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Tuesday, August 17, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To leave a party without telling anyone is called in English, a “French Exit”. In French, it’s called a “partir à l’anglaise”, to leave like the English.
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10:15am BBT HG are awake doing ADLs. Big D is working out, uses loo, and starts breakfast. Brit is laying in bed. Ky comes down stairs and chats with Big D, He says he is glad they got to go outside for a bit....WBRB

10:23am BBT Brit tells Azah that she is thinking about her convo with Ky, he has her answers weither ppl choose to believe them or not is up to them. Brit says he can believe what he whats, she doesnt care, he is not god. Azah says to do what she wants. Azah goes brush her teeth. Brit pulls out some colored pieces and talks to us about what shes thinking. She is not a shield for the guys, with her on the block you will see the block less cuz she is always on the block, Big D...she gets interrupted. In HOH Ky and X talks about who has the BBBucks and who is lying about it. 


10:35am BBT Ky and X talk about what ifs for the next few weeks and when to use the extra Veto. They talk about what happens if they keep either nom. In KT Big D and Brit chat, she says she is ok, he says he is taking a me day, just going to sit in his room. He is making eggs, he will will some w/o milk for Brit

10:42am BBT In HOH Ky pulls out his colored pieces and goes over scenarios with X. Azah hugs Big D in the KT, he says his head is spinning, she says she knows. 

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3:06PM BBT

For the past hour, Tiffany has been hard at work protecting herself on all sides. She is playing chess with DX, but I'm truly referring to her game of Big  Brother. Joining DX and Tiff for game gossip in the parlor is Hannah. Tiff told them that she was annoyed by Britini for a few reasons: 1. she took her tank top and claimed it as her own until Tiff pointed out that it belonged to her 2. she tried to commandeer a chess match Tiff had arranged with Claire when Claire was called to the DR


Tiff entered the HoHR to get snackage, but her real reason was to tell Ky that they may have to get Claire out next week because she has been talking with DX about all the reasons it would benefit them to get rid of Big D over Brit "and he is listening to her....all very good reasons" Kyland asked what the reasons are and Tiff says that anyone sitting next to Big D is going home and he would likely be picked to go to final 3 by any solid pair for his coasting game.


[Now, friends, if there is one thing I have realized about Tiffany, it is that she is a master at maneuvering well on all sides. She is in a good position no matter who wins this next HoH. She tells everyone just enough to hide her alliances, often indicating, indirectly, a target she is actually working with. If I were to indicate the best player at this point in the game, it would undoubtedly be TIffany for me. Many will disagree, but all you have to do is listen to conversations and watch interactions between Tiff and any other HG to see she is pretty safe in this game.  -MamaLong]


3:16PM BBT

Britni is talking with Ky in the HoHR. 

Alyssa is talking with Claire in the gym. Alyssa tells Claire the only people who have been honest with her are Claire, Tiff and Azah.

Talking about one of the powers, Alyssa asks Claire, "Can you imagine going home on a random fucking spin?"

Alyssa tells Claire she feels good with her and Tiff.

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3:46PM BBT

Azah is whispering to Xavier in the YBR. She has her head in his lap and he is playing with her hair.

Alyssa comes in and breaks up the fun saying she needs to talk with Xavier.

Alyssa- Claire just talked with me and she and Tiff are contemplating keeping Britini

X- no

Alyssa- hear me out (she presents Claire's arguments not knowing the Cookout sends all others straight to the coals) If Britini wins HoH, we could save roulette for the following week.

SB walks in and Alyssa says, "Oh good. We were just talking."

SB says people are not interested in keeping Britini over Big D

Xavier says that Big D will be the serial pawn "I would rather take out Britini"

SB- She would need five votes. There is no way she can get five.

X- true

*WBRB Bubbles


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2:50PM BBT


Ky and Brit go to the HOH room to talk.  Ky says there is no a need for him to campaign at this moment because people sitting next to Big D would be predictable.  He says that's why he's not targeting either Brit of Big D.  Brit says that Big D says he is not campaigning and that Brit should.  Ky says he is unaware of that.  Brit tells Ky she is not campaigning but telling people if she is viable for their game they should keep her.  She tells Ky if he has any questions for her, she would be glad to answer them and that she does not want any bad blood.  Brit is saying she is just trying to get a 5 to 4 (she mean 3) vote.  Ky says if there is a tie vote he is not at the point of thinking about that and he doesn't know what he would do.  (They are continue to talk...but I must go.)

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5:08PM BBT Tiff, Brit and Azah are in the CRBR talking about how Brit hasn’t folded her laundry for a couple of days.  WBRB


5:10PM BBT Feeds return to Tiff saying that her abs hurt. She wants to keep working out and do squats but squats are not something you should do alone. Brit says so we are going to work out together?  WBRB


5:13PM BBT Feeds return mid conversation with Brit talking to Tiff how she is being considered unpredictable. Brit doesn’t know if it is a personal move or a game move.  Tiff asks what the difference and Brit says a personal move is I don’t like you. A game move ..  Tiff says, Ok I gotcha Brit feels Ky is making it about a personal game.


Brit tells Tiff that she and Ky had talked about deals, unfortunately they both remember the deals in two different ways. She says she isn’t going to fight it because it will piss people off. She says she is going with it was a misunderstanding and we now have clarity.

5:15PM BBT Brit says that what she thought was a done deal in his (Ky) mind it was I gave you two M&M’s and if I don’t put you on the block I will give you the third M&M for your part of the deal. Does that make sense?


Tiff says yes and repeats here are two M&M’s  Azah: I have no idea what that means. Tiff, so he did put you on the block so you didn’t get your third M&M?


Brit is saying it was a misunderstanding… Tiff, so it was a misunderstanding but not a misunderstand. Ok Ok.



scrnli_8_17_2021_5-52-15 PM.png

5:52PM BBT Brit is in the WA with Hannah relaying to her the supposed “misunderstanding” between her and Ky’s deals.  He called out my comprehensive about the deal which I don’t think he realized. He called my comprehensive level on how I preserved that conversation.


Hannah: Oh god what did he say?


Brit: Saying that my lack of comprehensive


Hannah: She said that?


Brit: Lack of comprehensive or little comprehensive.  He said the deals was he would give me two M&M’s and if I am not on the block come Monday he would give her the third M&M and now go do your part.

scrnli_8_17_2021_6-00-43 PM.png

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6:30PM BBT

Xavier is sporting a fro tonight as his alter ego "Lucius"  All of the HGs love his look. Lucius is an aggressive player strutting around and intimidating the females with his aggressive flirtation.

[I hope someone can grab a pic]


6:45PM BBT

The houseguests are eating a pasta and meatballs dinner prepared by Big D.

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7:00PM BBT

The houseguests are getting their COVID tests tonight.

Big D- I like the way they switch it up. The first week was alphabetical order then they went room to room. Tonight they are doing the girls before the guys. 

Xavier says his nose will never be the same again, "ever since we've been doing this stuff, my nose is so jacked up."


[I'm out for the night y'all. Today was an 11 hour day at school and students return tomorrow.  -MamaLong]

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8:29 pm Big Brother Time

Kyland is talking to Derek X.

He is not finishing his sentence, but he insinuates that if Derek X does not agree with his thinking, Derek X is not as smart as Kyland.

Derek X says he respects strategy in the game, he is inspired by that, he is interested in finishing the game alongside someone like that.

Kyland continues with his unfinished sentences, half thoughts and traveling from season to season in his head (I call these Kyland-isms—Grannysue).

Derek X continues to ask him questions that remain unanswered for the most part. Derek X says it would be hard to choose Kyland over Hannah, but Kyland has played the game much harder than Hannah. At the end of the game he could make that decision.

Kyland says he thinks that Derek X and Hannah are close, but he wonders if Derek X, Claire and Tiffany are close.

Derek X says he is not that close to Tiffany and Claire, he says his relationship with Tiffany is more like she is a mom who has helped him, and he shares thoughts with Claire.  He says to choose one of the two of them would be a toss up for him. Derek X tells Kyland that in the group (Detectives) he trusts him (Kyland) the most. --Derek X fibbed...
Derek X says that Tiffany and Claire want the Detectives to succeed but are worried that he (Kyland) is not as interested in success as they are.

Kyland says he thinks they haven't had time to talk much to Claire, He indicates that he would choose Tiffany over Derek X. 
Derek X say he would respect that decision if it were to happen.
Kyland says he doesn't know who Tiffany would choose, this week has him questioning his position with her.

Derek X says they don't really know what anyone would do in these scenarios. (Kyland is using the chess board to move groups and members around.)
Kyland is worried about the people in the game that he doesn't have insight with.  He wonders where the vote will be this week.
Derek X tells him that three of them will vote with Kyland without question, Azah is a question.
Kyland says even if she doesn't vote the way he wants it won't change anything. Kyland says when people worry about him not being “team” makes him want to be “team” more than ever.
Derek X tells Kyland that for him, he is leaning slightly toward keeping Britini over Big D because Big  D could potentially take over one of the final five spots. He feels Britini is a shield, she goes up and takes the place of one nomination every week. He thinks when the time Britini leaves it is an easier conversation than one with Alyssa and Xavier in it. Derek says he doesn't want to take a shot at Sarah Beth, she is close to Kyland, he thinks it isn't a good plan to go after either Xavier or Alyssa yet.
Kyland says if Britini goes this week, then Derek X could take out Big D next week.
Derek X says if one of the others win they would be less apt to take out Big D, if Britini is off the table then he (Derek X) is a bigger target. 
Kyland continues to keep Britini firmly in focus.
Derek X says he is 60 percent thinking of taking out Big D, 40 percent taking out Britini. He says if keeping Britini is detrimental to Kyland he would do as Kyland wishes.

Kyland says if the house is 60/40 keeping Britini his (Kyland's) want should not supersede.
Kyland says after talking to Britini today he is less upset with her, and he is a little more willing to think differently. He says he apologized for how his speech sounded, and would make sure the house knows how he feels.  Kyland says he apologized to Britini one on one, and asked her to take the time to take a breath and cool off emotions, then if campaigning against him is something helpful she should do it. (It sounds like he discouraged her from doing that without telling her not to, he made it sound like it would be neutral at best).

Kyland continues to say Britini is a better person to send out than Big D, even if Big D staying is considered a waste.  He would rather have Big D and Azah in the house than Britini and Azah in the house.  Kyland says both Britini and Big D can play next week in the BB High Roller, it would be better to have Big D do that—although he says anyone who plays can beat them--
(Kyland is not telling Derek X that his real reason is that he wants the Cookout to remain 6 players strong, don't forget that no matter what argument he has prepared, this is the bottom line of his goal to eliminate Britini, who is not in the Cookout and removing her weakens Azah, who has partnered her in 0-the game and is not someone he wants to move forward much past that group of 6--Grannysue)

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9:00pm Big Brother Time

Conversation between Kyland and Derek X continues.

Kyland says he thinks Alyssa will put up two weaker players first on her way to a back door plan to eliminate Derek X.  He says he isn't sure that Alyssa would think to play that way.

Derek X says if Big D stays, he is on the block, Alyssa pulls Azah down, he (Derek X) goes up against Big D and goes home.

At this point Kyland changes the subject to whether or not Xavier would beat them in a HOH competition. He says Xavier has a good social game that he (Kyland) does not have. He says at the end of the game that social game will matter if the final two become Xavier against either of them. (Kyland or Derek X).

Derek X asks if they should sit down with Xavier with intention, or not. 
Kyland says they can see how the conversation goes then decide. He says he is not comfortable with feeling good with Xavier, everyone does.  Kyland thinks he have moved in a positive way with Alyssa this week, so it is possible.
(Alyssa has Kyland directly on her radar, in my personal opinion I don't think he will be able to diffuse that situation for himself no matter what he does or promises)  

Derek X asks if Xavier would take out Big D, Kyland says “yes”, (Kyland knows that will not happen).
Derek X repeats that keeping Britini would not be that bad, either one staying brings them to the same place.
Derek X says they are at 11 people, they feel like they are at 6. Kyland agrees (for different reasons).
Kyland says he suspects that Xavier might be in a similar frame of mind regarding the number of people looking at him and how to reduce his odds by one less person. He has no idea how deep his commitment is to Alyssa since she was so attached to Christian. He wonders if Xavier would be willing to allow Alyssa to jeopardize his game after Christian has gone and wonders if Xavier would be more likely to move on from her in the game now.

They leave the room and go downstairs.

Cameras move to the kitchen with them then back to the HOH with Kyland.

Other camera is on the living room area, 

Kyland seems to be searching the little refrigerator, he grabs an armful of items and goes back to the kitchen area. He brings refrigerated snacks to the kitchen to share with the house.

Claire and Hannah are making ice cream snacks of some kind. 

9:23pm Big Brother Time
House guests are gathering in the living room area,
There might be a Big Blue Couch episode, but Xavier brings the camera out.
When Britini is called to the diary room Big D tells her they can't wait for her.  House guests say in unison, “No we have to wait for her.”
Big D grumbles, but decides to give in.

Xavier goes around the room with the camera.

9:48pm Big Brother Time
House guests are comparing themselves to reality stars.

9:51pm Big Brother Time
Kyland and Sarah Beth are in the lavatory, Kyland tells Sarah Beth that he agreed he would not campaign against Britini (to Britini). Kyland says as long as the house leans towards his preference he will keep his word to her, but if the house seems to change he will break his word.

Camera moves back to the living room area

House guests are now comparing themselves to dog breeds. (riveting)

Someone compared Big D to a “boxer”...(I laughed, ohhhh if they only knew just how accurate they were just now.)

10:00pm Big Brother Time

Big Blue Couch begins.

10:24pm Big Brother Time

Mafia game has begun.

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11:00pm Big Brother Time
Mafia game continues

11:52pm Big Brother Time

Tiffany and Hannah have stepped out of the game and are in the lavatory.
Tiffany tells Hannah that Derek X came out of the HOH after an hour and a half. He told Tiffany that he thought things went well.
Tiffany says she is confused about why he felt that way, things won't be changing.
Tiffany says Kyland needs to keep using a definite no, she says four of them could vote to keep Britini, but that would be dangerous.

Alyssa comes to the lavatory and they stop talking game.

Hannah leaves the lavatory shortly after Alyssa leaves.

12:00am WEDNESDAY MORNING Big Brother Time

The game continues but seems to be almost completed.

It is time for old ladies to find a comfy spot, fluff the pillows, cuddle the puppies and go to sleep. I hope your coming day is a wonderful one my dears—hugs, Grannysue

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