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Tuesday, July 27, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Reef Bedroom (RBR)
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12:03AM BBT: Britini and Azah in the YR talking. Brit says she told Kyland that her and Whitney are cool but Whitney is social and smart. She says Whitney isn’t coming for her.

12:04AM BBT: Azah tells Britini that Whitney doesn’t talk game to her, she flirts with people, and she isn’t sure who she is working with.

12:11AM BBT: Britini tells Azah that people keep asking her who she might nominate if she gets HOH. Azah tells her to keep it to herself.

12:13AM BBT: Christian and Alyssa are in bed together in the PR. Christian says Derek X might not be scared to make a big move.

12:37AM BBT: Derek F and Kyland are playing pool in the BY while Azah talks about her career and acting she has done.

12:56AM BBT: General talk around the house and in BY.

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1:00AM BBT


ChrisAlys are snuggling in the Chess/Poker Parlor talking about who they would pick for houseguest choice in veto. Alyssa says she would probably pick SB. Alyssa says she wouldn't pick him because it would solidify for the others they are duo

Christian- when someone asks me what is my strategy, I don't know what to tell them. I tell them it's you

Alyssa laughs and tells him you are loyal to the people you work with. You aren't afraid to play. You compete. that's your strategy. Christian asks her what her strategy is.

Alyssa- I think we are the same. I don't really know. I am social.

Christian- People really underestimate me. They say there's Christian just walking around the house. There is Christian washing dishes. You have a social game. You talk strategy with everybody.

Alyssa- I don't think I do. Is that bad?

Christian- No. It's not a bad thing. Everybody trusts you, even Hannah.

Alyssa- Well, they trust my opinion.

Chris- yeah, they do...our opinions. They all unknowingly use our looks against us. That's why we have to be together. We have to work together.

Alyssa- We should probably thank Frenchie. (for pegging them as a showmance )

Chris- Thank you Frenchie. I hope you are enjoying your cows.

Alyssa jokes to the camera- We aren't in a showmance. I don't even like him. He is out next week.




Claire and Tiffany are talking in the Have-not room. Claire says they are thinking about jury votes way too fucking early. Tiffany agrees and says she is glad she said that earlier. 

Claire- I would never want anyone to vote for me because of something that we have in common or something I did pre-jury. For me, my jury vote is going to the person who played the best game. I understand jury management is a thing. But, let my game speak for itself. That's what I want.

Tiffany- I agree but you do have to remember that not everyone in jury is thinking that way. You want people in jury who are thinking like you. That's why I'm like don't send my ass home before pre jury because I want to be able to vote here if I don't make it. I want to be able to vote for the person with the best game.

Claire says he needs to go get water

Tiffany- What? So you can pee all night.

Claire- Yeah. I just need to drink more.

Tiffany- Okay, come on. I'll get mine too.....jury management is important because if you get some in there that is persuasive and they don't like you.

Tiff and Claire begin talking about Tyler and how he was adamant during All Stars that he didn't want a bitter jury. Tiffany hadn't paid attention to jury until that season. "I asked Big D if he holds grudges and he said yes...Okay, I don't want to piss you off."


*Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles


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1:20AM BBT

Derek X is now talking with Tiffany and Claire in the HNR.

Tiffany- Where are we for next week? 

Claire mentions that Ky loves running all the scenarios.

Baby D- I know. He runs everything by me and I can't even beat him at chess

Tiff- Do you still think someone should go after the Jokers

Baby D- I don't think so. I am almost possible that Whitney would go after them the next week. If we get rid of her it's too soon for that.

Tiff- Why wouldn't she go after them next week? Why wait?

Derek X- she thinks it would be too early

They begin discussing that they got rid of Frenchie week 2 and that was a great play because "he was a threat." Derek X says it was good for their game because when they lined up the chess pieces, it was clear that he needed to go.


*Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles



When the feeds return they are laughing in the HNR. Tiffany mentions that ants were crawling on her.

Baby D- For me and Hannah to successfully convince Whitney to take a shot next week, I would reveal too many cards to her. She would ask why.

Tiff- If you think it's too early to get Whitney next week, who has to leave?

Baby D- Just reverse the order. I think they said Whitney and then Azah or Whitney and then Britini.

Tiffany sighs and looks away.

Claire- I don't want to do Britini

Baby D- Britini would be a possible. Azah?

Tiff- Azah be cooking though. She has some food on the stove.  

Baby D- *laughs* No offense. Yeah everyone tastes my rice and is like, we should keep Azah. Azah would be way more on our side that theirs so Azah makes sense for us to keep.

Tiff- Right, so who goes?

Claire- I think Brit and then Big D

Baby D- I know Kyland won't let Big D go and Alyssa would not take a shot at Britini. Would you guys take a shot at Brit?

Tiff- I came here to play Big Brother and now I'm scared. (not sure if she is serious or mocking)

Baby D tells them that earlier in the bathroom with Alyssa and Christian, Christian was getting kind of upset because Alyssa was like I don't understand why no one would raise their hand and take the shot 'this is bad for my game. I feel llike no one is willing to take the shot' Alyssa was like, Why won't the Queens take out next week? Christian was getting mad.

Claire- Christian approached me and asked why I won't you take the shot

Tiff- because if I win HoH, I'm taking out Whitney and they don't want her out yet

Claire- no, they do want her out

Baby D- That's the thing. Alyssa was like Why won't the Queens take out Whitney next week?

Claire- I explained to Christian, I said the reason why is because then we would show we are with you. 

Tiffany- if I won HoH next week and we can't use Brinti as a pawn...y'all want Whitney to stay...Azah and Big D are going to be mad as fuck. But the only thing that makes sense is to take Britni out.

Claire- I don't think that makes sense for our game...if they want me to win, I'll win but I told Christian I would probably put Whitney on the block. I understand she would take the shot, but I think others would take the shot too. I told him if we really want to keep this alliance secret, which we should be trying to do, I told him we would have to put up a Joker or a pawn from our alliance and he was like oh, I hadn't thought of that. that's interesting ...I understand. He said it would probably be Alyssa as a pawn

Baby D- he said that? No way. They would be down for that?

Claire- don't tell anyone but that's what he said

Baby D- I won't say anything. I'm just shocked he would offer that

Claire- he said we would have to have a really long conversation with Alyssa about it

Tiff- I will go for this HoH on Thursday. Anybody I plan to use as a pawn should have a good understanding about it.

Claire- you would have to. They could get mad about it. But, that's basically the option.


*Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles. Why? No clear reason. I just think production hits the button when they need a bathroom break, or something.


Tiff- I would rather use Alyssa as a pawn because she is confident she is staying; but who the hell am I putting on the block? Why would the Kings be so concerned about it? We are not trying to be carried.

Claire- Christian told me 'Claire, you should really win something.  Then he was like 'maybe I should win it. I was like yeah, why don't you?

Baby D- tell them yeah I'll win it but we have to put one of you up as a pawn

Tiff- who would h e put up

Claire- he said Whitney and Big D

Tiff- I don't want the Kings winning because they think they are carrying all of us

Claire- but they need votes

Tiff- they might feel like they can snatch up the Jokers

Claire says Ky has made it seem like Azah and Britini aren't that close

Tiff- Azah has cried for 7 days about Britini being on the block

They all laugh


3:10AM BBT

The Have Not room is the last room awake. Kyland, Tiff and Claire finally settle in bed and ask for the lights to be turned off.


3:18AM BBT

Hannah is out of bed to the loo then straight back to bed.


3:30AM BBT

No more hamsters running on the wheel tonight. All of the HGs are asleep and the BB house is dark and silent.


8:20AM BBT  The HGs are still sleeping

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10:01AM BBT Brent gets up and then heads back to bed. 


10:05AM BBT FoTh while they wake the HGs 


10:17AM BBT HGs are up milling around trying to fully wakeup.


10:19AM BBT Christian is in the kitchen cutting an onion, Kyland is in the shower, Brit and Claire are talking about who doesn’t replace the toilet paper. I can see Derek X is still sound asleep.


 10:23AM BBT Xavier and Alyssa are on the balcony asking Christian what he is doing with the onions. He says for peoples eggs, omelets.  Alyssa looks at Xavier with a disgusted look on her faces and says she is making her own breakfast.


 10:23AM BBT Brent joins the HGs in the kitchen where Hanna gives him a big long hug.  They break and she says: Good hug, Good hug. He asks: Same time tomorrow? Hanna Yup.


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10:29AM BBT Camera switches from the KT to the YBR where Brent is telling Big D and Azah he isn’t going to call anyone out  but I am watching to see who uses a cup or dish and just leaves it there.  Big D – I don’t expect no one to call anyone out.  Brent – Someone admitted to the coffee pot, I can’t say who it was but someone admitted to it. He said to the person, Why would you let everyone think it was me?

Azah -  Who was it?

Brent -  Can’t say

Big D - This coffee pot mystery is.. We might need to bring it to the blue couch

Brent – That’s what I’m saying. Everyone was blaming me. They admit it, yeah. Whitney you own me $100.


10:47AM BBT Xavier is walking through the house carrying the coffee pot, goes to the SR and tells production: Hello, so we believe this is no longer working. I will grab some paper towels to ensure it doesn’t leak to much but if you guys can help us out, that would be great.


10:47AM BBT Kyland and Tiff are in the HNR talking about game on who should be going home next. Tiff says that if she puts Whitney up this week, make her think she is a pawn for the Kings but have to make the Kings feel like they are the pawn for Whitney, and Whitney stays I would have to build that trust with Whitney so she will keep us safe. 

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11:07 AM BBT Feeds are back with a close up of Xavier scrambling eggs with his shirt off. [something this girl enjoys seeing ~PinkTee  I love eggs]


11:14AM BBT Ky and Tiff are still in the HVR talking game Claire joins them. They come back from FoTH talking about if Whitney doesn’t win HOH she is out.  They are concerned what will happen wk 5 if Whitney is gone. She needs to win HOH


11:23AM BBT FoTH return to Brent in the BY sitting on the couch and Big D setting up the pool table saying how he didn’t sleep good last night.


11:26AM BBT Camera switches to the KT with Christian and Azah having breakfast with Brit talking about what sounds like a dream. Christian and Azah joke with her that is wasn’t a dream. It really happened.  Azah is very impressed with the bacon Christian made on the stove. She normally makes it in the oven.  

11:35AM BBT Lots of FOTH today

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11:41AM BBT Alyssa and Brent in the pool going over what has happened each day in the HOH to keep it fresh in their memory.

11:45AM BBT Brit heads to the BY where Alyssa asks her if she is doing 1 on 1s today or tomorrow. Brit- tomorrow. Alyssa then asks her what she is drinking. Brit says its sunscreen. Alyssa said she thought it was hoping it was an energy drink since they haven’t had coffee.

11:50AM BBT FoTH

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12:30PM BBT

The Kings (Xavier, Alyssa, Christian and SB) are talking about nominations for this coming week. They are planning on them or SB winning HoH. Discussion is that they put up Whitney, for sure. Whitney is the target. The questionable issue is who to put next to Whitney. They feel Derek X will use the veto on Hannah and that Hannah has their back and would not see herself as the pawn. They don't want to put up a Joker, especially Britini. Alyssa says Hannah won't be upset if Whitney goes up and if they tell Hannah she is the pawn and she comes down then they put up a Joker.

SB- if you really feel Derek X would take Hannah down, that's a reason to get her out so Baby D doesn't betray us later.





Christian asks SB, "Why Hannah?" because it seems like she wants her out but isn't telling them why. SB says Hannah is really smart. She would prefer Hannah go over Whitney because she thinks Whitney would be easier to manipulate to do what they want.




12:35PM BBT

Tiffany is alone in the coral reef bedroom talking to the camera.

"I think it's time to take a shot at the Kings. They're the only team of four. Even though I'm working with them, who the hell do I put up... If Whitney goes home this week. I can't win HoH this week. Sorry! I need Whitney to stay one more week, so she can be the shield for me and then I take a shot at her the following week. And maybe she can take a shot for me at the Kings this coming week. I don't know America. This is a lot of thinking. Keep praying for my brain, please! Hi Kristian (her son) *blows a kiss*...ya'll tell my family I love them. I love the family. I love everybody. I thank y'all for supporting me so I can be here. I hope I'm not disappointing too many people, and I hope I am making some people proud."


Tiff leaves for the kitchen.




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12:38PM BBT

Azah and Baby D are talking philosophy and religion in the backyard. Baby D says he was talking with Ky about it and Ky is agnostic. They then discuss the terms agnostic versus atheist and determine that Ky is indeed agnostic. Baby D says he feels he is agnostic, too, but also spiritual


Azah interrupts him and says he agnostic until the nomination ceremony and he is on the block. Baby D jokes back that he will have his hand on the Bible and praying to God. "He will be like, who is this talking." Baby D adds that given the world and all the turmoil, he almost wishes he was religious because  having faith is good in this time. It's a time when believing in something can get you through hard times like we have had in the world the past several years.






1:14PM BBT

Hannah and Xavier are washing dishes in the kitchen talking about music and sports figures. They begin discussing the Ball Family and their Facebook show called Ball in the Family.

Hannah asks X how he feels about Chris Brown.

X- Musically, I think he's great. My mom is obsessed with him. As a performer, he is one of the best we've seen.

Whitney comes through and splashes X.  






[Xavier is letting the water run, run, run when not needed. He was not taught to conserve water while washing dishes. PapaLong does this, too. 😕  -MamaLong]


1:20PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles


1:25PM BBT

In the bathroom, Alyssa and Whitney begin taking off Christian's nail polish as a cover to do some game talk. Whitney says after the teams she really wants to work with them and Derek X.  They agree working with Baby D is a good thing.


Feeds cut back to WBRB Bubbles




Whitney says she wants to work with people who want to work in the game but Big D is just coasting

Alyssa- he has said that he just wants to get to jury

Christian- guaranteed money

Alyssa- do you want HoH

Whitney- I don't know, I'm on the fence

Alyssa- me too

Whitney- I don't want to take out another member of my team so soon; I mean Hannah is really good at the game but I don't want to take her out too soon

Alyssa- she is really smart (Hannah)

Whitney- I think it would be good to work with her, not in the alliance but to use her thoughts

Whitney mentions that Tiffany is a threat; she has a great social game and is smarter than she lets on. She also mentions Claire as a threat.

Alyssa- I think we all need to meet up


WBRB Bubbles, again  [Sometimes I take these bubbles too personally. I admit.  - ML]


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1:40PM BBT

There is a debate in the bathroom about ligers and zonkeys. Christian says they exist. Hannah doubts this is true, especially zonkeys saying, "I just don't think it can happen. Typically species don't interbreed."

Christian- it's called penis and vagina

X- and with that, I am out

Alyssa, X and Whitney say they believe it is possible, but Hannah stands firm "that's not how nature works." Christian makes Hannah proclaim it on the live feeds.

Hannah- I Hannah Chaddha do not believe a donkey and a zebra can interbreed.

Christian- What do I get when I win?

Hannah- a hug

Whitney tells Christian he is so adamant

Christian- I Google this stuff


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2:24PM BBT

Baby D has now joined this conversation, and it's pretty funny listening in while these people try to figure out what animals would breed together. Baby D says it all has to be done in a lab because he doesn't think they would mate with each other. 

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3:04PM BBT

Big D is in the HoHR talking game with Xavier. He says he is going to shake up the game. X tells him he can't do that during his HoH because he won't be able to compete the next week

Big D- I know

X- and then you would be just like Frenchie

Big D- I know





3:05PM BBT

In the backyard, Tiffany and Britini are giggling about Thursday and together they say, "By a unanimous vote, Britini, you are safe."

Britini says at least she has had class while being on the block.

Tiff- I love you Brit

Brit says last week was sad being on the block, but this week the hardest part has been being up against someone she doesn't respect.



Tiff- Do you get to do a goodbye speech> Do you think there will be a battle back

Brit- We are still in COVID protocol. I feel like there will be a jury battle back, though


Brit says that X told her she is definitely staying. Tiff tells her she is not going home, "and if you did then I don't know shit about this game." Brit says that X wants her to go after Derek X. Brit says she won't even think about it until she knows that she is there. Britni says she will do one-on-ones tomorrow.

Tiff- I hope you or Azah win it (next HoH)

Brit- Do I feel like I need to win it? To be honest, no.

Tiff says she probably knows she would be safe after being on the block two weeks in a row

Brit- correct; but if it's an endurance comp and it's me, any of the Kings or Whitney...I will try to win it...or honestly, any Ace

Tiff- Why an Ace. I don't think any Aces would come after you.

Brit agrees.


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3:30PM BBT

Azah, SB, Claire and Ky are enjoying the sun and swimming pool talking about relationships and marriage.




3:52PM BBT

In the Have Not room, Britini tells Tiffany that they need to get rid of Christian as soon as they can beat him. "Here's my logic, if we put X and Christian on the block they then have to fight for the veto to save themselves....now, I'm not worried about Alyssa beating us in veto."

Tiff-if you or Azah or Whitini wins HoH you have to put them on the block and play against them in veto. Wouldn't you more so want to win against Alyssa on the block

Brit- The only way that goes south is if Christian wins veto

Tiff- I know

Brit- but X would be there to play veto for himself. He won't save Christian.

Tiff- I think Alyssa would be bitter (citing the house assuming she has a showmance with Christian)

Brit- well, she shouldn't habg out with him 24/7 and then it wouldn't be a question

Tiff- right

Brit- every move counts (she says she has leverage because X kept her on the block)

Tiff- every move counts



Big D has joined the group in the backyard.











3:57PM BBT

In the kitchen, Whitney is talking with X about all the athletes she has dated "I have dated football players, baseball players and two rugby players. I haven't dated any basketball players, though."

Xavier asks if she would have been attracted to them if they were not ball players.

Whitney says it's the athletic swagger that makes them attractive because it's impressive.



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4:25PM BBT

ChrisAlys are talking with Xavier in the Chess/Poker Parlor about Hannah and Whitney being talked about around the house. 

Alyssa- I feel like Whitney would believe it but saying your ass is on the line. It needs to be Whitney and Hannah. (as noms) It should be me or SB (to win HoH). I think SB is the best option.

Xavier agrees, "We are all safe for the week either way."




4:39PM BBT

After Xavier walks away, Christian tells Alyssa that he doesn't trust Ky at all

Alyssa- why?

Chris- it's a gut feeling; he wants me gone

Alyssa- I think him and Derek X want you gone first, out of the 8...for sure

Chris- so they both got to go first

Alyssa- whatever Ky thinks Derek thinks; whatever Derek thinks, Ky thinks


4:45PM BBT

Alyssa and Christian begin talking about Hannah and Derek X. Christian says he was observing Hannah talking with Baby D today and she was giggling at everything he said

Alyssa- They would be so cute together

They both agree that Baby D would never make a move unless he knew for sure she was interested. They think it will never happen.




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4:56PM BBT

Whitney and Xavier are in the HoHR listening to his J. Cole music on the HoH bed.

Whitney asks which are his favorite songs. He replies Wet Dreamz and Love Yours.

Whitney- me too

Whitney asks Xavier what he named the cameras (in the HoHR)

Xavier-Sonya, Iggy and Jennifer





Whitney leaves the HoHR, flirting on her way out the door that next time she will jump on him. She stops in the chess/poker parlor to chat with ChrisAlys


5:15PM BBT

The camera cuts back quickly to Xavier alone in the HoHR talking to the camera, "Seven different alliances and we are reaching the end of week three. *sighs loudly* I don't know what to do. It's usually a good thing if people want to work with you, but this is getting confusing. I'm losing track. It's getting hard. America, pray for me. Are there any other alliances I'm in? Oh, I almost forgot. I'm also a part of the Radicals which is myself, Alyssa, Christian, Sarah Beth, Hannah, Brent, Derek X and Whitney. That's the one Brent started. So that's 8 alliances that I've been talked about being in. Eight! It is almost the end of week three. I don't even know at this point. It's a lot..."





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Xavier- That's eight. Any more? No, I think that's it. I think 8 is as far as we go. I am pretty sure, with the exception of Britini, I am aligned with every single person in the house. Matter of fact. Let's go ahead and let's walk through it with every member of the house. Have fun with it.  I'll say their name and list the alliances they are in. We will start at the top left. 

Azah- a member of the Cookout, check

Brent- a member of the Radicals, check

Sarah Beth- member of the Kings, check

Whitney- was a member of the Slaughterhouse, now trying to create a new alliance, check

Big D- Cookout

Kyland- Cookout; Royal Flush, and was a member of Slaughterhouse, check

Claire- Royal Flush, check

Derek X- Royal Flush, check

Britini- I got nothing

Alyssa- Kings, Royal Flush and Slaughterhouse; she's a part of all those, check

Me- overwhelmed but having a very fun time *laughs*

Tiffany- Royal Flush, Cookout, check

Hannah- kind of the Cookout, honorary member of Cookout, so half a check; ain't you baby sis?, full check

Christian- Kings, Royal Flush and the Slaughterhouse, check

Literally, everybody who is remaining in this game, except Britni, I am aligned with. It's going to get messy. But, I tell you. Even if it's messy the middle part is gonna be a lot of fun. That's why we came here to play the game, right? It's gonna be fun!


We have fun. And, since I am so, say, interwoven with the alliances in the house, it is key for me to do.... nothing. I'm going to sit here in my bucket hat and my sunglasses and we are going to sit back and watch everyone else take shots all around us until we have to win another competition. 'Cause right now?  I don't want to win anything. I will win and continue to win when I have to. I won this week to show everybody I was not a floater, to take out a clear target, and to gain favor with the rest of the house guests. By Thursday night, that goal should be accomplished. Then I shouldn't have to win anything for a quite a long time. If I do, I will win it when I have to. Right now, it is in my benefit to do a whole lot of chilling. For the next few weeks, all I will be achieving is maximum chillatude. I will let everyone else take those shots. Thank you for joining me for X's list of alliances.






Xavier- This is either can work out, or it's gonna blow up. Either way, it's gonna be fun.


5:22PM BBT

Cameras move to Brent and Hannah in the backyard doing riddles.

Brent gives her the clock riddle: What has a face and two hands but no arms or legs.

Hannah can't figure it and gives up

Brent- you give up? Okay, it's a clock

Hannah- that's stupid

Brent- so stupid but you couldn't figure it out; want another?

Hannah- okay

Brent- are you sure? You're 0 for 2


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6:05PM BBT


Sarah Beth and Derek X are in the hammock talking about relationships. SB says she never gets jealous. Derek says that's ont thing he wishes he didn't have.



Tiffany is braiding Christian's hair in the backyard talking about who should with the next HoH. 

Tiff- why in the hell would we not put the Kings on the block; you know what I'm saying?

Christian- I know; I think that's what needs to happen

Tiff-  and you guys are okay with that?

Christian- I think we would prefer to just win HoH again

Tiff- that's why we're saying it's better you guys to win; we can go for it. We don't want you guys to feel like we wouldn't do it; we can win it but it would have to be a different angle

Christian- who do you think should win?

Tiff- you and X because you guys can win the veto; and you guys can compete

Christian thanks Tiff for braiding his hair

Tiff- unless she wants to do it

Christian- why not SB; I feel like she can be up against anybody in this house and even if she didn't win she would be okay. I think if I didn't win...

Tiff- I don't want to piss SB off; I'm scared. She is very opinionated. She's got strong opinions about stuff.  

Christian- I am scared if I'm up; if I don't win it I would for sure go home

Tiff- Alright, then let's put Alyssa up

Chris- that's a possibility, too. I think Alyssa would stay around.

Tiff- I don't want to risk you

Chris- I think we really need to win

Tiff- That's what we've been saying

Chris- it's what's best for us

Tiff- it would be


Alyssa joins them and Tiff starts acting like a hairdresser and telling Alyssa that she needs to take care of Christian because he is like a son to her. Tiff is using a funny accent and it's pretty entertaining. If you want to hear it for yourself you will find it on Cam3/4 at 6:07 PM BBT




6:27PM BBT

Big D is cooking in the kitchen and conversing with Hannah and Baby D

In the backyard, Brent is putting the awnings back up

Alyssa has joined the kitchen crew. Big D is talking about his Tik Tok videos saying he isn't as big as Britini, but he enjoys doing them "two gay men, we do anything: any trends, we do skits, dress in drag, we do black aunt white aunt always arguing with each other, we do Real Housewives parody....like my first video was like I'm pouring wine and I was like oh this wine is so good and then it cuts to a diary room session and

Alyssa- oh my God, is this on Tik Tok?

Big D- yes

Alyssa- I have seen this!

They all start screaming


*WBRB Bubbles; always ruining the fun




6:40PM BBT

In the backyard, there is some deep discussion with Baby D, Azah, SB and Whitney regarding family life in Baby D's world. He explains that his immigrant parents love him unconditionally but they are not at all close; it's a cultural thing. He points out that his parents were raised so differently than he was, so they will never see eye to eye and have that understanding. He says their priorities in life are so very different. Baby D goes on to talk about Asian stereotypes and how he really wants to show that Asians have personalities, too.


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6:58PM BBT

The houseguests have been getting called for COVID testing and they are laughing about it in the backyard

Baby D- just let them penetrate your nose; don't let them penetrate your mind

Azah- yeah; don't let them penetrate your mind




Meanwhile, in the gym, Brent is talking to the cameras, "The good thing is  I don't trust no one. Trust no one. Even in real life. Trust no one."




7:19AM BBT

Brent confronts Whitney at the pool table saying something is going on

Brent- you say we're supposed to trust them, but like the way they act right now, especially with Ky giving us all the information and telling us exactly where they are at and they want to do it; take note...of how they act right now and if they betray you

Whitney- I feel the one that is acting the most different right now is Tiffany 

Brent- yeah, me too; she was doing it out here by the pool table and Ky was like I don't know what was wrong, she wouldn't talk about it

Whitney- weird; I wonder if there is something else going on we don't know about

Brent- I really hope she doesn't flip and I don't get Alyssa's vote and go home and then everyone else is a target. We can't let X get to Tiffany

Whitney- I feel the best person to talk to is Hannah

Brent- I know; I already talked to her. I won't be shocked either way on eviction night; I would just feel bad for you guys, realistically




7:25PM BBT

Most of the house guests are eating dinner.

Baby D and Kyland are hanging out in the hammock "just chilling."






Tiffany, Claire and Brent and  are not on camera.

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7:48PM BBT

Claire comes out of the DR with the house camera "Look what I have!"

Everyone cheers "YAY"

Alyssa- What are you supposed to record?

Claire- whatever I want; he said make it my own



Claire starts by introducing the house and the house guests "in their natural element"

Big D yells this is not his natural element "sitting here on my fat ass"

Claire introduces Big D as the chef and how he gets to sit and watch everyone else clean up after dinner;  then Alyssa as the sous chef since she made the garlic toast.

"Hannah, what did you contribute?" Hannah says she is the dish dryer. "Xavier what did you contribute?" Xavier responds that he ate the food and is washing the dishes. Claire says he also offered conversation. Claire introduces Britni and Big D starts screaming that she's a problem because he has to prepare special meals for her every time. Britni says , "Sorry! I did not choose this lifestyle." Claire turns the camera on herself and says she is also a problem because of her vegan lifestyle except she is currently a have-not, so not a problem tonight. Claire says she will now go in search of everyone else who is not helping clean.

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7:57PM BBT

Ky talks with Tiffany in the bathroom after she attempts to scare him coming out of the loo

Tiff- aren't I supposed to be fixing you some slop?

Ky- You don't have to

Tiff- I do, I want you to relax

Ky- I am relaxed

Tiff- you have not been relaxed all day

They hug

Ky- Were you mad at me outside or is that just me?

Tiff- I'm not mad at you; why would I be mad at you?

Ky- You seemed mad at me.  I was like Wait, what just happened and Brent was like I don't know

Tiff- Good because he done pissed me off with that stupid shit

Ky- okay; I just want to make sure

Tiff- No it's not you, it's him; going around saying shit; Like, if you want to know what the fuck I'm talking about. Are you not in this house with me? Come ask me. You gonna send me a message through someone to ask me shit. You got me fucked up. I don't like it.  'She was intentionally not moving her lips' (mocking)


[Okay, this needs clarification...earlier this evening, Tiff was talking with Christian while braiding his hair. Brent observed them talking then asked Hannah to try and figure out what the conversation was about because it looked shady when Tiffany was intentionally not moving her lips. When Hannah approached Tiffany, she got really upset and wanted to go talk to Brent right away, but Ky held her back saying just let it go.  The whole group agreed to just let Hannah report back that it was something random and not game talk. -MamaLong]


Back to the conversation between Ky and Tiff:


Tiff- (points to her lips) Whose lips are these? I can do whatever I want to do with these lips, this face, this body...  I'm the last person to try to check on what I can do. I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Ky- you don't need to apologize to me

Tiff- I usually have good self control; I am trying to have self control

Ky- you are having amazing self control

Tiff- It was frustrating to me especially because I can't approach him. I was frustrated but I'm good now

Ky- I got you; take a shower

Tiff- I took a cold shower and I let roll all down my back and my body froze up, but I'm good now  

Ky- Okay, good. I think we've got this.






8:40PM BBT

Tiffany speaks to the camera Claire is holding "Whitney and I would like to have a date in the Big Brother house so hopefully someone will see this and we can get asked out on a date"

Whitney looks over at Xavier and smiles

Claire- so one of the guys here?

Whitney- it can be a girl

Tiffany- Yeah, it can be a girl

Big D- why is everybody stealing my date idea?

Tiffany- But I would like to have someone take me on a date

Whitney- I want us to do speed dating





Tiffany- I was just joking. I am straight, and I don't want to date none of the men in this house.

Big D says when they get out there will be a lot of men wanting to date her

Tiffany says she just wants one man.


Big D and Alyssa a re getting ready for the next episode of The Big Blue Couch.

Kyland is going to give Azah a massage.


Posing for the house camera








8:54PM BBT  WBRB Bubbles


[I'm out for the rest of the night  -MamaLong]

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8:55 pm Big Brother Time

Christian and Britini are relaxing on the hammock, they are talking about gymnastic maneuvers.

They are interrupted by Bubbles

9:17pm Big Brother Time

House guests are in the living room.

The Big Blue Couch is about to begin.

I will be back to share the evening after their show has been completed.

9:34pm Big Brother Time

Big Blue Couch has ended for the evening.

Azah, Britini and Brent are in the bedroom, Brent says he feels that he has been confused by the show.  He leaves the room, Britini and Azah stay behind and talk about “he” and “targets” and “on the block” and “not saying anything about who she targets”.
Azah tells Britini to say nothing about who she is targeting, being on the block makes her not safe.

House guests have returned the living room, this time to play Hollywood Mafia.

They are no better at this game, they constantly change the rules, the players, and no one in the room really understands the rules of the game.  They constantly talk, question, and interrupt each other while setting it up. 

The decision is made to wait for Tiffany, the game is postponed.

 Big D tells a story about his youth. He went with his friends to egg houses.  When they got to the last house, the friends dared him to ring the bell and when the door opened he had to throw the egg on the person opening the door.  Big D says he did not know he was fat and slow, he thought he was quick.  He rang the bell, man answered, he threw the egg and ran.  He tumbled down the man's steps, and the man caught up with him.  Big D says the man grabbed the rest of the eggs and crushed them on him.  Big D says he had to walk back to his friend's house (the friends scattered when the man came out) the eggs were freezing to him, and after getting to the friend's house he had to wait two hours for his mother to come pick him up.  He says he was fat and the friend had nothing he could wear.  Big D told his mother they were playing basketball and the eggs fell from a tree.  She didn't seem to believe him, but he never snitched.

(Great story).

Tiffany returns, the Hollywood Mafia begins.

After the first game, house guest leave the living room, some may not return.
Tiffany has gone to the loo, she is having trouble eliminating because of the slop diet.

Bubbles stops by, but just for a minute or two.

Feeds return to the house guests in the living room.  What I have noticed:  Earlier Xavier had himself positioned between two females in the house and Whitney was pushed a seat between.  After the house guest shuffle and Bubbles leaves, Whitney has managed to positioned herself against Xavier.

 (Xavier has said he is not interested in a showmance this year, that doesn't stop Whitney from pursuing her own agenda. I wonder how convincing she will manage to be.)

Cameras move to kitchen area, Claire is snacking on salsa from a jar. 

Derek X is called back to the living room, he has a “big role” they say.

10:28pm Bubbles appears again.

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10:29pm Big Brother Time

Feeds return, house guests are choosing cleaning chores (to prepare the house for Thursday).

A new game of Hollywood Mafia begins.

Big D says, “Everyone what to be that close? You will feel each other move.

Whitney pries herself off Xavier. Hannah and Derek X continue to sit close.

11:19pm Big Brother Time

Mafia game continues....
Alyssa and Christian have left the game.....and the room.

11:20 pm Big Brother Time

The game has finally ended, house guests are discussing the roles of players.

House guests leave the living room.

Cameras move to Xavier talking to Alyssa.
Alyssa, “I know, but he thinks I am supposed to be his person here.”

Bubbles comes by to interrupt again.  

Feeds return to Hannah and Claire whispering in the lavatory.

Hannah is telling Claire, “If they put you up you have the numbers to win.”  She counts the votes and tells Claire she will need 6 votes to stay or 5 and the HOH tie breaker.

Claire hasn't said she has reason for concern, Hannah may be talking about an alliance they are in. (Not sure which one it could be, but you can refer to Fuskie's amazing chart on the home page.)

Cameras move to kitchen snacking, the to the back yard.

Christian and Britini are playing at the billiard table. (Britini likes Christian very much, he knows this and he is very kind to her. A young man like that should be respected.)

Cameras move to chess room .

Derek X, Hannah, Brent, Whitney whispering,

Camera moves to bedroom where Xavier is still giving Alyssa a pep talk.

Bubbles comes back, (I, like Mama Long, am getting a little fussy about the amount of time Bubbles thinks she needs to spend with us.   Wonder, does she have other friends somewhere? Like Love Island, she would fit in there nicely—Grannysue)

Xavier talks about the importance of goodbye messages, Alyssa is sure they will show hers.  Xavier says this is just how the game went, it is not personal. Xavier says his goodbye messages show that he really cared for the person.

In the chess room Brent is talking to the others (Derek X, Hannah, Brent, Whitney), he is telling them that Big D is saying things like, “When you go home.”  Brent thinks the votes will be 7-5 in his favor, he says the voting numbers will give them information about how the allegiances of the players really is.  He says if it is a landslide he won't know what to think.

Brent says if he is voted out, they will know that other teams are not with them in the game.  Brent says Kyland is telling him things, and if he leaves they should get with Kyland.  Brent says there will be chaos in the house after Thursday, he tells them to watch who is on the block, and take out the person most likely to win competitions.

Brent says Alyssa cannot be trusted because she is connected strongly to Christian, although she did warn him about the veto after she found out about it. (That was a set up, the veto was not going to be used regardless, but Brent created a scenario where Alyssa was to report secretive information to him to prove her trustworthy.  Alyssa did report the information, but she was told to do it and why. This was a very confusing plan and Brent is being given a web of disinformation this week.)

Brent continues to talk about who might be the rat, he thinks Alyssa is that person.  Brent says when Britini goes home the house will turn on Xavier, and then Brent's team can bring in the Jokers. He says Britini is laughing and happy in the house because she thinks it is a landslide for Brent to go home.

Derek X asks about the difference between players who used strategy vs social game. Derek X says Big D and Tiffany are both very social.  Hannah says Enzo was a social player, she names other players that were strategists.

Brent says the HOH puts a target on your back, the competition to win is the veto.

Hannah asks if they are going hard for the HOH, Brent tells her yes, they need to do that.

Camera moves to Britini in the bedroom packing her bags.  She is crying (sobbing), she says she hates being on the block, Azah is hugging her.  Britini says people are worried about what she will do if she wins next week. She says she can do anything she wants to next week.  She says when people say “I got you.” they don't.
Britini settles down a little, Azah tells her people can't be sensitive about this because they haven't experienced this.
She says people don't ask how she is, they just want to talk about the game. She doesn't feel safe, she knows she could be going home, and is frustrated.

Azah says “You have two more days of this.” She asks Britini if she wants to calm down a little before leaving the room, Britini says she is fine and leaves the room. She walks through the living room with her towel covering her face. Kyland sees her, “What's up Brit?” as she passes.  “It's up.” she answers

Cameras return to the chess room.

Brent has left the room, Whitney is complaining about Brent repeating plans.  They all say they are not changing their minds.  Whitney calls Brent “arrogant” 

Hannah tells Whitney about Brent sending her across the yard to question Tiffany about her conversation with Christian.
(Tiffany was braiding Christian's hair, she was using a silly voice and he lips did not move, Brent wanted to know what she was saying.)

Complaining about Brent continues.

Camera moves to lavatory area.

Brent is talking to Tiffany, he is continuing his ideas about what will happen if they vote him out, He is telling Tiffany he has three votes from his team, he has it calculated and repeats his 7-4 vote count.  Brent says he trusts Alyssa, but doesn't like her, then he follows with another “Brent comment,'”    “If I liked her I would like her under the covers.”
Tiffany doesn't react.

Brent says Frenchie threw out Claire's name second regarding the all girls alliance.

Tiffany admits the Jokers think they are, “working with us, yeah.”

Brent complains about being a pawn against Britini. He says “it makes no f***ing sense.”

12:00am WEDNESDAY MORNING Big Brother Time 

The girls in the chess room (Whitney and Hannah) continue to plot.  Whitney is a little worried about being put on the block, Hannah thinks the teams will end soon.
Whitney tells her she feels comfortable with Hannah, and Hannah says she should work her friendship with Xavier, he isn't a liar, and Whitney says she doesn't think Xavier would put her up. (She has no idea how close she was to that being proven as wrong thinking, she was mentioned many times as a replacement nominee this week)

Whitney believes Sarah Beth putting her up could happen, she doesn't think Derek X would put her up.

Hannah says putting two people from the same team up shows that you are targeting that team. Hannah is worried  about both of them going up.  She tells Whitney to continue to keep close to Xavier until the teams dissolve, then to distance herself from him. Whitney agrees and says she will do that.

Whitney says putting up Christian and Alyssa will cause problems because they will come after them the next week.

Hannah says she tries to fly under the radar and not look like a threat. Hannah tells Whitney that her name did come up this week as going on the block against Brent.  Hannah thinks it was Alyssa and Derek X that mentioned that, then went to Xavier.
Hannah says she is torn about winning HOH.

(This is such a great season, house guests not wanting to win the HOH, and building strategies using their social game strengths.--Grannysue)

Whitney suggests going to Xavier's team and telling them the jokers are looking at them as targets because they are a team of four.

Hannah mentions the Wild Card competition.  She says if the jokers win their whole team could get safety for the week.

They continue to talk about who will target them, who will target others, what teams will win.....

12:13am Big Brother Time

General talk in the living room.

Bubbles returns 3:14pm

(And with this dears I am ending my time on the live feeds. I am in the mood for a snack before bed and some garden tomatoes are in the bowl that look pretty good to me in the middle of the night.  I will say goodnight, and I will see you again tomorrow if the Lord is willing.
Remember to smile today, do something nice for someone. --hugs, Grannysue.)

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