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Big Brother Season 23-Live Eviction Week 3 7/29

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 Previously, on Big Brother, in a summer long battle, the HG were playing in teams, but strong alliances were also forming. There was the Royal Flush, the Cookout, and the summer’s first showmance.

The entire house was sick of Brent, so HOH Xavier put him on the block next to a pawn. Brent was convinced he has the numbers to stay.

So after Christian won the veto, Brent still was not worried and the flight attendant came up with a plan for the veto not to be used, completely unaware that his fate was already sealed.

At the veto meeting, the blindside of Brent was put in motion. Tonight, either Brent or Britini will be evicted. Plus, a new HOH will be crowned!


Julie greets us and tells us the entire house has been pulling the wool over Brent’s eyes. We pick up on Day 20 after the veto meeting and Christian says his teammate is in power so he wanted to make sure this plan got pulled off.


Xavier says Brent is under the impression that he has the votes to stay, and Brent does not realize he has no army. Britini says her strategy is similar to last week. Lay low. Brent says everything is going to plan and the votes should come out 6-5 in his favor.


Brent is talking to Tiffany. Brent says he has his team and the Queens who made an alliance together a few days ago called The Mafia. Tiffany says everyone knows it is fake except Brent.


Brent says he should have all the votes and Xavier is not going to see this blindside coming. Tiff says she feels terrible lying to Brent, but he is going home. Brent tells Kyland and Derek X that they are in a good spot and he plans putting up Christian and Xavier.


Brent says Xavier thinks they are good. He says cool, calm, and collected is the strategy this week. Derek X. says this might go down in history, but Brent might be on the wrong side of it.


Hannah is talking to Derek X. and she is mumbling about Brent going home and he is standing behind her while they are on a lounge outside. Hannah is concerned he heard her but he starts talking about a plan for next week.


Brent is looking at the memory wall and they are talking about their pictures and they are talking about their jobs. They talk about Xavier working for the government or being a lawyer. Xavier says he told everyone he was a bartender. Derek F. thinks Xavier is a lawyer.


Xavier says he is in the cookout with Derek F. and he is grilling him! Derek F says Xavier is giving him lawyer vibes and Xavier says he is just articulate. Sarah Beth says she would be mad if Xavier were a model and a lawyer.


Alyssa and Christian are in the HOH bed and they talk to Derek X about Brent. They are hiding from him. Alyssa says Brent caught her sleeping in the downstairs bedroom. Brent is pacing and thinking. Alyssa says they just need to make sure Brent does not get paranoid.


Brent is talking to Whitney about his father. Whitney tells Brent that he gets under her skin. Whitney says she does think he is a good guy and she wants to give him advice and be careful how he talks to people. Brent tells her his strategy is amazing in this game though.


Whitney again advises him to be careful about the way he says things to people and he jokes about needing lipstick so he can kiss butts. Whitney says he is just so oblivious and she cannot get through to him.


Tiff, Hannah, and Claire are talking about having the votes to get Brent out and he walks by. Claire says she feels bad for Brent because it sucks to be blindsided. But they cannot tell him because of how he might react. She says they are in way too deep.


With Brent set to leave, the focus shifts to the strongest team in the house, The Kings. Whitney says the Kings will have a huge advantage if they do not balance out the teams. They think Derek X has to gun for it or even Hannah.


Derek X. says if Brent leaves HG will want to take a shot at The Kings, but he is in an alliance with The Kings and The Queens so he cannot be the one to take the shot. Alyssa would consider targeting Whitney because Whitney said she would want to make big moves.


Derek X. does not like Whitney being a target because she is on his team and that would put his team at 2 and The Kings would still have four. He does not know if that is what is best for his personal game or if he is just going along with everyone else.


Tifffany is talking to her team and she talks about being in an alliance with The Kings. She wants to stay loyal to the Royal Flush, but it would not be smart to keep a strong duo from The Kings when they are already a strong four.


Claire, Derek X, and Tiffany are discussing strategy and they discuss throwing to someone else to take the shot at The Kings and Derek X pitches throwing to Whitney because he tells them she would take the shot. He says that could be the best thing for his game.


The Kings has a chat and Xavier says it is essential that one of them has to win HOH or they will be a target. Alyssa does not want to put Britini on the block against next week. Christian pitches Hannah.


Sarah Beth thinks Hannah is smart and laying low on purpose and she could be a threat. Xavier tells us that is not good because he is in The Cookout with Hannah, but he cannot blatantly stick up for her. This puts him in an awkward position.


It is time for the live vote and eviction! All the HG vote and Brent is evicted by a unanimous vote!


Brent tells Julie he did not look shocked. Brent says he is not shocked, he would have created a lot of havoc in the house. He says it is a game of betrayal and he has been the target since day one.


Julie asks what Brent thinks he happened and he says he is a strong personality and he is strong physically and that impression does not just go away. Brent thinks it was an easy way to make him a target and get him out.


Julie says his own teammates turned on him and does that shock him and Brent says no because Derek X had already done it and he and Whitney did not mesh and Hannah just went with the herd. He says Derek X was plotting against him since day 2 with Kyland and Christian.


Julie talks about him lobbying for veto not to be used, why would he not try to get safety. Brent says it would have just saved him one week and he would be gone the next week so he just needed info because he was already a target.


Julie asks about Xavier telling him he was the pawn and him feeling safe and Brent says he felt safe because of the team aspect and they were willing to throw his strength away, then it is on his team but he is not surprised about everyone else.


Julie talks about The Mafia and Brent says Kyland betrayed him before in the past and it was a last ditch effort and he had to try to get some reassurances that he would be safe, but Kyland was part of Derek X and Travis plotting against him.


Xavier thinks Brent is his biggest competitor and he hopes he respects the move. Hannah says when you feel too comfortable or safe but his arrogance did not let him see he was not.


Derek X says the house target shifted to him, there was nothing he could do. Alyssa says he was wrapped around her finger but it was not personal. Tifffany says he did not see them all coming while giving flight attendant hand motions.


Brent says the HG made the smart play getting him out because he had a lot of things cooking in his mental and it was the right move.


Julie says what will happen when a new HOH takes power with the house targets gone?


It is time for the HOH competition! They will compete with their teams to complete a surf board puzzle but they can only do one piece at a time, but they can only work on the puzzle for 25 seconds each. If the clock expires before that teammate hits the reset button their team is eliminated.


All teams are working on the puzzle. The teams are doing good giving the puzzle builder directions and watching the clock. The Jokers are making good progress. The Aces are making progress too.


The Kings and Queens appear to be a bit behind but all teams still work. The Jokers are getting close. The other teams are moving pieces but still making progress. The Kings have won the competition! Christian completed the puzzle and he is HOH!


Next week is the final wildcard competition and next week will be the first endurance competition!

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