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Wednesday, August 11, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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 9:00AM BBT WBRB Wakey Wakey


 9:23AM BBT Feeds return with Big D in a towel saying that for my game, only my game,  I’m going to sit my ass down right now (blue couch), mind my own business until either Christian comes to talk to me or SB comes to talk to me. I have nothing to say and to be honest they might not get anything out of me today because like that is going to get me into trouble to the point I get kicked out of the house. It is different than playing the game, trying to help or let’s figure out how we can work together and not get blood on our hands then coming in here like you some boss bitch like you run shit. I don’t like that. That’s the trigger for me. Everyone has been wondering what is my trigger, it’s Tiffany. So, I am going to calm down, sit my ass in the corner and mind my own business.  


 9:26AM BBT Azah and Brit are hearing Big D out. Azah starts whispering to Big D but it is hard to hear what she is saying. I do catch her pointing up and saying she is not afraid of that Bruh and she continues to whisper.



9:30AM BBT Feeds return to Azah and Brit laying in bed and Big D sitting on a bench. The room is quiet.


9:31AM BBT Christian and Alyssa are up, visit the loo, change their batteries and Alyssa goes in the BR with Big D, Azah and Brit and lays down in the bed.  Christian heads to the HNR where X is.


X begins telling Christian let’s do this. You are going to go through your arguments and I will be the other side of the house so you can be prepared. I stayed up last night trying to think what everyone’s arguments would be against you.

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9:36AM BBT X is still explaining to Christian the plan to go through all possible arguments. X says you need to be prepared, they may or may not listen but you have to be prepared. I can’t be in there with you so you, you have to do it on your own.


9:40AM BBT No Napping. Big D throws up his arms like he was the one being accused of napping.


9:44AM BBT X and Christian are going through the comps Christian won. Much of what is being said is throwing the target on DX and the amount of wins he won or came close to.


10:11AM BBT SB enters the YBR with Big D, Brit and Azah. Big D tells SB that if you want to have 1 on 1’s I will do mine tonight, I will tell Christian the same thing. SB: You will have yours? Why are you having one? Big D : You, if you want to have one with me. SB: Oh yeah, of course. Big D : I’m going to do mine tonight because I am dealing with some shit today. SB:


10:21AM BBT X and Christian are still going over arguments to prepare Christian for his one on ones. 


10:41AM BBT X and Alyssa head downstairs to the kitchen to see if there are any club sandwiches left. X says if there is that is going to be his breakfast. X opens the fridge and says OH samwhiches (no typo)




10:44AM BBT Feeds return and we hear Big D say to Azah and Brit. Can I be honest? It’s like this…  Please like Whitney, Frenchie, Brent, Britini even Hannah did their talks. They didn’t corner anybody, they didn’t send their dogs out. This is a game, fuck that.  That’s little boy shit. You came in here hiding behind your muscles, you got in a showmance with Alyssa. What you want me to do? I told him from the get go chill out. Alyssa could be making girlfriends and hanging out.


11:00AM BBT X heads to the WA where SB is getting ready. He tells her that if she wants to go over anything with him before the one on ones just let him know.

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11:16AM BBT X is in the HNR pouting. He was in the KT napkin in hand and getting a sammy and Sarge told him to STOP. Christian asked if he is sure Sarge was talking to him. X says yes  They can only eat the sandwiches when they are given as part of Ky’s punishment.

scrnli_8_11_2021_2-39-00 PM.png


1:33PM BBT Big D is telling X what happened between him and Tiff the previous night. He tells X that he was livid and he had to remind himself that he left the Philly Derek F outside of the house.


1:35PM BBT Christian and SB have been their one on ones for the past couple of hours. Nothing is being said that is unexpected.




1:45PM BBT Feeds return to with Big D now filling Ky regarding the situation with Tiff.

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3:45PM BBT

Christian is campaigning to Claire in the Have Not Room. He says "Why take take me out now? Adding me to your resume is going to be something to talk about on finale night. You want Derek to do it? Why, when I could help you out now?"

*WBRB Bubbles


3:58PM BBT

Tiffany is speaking with Baby D in the HoHR. Tiffany is being a bit aggressive with her conversation, clearly trying to flip the target to SB. . DX tells her that SB is an easier target to get out later. Tiffany says that she doesn't want her to have anything that she doesn't have (suggesting a secret power which does not exist anywhere other than Tiffany's imagination and a few others she has convinced). Tiffany says that SB has him fooled. Tiffany insists to DX that SB had him fooled in just 5 minutes, nad he believed everything she said. DX says he gave SB the money because he wanted her to trust him and he does not play with his heart. 

[If Tiffany isn't careful, she's going to piss off too many HGs.  -MamaLong]

Tiffany tells DX that she has more influence over Christian than Alyssa. He asks if she trusts Christian or Ky more. She answers, "Christian...He can't lie to me."


4:01PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles

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[Why is Big D mad at Tiffany, you ask. Well, Tiffany has pretty aggressive tactics. We have all seen them. But Big D has had enough. This is what he told Ky earlier this afternoon: "She remind me of dudes and girls that act like that and think they can walk all over people. And I don't like the way she talked to Britini. I don't go and manipulate Claire! And then you go and talk to Azah when she has been trying to open up...she just nods her head mm hmm. ' Just go with the plan.' (mocking Tiffany) Why are you coming to us?  I'm telling you...she is trying to bake the cake and eat it too. It's hard for me because I know this girl." (meaning he knows her type)

Ky just listens and says that he thinks TIffany has been working with the Cookout but trying to wok other angles too.]


4:07PM BBT

Te feeds return to Christian still campaigning to Claire in the HNR.

Xavier is now in the HoHR talking to Tiffany. 

Tiff- I know that I am no longer on that side of the house.

X- so it's DX and Ky and Hannah...so it's really just DX on an island. You've got Claire. Big D and Azah have to come to us. SO what? It's DX and Britini, the one he put on the block? No. He is basically on an island by himself.

Tiff-for my own personal game, it benefits me to have DX the way it benefits you to have Christian. 

X- I agree

Tiff- If I flip this house, I need to find a way that I still have DX with me.

Tiffany says she has to convince Christian not to go after DX next week.

X- the only person Christian would go after besides DX is Ky

They discuss who would have to nominate Ky and Britini


4:25PM BBT

Back in the HoHR, Tiffany is still working Xavier on her personal plan to flip this vote.

Tiff- Just like you want to keep Christian an little longer, I want to keep DX a little bit longer

X- okay, so we don't target either of them next week

Tiff- okay, now what will we do?

X- We have to get that 5th vote

Tiff- if we do this me and Claire will vote together


X- me and Alyssa already promised Christian our vote

Tiff- Derek F doesn't really give a shit. I think we could get Derek F to vote with us, but is Derek F Ky's or is he yours?

X- I think Derek F is closer to me than Ky

He wants a girl to go so you use that against him

X- mm hmm

Tiff says he wants to talk with Claire

X says they just need to work and get that 5th vote

Tiff says she has to get Christian and DX to make a deal with each other. I am not going to just flip my vote. I want DX to know that CHristian will be staying because we have an agreement

X says they say they are both going after each other "we tell them... we will give you both a week to figure that shit out. 

Tiff likes this idea. "We say we can we sit on opposite sides at this point so if you betray them and you betray them we all are fucked and we don't trust either one of y'all." They both agree this will work.

X- after that it is what it is

Tiff- we get rid of a pawn so we can actually play the game

X- yep and Britini is gonna have t go home

They tell them both that neither will be a target next week but then it is what it is so it's in their best interest to work together. No backdoor bullshit. Even Steven because you tried that punk ass shit

Tiff- that's it. I'm down. Let's do it.

X-Gotta do what we gotta do.  Time to flip a house. THis is where the game gets good

Tiffany cackles

X- Tiff, something is wrong with you

Tiff- I love this game

They decide to get Big D and Azah to vote out SB but they won't tell Britini.


4:30PM BBT

TIffany grabs Claire to talk in the HoHR

Tiff- Claire, I am struggling

Claire- Tiffany, I am struggling too

Tiffany tells Claire that she is trying to convince him to keep Christian. Tiff says that she is frustrated with Britini and can't trust her because she keeps coming to her with tears and wanting emotional support "I am not her emotional support. Her emotional support is in that bed" (Big D)

Claire agrees they cannot trust Britini "I think if we told the Jokers we were voting to keep CHristian, they would do it.

Tiff- the way we get DX to agree to keep Christian...some trust has to be established. We get me, you, Christian and Xavier in the same room and we say that we want Christian to stay because we want SB to go, but it is beneficial to our game and your game DX because you are both shields for each other...but CHristian has to agree that he will not go for DX next week. 

Tiff- I'm at the point where I almost want to get rid of Britini but I know he wants to get rid of Ky. Fine. Put them both on the block and after that they can go head to head with each other. I need to have a piece of peace in this game. We still need DX. He is not gonna like it, but we have to convince him that Christian will not go after him.

Claire- he did agree to Ky...I don't know if there will ever be trust between them

Tiff- If Christian lies to the team, he loses the trust of everybody and same for DX

Claire asks what Xavier had to say. Tiff says she told X she doesn't want him to go home and what can he do to make that happen. Xavier says he can control CHristian. THis is why I didn't want him to put Christian on the block. He has shown his cards.

Claire- yep, he has shown his cards. Trust has been lost. It's going to be a messy shot.

Tiff- we still have our 5; if we vote for him to go I know that you and I are on the bottom of that other side. And Christian does not have a reason to trust us if we don't vote him out, and we still have his vote

Tiffany says four of them have volunteered to be Have-Nots next week so they are working together (SB, Hannah, DX and Ky)

Claire- I believe that! I do! 

Tiff- we need to stick with our 5)

Claire- I believe that. I believe that (she repeats 2 more times) I believe Hannah and DX have something with them (ChrisAlys)

Tiff- then it would be the 6 of us. 

Tiffany gets the chess pieces: 



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11:41am BBT Christian sulking about, feeling hopeless decides to pound the bed repeatedly and sulk some more. [His fate starts brightening through no actions of his own about 4 or so hours from this point when Tiff comes out of the DR magically thinking she should keep him. - BBLurkerPlus]

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Tiff- Ky and DX, I mean they are all pawns to me; Azah Britini, Hannah

Claire says Brit cornered her in the bathroom saying "he has good points...she wants to keep him bad" (Brit wants to keep Christian)

Tiff points out that she has tried to help Brit, but she doesn't take her advice and ends up conflicted.  "Okay Ky, DX, Hannah, Azah, Big D this is why I said we have Hannah. Hannah is smart. Hannah would rather be over there than over here, but even though she needs DX. She will probably do this.

Claire agrees 


4:41PM BBT

*The feeds move to Britini talking to DX, Azah & Big D in the YBR. DX is telling them that Tiffany and Claire are wanting to flip the vote

Big D is frustrated with all this drama "and that's why I went off on Tiff last night" Big D wants to just go tell Christian that nobody is voting for him to stay and move on

Britini says she is okay with all of this (voting Christian out)

Azah says that they (Jokers) don't govern each other on the decisions they make...5 votes are solid. These votes here are solid. So if there is any hanky panky. It's not us

Big D says he is going to go talk to Christian and tell him "I don't want any headache. If I got to be the burden of bad news then I be the burden of bad news"

Big D leaves. DX tells him "Big D, keep your emotions"

Big D says he will tell him there is nothing they can do "this is what it is"


4:45PM BBT

Back in the HoHR, Claire says she thinks they need to keep Christian.

Claire- if we tell DX we are 

Tiff- but he knows from day 1 that I said I was not voting Christian out. If the Jokers plan to keep him, I am the swing!


5:05PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


5:15PM BBT Still Bubbles


5:26PM BBT Feeds are still on Bubbles

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5:27PM BBT

Feeds return to a clearly agitated TIffany talking with Claire and DX in the HoHR

DX- Tiff, you want to keep Christian. I feel like you want to keep Christian

Tiff- yes. You will get the truth. When they say they have interpreted things I've said and done, that is an assumption because they don't know me. Want to see me??? I will show them the real me. What do I want? My want has always been the same. I want SB to go home.

DX_ appreciate it

Tiff-I am on fire right now. I need a cigarette or a shot of tequila

DX- want a beer

Tiff- I don't know that might....I need a Xanax. I need to calm down because my heart is racing. I am livid. They way they came in here when I asked for was Britini. I don't like it. DIs she so fucking weak that they have to fucking protect her like I am going to mindfuck her in this bedroom? She is smarter than both of them in this game. She playing the shit out of them, too.........I'm sorry

Claire- You're fine

DX- you're good

Tiff goes off again "I don't have anything to say to any of them Jokers......I'm sorry

DX- you're good

Tiff- I'm gonna blow the fuck up

DX advises Tiffany to stay away from Big D "I don't want you to blow up your game because of a stupid thing

Tiff- I am so pissed but I want to calm down. I am so fucking livid. Don't EVER come at me like that.

Claire- mm hmm  That was some bullshit. They came up here 'What's going on...What's happening'


5:38PM BBT

Now the three of them are laughing going back over the details of the conflict that was just blocked by the feeds


Tiff leaves the room saying she needs to go calm down. Derek X and Claire are still talking about tomorrow's eviction.

Claire- I think Alyssa would potentially try to work with us. Ky was like, 'why wouldn't you just say no to me?' 

Claire says she told him she will do what she wants

They begin whispering too low for me to understand

Claire- the thing is it does make more sense to keep Christian for her and for me because I can't trust SB in this game

DX- that's fair...they are not coming for you. I can't tell you what Ky has said to me, but he wants me more than SB

Claire- Ky is also trying to feed me a bunch of information about X...It's not what X told me

DX- I want to work with you guys long game; I don't want you to be paranoid

Claire repeats that keeping Christian is what is best for her game and Tiffany's game.

DX argues that Christian is the biggest comp threat "and you are talking about keeping him?"

Tiffany is chilling by listening to DX's music

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6:01PM BBT

Xavier enters the HoHR and tells DX and CLaire "Let me handle this" They leave

X- Alright. SHit! What the hell happened. Okay, after all that fun. I think what we had schemed would have worked but after what went on

Tiff- I had it..Claire was on board

X keeps repeating "I know"

Tiff- I felt she would be more quiet with the plan

Sarge (VERY LOUD)- Please put on your microphone

Tiff- my bad. Damn! *something unbecoming*

Xavier (to Sarge) She's sorry. She's just upset right now

Tiff- they fucking know

Tiff says they worked out the entire plan and needed just one more vote and wanted to talk to Brit to get her vote because they felt Big D was questionable and wouldn't keep his mouth shut "Baby D knows I want to keep Christian here. I have not kept it a secret from him."

X- mm hmm

*WBRB Bubbles


Tiffany explains what happened to Xavier

Tiff-okay so I came in there looking for Britini cause I thought she was in the Have-Not room but it was you and Christian. Christian, he so over zealous but he don't know no better because he don't know the tension from last night between me, Azah and Big D  

Xavier- so he goes and tells Britini hey Tiffany is looking for you..in front of Big D and then

Tiff- Hold on...hold on..ugh uh, but it wasn't that...they all came stomping through. All of them. (Tiff gets tongue-tied on Claire's name and X tells her she is too hood to speak right now) Claire laying down, Big D opened the door. I'm standing there.  Big D came in. Britini walks in. and Azah standing at the door. I was like "What's up?"

Christian was like, 'she wanted to talk to Britini'

Big D was like 'I don't know what the problem is if we are all on the same page We here.'

Tiff- Azah was like, I don't know what the fuck Azah said so I said Brit you know what, we just talk at a different time

Big D was ike 'we can talk right now if y'all want to talk' I said I just wanted to talk to Britini.

X- this is where Detroit and Philly can't

Tiff- this is where black people can't fucking stick together because if we got the Cookout y'all mother fuckers ain't never supposed to come at me like that

X- there are people out there

Tiff- I don't care

Xavier- girl, this shit ain't done yet; have a seat, please  (he is trying to calm down Tiffany)


6:06PM BBT

Tiffany continues to rant but lowers her voice and sits

tiff- if we got the Cookout X, why are these two people coming at me. That makes no fucking sense

Xavier- I know

Tiff- if you want to talk to someone...if you want to talk to Baby D and he fucking got to come with Kyland and Sarah Beth just to fucking talk to you and Ky is supposed to be on your fucking side...would you not look at me and Ky like why the fuck would y'all agree to that?

Xavier- Bets

Tiff- She need a bodyguard to talk to me? Like I'm gonna jump a bitch? Y'all so far up Britini's ass that 

Xavier- I don't know what the fuck happened last night, but whatever happened last night...

Tiff- I'll tell you what happened last night

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Tiffany explains that Britini came to her. Brit was wanting advice from Tiffany saying she was "in a pickle (with Christian). I gave her three options" (Tiffany talks as fast as I do, but I cannot type or write as fast as Tiffany talks, so here is the summary): Tiffany provided advice to Brit but Brit wasn't willing to take anything she suggested, so she felt Brit really didn't want the advice, she had already made up her mind and was just acting. "The fact that she can't do that (suggestion to tell CHristian she just doesn't know what she is going to do) tells me she gonna vote for Christian, well okay." So Tiffany went to Big D and Azah and told them that it was "unfair to Christian because he thinks he needs just one vote...he needs fucking three." Big D got upset and Brit came back later crying wanting to talk to her and Tiff was consoling her but Azah approached wanting to talk, too. Tiffany said "I would rather talk tomorrow"  

Azah came to her, again, when she was in bed ready to go to sleep and wanted to talk but Tiff told her no they can talk later 'I always take the back seat when Azah wants to talk to me. I do that for her. Tiffany continues saying that Azah is always dumping her emotions on her. "She gets to say what she want to say. I hold that bag. She releases and I keep it. You don't get to do that to me in my sleep" Tiffany expresses that it is a lot to carry and she can only handle so much. She says she and Azah are oil and water.   

Xavier- Britini was in the room?

Tiff- yeah

Xavier- Tiffany

"If I agreed to work with the 6, don't fuck with me like that....you don't come and confront me."

Xavier- facts

Tiff- Who the fuck you protect from me?

Xavier- fact

Tiff- Ami I pissed? I am fucking livid. I need to go. I need to be checked right now.

Xavier- I know. think this is what has to happen. We had a nice little scheme. We had it

Tiff- I know. I want to fucking play, but now I can't even talk to Britini

Tiffany says she can't talk to Brit because she goes to them with everything "I don't know what game they came in here to play, but they came in the wrong house

Xavier- We tried to scheme, but that shit got blown up because of Big D and Azah. So now we ask everyone in the 6 who do we want out and go with that. (he reviews the votes) It's gonna be 4 to 2. We got to bow down"

Tiff- That's fine. I'm okay with that. I don't have a problem with that. I have a problem with how the fuck they keep coming at me. I'm at the point where  I'm about to blow.

X- don't let that happen. You can't let that happen

Tiff- they shouldn't have even pushed me there because it wasn't about them

Xavier- it was about any of us (he means the Cookout)

Tiff- I'm cool with that

Xavier- I know and I'm glad you took some time to get yourself right

Tiff- I am so cool with that. THis is a game to me. That shit was fucking personal. 

Xavier- I understand. I agree



6:16PM BBT

Xavier says they are the only two of the Cookout to see that Tiffany's plan was good. They have to drop it. Tiff agrees but says "we ain't playing the same game." She is only playing with them because of the 6 but if she chose who she wanted to play with  "that would be you, that would be Hannah, that would probably be Claire, and Christian, but only Christian because he is strong but then has to go.

X- but they are not seeing that...because the 6 exists, there has to be a compromise

Tiff- I can compromise because they are in the 6 but they should not be fucking coming at me

Xavier says they were in the wrong and they know it. He thanks Tiff for talking and for cooling off

Tiff- I ain't cool yet

X- I know...just keep listening to music.

Tiff asks if CHristian understands now. "I think I got his hopes up"

Xavier tells her that he talked to him and said "if you go home on that then you went out bangin"

Xavier tells Tiff that Big D and Azah screwed up a good thing "but we can flip on that anymore...we can send her ass out next week"

Tiff- it don't even matter now

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6:24PM BBT

Xavier goes to talk with Azah in the HNR. Azah says the situation was crazy because she didn't see what the big deal was going in with Britini. Xavier says things can't get personal with the Cookout. The six needs to stick together [MamaLong disagrees] Xavier says the vote will be 7 to 2. He says he will hold some mediation meetings to get them all back together.

Xavier- This game!!!

Azah- I'm tired of you mother fuckers

Xavier- we ar e family and we are gonna fight. We still got the same goal in mind.

Azah- yeah, we do

Xavier- moving forward...no tension. Only good vibes.

Azah says she will try "We'll see"

X- I appreciate you

Azah- I appreciate you, too



6:34PM BBT

Xavier is talking to the camera. Try to have a little bit of fun. Try to have a little bit of fun!...(now to Christian) you're my boy; I did everything I could; all my best arguments and they clearly worked because Tiffany was ready to flip this house. But I can't jeopardize this. (Cookout) You and me are like this, but this (Cookout) means something way bigger, man. I hope you can understand this.


7:04PM BBT

Tiffany is talking with DX and Hannah in the HoHR running over the recent dramatic events.

Tiff- Three people came up here and I felt like I was about to get jumped like I was in high school again...and they were like, oh, you got Claire with you 

They are laughing at the situation now

*WBRB Bubbles




7:21PM BBT

Ky is whispering with SB in the coral reef room. H eis assuring her they have the votes.


7:30PM BBT

Big D and Azah are in the YBR. Azah says this is Tiffany upset having a tantrum because she wants him to stay. Big D agrees.

Big D is talking smack about Tiffany "You have to respect your elders. She is an old,old woman. Respect your elders. She is the know all be all. Do you know what Travis said to me before he left? He said watch out for Tiffany. She's not being honest about something."


[Sheesh! -MamaLong]

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7:57PM BBT

Hannah and Tiff are talking in the HoHR. Hannah says that if X does not win this double then Derek X is walking out the door. If Hannah wins, she will target SB. Hannah says that Big D and Azah are more loyal o Cookout but they are still trying to protect her. Alyssa is the only one with incentive to target members of the Cookout. If Ky and X are the first to lose their pawns and one of their pawns wins, it could be "very tempting" to put up Ky and Xavier. 

Tiff- so you think it should be SB then Britini

Hannah says its good to keep her as long as possible because they can always use her as a pawn.

Tiff doesn't want to keep Britini long. Hannah feels there will be  battle back.


8:02PM BBT

Xavier enters the HoHR and says there is a house meeting right now in the living room. "Shit is about to get real."

Hannah- oh God

Tiff- I hope it's just a game of mafia


Tiffany heads to the coral reef room then talks to the camera "Hi America. I'll be with y'all in a minute. I got to see what's going on"


8:05PM BBT

Xavier- this is the first BB house meeting. I would like to consider this X's gathering. What I would like to do is play a game. This game involves murder.  [They do indeed begin a game of mafia  -MamaLong]

It seems the Bucket Hat Bandits are at it again and this time murder is involved.

Xavier chooses the bandits: Azah, Hannah and Sarah Beth and a detective K9: Britini. Next, Xavier selects a fairy: (I think it was Christian...hard to tell because X dances around everywhere to mask his choosing)

The bandits choose Britini as the victim. It appears that Britini has identified an accused across from her (could be Alyssa, Ky, Baby D or Christian) X asks the fairy to open "thine eyes" and Christian doesn't. He says it again, and nothing. He hits Chris on the leg and he opens his eyes and chooses someone to save. He moths the name and I think it's Azah. (not positive)


8:30PM BBT

[I'm out for the night.  -MamaLong]

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8:30pm Big Brother Time

House guests are playing Mafia.

Kyland is called to make a club sandwich.

A few house guests who may have been eliminated from the game are also in the kitchen.

No game talk.

8:49pm Big Brother Time

Tiffany and Christian are cuddling in the bedroom.
Tiffany tells Christian she tried, she doesn't trust anyone in the house.
Christian, “even me?”
Tiffany, “pfft.”

Tiffany said when she tried to talk to them in the HOH, Britini came in with all those people.
Christian says he thinks Britini drug them with her.
Tiffany says she was offended when Kyland and Claire came in and questioned her about why she wanted to talk to Britini. She says it was uncalled for, it was personal and she doesn't like it.  She tells Christian there is still time, she isn't going to give up.
Tiffany, 'I love you.”
Christian, “I am not having more game talk.” He tells her the only game talk that matters to him is what she is having for him.  He knows he has to be patient.

(Christian sounds defeated. Tiffany kisses the top of his head.)
Claire comes through, she has on a new costume.
Christian says he is just going to enjoy more time with “her” (Alyssa) and he leaves the cuddle.

Tiffany remains on the bed, she is staring at her Bible, looks tense, (her face is not relaxed into the smile we are used to seeing)

Camera moves back to the kitchen area, Kyland continues to torture the sandwich food.

Sarah Beth has come into the room with Tiffany, Claire is also there. Sarah Beth must have asked Tiffany for a one on one, Tiffany tells her she will let her know when she is ready.

Britini comes in showing her nails, she says she didn't do them very well. Tiffany, “you should have asked me.”

Kyland comes in with the sandwiches, there are three portions, he gave one to Derek X.
The three of them are talking about their personalities in general.

Christian, Alyssa, Xavier and Britini are in the lavatory.
Christian is telling them if they change the votes and he stays, Britini and Alyssa and Xavier will not hit the block  
Britini says she I afraid she is being “fronted” right now. She mentions something that happened last night that has her questioning her position once again, but she does not elaborate.
Alyssa says if Britini votes to keep Christian no one will ever know she voted for him to stay. She says this is the week to vote for “your game.”

Christian says this could be the week that changes the whole game, it will remove people from power.
Alyssa says all Britini has to do is tell Tiffany she is voting for Christian to stay.
Christian tells her it will be a short conversation, and she should tell Tiffany she will not change her mind.
Christian tells her if he finds out the votes are against him, he will let her know so she can vote with the house.

They are counting on Claire, Tiffany, Xavier and Alyssa voting with Britini as the five needed. 
(Last I heard, Xavier is voting to keep Sarah Beth, but I could be missing a key change in his plan between midnight last night and now)

In the HOH Kyland is talking to Derek X about the order of people being called to the diary room.

Britini has gone to the Yacht bedroom, she is crying and pacing. She tries to compose herself and signals for Xavier to come to the room. She tells him if this messes up, everyone will hate her.
He asks her not to consider Christian or Alyssa, but her own game.  She tells him that she wants Christian to stay, but she is scared to death that she will become a target.

Britini is really afraid if he stays she will become the target, and she doesn't know what to do. She is crying while she talks. She says everyone is telling her that they are not voting to keep Christian, including Tiffany and Claire.

Xavier asks when they said that they were voting him out, she tells him after the blow up last night.
Xavier tells her it is okay to say she wants Christian to stay, but the votes are not there. He doesn't want to send anyone home.

Britini says it was uncomfortable last night, she didn't know what was happening. She knows Christian will help her game more but she really doesn't think he has the votes. She knows there were people that  did not want her to come off the block and blame her for the troubles of the week.

She says she doesn't want to have another conversation with Tiffany again, Xavier says he can stay in the room with her if she wants.  Britini says she will be okay with talking to her alone. Xavier advises her on how to answer safely.  Xavier says he is not happy with Alyssa and Christian putting her on the spot and telling her what to say. Xavier says he doesn't like the idea of putting words in someone's mouth.

Britini is still sobbing, she is feeling the pressure of her perception of position in the house.

Xavier says if either one stays he will love it, but she needs to talk to Tiffany in her words, not theirs. She needs to do this in a way that feels comfortable.  She is not in a position to be forced into anything, she was on the block and took herself off,  so she does not have to do anything.
Britini asks if she looks stressed, Xavier says “nah, can't even tell, is it the red eyes or tripping over water bottles?”

Big D comes into the room Xavier tells him to give them a minute, Xavier says he will go get Tiffany for her. He tells Britini to make it quick if she wants, and she can come to him if she wants instead of Alyssa and  Christian.

He goes to find Tiffany, motions for her to come. She fools around with Claire's hat for a second, then goes to the yacht bedroom.

Britini asks Tiffany if she is seriously considering keeping Christian.
Tiffany says she was thinking about it, it is no secret, she even told Derek X about it.
Britini says it is tough for her, Christian has never said her name, but Sarah Beth...she isn't sure how to feel.
Britini says Alyssa and Christian have told her that Tiffany's vote was contingent on her (Britini)'s vote.
Tiffany tells Britini she has changed the direction of the vote because she felt they were “protecting” here, not allowing Tiffany to have a confidential talk with Britini.
Tiffany tells Britini that she trusts her more than “those two.”, Britini tells Tiffany she loves her, and understood what Tiffany was telling her.

Britini tells Tiffany that Big D and Azah saw her talking to Christian,then go towards talking to Tiffany, they panicked, wanted to know what was up

Tiffany says the moment to do that has passed, there is no way to fly under the radar with this. She says there is still time, but she will not sell Christian a dream.  Tiffany says her relationship is not that strong with Alyssa and Christian.

Tiffany says now that it is out there, everyone will come after her and blame her for it.  Any time two people feel they have to be present in a conversation between two people, they are considered threats. They (Azah and Big D) need to know they have Britini, although she can come to them if she needs to.

Britini says Christian told her if the votes go wrong, he gives her his blessing to vote him out.  Tiffany says if they keep Christian, Britini cannot hide her vote, and further, they will think Tiffany forced Britini to keep Christian with her vote.

Tiffany says she is 51/49 sending Christian home, if the whole thing hadn't happened with Azah and Big D, there would be much less damage control to be done.  Tiffany says she is going to think about it, but right now it will cause drama.

Tiffany asks, “what to you tell Derek X if you vote to keep Christian?” She says she has been upfront with Derek X about what she wants, but he also knows she will respect the HOH in this vote.

Tiffany says they have trust in Britini, that shows by them trying to insert themselves.  Tiffany tells Britini that she needs to keep their trust.

Britini says she is worried about Alyssa and Christian going to jury together, and who takes the shot next?  Britini says they can beat Sarah Beth, Tiffany says she wants Sarah Beth out this week, she doesn't' want Sarah Beth in jury.  After this week it is a matter of time and doesn't matter anyway.

Britini also mentioned that Alyssa told her she would either use the veto, or use it on Sarah Beth. She says Christian only encouraged Alyssa, then after Britini won, Christian whispered “you did a good job.
She says they had no problem with another King going on the block until it was Christian.
Britini says she is worried that they are “fronting” her.

Tiffany says “Right now, Brit, it is a no, it can't be a yes without you.”
Tiffany tells her she (Tiffany) needs more time to think, she is not telling Christian either way right now.”
After a few more comments, Britini tells Tiffany she is leaning “no”, Tiffany says if Christian asks, she should say Tiffany said “I don't know.”

Tiffany goes to the bedroom alone, tells us she had a good game plan, a good strategy. “Don't you want to flip this house America?”
Claire comes in, they discuss what a game play they had. Claire says Britini can do what she wants to do, “but we aren't doing it.”
Tiffany repeats some of the conversation with Britini.

9:49pm Big Brother Time


9:51pm Big Brother Time

Britini comes into the room with Tiffany and Claire, Tiffany chases her out, saying she can't talk to her, calls her a spy/FBI.

Kyland, Sarah Beth, and Derek X are in the HOH talking about the upcoming Disney trip.  They wonder if they will be recognized.  Kyland tells them there will be no free passes from Disney, they only do that for their own people.

They talk about going on a trip with Azah, Sarah Beth says she wants to go Mexico, her friends wants to go to Europe.  Kyland, Derek X and Sarah Beth talk about the possibility of going to Japan. 

10:00pm Big Brother Time

General chatter.

Xavier, Alyssa, Britini and Christian are in the living room, Tiffany comes by, no game talk.

Kyland is ordered to make a club sandwich for all the men in the house.

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10:01pm Big Brother Time

general chatter, no game talk.

10:31pm Big Brother Time

still general chatter, no game talk

10:39 pm Big Brother Time

Hannah indicates she wants to talk to Xavier. They go into the lavatory.  She tells Xavier that only he and Alyssa could take a shot at Derek X, but Xavier says it would have to be him and he is prepared for  that.

Hannah says they need to be careful who they put on the block, she doesn't think Azah and Tiffany are not close and they can use that.

They brag on themselves for carrying the game, say the weight is getting heavy. 

Hannah wants to get Britini out, to weaken Big D's feelings of protection.

Xavier says Azah and Tiffany got into it today, Hannah says Big D is never talking to Tiffany again.
Xavier says it needs to be squashed.
Hannah says it is too early in the game to be divided.
Xavier says people are playing with their emotions. He isn't happy about taking care of these adults, he says we can't be having all this.

Claire comes into the room, she tells Xavier she talked to Christian and it went well. Claire says no one has told Britini, she(Britini) is with Sarah Beth and Azah.  Claire says nothing else to report.

Xavier says “it will be 7/2.”
Claire, “yep”

Claire continues to get herself ready to shower, Xavier and Hannah say they were in here taking a break, Claire says they weren't even in there for that. Hannah makes the excuse that even though they were not there, it was tense.

Christian and Xavier chat at the mirrors, low voices. They slip off to the Have Not Room.

Christian says he knows he is going home.  He plans to call a house meeting, he say he will not throw Alyssa and Xavier under the bus, but wants to practice his speech.

Xavier tells him the house meetings never work, but he wants to hear the speech.

Christian says he doesn't really have a speech, he has an idea.
He says he plan to tell them the targets are Sarah Beth, Kyland and Derek X.
Xavier says that will make it worse for him (Xavier) and Alyssa, he asks how much of what Christian has been told is true?
Christian says “that's what it would bring out.”  He says he will say that multiple people are afraid to vote for him to stay.

Christian says he hopes there is a trio in the house, it is strong. They have won competitions, and if Christian goes home the house will be picked off.  Christian says if he is there he will continue to be a target.

Xavier asks what Kyland said earlier today.  Alyssa says Kyland is hard to understand, but she got that Kyland denies knowing that Christian goes home.

Xavier says if Christian does this, it will put Xavier and Alyssa on the block. Xavier says he can't get Sarah Beth to ease out of targeting Alyssa as it is.

Christian continues to tell Xavier what he plans to do, and he has to do it tonight.
Xavier says it will backfire no matter who wins next week and they will follow each other out.
Christian says they will both be out of there in a couple of weeks anyway. He says he is telling them that he (Christian) is the biggest target in the house.  Christian says they aren't' talking to each other.

Xavier says people are talking about it, Christian says but only in side groups.  Christian will go home, and Xavier and Alyssa will be gone right after and will have no chance to win the game.

Christian continues to argue his case for the house meeting.

Xavier says people have been telling them what he wanted to hear, they knew when Christian went on the block he was going home.  He tells Christian this meeting will not have the effect Christian is hoping fore.  Xavier says if Derek X did not have the support to put Christian on the block or he never would have done it.
Xavier also tells him that doing something like that, late at night, after a bad day, would not help at all.

Christian deflates, says he guesses he won't do it, he is going home no matter what.  He feels like it is his last ditch effort.

Xavier repeats that it will do no good for Christian, but will blow up Alyssa and Xavier's game.

Xavier says the Jokers had their mind made up as soon as he hit the block, Tiffany, on an emotional level, wants him to stay.  He says after how today has gone people will not be interested in flipping around. He says the vote today was nearly flipped but the Jokers interference stopped that move from being made.

Christian lands on the bed, “I accept my fate.”  He says Xavier has been right so far, so he believes him. He wants them to be in the final two.

11:00pm Big Brother Time

Xavier tells Christian that people were lying to him from the minute he went on the block. They have been lying to him and to Xavier and Alyssa since then.  They are telling each other very different things.

Alyssa tells Christian to make his speech all about her. Xavier says to make it anything he wants it to be.  If he wants to paint a target in his speech, he should point out Derek X and Kyland.  He asks him not to mention Sarah Beth so she won't suspect he has targeted her.

Alyssa questions Xavier and Sarah Beth's one on one this week. Xavier says if he can work somehow with Sarah Beth it will help them avoid being targets. Christian doesn't like that decision at all, Xavier says he is being emotional. Alyssa says Sarah Beth questioned her about trying to flip the house to get her (Sarah Beth), Alyssa says when she took the 5k in the competition everyone in the house had the same face, it was not only Alyssa.
Alyssa says she tried to bury it with Sarah Beth, but isn't sure how it went. Alyssa says people see him being on the block as their opportunity to get him (Christian) out.

Xavier says it was not right to tell Christian he had their vote and give him that kind of hope when nothing was going to change.

Christian stares at the wall, a few comments here and there, he is called to the diary room.


When he leaves the room Alyssa and Xavier show concern that Christian's emotional play will ruin their game.  Xavier says the house has effectively cracked the Kings and Sarah Beth has been lost to them.  (Earlier Sarah Beth made a comment to the camera that although she was on the Kings team, se was playing an individual game and has no commitment to anyone on the Kings.--Grannysue)

Xavier tells Christian and Alyssa good night. He says Christian did a good job today, it is a shame it fell through out. He says Big D and Azah are the reason for failure.  Xavier says “you got a great future ahead of you kid, either inside this house or outside this house.”  Xavier leaves the room.

Alyssa pets Christian, he says it was hard to say goodbye to production.

Bubbles 11:27pm Big Brother Time (Christian is talking about production and his message to Sarah Beth should she go home tomorrow.)

Bubble return in just a few minutes.

Azah, Big D and Xavier are cooking for the have nots.  Big D says he does not want people to see him and Azah as a duo, he told Azah to put away the emotion.  

Xavier says they are a family, they need to stick together.  He says the best thing about today was “To see anyone who wasn't black, squirm.”  They all laugh and cut up about it, mocking how the  non-black people reacted.  Xavier said he even told them, “look, this is black people s**t.”  The continue to laugh.

Big D says he just wanted to be there, show his presence, he didn't want to say a word. They continue to laugh about Big D and Azah messing up their plans.

Cameras move back to the Have Not Room.

Christian is talking to Alyssa, personal chat, nothing game related. 

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11:55pm Big Brother Time

Xavier goes to get Alyssa and Christian from the Have Not Room.

It is just a few minutes until the Have Nots are able to eat a meal. (They have been awarded the club sandwiches Kyland has been making as punishment).

Azah is making fried bread, chicken wings, burgers and possibly mashed potatoes.

In the yacht bedroom Christian and Britini are hugging, both of them are in tears. They look at each other and smile and cry. (This is far more emotional than anything we have seen with Alyssa and Christian.)
Christian says that Britini should vote with the house tomorrow, people had their mind made up when he went on the block.
Britini leans on Christian, he encourages her in the game, he tells her to work with Alyssa and Xavier. He says he fully trusts the two of them. He tells her Xavier gives insanely good advice.
Christian tells her that if he has the opportunity to come back into the house he will.
He tells her that the day was rough for her, everything he asked her to do for him, she has done.
Christian says this is the way it is supposed to be, either he will come back to the house, or he will be given an opportunity he could have missed by being in the house.
Christian tells her he gets to eat now.

Christian stops to talk to Tiffany


Bubbles has greeted the new day.

This has been an exciting Big Brother day, hasn't it dears?  But old ladies have to sleep or they turn into bats. I don't want to be a bat. They eat mice and bugs, and that's just not me!  Do something special for yourself today, you deserve it!!!  Goodnight youngns'  hugs—Grannysue.

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12:10am BBT Food is ready for the former HNs. Tiff finds a camera and tells it she has nothing to say it wants to hear. She's reading the bible alone while the other HG are enjoying the post-HN meal. 


12:55am SB heads to the Coral BR. She smiles at a camera looking at her & says she might be home tomorrow. She shouldn't have eaten that puff puff but it was worth it. In the KT, the HG compliment each others' Memory Wall pics. SB heads to the WC because of the Puff Puff.

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1:50am BBT It's been general chit chat. X tells Alyssa cannot cut ties with the other HG. Alyssa says Christian was crying over X. X says he'll miss him too. X thinks they are OK next week as long as SB and Ky are not HoH. They can get back to their social game.

1:57am BBT Big D tels Christian he's a beautiful man, and those who got him will get theirs. When he's HoH, he won't do 1-on-1s - he'll just sit everyone in a circle and talk it out. DX offers C&A the HoH room for the night but they decline - it would be too obvious.

2:06pm BBT Christian tells Alyssa his manager wanted him evicted before Jury so he could go to work right away. He doesn't have a contract though. The manager wants to set him up with a hot GF to bolster his image. Just not someone from the show, he teases.

2:10am BBT Christian regrets not calling a House Meeting tonight. That's the only thing he didn't do to stay in the game but he was worried it would hurt Alyssa's game (actually, it wa sX who was afraid it would hurt they're games). He wanted people scared in the game.

2:15am BBT Christian & Alyssa discuss whether he will wait 2 months for her. She doesn't want him to make promises and then life happens and he breaks those promises. Christian says a LD relationship can work because they know each other: I lost the game but won a GF.

2:25am BBT Christian analyzes his game: He's too emotional. As a business woman, Alyssa must be good at making decisions. He loves attention and she doesn't. Alyssa says she's awkward and he is not. She cannot flirt and it comes natural to him. The snogging begins.

3:00am BBT Big D tells Azah that HoH will be a Pick 2 to keep the house drama going. He thinks Ky will be called to make sandwiches in the middle of the live show. It's awkward, he muses, people have to go home. It's unusual there are so many girls left in the house.

3:13am BBT Christian & Alyssa go under covers in the HNR. Tiff is with SB & DX,  telling them her son's conception & birth story. She is an active journalizer. DX nodds off during the story so she wakes him up. She goes to the WC & he uses the excuse to go to HoH.

3:30am BBT DX sees C&A did not take him up on the HoH offer, so he takes off his shirt, grabs some snacks and listens to music with the lights off. Ky is in the same bed with SB in the Sea Glass BR. 

3:52am BBT Claire is called to perform a 52-card pickup in the Coral BR. Alyssa is still talking in the HNR and Christian kind of response.

4:15am BBT It is finally quiet in the HNR and throughout the house. 


6:45am BBT Ky gets up, uses the WC, then puts on the jackass costume and crawls back into bed with with SB. There has to be some Mafia meaning to SB waking up with a horse head in her bed. Instead, they cuddle.

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