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Big Brother Season 23-Live Eviction Week 4 8/5

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Previously, on Big Brother, Kings member Christian captured power and most of his team wanted to target Whitney and Hannah. Which put Xavier in a tough spot because Hannah was in his secret cookout alliance.

When Sarah Beth pushed to make Hannah target, the Cookout came to her defense setting off alarm bells with Sarah Beth which put her on Tiffany’s radar. After Christian put two Aces on the block, the POV was up for grabs and the competition king continued to dominate.

Holding all the power, Christian kept the two aces in their places. Tonight, will the cookout succeed in protecting Hannah and sending Whitney home. And tonight, an epic battle of endurance begins on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and we are 30 days and we pick up on Day 27 after the veto meeting. Christian says Whitney can do one on ones if she wants but it will not change his mind.


Hannah knows she has the Cookouts votes, plus Derek X’s vote. But she is worried people are starting to figure out how analytical she is and she does not want all eyes on her. Sarah Beth wants Hannah to go but she does not want to become a target.


Whitney feels like Hannah is the bigger threat and she has lots of friends and she thinks she is manipulative and smart. Tiffany says she is the closest to Hannah because they think alike and they sort of made a F2 together.


Tiff says Hannah should be safe because she is supported by the Cookout, but Sarah Beth is actively coming for. We see Sarah Beth join Tiffany and Hannah while they are talking and Tiff says she is obviously trying to spy on us.


Sarah Beth is talking to Kyland and she asks him if he hears people throwing her under the bus will he let her know. Sarah Beth says Kyland is the only person she is loyal to and she formed a F2 with him. She feels like he is a great ally and a good friend.


Kyland says his relationship with Sarah Beth is awesome. But if there was ever a choice between her or the Cookout, he would have to choose the Cookout. Tiffany goes to talk to Kyland and they are using chess pieces to discuss partners outside of the six.


Tiffany says they have the six, and then they will each have a duo and hopefully not bring attention to the Cookout. And if they end up on the block with their duo, they have the Cookout with the numbers to keep themselves safe.


Tiffany talks about Hannah having Derek X, Kyland has Sarah Beth, Azah has Britini, and she has Claire. She is not comfortable with Sarah Beth being in the plan, but her relationship with Kyland includes her. With Hannah on the block, they have to save her.


Christian wants to learn a walk that Big D has but everyone says he has no flow or rhythm in his hips and he looks like a robot and it looks unnatural.


Tiffany comes in while Xavier, Kyland, and Sarah Beth are talking and she said good morning and no one responded and she got upset. Kyland says he did not hear her. Kyland tried to talk to her but she does not like Kyland coming to Sarah Beth’s defense.


Azah and Tiffany are talking about putting up a pawn and King and if a King comes down, another goes up in their place and they will still have the votes. Azah mentions Hannah and Tiff says she is part of the six and Azah does not trust her.


Tiff is close to Hannah because they have the same ideas and when Azah has ideas or thoughts about Hannah it makes her uncomfortable but she will not say anything.


Whitney is talking to Alyssa since she is joined at the hip with Christian and clearly she has his ear. So if she can sway Alyssa, she can get to him and he can get to everyone else. She tells Alyssa she might not be safe if Hannah were to stay and become HOH.


We see Hannah calling Christian a puppy dog to her alliance and Whitney tells Alyssa. Alyssa says Hannah is super smart and now she definitely wants to let Christian know because even thought Whit is the target, maybe Hannah does need to go home.


We see Alyssa and Christan talking and she is repeating what Whitney told her. Christian is thinking Hannah does not respect her game. He thinks Hannah does need to go home sooner than later. Hannah thinks he sways easily, but maybe he can sway his people to vote her out.


Time for the live eviction! Hannah does her shoutouts, but she does not want to see her friends and family soon. She has enjoyed playing the game. How will this house survive without their stylist.


Whitney does her shoutouts. She has never met a group of weirder and uniquely creative people. No matter what happens there are no hard feelings and she loves them to death.


It is now time for the live vote!

Derek F sadly votes to evict the beautiful Whitney.

Britini votes to evict the lovely and talented Whitney.

Azah votes to evict Whitney.

Kyland sadly votes to evict the inspirational Whitney.

Alyssa votes to evict Whitney.

Sarah Beth votes to evict Whitney.

Claire votes to evict Whitney.

Derek X votes to evict Whitney.

Tiffany sadly votes to evict Whitney.

Xavier votes to evict Whitney.

By a unanimous vote of 10-0, Whitney has been evicted from the Big Brother house!


Julie asks Whitney why she thinks they evicted her and not Hannah. Whitney says she is very big on female empowerment and the guys were afraid of that and she made it apparent she was not afraid to make big moves.


Whitney thinks they saw her as a bigger threat and Julie asks about her run-in with Derek X. She asks why Christian did not target him and she says because three men have been out and they wanted a woman out.


Julie asks what she would say if she knew Derek X was a part of a secret alliance called the Royal Flush. She thinks Kyland and Derek X are working together. Whitney says you can see them working around.


Julie tells Whitney who all is in the Royal Flush alliance. Whitney says she is not mad because it is Big Brother and everything makes a lot more sense now. She wants to know how long they were in an alliance for.


Xavier says she was Christian’s main target but she is an amazing woman. Sarah Beth says she fought so hard to keep Whitney here and she wishes her the best.


Azah says she had some negative opinions about her because of her relationship with X and she has a crush on him but she hopes they can be friends. Alyssa says she did not want her to go home and she is an amazing person and mother.


Whitney did not know Azah had a crush on X and she feels bad for flirting in front of her. The teams twist is coming to an end and so is the safety that comes with it. Plus, the endurance HOH will begin!


It is time for the HOH competition! Julie tells the HG the team twist is over and she wishes Tiffany a Happy Birthday. The wildcard competition is also over. It is now every man and woman for themselves.


Julie congratulates Hannah on surviving the night and she asks what the biggest challenge has been in playing in teams and she says winning nothing as a team. Julie sends them to the backyard to get ready for the HOH competition.


We have a wall comp as a ship and it is called Whale of a Time. They have to hold on tight and the last one standing wins HOH!

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