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America's Got Talent Season 16-Live Shows 1

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We are at the Dolby theater for the live shows for AGT! Terry greets us and welcomes the judges.


Up first is The Canine Stars and it is the dogs who are supposed to be like the judges and using their voices and then we see some other dogs some tricks.


Howie thinks The Canine Stars stepped it up. Heidi says they were so amazing and she loved it. Sofia says what a way to open the show. It was so much fun and it was a unique dog show. Simon says this was better and clever than the first audition.


Our next act is Peter Rosalita and he is a singer. He has decided to sing I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston. He gets a standing ovation from everyone in the theater. Heidi says Peter is amazing and he makes her so happy.


Sofia says she cannot believe that voice is coming out of him and it is unbelievable. Simon says he is gutsy and has determination and will sail through, but next time to choose a song that does not sound like his mother chose it. Howie says what a professional.


Beyond Belief Dance Company is up next. The group of seven girls are featured on the stage dancing and they get an ovation as well. Sofia says she thinks they are getting better and better and that was spectacular.


Simon says Beyond Belief Dance Company is so good and they have so much talent and personality. Howie says these kids are amazing and have so much energy. Heidi says this was everything and they were fantastic.


Next is Madilyn Bailey and she is going to sing Titanium by Sia. She gets an ovation from Simon and the audience. Simon says he thought that was absolutely brilliant and a great performance.


Howie says Madilyn was good but he responded better to the quirkiness of the internet. Heidi thought she looked beautiful and she was surprised to hear her sing a cover.


Kabir Singh is a comedian and he is ready to take the stage for his set. He gets an ovation from the audience. Howie says he is so authentic and real and relatable and loveable and he is proud of him.


Heidi loved Kabir too and his set made her thinks about her mom. Sofia says she is so happy he is here and she had the best time and she is glad he is here. America will love him. Simon says he is very likable.


Dustin Tavella is a magician and he is our next act. Dustin has Howie on stage with him for his act. He gets an ovation from everyone. Heidi says his kids have the coolest dad and she feels all warm and fuzzy inside.


Sofia says Dustin has his own special kind of magic and it’s beautiful and he is a storyteller. She thinks he is at the right place. Simon says he was amazing and the way he tells stories during his act is what makes him unique.


1Achord is up next and they are a trio of singers who just recently met. They take the stage and perform Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. They get an ovation from everyone. Sofia says that was spectacular and she thinks they are going to do so well.


Simon says 1Achord has been the best performance of the night so far. He thinks they are just magic. Howie says he thinks they created a lane that does not exist right now and he would buy a ticket to their concert. Heidi says it was heavenly.


We have another comedian, Gina Brillon, and she takes the stage for her set. Simon says she is very funny, but he sensed a lot of nerves with her and everyone else disagrees. Simon did not think it was better than the first audition.


Howie thought Gina was as good as last time and he thought tonight paid off. Heidi says she loved her and she laughed the entire time. Sofia says she was having the best time and she is so funny and she was feeling represented.


Gangstagrass is up next and they are ready to take the stage. Howie says this is what America needs, but the idea is so much better than the actual music. He thought that was underwhelming.


Heidi thought Gangstagrass was a lot of fun. Sofia thought it was amazing and they are unique and they are in the right place. Simon says he has liked every act, but a previous act had a moment, and this group did not, but they are likeable and talented.


Sethward is up next and he is back as the peacock. Simon buzzes him. He goes to fly and there are fireworks and he falls down the stairs on fire. We see him covered and rises as a phoenix.


Sofia is confused about Sethward’s act. Howie says it is amazing how he makes nothing out of so much. Heidi says she was laughing but she does not know at what. Simon says it was absolutely, bloody awful.


Matt Johnson is up next and he is a danger act. He has to unlock himself from a door to avoid a saw. He is successful. Simon says that was very scary, but he thought the noises were a bit over the top.


Sofia says she is glad Matt is ok. Every time he comes it gets worse and it is horrific. Howie says he taught them not to give up. Heidi says it did not make her warm and fuzzy inside.


The final act of the night is Sofia’s golden buzzer, Jimmie Herrod. He takes the stage and sings Pure Imagination by Gene Wilder. Sofia says she looks like a star and that was spectacular and she does not have words for what he makes her feel.


Simon says Jimmie is one of those singers who will not be forgotten. He thinks Jimmie is an artist who is headed straight for Broadway. Heidi says Jimmie is the million dollar act. Howie agrees with them and he thinks Jimmie is the singer to beat. That was perfection.

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