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Big Brother Season 23-Live Eviction Week 2 7/22

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Previously, on Big Brother, with a summer long battle for $750,000, the HG were divided into four teams. But that did not stop alliances from forming. There was the cookout and the 8 person slaughterhouse created by the first HOH Frenchie.


But with Kyland becoming the new HOH Frenchies paranoia went up to 11. And he decided to blow up his own alliance. Most of the house wanted the farmer put out to pasture, so Kyland put Frenchie up next to his fellow joker.


With an SPF veto on the line, Derek x was once again lathered in gold, and he decided to leave two jokers on the block. Tonight, is Frenchie fried?  Or will be black belt Britini be karate chopped out the door? Plus who will claim power next.


Julie greets us and it is Day 16 and one of the members of team Joker will be leaving tonight. After two unpredictable weeks, Frenchie zeroes in on a strategy to keep his game alive.


We pick up after the veto meeting and Derek X chose not to use veto because Frenchie is the house target. Kyland does want to see Frenchie go home and he feels like this could be a good resume builder and build trust with everyone else.


Frenchie says Britini sitting next to him sucks because no one will vote against her. But he plays best when his back is against the wall and he will fight like nothing else. Britini is going to lay low because she wants to stay here.


Frenchie tells Derek F and Sarah Beth and Tiffany that he wants to stay. He says he will campaign for himself but he will not campaign against her. Sarah Beth advises him to just tell people why he is better for their game.


Frenchie says he is going to play possum but hopefully turn around and get them. Whitney and Britini are in the gym and Britini raps about joining them for a workout. Whitney loves her and her rap skills.


We see Britini rapping and dropping Xavier’s name. Xavier says it was a good start, but she will not be a rapper. Britini is hiding her karate skills from the house, she can drop some bars. Watch out for Thursdays speech.


Frenchie says keeping him in the house is good for a few peoples games and we see him pitching to Xavier, then Brent, Azah, Claire, and Sarah Beth, He says if Dan can come back from the dead, maybe he can change a few minds to keep him safe.


With the new HOH coming up, the Big Brother cards are reshuffling. We see Kyland talking to Sarah Beth and comforting her because it is the anniversary of her dad’s death. It has been one year.


Kyland is meeting with Derek X., Whitney, Brent, and Hannah. He is meeting with the other teams and trying to ensure his team and himself. He is asking not to be targeted for two weeks. Brent asks for an assurance back.


Derek wants a bit of time with Kyland after everyone else leaves. Derek says he promised Kyland’s safety, but none of the others really did. Kyland says X is his guy. And the others not promising him safety does not surprise him.


Kyland then meets with Xavier, Alyssa, Christian, and Sarah Beth. Christian says Slaughterhouse has fallen apart, but two teams combining together could be successful and he would be in an alliance with The Queens. Alyssa thinks Brent and Whitney should be the targets.


Kyland says he just needs to talk to his Queens and form a plan and we see him talking to Claire and Tiffany and he fills them in on his discussions. Kyland says with the Kings and the Queens with an Ace up the sleeve, it is like they are in a good position for two weeks.


Brent is talking to Whitney and Christian and he says they need to stick together with Whitney, Azah, Britini, and Tiffany because two guys have gone home, and if there is a girl’s alliance he needs to stick with those girls. Brent says two girls need to go now.


It is time for the live eviction! Britini puts on some sun glasses and does a rap for a speech that includes asking her HG to vote for her to stay.


Frenchie says who would have thought he would have had some crazy experiences and he built friendships with everyone and he would love to keep those experiences again. But if not, they will always have a friend in him.


It is time for the vote!

Claire happily casts her vote to evict Frenchie.

Sarah Beth votes to evict Frenchie.

Xavier votes to evict the amazing Frenchie.

Derek F sadly votes to evict Britini.

Christian sadly votes to evict the country boy, Frenchie.

Whitney votes to evict Frenchie.

Azah sadly votes to evict Frenchie.

Derek X. sadly votes to evict Frenchie.

Tiffany sadly votes to evict Frenchie.

Brent votes to evict Frenchie.

Hannah unfortunately votes to evict Frenchie.

Alyssa sadly votes to evict Frenchie.


Julie welcomes us back and it is time to give the HG the news. By a vote of 11-1 Frenchie has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Frenchie says they came in as one and he would like to leave as one and they do a group hug.


Julie asks Frenchie how he thinks he did as HOH. Frenchie says he came in with a purpose. He says his wife told him if he wanted to make a change in the game he had to get up off the couch and do it and he is proud of himself.


Julie says before Kyland was going to make nominations, he turned his back on the Slaughterhouse. What led him to do that? Frenchie says the alliance was formed to keep the people he was close with safe, but it was never going to last.


Julie asks if he regrets not taking two weeks of safety. Frenchie does not regret that because he wanted to see his kids and if he had rolled that dice he was taking an opportunity not to see his those pictures.


Tiffany says she truly respects him and enjoyed his time together but none of them would have won if he had stayed. Brent says he never betrayed Frenchie, he was betrayed first but it is not personal.


Britini loves Frenchie and she is so sorry this happened and he knows who she is gunning after and she will do it for him. Derek F says he loves Frenchie, and ride or die, he is going to win this game for him.


Frenchie says he made a friend for life with Derek F. He says they had an instant connection and it was ride or die.


It is time for the HOH competition! This competition is called Tom Talks BB. Tom Green took to the streets of Canada to talk things about Big Brother. Julie will show them videos and then ask questions about what they saw.


If the HG are right they stay in the game and if they are wrong, then they are eliminated. The last HG standing after 7 questions will be the new HOH. If there is a tie, then there will be a tie breaker question.


We see video 1. Question 1:True or False: When the woman said she saw Tom with a gorgeous looking girl he replied that sounds like me. The correct answer is false and Derek F, Britini, Brent, Christian, and Tiffany are eliminated.


Question 2: True or False: Tom was wearing sunglass when he yelled he was the fastest! Azah answers false and everyone else answers true. Azah is eliminated.


Question 3: True or False: The first woman spoke with wore a yellow dress and a red fanny pack. They all answer false and everyone is correct.


We see the second video. Question 4: True or False: In the shot of the giant Ottawa sign, someone walked between the O and the first T. Claire and Whitney answer true and everyone else says false. The correct answer is false and Claire and Whitney are eliminated.


Question 5: True or False: One guys said he likes to walk around nude on Tuesdays. Xavier answers False and everyone else answers True. The answer is False, the guy said naked so Xavier wins HOH!


Julie congratulates Xavier on winning HOH and his entire team for safety. Xavier feels good and he is happy to see pictures of his family. He misses them terribly. Xavier is also looking forward to the HOH tub and his own bathroom.


Julie asks Britini if she thinks her rap saved her. Britini says it was a nice last ditch effort and she had to make it convincing. She has been practicing since Sunday.

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