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Saturday, July 31, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is West Coast Daylight Saving (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


It only takes a few good posts to earn your "Live Feed Updater" badge and LFU status. 


Also, all registered members of the forums have access to our chat rooms, at https://www.tvfanforums.net/chatbox/room/1-lobby/ Stop in talk to SMVanBoyz, Fuskie, and I'm in there from time-to-time too. It's fun to be able to watch the feeds at dish the HGs at the same time.  


Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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8:00AM BBT

WBRB Bubbles for Wakey Wakey


8:17AM BBT

The feeds return to houseguests slowly starting their day


Christian and Alyssa are still in a dark HoHR snuggled together in bed.

Alyssa- I'm gonna get up before you. I'm gonna turn on the light and get it over with

Christian- okay

*WBRB Bubbles


The feeds return to Christian saying they need to adjust (to the light) "take cover" and they disappear under the covers.

Christian asks how Alyssa slept. She says she slept good, "let's not talk without our mics." They are still trying to get their eyes adjusted to the lights and share strategies with each other.

Alyssa kisses Christian on his arm then gets out of bed.


8:26AM BBT

Sarge: Wakey Wakey Houseguests


Alyssa comes in from the bathroom asking if anyone is awake. Christian checks the cameras and says he doesn't think so. He then tells her that he felt like he was cheating on her last night "because you were a hundred degrees, and I turned over and was spooning this pillow."

Alyssa laughs

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9:15AM BBT

The feeds move to RCHS for nomination picks

9:46AM BBT

The feeds return


10:04AM BBT

Tiffany is cooking in the kitchen. Christian, Ky and Baby D are chatting at the kitchen bar. They all agree the veto comp is not endurance


They begin speculating it could be the spelling competition.

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9:46AM BBT Feeds return with X, DX and Christian discussing who is the best option to win the POV. DX would be in a difficult position if he won because which of his teammates would he take down? They think Claire is a good option because he has won it before.

9:50AM BBT Christian and DX want X’s help during the comp to give them hints if Claire is close to winning so they can throw the comp to her.

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10:40AM BBT

Ky whispers with Alyssa in the bathroom. Alyssa tells Ky about Whitney being upset that she was put up and asking why her. Alyssa said she tried to explain to Whit that there was no way Christian would have put up guys given three have already gone home, "and she is always saying she is losing money being here...I would be crying if I went home."


Tiffany comes in and Alyssa asks her for advice on how to host, "I just hope it's a fun costume."


10:51AM BBT

Brit and SB are talking about the veto in the living room. SB is complaining about Derek X being picked again and her never being picked. "I'm going to take his chip out of that back and replace it with my name." SB thinks it will be a  maze.


11:16AM BBT

Tiffany and Hannah are talking in the Coral Reef bedroom while TIff braids Hannah's hair. Hannah doesn't want SB or Claire going to jury but knows one of them will. Hannah- our best chances for getting Sarah Beth out are to put her next to Ky

TIffany agrees, "I knew day one there was something about her...she is sweet, but she hiding something."

Hannah says for a girl that is 28, she has never heard a 28 talk like her. Tiff says she has Ky wrapped around her finger, "and I trust Ky. Otherwise, I would have to have him out....but, I really don't trust her." Tiffany hints that it seems like Ky and SB knew each other already before entering the house. 


[My observations is they did not, but they did form a final 2 in the first week. -MamaLong]

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9:50AM BBT X says he will cheer everyone one on but will be loud about saying “Claire you are so close”, “Hanna, you are doing good”. Azah you are close.  Key words help DX and Christian know if they should throw the game or compete hard.  

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12:29PM BBT

Azah and Baby D are cuddling in the living room. Azah asks if he was asked in team meetings and one-on-ones who he would pit up if he won HoH. He replies that he was, but he knows everyone was asked the same question. Azah asks him who he mentioned and adds that she wants him to be honest. He answers that he told him he wouldn't have come after him. Azah probes Baby D more and states that she knows Christian is using his HoH to gather information.  [He would be stupid not to!  -MamaLong] 


Azah says she was honest with Christian and told him that she would have put him up because she had a reason to target him. Baby D asks if she regrets saying it. Azah says no because she feels honesty is hte best answer.


12:33PM BBT

Sarge- You are not allowed to talk about production.




12:37PM BBT

Kyland is giving Whitney a massage in the bathroom.

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1:37PM BBT

The HGs are just hanging out waiting for veto

Azah, Brit, Ky, Hannah, Claire and SB are hanging out in the kitchen.

I believe Azah is making Puff Puff.

Ky asks if she can make it slightly different than last time. The girls begin discussing Justin Bieber.

SB- I don't think I have looked at his face long enough to decide

Azah- Justin doesn't grind my gears, personally. If you want to grind my gears, give me a Bradley Cooper or give me a Aaron Carter back in the day

Claire- this is interesting

SB- Aaron Carter

Claire- I feel like Aaron Carter, back in the day, was very cute

SB- When I was young I had a crush on Usher

Azah-I think Usher was cute; Usher is cute



1:55PM BBT

Tiff and Baby D enter the kitchen to look at Azah's bread and he starts quizzing Tiff on her math again. She gets one then stumbles on the bext. He says that she is meesing up on threes and fours. Tiff solves the next one and he asks how she got there. Tiff says she used her fingers. Baby D says, "I saw that." They continue practicing math facts. Baby D is so patient and encouraging with Tiffany.

Tiff sees Azah looking at her, "stop looking at me."

Azah - Sorry!  (It makes Tiffany really nervous when people watch her practice numbers.)


Christian, X, Claire and Whitney are talking about napping positions in the LR

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1:16PM BBT In the Kitchen, Tiff dropping callback gems for the live feeders. SB is saying the only thing she doesn't like being called is "Beth" and Tiff swishes the water in her mouth, swallows, and says "Holly didn't like that either." [the sickest BB burn of the season so far - BBLurkerPlus] and then laughs. Whitney doesn't get it because she just moves on. ["Beth" was Holly's accidental name in BB21 because David mistakenly called her that at the beginning and she said she hated it. - BBLurkerPlus]

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3:47PM BBT  Feeds are back

Christian won veto

It appears there was a sport theme. Alyssa was the host and she is wearing a ref shirt.

SB said to Christian that he crushed it.

The comp was called Bump, Set, Veto

3:53PM BBT

Alyssa- I feel bad for Azah for falling. I didn't know she fucked up her legs that bad.

Christian- I feel bad for Azah

Alyssa- she kept going, though. She was in in the lead.

Christian- she was seriously up on me by at least 7 or 8. I think Derek was too

Baby D - I did not like that comp at all

Alyssa tells Christian that he probably could have thrown it to Baby D "but why do that?"

Alyssa- you can't play in the next one and he could


3:56PM BBT

In the coral reef bedroom, Claire is telling Baby D that her performance was embarrassing, "I couldn't throw for anything."

Claire- it was fast! This is probably the only sprint, sprint, sprint one.


In the kitchen, Christian tells X and Alyssa "It's simple, I'm not using it. Why would I?"

Azah has not come out of the DR yet. The HGs want to know how she is.


Back in the coral reef bedroom, Claire and Baby D discuss Azah and how she was up on Christian.

Baby D- that's incredible

Claire- some of y'all were at 40 and I was 12. I was like, f* me

Baby D- Christian is such a beast.

Claire- when did he say he started feeling it?

Baby D- he said 50. Literally he said 50. This dude is scary. This is the first time going head to head with him. It's crazy.

Claire- I don't think he would be good at puzzles. Was he just fast?


*WBRB Bubbles

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3:56PM BBT Hanna and DX are talking about how they performed in the POV. DX said that they need two work on their cardio. This was hard.



3:58PM BBT DX tells Hanna don’t be hard on yourself. Christian is a beast.  


4:01PM BBT Ky and Claire are talking the in CBR about how Brit was not happy during the POV. They think she was nervous that if the wrong person won POV she could go back on the block.   


4:49PM BBT Lots of whispering going on in the house and general chit chat. 



4:54PM BBT Brit and Clair in the CBR talking about how Claire was given their word it wouldn’t be a joker as Brit eats slop cookies.

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8:00PM BBT

Tiffany is giving Azah a pep talk. She tells her she will have more energy and feel better once she is off the slop diet. Azah and Tiffany discuss that Brent and Whitney would have floated through the game. Tiff thinks Brent walked around the house "like King Dingaling or something."

Azah (about Brent) "I can't stand a liar, but on a personal level, he is a charming dude."

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5:48PM BBT In the living room Brit is eating a drippy pickle on the couch next to Tiff and may be ripe from the comp or being outside because Tiff sem-jokingly asks her to move 6 feet away. Brit moves all the way off the couch and onto the floor. Tiff apologizes for being too harsh and then turns around and clarifies that Brit smells like pickled pig's feet, then keeps dogging her about the pickle juice mess. [Not sure that helped, but it's hilarious! - BBLurkerPlus]



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8:00PM BBT

In the gym, Sarah Beth is working out with Kyland.


8:15PM BBT

In the parlor, Tiff and Azah are discussing SB and how she covers her game really well which makes her dangerous. Tiff says that Whitney was difficult to trust because she went against her own teammate but was able to fake it very well that she liked him. Azah says that they all have to go at some point. They both discuss that they really like Derek X a lot. Azah feels closer to Baby D than to Hannah. Tiff says she has struggled in the house with the Cookout and her own personal relationships "If it wasn't for y'all, I would be playing a totally different game. I don't want to see Derek X leave this game." Azah says she does, too.

Azah says all of the Alyssas need to go soon. 

[Funny, I thought there was only 1 Alyssa. *sarcasm  -MamaLong]

Tiffany says she loves Christian. Azah says "Every day I love Christian more." Tiffany says the guys from Cookout want her to take out Christian. Tiffany says Thursday is her birthday and the next HoH.

Azah- you can't win HoH

Tiffany- No, I can't


8:25PM BBT

Tiffany tells Azah it was a good thing that she did not win the veto today so she can lay low and not appear to be a threat in any way, especially after being honest with Christian about him being a target for her.

Tiff- I am so glad she did not win that veto. (Whitney) I would be up here crying.

Azah - Girl!!!


*Camera moves to Christian, Alyssa and Baby D talking in the Yacht Club Bedroom about Derek X's type.

Baby D- 5'8' would be perfect height; longer legs

Alyssa- are you a boob or a butt guy?

Baby D- butt

Baby D says he needs a girl that is somewhat independent and that most of his relationships broke up because they were long distance. Baby D and Christian both say that when they get jealous, they don't get mad at the other person, they get mad at themselves. Alyssa says she gets jealous when a guy she is with is getting hit on more than her.  [Wow.  -ML]

Christian says that what's weird for him is that he gets hit on a lot more when he is in a relationship than when is actually available. "It's a vibe, I guess."

Alyssa says she and her girlfriends get dressed up and go out just to be hit on, and if they meet someone that's added fun.  [Double wow.  -ML]

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Alyssa says that she has considered a threesome but it would have to be with someone she had no emotional connection with.  She asks Derek X if he has considered a threesome and he says that in order to have that he would have to have an open relationship. Christian says he wouldn't be able to do it because even if it was hooking up casually, there is eventual personal feelings involved. Alyssa says she is not trying to catch anything..."like the big fish, if you know what I mean." They begin discussing the testing they had to do for Big Brother. There must have been a marijuana test, as well. They are talking about "smelling flowers" but they (production) didn't care. Derek X says that he didn't even realize they were testing for that. He thought it was for STDs and was like "oh shit." Alyssa says Kaitlyn Herman tested positive, too.



8:43PM BBT WBRB Bubbles



8:55PM BBT

Christian has gone to shower. Baby D says that the sea glass bedroom seems claustrophobic to him but the coral reef room is comfortable. Alyssa says it's the opposite for her. She doesn't like the coral reef room because you wake up and everyone is just right there. He says that's true at that the first thing this morning, Whitney told him she wasn't picking him for houseguest choice. Alyssa says she was going to pick Brit, but Britini had already said she wouldn't use it. Baby D asks how he got invited in to Royal Flush. Alyssa tells her that it was Tiffany that wanted to bring him in and the others liked the idea, too. Baby D says he really see him and Christian as a power house that could do damage. Alyssa asks who he sees as a 4th. Baby D says maybe Hannah or Tiffany. Alyssa says they should talk with Hannah but not bring up alliance or anything.

Baby D- the thing I like about Hannah is that she is strong where Christian and I are weak.

Alyssa says she has strategizing, memory and endurance. Christian has strength but is weak in memory. Baby D thinks the 4 of them would be amazing "but I don't want to get rid of Tiffany." Alyssa says that they don't need to get rid of Tiffany, but they need to focus on keeping Hannah to the top 9.


Baby D says he wishes he had talked game more with them.


9:00PM BBT

In the living room, Big D is chatting with Hannah

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9:12PM BBT

In the living room, Whitney is now massaging Xavier's back and says there is knot in his back and it's really gross. Ky tells her to elbow it to get it out. "It's like crunchy." SHe makes a vomit sound. "I'm scared I'm gonna hurt him....this is the worst crunchy knot I have ever felt before."  Whitney whispers to X, "America wants it to happen. Just let it happen." Big D is drinking from a gallon size water jug. SB and Kyland are working on meditation and relaxation.


[I'm out for the night y'all. Sweet dreams!  -MamaLong]

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9:19pm BBT Tiff says the house would have been more fun if they had kept Travis. DX wonders what Brent would have done had he been HoH week 2. Claire says she and Brit would have been nom because of Frenchie's the All Girls alliance.

10:20pm BBT Royal Flush meets without DX or X to talk about future comps. Christian says Whit didn't say it directly, but was targeting him and X. 

10:32pm BBT Brit would choose Chris Evans over Brad Pitt, all day, any day. The only one who could beat him is Tom Holland. Baby D asks if Chris Evans is Captain America?  Hannah tells Brit she looks like Tom Holland. Brit says Hannah needs to take her glasses off.

10:35pm BBT RF continue talking in the HoH about bast seasons. SB was rooting for Jessica & Cody in BB19. Ky liked the claw machine Veto Ian won in BB14. SB says the GoPro videos feel so fake. Tiff will give it to Ky this week.

10:37pm BBT Christian claims to have made it to the finals of Survivor auditions in 2018 but Jeff Probst didn't like him and cut him from the show. Tiff says he'll surely change his mind now. Christian address Jeff: You were wrong.

10:40pm BBT The BY is open! SB doesn't have the energy to fight for access to the washer for towels. DX and Hannah take out clothes that apparently were stuck there during the Veto comp. Alyssa is doing a foot treatment but SB says it caused her feet to peel.

10:45pm BBT SB doesn't want to go to bed first again so she's going to try to be cool and hang out. Christian tells Tiff that she won't be going up as a replacement. He's joking since he already said he won't use the Veto. SB is trying to stop munching after 8pm.

10:46pm BBT SB says she is getting thin by dieting & working out in the BB House. Her arm hurts so she asks for a massage from Ky. Downstairs, Brit says Liam Hemsworth is #3 on her celebrity crush list (can't go wrong with any of the Hemsworths). Azah likes Michael B.

10:53pm BBT SB thanks Ky and says her arm feels better after his massage & asks him to do the other arm. Ky says Christian's family is cute. SB agrees. In the SR, X tells Tiff the Kings will target Hannah next week if they get HoH again. Tiff agrees, even if the teams end.

10:55pm BBT Tiff tells X that Alyssa & Christian are a duo and so are Ky and Sarah Beth. Fans must be wondering why no one takes a shot. SB goes out to the BY and joins Alyssa on the hammock.


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11:04pm BBT SB tells Alyssa that her GF doesn't regret SB going on the show. She doesn't know how much Shelly will get into the show or live feeds. Alyssa says she never watched the live feeds. SB says last season was the first season she really watched the live feeds.

11:05pm SB says BB makes her stand in the back of the DR to do her lines. Alyssa says she did handstands once. Alyssa hopes it is not a DE this week. It has to happen eventually, SB philosophizes. At the DT, DX and Hannah are playing chess with Whit watching.

11:08pm BBT SB says she's no good at pool. Alyssa wants to play Ky in foosball - he's the only one she hasn't beaten. SB says she beat Ky once. He's taught her how to play and she even was able to beat Claire. Alyssa beat X once. SB says X beat Ky a couple times.

11:11pm BBT SB says she plans to be an objective, not bitter juror. Alyssa says Tyler would have won BB20 if the jury wasn't bitter and he could have explained his game better. X joins them by the hammock and agrees, he would have voted for Tyler to win over Kaycee.

11:15pm SB tells Alyssa and X that she lays in bed at night thinking of the comps she lost and how close she came. "I want to win HoH really bad", she says. Claire plays Ky in Foosball. DX and Hannah are still engaged in Chess. 

11:24pm BBT Tiff roars into the KT, yelling that Brit was coaching her in pool. Hannah asks what happened? Tiff says she needs to apologize to Brit and goes back outside. Whit replaces Alyssa on the hammock. SB wanted to go to bed at 10pm but now is wide awake.

11:26pm BBT SB and Whit both are having trouble sleeping. They agree Christian is hard to sleep with because he jolts around a lot. SB says she moves and hogs the pillow. She did that to Shelly once. She's too used to sleeping alone.

11:27pm BBT Azah has joined Hannah playing DX in chess. She says it's a confusing game. DX offers to help her learn. Hannah is beating him. Tiff comes into the KT for a snack. Azah is low energy on slop. DX says it's because of the comp. Hannah will make slop chips Sunday.

11:29pm BBT Tiff says she needs to call home, she needs words of encouragement. DX says they'll have bible study tomorrow. On the hammock, SB says she likes the independence of a long distance relationship. She only sees Shelly twice a month because she lives 2.5 hrs away.

11:36pm BBT SB says she and Shelly talk daily by text but don't Facetime or talk voice. Her lease ended in July & she had to decide either to pay renew and have her roommate take care of the cats, or put her stuff in storage & find someone else to take care of the cats.

11:37pm BBT SB continues telling Whit she had to quit her job because she didn't have any PTO and her leave of absence wasn't approved. She also had to buy clothes for the show. Her biggest fear was she would be evicted wek 1 and not be able to afford going on the show.

11:40pm SB urges Whit to fight to stay (get Christian to use the Veto). Whit doesn't know who she could suggest as a replacement nom. SB tells Whit the target wasn't always her and she could still sway the vote even if the Veto is not used. 

11:42pm BBT Whit tells SB she shouldn't have talked so much about wanting a girl to win. SB agrees, the guys are scared of that. Whit says X is one of her fav guys and doesn't get how she's accused of wanting to put him up. She's going to watch the tape when she gets out.


11:43pm BBT SB says she'll ask her mom and brother if she should watch the show or not. She doesn't want to if she looks bad. Whit doesn't think any remaining HG will say anything bad, but something can get taken out of context. 

11:45pm BBT SB says her cuddling is platonic in the house. She's committed to her relationship & Shelly trusts her. If she thought Shelly wouldn't like it. she wouldn't do it. SB wonders how Brent is feeling right now. Whit wants to contact him & make up for their diffs.

11:48pm BBT SB hopes Brent doesn't regret being in the BB House. Whit asks, have you met Brent? He regrets nothing. SB says they barely talked and when he said something she didn't like, he backed off when challenged. Brit joins them on the hammock.

11:54pm BBT SB says she liked Frenchie but couldn't trust him after he said he wouldn't nom Alyssa then did it anyway. Whit remembers Frenchie talking late at night. It exhausted her. Inside, Brit tells Hannah she did good in the Veto comp - she was 3rd for a while.

11:57pm BBT Brit complains the WA is dirty - the floor isn't clean. Brit says there was a puddle in the WA but she didn't want to clean it because she didn't know what it was. She says she's not weird. X thinks she's pretty normal. He would rather be weird than normal. 

11:59pm Brit asks who could miss (the WC or the sink) so bad. X says Christian. He jokes it was an intentional missing. Tiff says once you use a bidet, there is no other way to clean yourself after a #2. 

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