Brit heads to the kitchen and says good morning to Claire in a funny accent. Want a bit of coffee do ya?  Sarge: Brit go to the DR down stairs. Brit: (keeping up the accent) What cha want from me? I am still in my pajamas. She begins to walk out of the kitchen, turns around and says “I’m getting coffee, if you are going to call me into the DR at 10:30 I am taking coffee with me.


10:31AM BBT DX, X and Ky are in the HOH room talking about if they set next to (fill in the blank) would they go home. X says He would go home if he set next to anyone in the house.  DX says if sat next to Big D  he would go home but if sat next to Brit I can campaign but I will probably still go home. Just like Christian campaigned but still went home.

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11:05AM BBT Ky is alone in the HOHR talking to the camera. Ky says X, DX and I just had our first meeting together all alone. He says his goal for the meeting was to build some type of trust from DX to X. At the end of that meeting DX said that he does not think it is to advantage…. Ky stops mid thought and tells “America” he doesn’t always know if the camera on him is live so he assumes it is not. With it being a family show he wants to make it gets out there.


11:07AM BBT Ky says that he doesn’t want to just get the 6 to the end. He feels he is putting is game in a backseat to advance the 6 I am decreasing my changes of winning this game as an individual. He loves this game and he wants to someday play this game for himself. He is hoping that one days he can get invited back to a future season. BUT if I can continue to make strategic moves and I get further in the game and I might have a chance. Maybe that is coming from ego place.


11:10AM BBT So, the purpose of the meeting with DX and X was to hopefully make DX feel more comfortable with X so he has no desire to win the next HOH or if DX does win the HOH he will not take a shot at X. It seems like they came to that agreement together but Ky knows that DX is smart, their advantage is he doesn’t know about the Cookouts.


11:11AM BBT Ky says the second part of the meeting was to hope that DX doesn’t win HOH next week. He loves the guy and wants him to stay far in the game. However, he became more of a threat with this new twist in the game. He is probably the only one outside of the 6 who could play and win the coin flip and win the power over the house.  He has become to dangerous to keep and let him get that far.


11:13AM BBT Ky says it is critical that they get DX next week. He can’t take that shot, Chadda won’t take it. Hannah won’t. Tiffany might but probably not.  So it would have to be Big D or Azah or X.  WBRB

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11:31AM BBT Hannah is telling X in the SGBR that DX wants Tiff and her to vote to keep Brit in. X: What are you all doing? *laughs* Hannah is saying they are concerned that if any of them were next to Big D they would go home. X wants to get Big D out during the double eviction. Hannah is saying that Brit would be shelter for the girls.  DX doesn’t want Brit to go home.  X is telling Hannah he thinks he can get DX on board.


11:45AM BBT X is telling Tiff in the CBR that it seems like Claire is spearheading this whole thing of “Let’s get out Big D”  Tiff says it’s not that. It all honestly Brit is putting on a strong campaign, she makes a lot of valuable points. If we were not apart of something (Cookout) Brit’s arguments would make a lot of sense. Claire thinks for her game it makes sense to vote Big D out, however, she will not go against what the majority wants.


11:47AM BBT X is trying to get Tiff to see that the shot they can take at Big D can be taken at any time. Tiff says that is why everything thinks he could go long term because no one wants to waste a HOH on him. X wants Big D taking out in a double eviction. Tiff, no one is going to waste their HOH on him.



12:45PM BBT Hannah, Tiff, Ky and Brit are in the kitchen talking about past season showmanaces. Brit says she is trying to think of a showmance she enjoyed. We get WBRB before we get to hear more.

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1:31PM BBT Brit is with X saying she wanted to talk to him and her pitch to him is different from any other person in the house because of his HOH/Nominee perspective. We have been on a roller coaster and had out ups and downs. There are 6 things I want to touch on with you.  X: hmm mm


To start none of this against Big D they are what I can offer to this house. First point being a competitor I am not a threat in house even though I have one in eleven. In this game there are big competitor and at some point they are going to need to go home. You need people around you that try hard and can win and support you


Second point is: Shielding which doesn’t really pertain to you in this house but it does to your number one in this house. Alyssa knows this. I am her only female shield and she is my only female shield. The best thing for both of our games if for her and I to be in the house fighting together.

X: When you say female shield do you feel the house is split male vs female?  Brit: oh no no no what I mean is if Big D goes home this week that only leaves three guys and 7 girls. So, if a female is the target then we have each other.


X wants to know if Brit has had this conversation with any of the other guys. She said no, only him. He points out that what she is painting that is they put Alyssa and I on the block together than I am going home. I am the bigger threat. If you were to say this to any other guy you are saying the females are a threat to the guys.


1:37PM BBT Brit tells X what she is saying that in this scenario I am counting the guys votes. That is why I am only saying this to you. X so you are talking about the females votes? Brit: Yes This is a point directed just to you because of Alyssa


Next point is the block. I have spent two-thirds of my time on the block so as long as I am in the house I will be taking one of those seats. I take one of those seats you take the other I have you a 50% chance of staying. At some point I am going to get voted out.  Just before the veto meeting we discussed that anyone who sits next to Big D on the block is going home, I didn’t know that would be me but here I am.


If everyone decides to keep Bid D because they can beat him at competitions he keeps getting further in the game.


1:55PM BBT X thanks Brit for pitching to him. He wants to hear Big D’s pitch, if he even going to have one. I need to think about what is best for my individual game and what is best for my allies in the house. I don’t want to do what happen last week were people were making commitments when they were still on the fence.

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2:10PM BBT Big D is talking to Azah about how she needs to do what for your game. Azah asks is that all you have to say to me. Big D says I don’t know what else to tell you. Just do what is best for your game. If you have anything I am here to listen. It is a tough position either way you lose a teammate.

Azah, am I suppose to ask you questions? Big D, yeah sure.  Azah, I don’t have any questions. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t talked to Brit, I haven’t talked to anyone. I haven’t mention anything regarding either of you to anyone in this house. I have told everyone that my vote is private.


2:18PM BBT Claire joins BigD in the BR. Bid D is telling her that he can’t campaign against Brit he love her so much. Um, I would say do what is best for your game. If you think me being here as a shield or better for your game then keep me. Do what’s best for you. I’m giving everyone the same speech, we are talking about Brit not anyone else. She looks up to me and I am her protector. Congrats on getting the veto. You did great, you earned it. No one can take that away from you.


2:34PM BBT Big D is now talking to X. I would appreciate your consideration to keep me in this game. I am a physical threat; I am a mental threat. You have seen my resume in this game. X: How do you see your resume helping me in this game. Big D : Because your not a physical threat, your not a mental threat, you need someone like me to win comps for you. You are a very social person.  X: Umm, I wouldn’t say that.  Big D : I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. You should keep the person that can get you a little bit further in this game.  Brit is like my little sister, and I can’t campaign against her, but she hasn’t really won anything, she isn’t really good at anything. She can’t help you go further.


I might even clean a little bit more, cook a bit more.  You don’t have to worry if I get HOH I am not coming for you. I have other targets in mind.


X: Who might those targets be? Someone I am close to? Big D : No, No not at all, not at all. They have been sitting pretty this whole time. Have curly hair and a big smile  X laughs.  Big D : People like that, high pitched voices, barrettes in their hair. Please like that.  


Big 😧 I don’t know if you have any questions for me. X: I don’t think so. You presented your case very well. I can’t think of anything to ask. I will tell you the same thing I told Brit that I will fully assess and talk to anyone that is alliance and come to a decision. Big D : Ok Ok so I will learn Thursday night.

2:37PM BBT Big D invites DX to come and talk to him. While signing…. Welcome to the big blue couch. Derek to Derek. We have been through a lot Derek.  Both cracking up.  One Asian one Black first ever think about it. Someone like is who is a mental threat, physical threat and have no social skills and what I could do for you is I can win these comps for you and keep you safe at all times. Keep in mind in the further you can always take me out. Keep in mind I come in second place. This close every single time. At the end of the day Brit hasn’t won anything, hasn’t done anything.


I know you want the title of Big D, I know it is tempting…. I get it I get it but at the end of the day wouldn’t it be better to beat Big D at the end?  Also, I don’t cook, I don’t clean. I am not adding a lot to the house. DX what new recipe you got going through, what do you have up your sleeve?



2:40PM BBT Big D I am working on it. DX I have been seeing some repeats lately. Big D : Let’s look at the big picture I like being here, I want to be here. I know you feel threated by me. If you feel mentally threated or physically threated by me, I understand DX: I do feel threated by you. Big D : Ok Ok, I had a feeling. I know with me on that wall, I know you were shaking. DX: I know, if I need the Veto I don’t want to be standing next to you.  Big D : Yeah Yeah DX: Well, that is where I am at right now.


2:54PM BBT Big D and DX continue this back and forth joking about how big of a threat Big D is and laughing in between.

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5:50PM BBT


Brit is making her final campaign to Tiffany in the HNR.

Tiff says she doesn't want to go against the house and she needs to talk with Big D.

Tiff- I can't even combat your arguments for keeping you; but my concern is me assessing how my decision is viewed by other people and using it against me.

Brit tells Tiff she is not scared to go on the block "That's how I am playing my game at this point. I will do that so none of y'all have to."

Brit- the next four weeks, we have the votes. We control it starting next week. 

Tiff- okay

Brit- I don't know where Big D is, but y'all know that I am a vote for y'all

Tiff- you gave me a lot to think about, Britini. I'm so proud of you. You are so dope.

Brit- I love you Tippy Toes.

Tiff- I love you too Honey. I know your dad is watching and he is so proud. I like what you're thinking about and I can't refuse your arguments. 


6:05PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


6:07PM BBT

Now we have RCHS on the feeds.

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8:07PM BBT Feeds return with Brit giving Azah a hug then breaking out in song. Come On Come On.. Sarge, please stop singing.


SB is in the WA brushing her teeth. Brit goes to the BR and starts to pack while talking to Azah recapping conversations she had throughout the day with the different HGs. Azah is giving recommendations to Brit on what she should wear tomorrow.


Looks like tonight they had a little celebration before the next person voted off goes to the Jury. 


scrnli_8_18_2021_8-11-16 PM.png


8:13PM BBT Big D and Alyssa are in the SR cleaning out of the Fridge.  Big D says he hates throwing all this food away. There are people dying because they are hungry.



scrnli_8_18_2021_8-15-45 PM.png

8:18PM BBT They are clearing out of food to make room for all the leftovers from their party tonight.  Sounds like they were provided food and cake to celebrate all those still in the house just before the next person out goes to the Jury.  AKA Jury Party.


8:21PM BBT Big D is still in the SR, Alyssa leaves and SB comes in putting away a big salad from the “Jury Party” tonight.  Big D askes SB how did her conversation with Brit go? SB says it went well. Big D asks if she got all her questions answered SB says it is Big Brother it is really hard to know. I just need to go with my gut.


8:20PM BBT SB tells Big D that from what she can see he, Big D, is going to be safe…  Big D.. OK OK. [for someone who wasn’t going to campaign against his baby sister Brit, he is doing a horrible job. ~PinkTee]

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8:24pm Big Brother Time

House guests are cleaning up after Big Brother provided them with what we can assume was the halfway mark dinner.

Alyssa and Big D cleaned out the storage room to rid it of expired items and produce that is no longer good.

Sarah Beth and Big D are in the lavatory, Big D is continuing the cleaning process there as well.
(every week house guests are expected to clean the house for the live show).

Other house guests are cleaning in the kitchen area, putting away leftovers and  making the area neat again.  

We got a shot of the partially eaten cake they received from Big Brother.

8:28pm Big Brother Time

Britini is in the bedroom with Azah.

Xavier and Big D are in the lavatory, Big D is telling Xavier about Sarah Beth and his conversation in the storage room (she told him she was voting to keep him, he seems to be a little upset that she didn't say she was keeping him in a way he liked).

Sarah Beth comes into the room, Big D tries to send her out by having her taking an item to the kitchen, she is only gone for a minute then returns. 

Big D is losing his breath a little, he continues to whine that although she has said she will keep him, but didn't do it in a way he liked. He tell Xavier he needs to stop whining. Big D continues to whine that he could not wear his Valley Forge sweatshirt. He says he will be upset with Kyland if he only gets a low amount of BB High Rollers.

Big D then tells Xavier that Azah has approached him with the idea that she wants a final three with herself, Big D and Xavier.
Xavier asks why he always deflects to him.

House guests are combing the house for the dust pan, so far no luck.

Cameras move to Britini and Azah.
Britini is telling Azah it is “me”, she says we have the votes, “that what stinks”, she says they can run the house for four weeks if she stays. (she told Tiffany this).
Britini says that Tiffany responded by saying she had not thought about that.  She said her one on ones went well with the exception of Sarah Beth.

Cameras move back to lavatory.
Big D continues to whine about Azah. Xavier says Azah just has horny eyes right now, he can see it.
Big D says then he will go tell Kyland he is staying in the HOH room then. Xavier says Kyland will just send him right back down to the anchor bedroom. Big D says 'we are not having a sleepover.”

Britini comes into the room, Big D asks her if she is okay, she says the wine might have something to do with her feelings.
Big D says they can't cry on live tv, they can just cry now instead.
Britini says she literally just doesn't feel good, she is nauseous, Xavier says he got that the first time, but Big D didn't .
Big D starts talking about he knows he is going to jury, he will have fun there, spend a month to not talk about the game. Just chillin'. (Britini is in the loo and can hear him).  Big D says they came into the experience with no promises, they got the opportunity to make it to the halfway point...
Britini comes out of the loo, Big D keeps on with his “cheerio, mate” speech. (and it is awkward).

Britini leaves the room, Xavier returns, they continue to clean.

Azah seems to be napping in the anchor room, Britini comes in and leaves, she is looking for a cleaning chore.

The dust pan is still missing.

Cameras are bouncing around the house.

Britini is wandering the house making comments about them not wanting to “let me go.' She isn't getting any real responses, she decided to go on a dust pan search.

Tiffany is sitting in the HOH room, seems to be in deep thought. She is not looking at cameras or talking. 

Britini has gone back to the lavatory area, Big D is still there with Xavier.

Tiffany has moved to the sofa in the HOH and is leaning on pillows with a throw over her knees.

Sarah Beth comes into the HOH room, she says they might want to talk about next week and confirm Britini's fate this evening. Tiffany says she won't vote against a decision that will not benefit them (the Cookout).  Sarah Beth leaves the room and goes back to the downstairs area.

She asks if they are doing the BBC (Big Brother Couch) tonight, seems to get a positive response and says “sweet”.

They are looking at the cake, it seems Brent, Whitney and part of Sarah Beth have been eaten already.

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10:05pm BBT The HG congregate in the LR waiting for another epi of Big Blue Couch. Alyssa asks DX if he'd date an 18yr old. He says no. Azah and Ky have been in HoH a long time. Alyssa suggests saving Ky but Big D says no, let them hash stuff out.

10:50pm BBT A fresh crime game is suggested. The HG try to come up with a theme. Hannah is Miami, the Australian lawyer. Hannah guesses that the crime was the tooth fairy stealing Rudolph's nose. The game lasted 20m. Another game starts. Ky and Azah still in HoH.

12:10am The HG have been playing the crime guessing game for a couple hours while BB calls HG to the DR. Big D, Azah, Tiff and DX are now playing Improv with other HG presenting scenarios. Brit and X take a turn doing a scene. Lucious (X in afro) is called to the DR.

12:45am BBT SB has a headache from the house lights. In the CBR, Hannah tells Tiff that DX is 50% on evicting Brit. Tiff says he's all for keeping Brit. Hannah says Claire is pushing her to vote to keep Brit. Tiff says Hannah has to say no. SB lays down in the HoH bed.

12:50am BBT Alyssa complains she was robotic in the DR. DX crawls into bed with Hannah in the CBR and calls it a secret showmance. In HoH, SB tells Ky Ayssa & X told her Brit is targeting them. Alyssa could be lying but not X. She overheard X pushing DX to evict Brit.

1:00am BBT In HoH, SB wonders why everyone assumes Azah will vote out Brit. They decide that she needs his emotional support. SB warns Ky that his late-night 1-on-1s are noticed and not appreciated downstairs. Ky says he has to talk to people. He leaves HoH.

1:15am BBT In the CBR, Ky whispers to DX that keeping Big D is more logical. Ky is not worried but emotionally feels bad. Big D/Tiff talk in the WA. Big D/Tiff talk about a F3. Alyssa comes in and they break off. They move into the SR (Tiff brings a bench to sit on).

1:23am BBT In the SR, Big D tells Tiff he comes off too strong sometimes. Tiff says if the 6 are on the same page, there should be no problem talking to other HG. Big D admits he was too aggressive. Tiff says he rolled up on her instead of pulling her aside back in wk 1.

1:25am BBT In the SR, Tiff is upset w/Big D. She does not come at him like that. Not cut from the same page or cloth. Big D says he brings her back from emotional reactions. She is fuming, and he apologizes. She's upset he defends other HG's actions. 

1:26am BBT Ky says GN to Hannah/DX in the CBR. They need to sleep because they (DX/Hannah) have to compete tomorrow. He thinks this HoH was more difficult but better than his first. Hannah wants to go up to HoH and talk more. DX and Hannah discuss F4 with X and Alyssa.

1:27am BBT In the SR, Big D says Tiff holds stuff in. If he has a problem, he wants to talk it out. He says he was wrong and should have talked with Tiff. Tiff just wanted to talk with Brit and Big D turned it into a thing. They are still arguing over the Christian flip.

1:31am BBT Tiff says Big D listened to Azah instead of talking to her. She says the convo is over. Azah comes into the SR and says the house can hear them. That just makes Tiff more livid - he came into the middle of a convo without understanding. Big D apologizes again.

1:33am BBT Big D says he cooled off. Christian said one thing and he should have known better. Tiff says you should not have come after me. Big D says it's OK if Tiff doesn't vote for him. If not voted out, we can try to work things out tomorrow. He apologizes again.

1:35am BBT Tiff says they are OK because she can't change what he did but she can't forget. Big D apologizes. She says he's already apologized, she's about to punch someone. Big D warns her to not talk about getting physical. 

1:45am BBT Big D and Tiff continue to work things out. He says they both have their stubborn pride. He says he's not trying to mess her up, she's a strong mom who has gone through some sh*t. But I've gone through sh*t too. We've never talked about our sh*t to each other.

1:46am BBT Tiff says any time she changes her tone, it's intentional. Big D says he knows and he just acknowledges her change in tone. He apologizes for that. Claire comes into the CB to tell DX and Hannah that Big D and Tiff are fighting in the SR. They go to listen.

1:50am BBT Big D tells Tiff he respects her. Tiff says her loyalty is with the 6. Big D says his door is always open - he's made no deals. They hug. He says he's a 'hood rat and didn't mean to make her feel on the bottom. They leave for the KT and pretend all is good.


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2:00am In the CBR, DX teases Claire's lucky she's good at Mafia. Big D probably sees it as a threat. SB says Big D's pitch cracked her up. Claire teases back she missed DX's showmance scheming. SB wants to sleep in the SGBR. DX begs her not to leave him alone with Hannah.

Brit asks Big D if she should go talk to Ky again (why is she asking him?). He wants to go talk to his crush. He says Azah took too much time with Ky last night. Brit heads up to HoH but is diverted to the DR. DX tells SB that he's voting out Brit and only said Big D by accident. Brit changes clothes before heading to the DR and Tiff scares her, saying that's what you get when you try to prank her. Now she can go to sleep.

2:15am BBT In HoH, Ky tells Hannah he thinks there will be a shakeup with the BB Bucks this week. In the SR, Brit wonders how people fit into the cabinets (to scare others). She gets in says it's too dark. Tiff jokes she's looking for the Lord of the Latrine padlock.

2:20am BBT Sarah Beth, Claire and Tiff talk about the need to win HoH then target Big D. Tiff says only HG on the block should play Roulette for the Power. She questions why play if not on block. Save your money for the last power. Claire says if they fear being backdoored...

In HoH, Hannah assured Ky DX is back on board voting out Brit. Ky thinks the house is coming together. They will let Claire know. Hannah thinks it would be good for Big D to be HoH next because he has the BB Bucks but doesn't trust him. Downstairs, SB says Big D should go next.

2:35am BBT Tiff, Claire and SB settle down in the SGBR and ask BB to turn the lights off. The lights are already out in the CBR. Brit passes through to the YBR. Claire says she has too much energy. Tiff whispers that Big D won't win anything that requires balancing. She asks SB what Ky thinks and I don't know is the response. Tiff thinks Ky won't be afraid to go on the block. Sarah Beth says don't say I said it but he said he wanted to be nominated.

2:55am BBT Tiffany again asks BB to turn out the lights in the SGBR. But she keeps whispering that the guys are afraid the girls will send them all home. Claire thinks the house is divided into duos. Tiffany doesn't like the twists. Sarah Beth agrees, unless she wins one. Then she'll like it.

3:00am BBT Big D is laying down in the Parlor quietly sobbing, then falling asleep. Hannah comes out of the HoH and he wakes up and says he was just chillin'. Ky invites him into HoH. 

3:15am BBT Big D tells Ky about his fight with Tiff. Tiff thought he was putting Brit before her. He repeats that Tiff said he was not cut from the same cloth as her and that he swallowed his pride and apologized for the good of The Cookout. He was ready to pop off on her, he could feel it.

Ky says there are only 3 left to put up - Clair, Alyssa and Sarah Beth. (Either he was only counting girls or he intentionally left out Derek X) Big D says he made a promise to his skin color to get to the Final 6. After that, it's everyone for themselves. 

Ky asks if anyone heard the fight. Big D says X heard the start of it before they moved to the SR (he doesn't realize others heard them in the SR). Big D says Tiff never admits to being wrong. Ky says Big D didn't to anything wrong. It's not binary - neither has to be wrong.

3:30am BBT Big D and Ky in HoH start talking Final 6 strategy. The girls have to go, Big D says. He gets worried when he sees Tiff talking with Claire and Hannah (It has long bothered me that in Tiffany's grand plan, she thinks Big D doesn't need a side). Ky says everything is going according to plan, except he doesn't know for sure who Azah will vote to evict. 

4:15am BBT Ky is alone in HoH with pizza and ice cream. Talking to feeds, he says Tiff did not look good in her fight with Big D, and maybe she needs to cool off on the block next week (not sure that would have the desired effect). Ky says Hannah did a great job today working DX. Maybe she's closer to DX than he is. He is trying to figure out what DX knew as HoH when evicting Christian (DX had a BD plan from the start but Ky wants to know who else knew).

4:35am BBT Ky tells the camera that DX better appreciate his not backdooring him. He could have chosen to work with X and Alyssa to get him out. Ky says he is going to sleep after going to the HoH WC. The lights are out elsewhere in the house.

4:50am BBT Ky changes into workout clothes and heads downstairs to the gym. He's lifting weights to burn off stress. Looking up at the camera, he says only 2 of the last 10 Big Brother winners did not have a six-pack. He lifts up his shirt to show off his abs.

5:10am BBT Ky finishes his workout and heads back to HoH.

5:20am BBT Ky is in bed and the lights are off throughout the house.

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