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America's Got Talent Season 16-Live Shows 1 - Results

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Live from Hollywood, it's AGT The Results! Here's your host, Terry Crews! Welcome to 60m of tension, nerves and fear. And Happiness! It's AGT The Results! Last night, 12 acts performed but tonight only 7 will survive as 5 acts will be eliminated.

Before we get to your results, here are your coaches: Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara and Simon Cowell! 

Last night, 12 acts performed for your votes: The Canine Stars, Peter Rosalita, Beyond Relief Dance Co., Madilyn Baily, Kabir Singh, Dustin Tavella, 1aChord, Gina Brilon, Gangstagrass, Sethward, Matt Johnson and Jimmie Herrod. Who did you vote through to the semi-finals?

Tonight' well find out which 7 acts will make it into the semi-finals. But there was somebody missing. Nightbird. At the auditions, her original song had an incredible impact around the world. Simon was so moved, he reached for the Golden Buzzer. 

Since then, Nightbird has had to drop out of the competition, but joined us recently to let us know how she's doing. Her audition performance has been seen over 200m times. She never imagined it would have that much impact - it was a song she wrote for herself.

Howie says you are the poster human for courage in the face of adversity, poise, beauty, & fight. Simon says you made the right decision to prioritize on your health. On behalf of everyone, you have not let anyone down - you have already won because of the impact you had.

Simon tears up as he thanks her for coming on the show & sharing her story & her spirit. Sophia & Heidi share similar thoughts. Nightbird says it has restored her faith in humanity to see people come together & show her support. It's the most beautiful thing in her life.

Back to this week's results, America, please welcome your 12 acts! They all cling to the golden dream of winning $1m and a headline show in Las Vegas. Tonight, 7 acts will take a step closer to that prize, but the other 5 will be heading home.

Based on your votes, the top 5 acts will go straight through to the semi-finals. The acts which came in 6th, 7th and 8th are in danger of going home. But you can save one of them with tonight's live (sorry, this is on DVR Delay) Instant Save. 

In no particular order, here are the acts in danger: Beyond Belief Dance Company, Kabir Singh & Madilyn Baily, please step forward. You can save one of these acts the vote is open now for 30 minutes (sorry, this is on DVR Delay). You can only put one act through tonight.

For the rest of the acts, 5 will go through to the semi-finals based on your votes last night. Here is the first result. Good luck to all of you.

1aChord and Gangstagrass, please step forward. Here we go. America has voted. The first act going into the semi-finals is...   1aChord! Thank you Gangstagrass.  1aChord is into the Semi-Finals!

The Twitter save has Kabir Singh leading Madilyn Bailey 46% to 30% w/Beyond Belief Dance getting 23% of the vote so far. (sorry, this is on DVR Delay). This week was the 1st time the acts performed live. Here's what went down in the Sonic Route 44 Lounge.

Last season's winner was a true breakout star. Week after week he stunned the country with his poems and became the voice of a new generation. Tonight he's back with a brand new piece. Please welcome the With Our Words Youth Poetry Collective and Brandon Leake!

Tonight's recitation is the story of growing up in Stockton and dreamers everywhere trying to break through. Brandon has a new album, a movie coming in December and his child will be born in 2 weeks. And he will begin a residency in Vegas in November with AGT Live!

We all want to know who else you put through to the semi-finals. Here is the next result. The Canine Stars, Gina Brilon and Sethward, please step forward. America has voted. The next act going into the semi-finals is...   Gina Brilon! Thank you Sethward & Canine Stars.

That's two act through to the semi-finals and right now, one more is going to make it. Peter Rosalita and Jimmie Herrod, please step forward. Peter makes the sign of the cross. America has voted, and the next act going into the semi-finals is...   Both of you!

That's four down and one to go. here's the next result. Dustin Tavella and Matt Johnson, please step forward. America has voted. The next act going into the semi-finals is...   Dustin Tavella! Thank you Matt Johnson.

Back in 2017, a 12yr old girl walked out on stage with her best friend, a puppet called Petunia and went on to win the season. Now a big star, make some noise for Darcey Lynne! She's brought her mouse Oscar who has a GF - a squirrel. No nut jokes. Let The Good Times Roll!

Tonight's Instant Vote is closed (sorry, this is on DVR Delay). Only one act will be instantly voted through to the Semi-Finals. Please welcome back the three acts in danger: Beyond Belief Dance Company, Kabir Singh and Madilyn Bailey. Good luck, here we go.

The act going through to the semi-finals on your Instant Save is...   Kabir Singh! 

We are down to the last two acts: Beyond Belief Dance Company and Madilyn Bailey. Who will earn the Judges' Save for the final spot in the semi-finals? It's the last result of the night!

Six acts have made it through to the semi-finals and there is 1 spot left. Judges, it is up to you. Heidi votes for Beyond Belief Dance Company. Sophia picks Beyond Belief Dance Company. Howie votes for Madilyn Bailey. Simon votes to let America decide; he votes Madilyn.

Both act have received 2 judges votes each, so now the act that received the most votes from you at home will go through. Here we go. Based on America's Vote, the act going into the Semi-Finals is...   Madilyn Bailey! We say goodbye to Beyond Belief Dance Company.

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