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Big Brother Season 23-Nominations and Wild Card Week 4

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Previously on BB, in a summer of team play, a power alliance between the 4 Kings, the 3 remaining Queens and a single Ace was born. There also was the 6-person Cookout flying completely under the radar. With the house united to blindside Brent, teams started strategizing for the future, and the Kinds were in everyone's crosshairs. But the Kings had targets of their own, putting Xavier between a rock and a hard place. So with the flight attendant reaching his final destination, the HoH comp was more crucial than ever. And Christian secured safety for his kings. Tonight, who will Alyssa's main squeeze nominate for eviction? And will the Wild Card comp throw a wrench into his plans? Plus, it is the biggest Wildcard decision of this season. All this right now on Big Brother!

Day 23. Christian celebrates his HoH key in the DR. I needed this, The Kings are such a powerhouse, the only team with 4 people left, and everyone likes to hate us because they ain't us.

X says from his vantage point, the Jokers, Aces and Kings were all neck-and-neck, but the Kings were able to bring this one home. It feels great to be safe, especially after coming off a successful HoH.

X: During my conversations last week as HoH, the two main names out there after Brent were Whitney and Hannah. Of those two, I would prefer the target be Whitney.

In DR, Tiff says there was talk about going after the Kings this week, specifically Christian and Alyssa. But now, I guess it's Royal Flush all the way!

Guess who's back, America? Brit celebrates unpacking her suitcase again in the YBR. I hope Brent enjoyed that blindside. I'm safe!

In the SR, X grabs some apples for unknown reasons. The other Kings join him for a celebration. Ky sticks his head in and X says get your Queen *ss out of here!  They have their happy dance, jumping and screaming again.

Alyssa tells us the Kings are killing it. All the Kings are safe this week, me, Christian, Xavier and Sarah Beth. Christian wins the comps and I have the social game, so I'll have insight to his thinking this week.

Brit interrupts the celebration to slide her roller suitcase back into the SR. Dueces, she calls. That was an excellent role, X says.

In the YBR, Big D complains to Azah he really wanted to win. I'm so over it. It's OK, she says. Life happens. Big D says they're going to come for us. I don't think so, Azah says.

Big D tells us that Jokers have been on the block the last 2 weeks, and I feel we'll be a pawn on the block again. You better go out there and be happy, Azah orders him, pointing to the LR.

In DR, Azah says she wanted to win HoH so badly. I'm unsure about Christian winning HoH. He could put me up on the block because we don't talk game.

In the WA, Christian tells Ky, X its so much responsibility. They whisper congratulations to the Royal Flush. Baby D comes in followed by Claire. As Baby D heads towards the WC, they all start chanting Flush, Flush, Flush...

Claire reminds us that the Royal Flush includes the Kings, Queens and Derek X as the Ace up the sleeve. I'm worried that if the right people get safety in the Wildcard Comp, then I could touch the block a pawn. I will be competing and have to win it!

In the Coral BR, Hannah tells Derek X it's not good for them. Derek X pretends to not know who Christian might nominate. He tells us he feels relatively safe this week, but things are not looking good for his team.

Christian continues do I go all the way with the Royal Flush alliance and hope they have my back? Or do I try to fight for Hannah or Whitney to stay in the game and we have a powerful trio? Nothing goes easy for me in this game.

Hannah tells us she feels "ok" with Christian as HoH. To be honest, I don't know much about him on a personal level. It's going to sound mean, but I don't really care to get to know him on a personal level.

Hannah continues, but I am worried I could be a pawn and hopes he sees me as trustworthy. I have to get to work to nudge Christian away from me.

Big D is looking defeated on the LR couch. He wanted to win. 2 weeks in a row, we've been on the block, we're literally the underdogs, and we're dealing with 2 HoHs. I know what you're saying, Whit says as BB flashed to Christian and Alyssa snogging in HoH room.

Whit tells us each week there's been a very clear target who needs to go out, and I have no idea who Christian could nominate, and that's a scary game.

In HoH, Christian addresses the Kings. We're the best team and that's why we're her 2 weeks in a row.

Christian falls back on the HoH bed and says I do not know what I am going to do. Alyssa says still the same plan. I think so, Christian sort of agrees.  He says we have to put both of them up (Whitney and Hannah), then see who the target is.


Alyssa says people want Whitney rather than Hannah, and they might put her up next week rather than us. Everyone said they want Whitney out; no no one said Hannah. So why not take the girl no one is saying when there's another person other than us people want out.

Christian and X would prefer to get rid of Whitney. Alyssa says it's us every week. We're always the main target. Next week, it could be one of us against Whitney. Nobody's going to put ups up against Hannah.

Alyssa tells us that Christian has an opportunity to get a big target out. The question is which target. Hannah is really smart and knows the game better than anyone. She's really underestimated.

Alyssa thinks Whitney could be manipulated into not putting us (Kings) up. X asks if Hannah could? Sarah Beth says no, everyone is underestimating her. She isn't manipulated by anyone.

Sarah Beth tell us Hannah would play better in physical comps and intellectual comps. She has a better social game than Whitney, so I want her to go first.

X tells us Hannah is his baby sister in this house, and a member of the Cookout. I'm always in trick situations in this house. Alyssa asks if Whitney saves herself in Wildcard, what Jokers would Christian put up?

Britni or Azah, Christian responds, I don't know. Why not Big D, Alyssa wonders? X says if Brit sits next to Big D or Azah, people would vote for Britini over either of the other two.

Christian tells us that Whitney winning Wildcard and saving herself and Hannah would not be ideal because I only have a few options outside the Royal Flush, the Jokers.

Christian says If I put Azah and Brit on the block, I would get less blood on my hands because I would not be nominating anyone in the Royal Flush alliance. As they wrap up the meeting, the Kings figure all the other HG and maybe even America hate them. Oh man, says X.


Derek F is talking about Whitney’s top and how he does not think she would wear that to the gym and Whitney says she does wear it. It is a sports bra with buckles. Whitney says she is single and wants to look cute.


Whitney asks Sarah Beth and Hannah if they would wear it and they both say no. Whitney then turns to Alyssa and asks if she would wear her top to the gym and she says in her opinion, no.


Derek X is in the hammock with SB while talking to Azah and Whitney and he is talking about how he is not close with his parents because of the different cultural values between America and China.


Azah says she can relate to Derek X because she was picked on because of her dark skin and she was ashamed where she came from and it was not until she was older that she realized she is fine the way she is.


Derek X says he has a different value system than his parents, but he also respects his culture. He says he wanted to see someone Asian with a different personality other than what is usually portrayed.


It is time for the Wildcard competition! Claire must compete because she is the only one on her team has not played. Whitney is the only one available on her team and she does not think she is a target but she wants to win anyway.


Derek F and Azah are eligible but they choose to send in Azah. Derek F thinks she has a better chance at beating Whitney.


Azah, Whitney, and Claire are in a lounge. Claire feels pretty safe this week but she wants an Ace or a Joker to go home this week. Claire does not want anyone else having safety. Azah wants this so badly for her team.


Whitney wants to win to guarantee herself safety and the rest of her team hopefully. The HG have a rolling comp where they have to roll an olive down their martini glass and onto a toothpick. But sometimes it will be in the dark. First to do it wins.


Claire says this competition is tricky. She says this competition is about tiny movements and she is a big person, she does not make tiny movements. Azah says her strategy is slow and steady. She wants to take her time because she would rather have less balls drop.


Azah has the slow and steady part right, but her ball is moving a lot slower than she anticipated. The lights go out and Whitney drops. Whitney and Claire are both making progress. Claire says it looks like it is about speed but it is about tiny movements.


Claire is close and drops towards the end. Azah is still at the beginning. Whitney is getting it halfway and she is frustrated. Claire is so close but just misses. The lights go out again. Azah has barely moved at all. Claire is getting close again and just misses.


Whitney says she needs to buckle down because she really wants to be safe and she wants to show everyone she is a competitor. Claire is getting so close and it is so frustrating. She will be livid if Azah or Whitney beat her at this point.


Claire is making another attempt and she finally gets the olive in the tooth pick! Claire has won but she is nervous about the safety decision. Azah is hoping the jokers will not be used as a pawn again. Whitney is hoping her team does not get screwed.


Christian says Claire can choose safety for herself and her team for one week, or choose to keep herself and only herself safe until jury. Claire says she can be a team player and get safety for her team or look out for herself and take individual safety.


Kyland says this is a huge opportunity. Claire says she adores her Queens so much she is going to take safety for just herself. Claire says she is a huge fan, she had to go for that.


The Queens go and celebrate in the storage room and Kyland and Tiffany are congratulating Claire and say they are happy for her. Tiffany says she would have thought Claire was crazy if she had not taken that opportunity.


The Queens join the Kings in the HOH room. Christian congratulates Claire. He wants to make sure everyone is on the same page for nominations. Claire says Whitney and Hannah makes sense or Whitney and a Joker. Christian thinks Whitney would absolutely put him up.


Sarah Beth tells them she thinks the target should be Hannah. She tells us Hannah is a bigger target to her game and she is frustrated that other people do not see her as a target. Tifffany says Britini is a bigger threat because she has a legitimate reason to put any of them up.


Xavier says he needs to keep Hannah safe but not show his cards. Sarah Beth says she understands they are thinking about jury, but she thinks Hannah would put her up. Sarah Beth says Hannah is close with several members of her alliance and she is manipulating them.


Tiffany does not want Hannah on the block, but hopefully the target stays on Whitney and Britini. Tiffany does not know why they are not looking at someone who could target both of their teams. Tiffany says it is Christians HOH and it is his decision.


The Jokers head up to the HOH. Christian is conflicted on who he should put up. Christian tells them he is hoping if he keep them safe if they would have his teams back next week. They all pitch Whitney as the target and Derek F says Whitney has been gaming.


Derek F tells them Whitney was going to go after the Kings if she had won. Azah is hoping Christian goes after Whitney. Christian says it sounds like everyone wants Whtiney out so why do their work when they can take out Hannah and Whitney will be a target.


Hannah goes to talk to Christian. Christian wants Hannah trusting him going forward and so he is going to have a one on one and discuss the potential of her going up as a pawn and see how she feels about it. Christian says if he puts up Derek X he could go home.


Hannah says Christian tells her he could be a pawn and her wheels are turning. She says this is a game time play. Hannah pitches a Joker against Whitney and Christian does not want to make two teams mad. Hannah promises Christian would not go up if she won HOH.


Hannah tells Christian he will need people outside of his team when the team twist is over. Christian says Hannah is extremely smart and extremely convincing. He says he strongly needs to consider whether she is the right person to put up on the block.


It is time for nominations! The first nominee is…Whitney. The second nominee is…Hannah. Christian nominated them because he thinks if they had won HOH, at least one of his team would have been nominated.


Christian says there is a lot of debate on who the target will be. Hannah says she will win the POV and she will remove herself off the block and she has more incentive to come after him and Alyssa. Whitney is confused and Xavier says The Cookout needs to go to work.  

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