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Wednesday, August 4, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
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Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
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12:18AM BBT

Whitney and Xavier are cuddled up in the yacht club bedroom. Whitney is proposing a final 5 of "me, you, Tiffany, Azah and 


12:22AM BBT

Hannah has joined Calire and Baby D in the sea glass bedroom.  Claire says Ky is not a very sexual person in the house "He said if there weren't cameras he would definitey pursue thanks

Baby D- with you?

Claire- no, definitely not with me


12:26AM BBT

Claifre gives Hannah a kiss on the cheek and Baby D responds "Aw; most likely to hook up." The girls laugh and Hannah responds "she's too good for me." Claire says, true, true". Hannah then tells Claire she wasn't supposed to corroborate that.


12:28AM BBT

Xavier gets out of the bed and says he will tuck in Whitney. She says she doesn't think she has ever been tucked in before. Brit walks in and says she doesn't know how anyone could sleep like that. (sheet tucked in perfectly all around her body.)


12:30AM BBT

Alyssa joins Hannah, Baby D and Claire in the cuddle pile in the Ssea glass bedroom and begins discussing how they all messed up names the first week. Alyssa says she called Frenchie Frankie; Kyland Tyler; Azah Ajah; Brent Brett; confusing Whitney and Britni; she says Christian was hard because her best friend's name is Kristin; she was messing up Sarah Beth's name calling her Sarah Ann so she just started calling her SB. Claire said she kept calling Travis Trevor. Claire says people were calling her Christie or Caroline.


12:50AM BBT

Tiffany joins Hannah, Baby D and Claire in the SGB. They begin discussing potential secret powers. They decide they don't theink there are but it's an interesting hypothetical. Tiffany is listening to Xavier from the other room talking non-stop and says she didn't know he could talk so much. They determine he must be reading from the Bible. 


Claire says if the HoH is individual, she doesn't need to win it. Se agrees to throw it to Tiffany or Hannah.

Baby D says he will throw it to Tiffany but Tiff tells him no "just make sure I get to sleep in that bed." Hannah laughs and says if he wins HoH she will be in the room by herself. Baby D jokes that he will win HoH and let the girls stay up there while he sleeps downstairs. They agree that 4 people in the bed is too many.

Claire- I'm too big. I'm 6 feet tall

They talk about how Ky slept on top of the sheets and kept getting up in the night to pee

Tiff- he didn't try to cuddle with nobody. I was trying to hold myself. (cuddle herself because no one else would)


12:56AM BBT

Claire tells Tiffany she will bake her birthday cake tomorrow. SB passes through to the other bedroom. Hannah gets up to go to the bathroom. Tiffany is talking about rebraiding the other side of her head. SB joins them and Tiffany says she will cut DX's hair for him. Claire asks Tiff if she could cut her hair. Tiff isn't comfortable cutting Claire's hair. Claire asks SB who agrees. Tiffany tells DX his hair doesn't look bad at all...that he looks the same. He is a bit nervous about getting a cut but he usually gets it cut every 2-3 weeks. He pays $15 each time. Tiffany says her son's haircut is $31.50 before a tip. SB asks is it because he gets a fade or something particular. SHe says no, it's just short on the sides and longer on the top. 

[This teacher learned to do hair to save that money; all of my minis still come to me for haircuts.  -MamaLong]

Claire says her hair is very thick so she always asks for a double appointment. Tiff says the salon was charging her extra for her long hair. Tiff begins telling a story of visiting a swagged out salon and being ignored at the door after she paid a $70 reservation fee. She said it got better quickly because she was served mimosas and lunch. It was an amazing experience getting a fancy lunch served by the staff, but it took an hour and 45 minutes to get her hair started. She had her hair washed then sat in the chair and when she got up and her hair "was poppin" but she got to the register and the guy said "it was an extra $125 because he had to do this and pay extra for this." Tiff says it was her own fault because she walked in with a Louis Vittion purse and shoes. "Somebody else bought those because I can't afford a $200 hair appointmnet. I never went back."



1:10AM BBT

Tiffany describes bleaching her own hair adn that she used a YouTube tutorial and it "was poppin" but then she bleached it again too soon after and it got horribly damaged. SB says she died her hair white blonde in a pixie style and loved it. SB has huge bandages over her skinned knees (she fell the other day in the living room and got horrible rug burns on both legs.) Kyland has joined the group in the SGB and is pretty much just listening in, not joining the conversation. Azah walks through and hugs everyone good night.

*WBRB Bubbles

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1:30AM BBT

Big D and Hannah begin playing chess in the parlor. Azah passes through on the way to the HNR saying good night. Big D says he will be there soon, too. Brit passes through for night night, too.

Hannah- I hope you feel better

Brit- yeah, I hope it passes (her belly has been sick)


1:32AM BBT

In the HoHR, Christian and Alyssa straighten up the bed saying "maybe they will sleep better"


Camera moves back to the SGB where Tiff is trying to keep Claire awake to talk with her while she works on her braids. Tiff, Ky, Baby D and SB begin discussing Marty the Moth being water boarded. Ky says he drowned because he saw him in the water. Ky swears that Marty was already dead and he just disposed of the body in a sarophagus. Tiff questions Ky and accuses of him of strange behavior. SB says it is her fault and don't blame him "I asked him to do it" Tiff says "if someone asks you to jump off the roof, would you do it?" Tiff insists that getting rid of a dead body is just as bad as murder.

Tiff- let's ask the court

Ky says Marty didn't want a proper buriel "it was in his will"

Tiff tells him that he just wanted Marty's trust fund

Ky- his name was Martin

Ky says he hated that his family called him Marty "it was in his will"

Tiff says they should just walk around calling Kyland Kyle

Ky- don't do that, please


2:00AM BBT

Claire is alone in the coral reef bedroom "oh it's just me. Fun! ...(whispering) I don't need to win it. I think I would like Big D out because no one wants to take him out. Everyone wants to take him. But, hello.... I want them to take me. I would rather Azah and Britini not go out. I am aligned with everyone. I would at some point turn on Ky and DX, but I guess for a while I continue to plant seeds and dump water on the seeds."

*WBRB Bubbles


2:13AM BBT

Tiffany and Hannah enter the coral reef bedroom and get ready for bed. Claire asks Hannah who won the chess game (Big D versus Christian)

Hannah- Christian

Claire- we love thaaaaaat

Tiff- get out of here

Hannah- yeah, Christian was so mad

Claire- it is interesting how some people are madder about losing to certain people

Tiff- yeah, I was mad at hell losing to Brent. He doesn't even know how to play just moving pieces all over the place and I still lost

Hannah says Ky does the same thing

Tiff begins complaining about Kyland and DX being so loud next door. Tiff gets out of bed and opens the door "shhhhhhhhhh"

The boys apologize. Tiff gets back in bed and the girls say their good nights.

Tiff secures her hair for the night and whispers to the others about SB who can be heard int he next room, but Tiff's mic has already been taken off, so we hear nothing. Tiff then asks for lights to be turned out in the coral room "please and thank you"


2:19AM BBT  The camera moves to Christian and Alyssa in a dark HoHR. She is on top of Christian and he is running his fingers through her hair. Their conversation is about marijuana. Christian says smoking is unattractive but he would do edibles. Alyssa says she doesn't want to be in a situation where she can't do it in front of him. He says he is okay with it and will just deal with it. Alyssa says he shouldn't have to deal with something he finds unattractive. 

Christian- you are extrememly attractive. Nothing you do could I find unattractive. I told you I would be willing to try it with you; it could change my perspective. I'm sure you could convince me.

Alyssa says she smokes it once a week but eating edibles is full force and smoking it is better. Cams move to Big D walking into the YBR and waking up Whit "Oh my God Whit. I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I just want to put my ring on this table before I go to sleep." Big D leaves.


2:24AM BBT

Big D is walking through the house and heads up the stairs breathing very heavily as if he has just had an extremem workout. He heads in the HNR and settles in bed. He is clearly out of breath just walking up the stairs. Whoever is on cam control for the HNR must have fallen asleep because the camera is moving all around and focusing on strange items in the room. Big D tells Azah he beat Christian at chess and he liked it. Azah tells him she has been trying to get him (Big D) to play with her but he always says 'I don't play that game.' Big D asks Azah if she took care of her wounds. She says she did but probably should take some Advil because the pain was pretty bad last night. He says she has three bad wounds, but Azah says it's on the really bad one that is slow to heal. Big D finds the Advil and hands it to Azah. He offers her Brit's water to swallow the pills but she says she can swallow without it. Azah says things in the house are so murky for her now and she doesn't know if she should win HoH or not. Big D says they are all in a weird spot right now.


2:38AM BBT

SB is leading a yoga session with Ky in the gym. When they finish they chat for a few minutes then SB heads to bed telling Ky 'don't fall asleep in here." Ky replies "I won't."


3:00AM BBT

Again, Kyland is the last one awake in the BB house. He wraps up the chess pieces from the kitchen table into a towel and takes them and the board to the SGB. He goes to the SR and rummages through the cabinets. He applies deodorant then continues looking for something. He finds Febreeze then thoroughly sprays the hallway and SGB (overkill, if you ask me, but I can't smell what he smells in there) He settles in the SGB which is a horrible mess with things everywhere. He sprays more Febreeze. Ky messes with chess pieces clearly going over days and comps in his head. He whispers every now and then but none of it makes sense to my ears. Baby D is snoring in the next bed, but the lights are still on in the SGB.


3:45AM BBT

Ky finally puts the pieces away and heads to the loo where he forgets to remove his mic and we hear him audibly urinating. He crawls in bed and asks for the lights to be turned off in the SGB


3:51AM BBT

The lights go out and Ky whispers, "Thank you....*sigh*...thank you"


4:00AM BBT

The BB House is dark with all HGs snuggled in their beds for the night

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10:00AM BBT Feeds return with Whit and X snuggling in bed and Ky and Claire in the KT whispering.


10:07AM BBT X is telling Whit the last two weeks we have been in power and people are going to tell us what they want us to hear. We hear one thing and am told another it makes it difficult, that is where the game gets in your head and not the person.


10:10AM  X tells Whit that he doesn’t recommend she campaign against Hanna. Whit knows and she is trying to brainstorm on how she does the one-on-ones to show herself as a value.


10:21AM BBT Whit tells X that she thinks he is going to vote based on what his team wants. She tells him that she will talk to the other members first then him. X says she appreciates that. He has a strong sense of loyalty when it comes to his team. Whit says she also knows he has a close relationship with Hanna. X says he adores them both.


10:24AM BBT Big D and Ky are digging in the fridge. Ky can only find egg whites and prefers just one egg.  Pulls out the butter that has been stored with the onion and says this is not a good choice and throws the onions on the counter.

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10:26AM BBT Sarge: Please stop singing. X: I’m sorry, my bad that is on me. X fixes his mic and begins to whisper to himself about game play and what his steps should be.  He says he needs to talk to Christian and Alyssa, probably the whole team. No he doesn’t want to talk to the whole team. He needs to tell them  Whit is going to campaigning hard today. This is the time we have to be stern. Hanna can not leave. Christian can’t switch things up. If next week one of them don’t win HOH they will be coming for Christian. It is in Alyssa’s best interest to keep Christian around because as long as he is around because he is the bigger target. SB, needs to just stay in line with the team. X (as he points to himself) Why would you vote out Whit? Hanna is baby sis so baby sis vs good friend baby sis has to win. Hanna’s in the Cookout now, it is what it is. He checks his wrist and says “It’s time to go to work”


10:50AM BBT X is in the HOHR telling Christian that Whit will be campaigning hard today and Hanna needs to do the one-on-ones and plead her case.

10:55AM BBT Hanna and DX in the WA talking about late night snacking and how they need to get back to their normal eating habits. Hanna says normally she does not snack she just eats a lot of meals.

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 11:04am BBT: Derek F and Britni go to the PP  to play chess. Tiffany and KY still in the KT talking about food, Hannah, Claire, Sarah, Alyssa, Whitney, and Derek X in the WA doing ADL's and talking cleaning their faces.

11:18am BBT: Christian cleaning up in the HOHR alone, KY, Derek X and Hannah in the KT cooking talking about making pancakes.

11:42am BBT: Nothing going on in the BB house this morning, HG are lounging around talking general talk or cooking or doing ADL's as they get to waking up and moving around for the day.

11:58am BBT: Most HG in the KT talking general talk.

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11:55AM BBT

Claire and Azah are talking in the living room worried they are being perceived as jealous wenches. Claire says it is hard for her to be fake. Azah says she is very much the same way.

[MamaLong is that way, too.  -MamaLong]

Azah- it has been difficult navigating the house that way; I don't think I would be a bitter jury member but...I guess manipulation is part...I can still be annoyed but lying with contempt to manipulate someone else I don't respect at all. But if that person is at the end, I'm stil gonna have to vote.

Claire says she respects the game and feels sometimes people try to overcorrect not being a bitter jury member. "Being in this game has made me empathize more with juries....like, if you played the best game, I want to give that money to you."


They both agree that they would vote for someone they dislike if they played the best game.


12:02PM BBT

SB comes through saying she needs to ask for more first aid pads from the DR. She wants the ones like the ones she got from the first aid kit because they don't stick to the wound, and her rug burn wounds haven't scabbed over yet. She doesn't want to use gauze since Azah had such a hard time with the gauze sticking to her wounds sustained from Bump, Set, Veto.


12:06PM BBT

Xavier is ironing something near the memory wall. Baby D is preparing something to eat in the kitchen.


In the HoHR Big D is talking with Chrsitian and Alyssa and practicing the days.


12:18PM BBT

We have had WBRB Bubbles for more than 10 minutes now.


12:19PM BBT

The feeds return to Claire, Brit and Azah still in the living room chating with Tiffany. In the bathroom Hannah is complaining about being repeatedly dismissed by the other HGs today, "I say a word and they are like, that's not even a word...go home...you're dumb." She goes into the loo.


12:21PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles are back


Whitney is getting out of the shower and Hannah asks if she has started her one-on-ones yet. Whit says she will start with the Kings.

Hannah tells her she is not going to be campaigning against her.

Whitney- same; I told X that this morning. It's hard to campaign against someone you are close to.


12:23PM BBT

From the loo closet, Hannah asks Whitney to turn on a water faucet. Whit turns on a blow dryer instead and we get WBRB Bubbles again.


12:28PM BBT

The feeds return to Britini entering the loo right after Hannah exits. Hannah warned her about a smell and asks her how bad it is, "not bad at all. I just smell Febreeze."


12:29PM BBT

Hannah was singing but stopped telling Sarge she is sorry and knows she shouldn't sing. She starts humming.

Sarge- Humming is the same as singing

Hannah- I know; sorry guys! I don't mean to give you a hard time.

Britini and Hannah are talking about Tiffany and how if she was nice to them all the time they would know something was wrong.

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1:28PM BBT

Alyssa and Big D are playing chess in teh parlor with X playing audience. Alyssa says she jacked up her face by trying to wax right after a face mask and it ripped skin off her face. Big D tells her she can put some coverup and fix that right up. Claire joins them and snuggles into the corner with them.


Tiffany is on the living room couch with sunglasses on and the Bible open, but she has clearly fallen asleep. Azah, SB, Kyland and Baby D are enjoying some random chatter nearby.


*WBRB Bubbles


1:37PM BBT

In the bathroom Hannah is applying makeup and discussing possible pleas during her speech. She says that she loves her family but isn't trying to see any of them when she gets out. She plans to say that they all need her there to be their personal stylist.


Hannah says the more she talks to Christian the more white he seems. "He says honey mustard is too spicy for him. This relationship would never work."

Whitney- I see you and Baby D out of all the guys in the house

Hannah says Christian is the least attractive to her of the guys in the house.


Whitney tells Hannah to remind Xavier that he owes her a date after Big Brother, "We will go to a bar and then a basketball game." Hannah says she won't forget.

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12:00-12:30pm BBT SB wants bandages for her legs from the carpet burn injuries she got in the Bump, Set, Veto thy played the other day. Derek F in the HOHR talking to Christian and Alyssa going over numbers and days in the house. Whitney and Hannah in the WA talking about doing one on ones.
12:30:1:00pm BBT General talk between Azah, Tiffany, Derek X, KY Clair about  kids and how their friends will know things when they get out and what they are missing outside the house this summer.
1:00-2:00pm BBT HG are laying around and sitting around talking general talk and relaxing and walking around the house. Whitney and Hannah in the WA talking about  why Hanna was put on the block and she says she heard it was because every one said  that she wanted Christian and Xavier  gone soon so she is on the block for that.

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2:18PM BBT

Claire is alone in the coral reef bedroom talking to the camera. SHe doesn't want to get rid of Britni or Azah anytime soon. She thinks she can work with Alyssa and says she has thrown out Big D's name to a lof of people but it hasn't backfired. She plans to tell him she has been saying his name just in case someone tries to use that against her. "It's fine if everyone thinks I'm worried about Big D and not worried about them. I'm gonna keep saying that." She says she wants to play hard and take out big targets. "I want to play smart but I want to win." She thinks she could go the end with Hannah and beat her. She doesn't think she will be able to run with the punches well, though. Claire says she is interested in hearing Whitney's campaign because she might have a good argument. "We'll see..." Claire gets up and the camera moves to the kitchen where Hannah is petitioning Baby D for a one-on-one in the coral reef bedroom.



Hannah is waitinfg for Baby D in the room, "Hi America. I am about to start my one-on-ones. I definitely need to speak with Azah because someone threw out that I was saying I was coming after her which doesn't make sense. Stay tuned America."

Baby D walks in, "Okay, let's hear the pitch."

Hannah says she has no pitch, she just plans to speak with everyone and ask how they feel going into next week. "I'm gonna let people do most of the talking." Baby D says she will need to see what information she can get. "Yes, but it will have to come up organically, as Brent would say, because I don't want them to think I'm prying." SHe tells Baby D that Azah heard from a King that she is going after her. Baby D asks how she heard about it, and Hannah says Azah told Tiff who told her. Baby D asks if he takes out a guy would the girls just run the house. Hannah says she doesn't know of a season where that has happened. Hannah says one person in the house has made it clear she is targeting her and that's her target (she is talking about SB). Hannah says they do not have to have the same target as her "If you don't want to take her out that's fine."

Baby D says she knows she would put him up and does well in comps. "I don't think Ky would put you up, so that's the thing. She's a target for us but I don't see her winning comps over me or Ky, but I am still down to take that shot."


Hannah says they can't get Ky fully on board until she is out of the house and she doesn't want to have to tip toe around Ky.

Hannah- if I were to win HoH next week, would it be in our best interest to take a shot at them? 

Baby D- Alyssa will take Azah. I'm not worried about Alyssa. We can keep her in the game as long as we want.

Hannah- Who do you think Alyssa would put up next to Azah

Baby D says that's why he wanted the foursome, so they could influence Alyssa

Baby D says "It's just leverage, not a commitment."

Hannah says that she heard Britni threw out her name

Baby D- what are you doing? Why are people saying your name?

Hannah- well it's Britini and Sarah Beth; she said she would targe tthe Aces but not target you

Hannah says if she can't take out a King next week it's worth looking at them, "okay, so, good meeting."


*WBRB Bubbles


The feeds return to Hannah meeting with Azah in the coral reef bedroom who says she has been playing her game week to week and things arer always dependent on who wins HoH "and make decisions from there." She wants to win the next HoH. Azah says that if anyone but a King wins HoH the game play is clear. Azah says that she did mention that maybe she would have to put up Hannah, but it would be as a pawn.

Hannah- I'm sorry for not warning you about Britini. I didn't know exactly where Xavier's head was at. I'm trying to figure out where the rumor came from that you had said you heard I threw out your name.

Azah- did Tiffany tell you that

Hannah- she did, but if we are good you don't have to say anything to Tiff...you know I didn't throw out your name and if anyone said it, it had to be a King

Azah- mm hmm. We're good.


2:49PM BBT

Hannah- I'm going to go for this HoH and hope that one of us wins. Going into jury, we need to make sure all 6 of us are here.

Azah- I agree

They hug and Hannah goes to get Big D for a one-on-one

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2:51PM BBT

Big D- you are sleeping in my man's bed? (Kyland)

Hannah jokes she knows that is going to be what gets her on the block by Big D

Big D says that they all just need to protect the 6 and he will never put one of the 6 up on the block. He expected it to be WHitney and Derek X on the block. Hannah says Christian didn't want to chance a guy going home. Big D says she needs to win HoH "and go for what is smart...we need to make sure we are getting out people that would put two of us up at the same time. If you feel that is SB, you need to make the shot." Hannah says that SB would not have been on her radar at all until she threw out her name. They both agree that SB is intimidated by Hannah's intelligence as "a mental threat."

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#BB23 2:10pm BBT: Whitney and KY in the YBR doing a one on one and She ask for advice, then she talks about not wanting to campaign against her housemate and hurt anyone and he says he understands. She tells him no hard feelings either way. 

2:20pm BBT: Hannah in the CBR talking to the camera and saying she is going to start her one on ones and  she has to have a long talk with Azah as someone told her that Hannah threw her name out to be  taken out of the house. Derek X walks in and she starts with him.

2:32pm BBT: Hannah and Derek X talk about who was throwing her name out in the house and she says she thinks it is Sarah and they talk about how Sarah is the one throwing Azah out there and making it look like her doing it. 

 2:44pm BBT: After a brief WBRB we have Hannah talking to Azah in the CBR and Azah saying she is going for the HOH this week and try to keep safety for herself and make her own decisions in here. Whitney having her one on one with Claire in the YBR.

2:50pm BBT: Hannah tells Azah that tiffany told her that a King told her that Hannah threw her name out to a king and she says she did not do that at all, Azah says ok i know. Azah ask how she is feeling and she says ok but i am going for this HOH.

 2:52pm BBT: Hannah now gets Derek F. Derek F tells her he does not know how she ended up on the block but if he wins HOH she will never see the block, Derek tells her if she wins HOH then she has to go for it and she knows what he is talking about he says and she says yes.

2:58pm BBT: Whitney meeting with Tiffany now in the YBR, Whitney says the biggest reason she is on the block this week is because she was like girl empowerment and come on girls.

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3:00PM BBT

Hannah says that if SB goes to jury she will be the first to catch on (to Cookout). Big D agrees.

Hannah says they need to keep DX to take the shot at Christian then send Alyssa right after. 

Big D tells Hannah her one-on-ones are going great. He hugs her and Hannah goes to get Britini.

3:05PM BBT

Hannah asks Brit how she feels abotu next week. Brit says the game is about to get messy because there is no longer a house target. She plans to grab the popcorn and watch the drama. Brit says whoever stays through eviction needs to win it.

Brit- As far as us, we plan to stay up there as long as we can (assuming wall comp or similar endurance that involves holding on)

Britini says she has noticed that people have not been talking much game this week. Hannah thinks that's because everyone was throwing out Christian and Alyssa's names and then they came in power. Hannah asks Brit what she would do for HoH. Brit says Hannah wouldn't touch the block if she won.Hannah reciprocates that sentiment.


3:18PM BBT

Azah is chopping vegetables in the kitchen. Britini is getting maple syrup, brown sugar and honey for her slop chips.

Azah is planning chicken pot pie for once she is off of slop at midnight. She is about to marinate the chicken.


Tiffany and Britini have returned to their chess game.


3:23PM BBT

Hannah asks Tiff if she can meet with her now. Tiff tells Hannah that she is connected with Azah because of the Cookout but they play totally different games. She says she told her about Azah because she didn't want anyone to be feeling uncomfortable with rumors. Hannah worries that Azah might think she's not fully on board. Tiff says that when they first walked in the house, the 6 of them knew they had to stick together. They didn't include Hannah at first because they weren't sure how she would handle things, but they all vowed to protect her.

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Tiffany warns Hannah that Azah plays an emotional game, so she needs to be careful with what she says.

Tiffany- we are all a part of the six, but everyobody's goals in getting there are different. Trust the six, but be as careful with the 6 as you are with everybody else

Hannah- Tiff and X (Hannah is telling Tiff she trusts her and X the most)

Tiff- that's where I am at in it (Tiffany reciprocates)

Hannah tells Tiffany that her all time BB player is Vanessa but she doesn't really tell anyone that. 

They high five as Tiffany says, "I love Vanessa."  [Me too!  -MamaLong]

Hannah says Memphis is the worst. Tiffany says if he was there they wold have had to get out of the house.

Hannah tells Tiffany that she will be less passionate around Azah from now on, especially on topics they disagree about. Tiffany thinks that is a good plan.

Tiffany says that Hannah should find a way to bond with Azah. She knows Azah doesn't like her but she feels like when they don't see eye to eye, Azah is upset where Tiffany just realizes that they will not always see eye to eye, and it doesn't really matter to her either way. Hannah just wants to make sure Azah knows that she is committed to the 6.

Tiffany- I don't think she is questioning you


*Cameras switch to Whitney and Britini talking in the yacht club bedroom


3:49PM BBT

Britni tells Whitney that it has been hard watching her on the block because she knows how it feels and if she gets HoH there is no way she would put whoever stays between her and Hannah back up there. "There are 8 people in this house who have never touched (it) None of them understand that feeling. That 9 hours (on Thursday) sucks."

Britini offers Whitney whatever she can do to make her day tomorrow better. "If you are on the block and you stay you have every right to take whatever shot you want."

Whitney asks Brit directly if she has any idea where the vote is going tomorrow. Brit says she hasn't talked withthe rest of the house about votes "if the house is leaning toward keeping on of you, at this point in the game, it would be very hard for me to go against the house." Whitney says she understands.

Brit- I will tell you, though, you better not give up!

Whitney says she won't give up but knows the Queens will vote to keep Hannah. She says she thinks Ky might keep her and Big D wants her to stay but is scared. "I have more hope than I did before."


4:01PM BBT

WBRB Bubbles


4:02PM BBT

The feeds return to Hannah talking with Ky in the coral reef bedroom, and Whitney waiting to meet with Azah. Big D is trying to organize house clean-up chores and is assigning various duties to everyone.


4:04PM BBT

Big D is teasing Azah in the kitchen that she is about to have her man to herself (Xavier)


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4:08PM BBT

Whitney finally gets her time with Azah in the yacht club bedroom. Whit tells Azah that she is new at campaigning so bear with her. Whit tells Azah that she is one of the people in the house  she feels she hasn't had the chance to get to know on a deep level. Azah says she wants to know why Whitney wants to stay in the house. Whit asks her what she would want to do if she won HoH. Azah says it all depends.

[I'm sorry, but this type of questioning is more appropriate as an HoH over a nominee. Just my opinion here that Whitney is going about this all wrong.  -MamaLong]


4:11PM BBT

Azah says her targets change day to day. 'I feel like a lot of people were saying people's names last week and then they won."

Whitney says that she is on the block because the guys are worried the women want all the men out. "My fear is that if another man were to win....how many options do they have to choose from?"

Azah agrees and says with people being safe (Claire) it leaves fewer options.


4:15PM BBT

Kyland has been doing a lot of the talking in the coral reef bedroom and Hannah is just listening.

[It is obvious to me that Hannah makes him uncomfortable. -ML]

Hannah- I will be incredibly impressed if you were able to win this game.

Ky- that's how I feel. There are people in this house, and Derek is one of them, that I would not be upset to lose to.

Kyland says he has no idea where DX is really at

Hannah- to me, he has a better grasp of the days than I do

Ky- Whoa

Ky explains to Hannah that he is always physically and emotionally setting up his mind for what is best for the 6.

Hannah tells Ky that she hates puzzles and if the competition is a puzzle she will just climb the backyard fence and go home. She says she has no spatial reasoning.

Hannah says out of the 12 comps they have played 4 have been puzzles, 2 have been memory with the other 6 being randoms. Ky says "too many puzzles." Hannah responds with "that's what I'm saying...but maybe that's what the fans want."

Ky gives Hannah a long, tight hug as their meeting comes to a close.


4:33PM BBT

Up in the parlor, Brit is talking with SB. Brit tells SB that WHhtney told her Chaddha is working with the Kings. SB says she can see that. SB thinks they will get powers next week. "It sucks to get HoH when there are three hidden powers out there....and everyone is feeling really confident that the next week will be a double and it sucks to be an outgoing HoH in a double."

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4:48PM BBT WBRB Bubbles


4:52PM BBT

The feeds return to Hannah talking with Claire in the coral reef bedroom. Claire tells Hannah that she is not dead set on SB or Christian.  Hannah says if they can't take a shot at the Kings next week, the Jokers are the only option.  "I repsect what DX wants to do to benefit his personal game might not be what I want for my own." Claire agrees.

Hannah says if there is an America's Player or America's Sweetheart this season...

Claire- it's definitely her (SB)

Hannah- Yeah

Claire says she doesn't know what SB's game is or what she would do in jury.

Sarge- Claire, please reattach your microphone

Claire- I'm so sorry

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4:10pm BBT: Whitney and Azah  now meet, Whit says i feel like i have not gotten to know you on a deep level but i do have the feeling i am going home this week and i want you to know i like your presence and i like you and i believe we will be friends outside this house no matter how you vote this week.

4:20pm BBT: Hannah and KY talking in the RBR about who Hannah would put on the block if she was HOH and she says Derek X, Claire and Britini, KY says he would not be upset if Derek X left the house. Hannah says Derek X cant keep winning forever and then we can get him out.

 4:40pm BBT: Xavier and Whitney in the LVR just sitting, Sarah and Britni talking in the PP About what  was said to Hannah with their one on ones. Britini thinking they could have a double this week or next week. Azah still in the KT cooking for tonight's feast for the have nots.

4:45pm BBT Azah, Hannah, Derek F, in the KT working and cooking Tiffany getting food, Claire comes in getting a snack, Just general talk going on as Azah prepares her chicken pot pies.

4:55pm BBT: Hannah and Claire in the CBR whispering about who needs to go and Hannah says i have a plan cause i think Sarah is Americas player, Hannah says she feels like Sarah will put Hannah and Derek X up together for sure. They then talk about making it to jury .

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5:32PM BBT

Hannah is meeting with SB in the coral reef bedroom. SB tells her that Christian said Whitney is the target and as far as she knows, that's who is going home. Hannah asks what SB has planned for next week. SB says it could be a double and do you even want to be an HoH in a double.


5:36PM BBT

Claire is leading a yoga class for Tiffany and DX near the front door.

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6:13PM BBT

Alyssa is plucking Christian's eyebrows in the bathroom. She is also popping pimples on his face.

Hannah has started watching. She is fascinated. Alyssa gets a good pop and they ooh and ah.

Apparently Sarge announced "You have got to be kidding me" during WBRB Bubbles. Christian says they are grossing the Colonel out. Alyssa is now applying a face mask to Christian's red and swollen face.


6:36PM BBT

Alyssa and Christian are making plans for all the things they are going to do after BB including water parks, bars, Hooters to meet her friends from work...Christian says it will be his first time to a Hooters.

[They could very well be another successful BB couple. -MamaLong]

Christian says they are going to have so much fun.


6:39PM BBT

The cams are all on the living room now where SB, Tiffany, Xavier, Whitney, Azah, Brit and Hannah are chatting

SB says the day has been going by slowly, and Azah fully agrees.

SB says she bet Kyland for the HoH competition. If Kyland wins she has to read him bedtime stories every night. If she wins Kyland has to make her breakfast every day. 

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6:50PM BBT

Tiffany says she is not touching the M&Ms "but if those were peanut M&Ms" she would. SB says she doesn't like peanuts but she loves peanut M&Ms and Payday candy bars. Tiffany is reading the Bible and laughs that she needs a recap. Hannah and Tiff together say "Previously on the Bible"

SB begins discussing how she thought everyone in the Bible was white until she saw the comics and realized they were all people of color. Talk moves to Veggie Tales.

Hannah- Brent kind of looked like one of the Veggies

Claire asks which one and Hannah says "the adult asparagus...or maybe the zucchini...or maybe the cucumber."

SB starts singing The Hair Brush song then apologizes saying she knows she can't sing. 


6:58PM BBT

SB gets called to the storage room to exchange her microphone. She admits that she dropped it in the toilet. Claire says "Azah did that yesterday." Claire confesses that hers ended up the toilet, too.

Claire is reading her Bible now, too.

Hannah and SB are on opposite ends of the sofa in prime positions for negligent napping.

Azah and Britini are playing chess at the kitchen table.


7:00PM BBT

Whintey is now meeting with Alyssa in the yacht club bedroom. Whit says she would be happy to take out DX "because he has been super shady" Whitney says if she were to win the HoH she would put up DX and Kyland.


7:06PM BBT

Whitney thanks Alyssa for talking with her and Alyssa leaves the YBR.


7:07PM BBT

Big D is listening to Christian's music in the HoHR. SB is talking with Big D about the food amounts and wondering if tey will begin adjusting the grocery haul. Big D says they have to "and maybe they will stop with all the soda." SB says she thinks the soda bottles are all really old because they expire in September. SB leaves for the bathroom.


7:09PM BBT

Baby D and Xavier are chatting in the sea glass bedroom talking about how crazy it is that it's already August.

[Could not agree more!  -MamaLong]


7:10PM BBT

Alyssa is talking with Christian in the parlor "I was right...Whitney said .."

Whitney comes in and breaks up the conversation. She asks to speak with him in the Have Not Room. 

They go in the HoHR instead since it is now empty. They have some small talk about the cameras and how creepy they are then Whit mentions how Alyssa revealed they could see to the other side of the mirrors last night.

Christia- yeah, they were getting slack and we could see for a little bit

Christian says he knows he is her last one-on-one. Whitney tells him the same thing that she told Alyssa about DX being super shady and counting him out. She tells Christian that the second she was put on the block her own team mates disappeared. Two days later, Derek X commented about Hannah being there the following week. She says she pulled her team aside and mentioned targeting Kyland "and then literally right after we talked about it he (DX) went into the have-not room and were gone for a while." Christian says he noticed that, too.

Whit- I potentially think that's where things went wrong. 

Christian mentions that she had talked about a girl winning, so that made her a target,too.

Whit tells Christian that she thinks DX is his biggest threat. She says she doesn't see Hannah throwing any comps and she is also very close to DX and working with the Queens. Whit offers to throw the comp to leave a chance for DX to be targeted. "You guys would have my loyalty. X is my favorite person, and I still adore you guys."

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Whitney asks Christian if there is anything she could do, "I would be loyal to you guys if I stay." Christian says he can't think of anything specifically but agrees she could be a shield. Whitney says the girl winning thing is because she owns a female dominant business and would be thrilled to see a woman win, but it's not a done deal "if a woman did not earn her place to win, I respect the game too much to vote for her to win." Whitney says that Christian and DX have won the most comps. She recognizes that at this point in the game, he has played better than any of the women and would have her vote.

Whitney promises Christian that if she were to win HoH she would owe it to him and make a decision on targets with him.

Christian tells Whitney that she brought up more points to keep her than Hannah did.

Christian says that day one he remembers her saying if she was HoH she would take out the biggest target. WHitney tells her that couldn't be him if they are aligned. It would be DX or Kyland.


7:36PM BBT

Christian apologizes to her for putting her in this situation. Whitney says she has no hard feelings. Christian tells her he wants to talk with his team but she had better arguments to stay that Hannah. They hug and Whitney leaves.


7:42PM BBT

Kyland and SB are playing chess in the parlor. Christian has joined them to watch.


Alyssa and Big D are playing chess at the kitchen table.


[Where is the backgammon this year? And what about cornhole? Why haven't they ever had Mancala in the BB house?  -MamaLong]


7:50PM BBT

Christian and Xavier are playing Guess Who using the memory wall photos. 

After 4 or 5 questions, Christian guesses that Xavier's person was Brent. Christian's person was also Brent.


Xavier is now playing Guess Who with Britini and Christian. After about 4 questions they discover that all three of them picked Tiffany.


7:58PM BBT

Big D says cleaning will start after the chess game with Alyssa.

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