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Monday, July 26, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:59AM BBT

Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles


1:09AM BBT


Hannah and Kyland are talking in the Chess/Poker Parlor about Brent

Hannah- he is already suspicious

Ky- he said something (to Big D and Azah) along the lines of "you know sometimes I feel like I'm the only Italian"

Hannah- It must be so hard to be a white man (sarcasm)

Ky- It was funny and confirming 

Hannah- he said (Brent) that he didn't understand why X was so firm on protecting Azah and Big D


Hannah points out that she had to explain to Brent that he (Brent) has several blueprints... lots of game play from past HGs that are white men that he could follow, but they do not have any of that...trying to get him to understand that POC have a disadvantage so POC have something in common regarding the game of BB.


Hannah- he (Brent) said verbatim: "Let's not make it a race thing."


[Brent is, unfortunately, a perfect example of the "not my problem" white man's mindset in this country. He sure seems to maintain there is not an inequity issue in the U.S. He just doesn't get it at all! -MamaLong]




1:41AM BBT

Tiffany, Claire, X, Alyssa, Ky and Christian discuss Brent's plan

Ky- "It will probably be one of the best blindsides of the show"  that's what he said

Tiffany says she was going to cuddle with him on the couch but he told her he wants to cuddle but can't because he is a target "I was like, Dude, you are going home"....He thinks he is staying.


X- He's a mastermind  (joking with sarcasm)

Ky- He told Hannah he has no idea how he came up with it (his plan). He just did.  [production, perhaps   LOL]

They all agree that Brent's plan was pretty good.



They decide to get Derek X but worry about how to handle things because Derek X doesn't know how to lie.

Ky- He can just tell the truth.

They realize this is true and there really is no cause for concern.

X- Do  any of the Jokers know?

Ky- He has not talked to me at all about the Jokers.

X- But do we include the Jokers in on this?  (X is really tired, not thinking straight)

They all agree the Jokers are irrelevant in this situation because the Jokers are already voting Brent out. There's no need to include them in on this story. 


Tiffany- But what is X supposed to say? What is X's reply to this (Brent's plan)?

They all agree that X should just act like he is thinking about it

Claire- He is coming up with plots and they are good. We are doing them.

They are laughing adn saying they give Brent props for his plan.

Derek X is called up to the HoHR


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1:50AM BBT

Derek X enters the HoHR so now the entire Royal Flush alliance is in the room.

They all tell him they are just calling him up so it seems they are falling for Brent's plan

Alyssa- I can't believe he came up with this plan.

Derek X- he reverse engineered...Baby D says he looked at the camera like 'you are getting this, right?'

They are all laughing and practice the Royal Flush hand sign 

[it's too difficult to get caught in a screen pic; it starts with them laying out cards like a dealer then holding their cards like a player; there is a trigger finger "flush" like a toilet then laying imaginary cards down on an imaginary table in a big reveal]


Xavier reveals how tired he is by asking rather stupid questions about how he is supposed to act and what he is supposed to say moving forward with Brent. He finally understands, after more explaining, that he doesn't have to do or say anything. They are going to have Alyssa be the only one to tell Brent that there was a 10 minute meeting with Derek X and going forward with Brent's plan.


[Side note: Brent thinks he has a Final 2 with Alyssa.]




3:09AM BBT

Tiff, Baby D, Claire and Ky meet in the HNR. Talk centers around Whitney not being good at comps. Baby D says during the very first comp, he had to tell her what to do because she was saying 'I don't know what to do, tell me what to do." Tiffany says during the veto competition, she was just putting things in without thought.




4:05AM BBT

Kyland, Claire, Tiffany and Baby D stayed up talking until the wee hours of the morning then finally decided to go to bed.


4:15AM BBT

The BB house is dark with all HGs tucked in their beds and the Royal Flush dreaming of what's to come on Thursday  [I hope they don't talk in their sleep!  -MamaLong]



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7:00pm-8:00pm BBT: Xavier is beginning his team meetings starting with the Kings He tells them he will start with an apology "especially to Britini". Alyssa goes to get the Jokers and they wait for them in the HOHR.

8:00pm-8:15pm Jokers joins the Kings in the HOHR as Xavier apologizes to Britini for this weeks noms. he assures her she will not go home as Brent is the target. She says ok she wants him out too and wats to meet with him and Christian after the meetings.

8:15pm-8:30pm BBT: The Aces now join the Kings in the HOHR as they talk about the noms and all agree Britini will go home But (Brent does not know his team is working against him and is putting on a front.) Brent says we have the numbers and the Aces leave.

8:30pm-8:45pm BBT: The Queens have entered the HOR, Xavier tells them how other meets have gone and  that Brent will be the one evicted, He says be nice and tell truth in goodbye messages that they did not like him. They all hug and leave the room.

8:45pm-9:00pm BBT: Britini talking to Xavier and Christian in the HOHR says she is hurt over noms and the speech. Xavier assures her that Brent is the target and will be leaving, Britini says ok i just want to continue playing as i love you guys.

9:00pm-9:30pm BBT: Whitney and Kyland in the hammock talking about Alyssa and Christian and how Whitney and her team want Alyssa out so she wants them on the block next week. She then says that Sarah can be a replacement if one comes down. 

9:30pm-10:00pm BBT: Most HG are playing Pool or Chess as others are eating. Kyland and Whitney still on the hammock talking about next weeks noms and how Whitney wants to win as the Hg get ready to play Big Blue Couch.

10:00pm-11:00pm BBT: HG are playing the Big Blue Couch as they act out parts and laugh a lot. everyone takes a turn at acting out characters. HG are all laughing as they watch the acting and accents of the other HG.

11:00pm-12:00pm BBT: The big Blue Couch game continues , HG start to move around and go to the BY  to lay on the Hammock or play games, Just general talk mostly going on. Kyland and Derek X go to play foosball.

12:00am-12:30am BBT: Brent talks to the Camera in the YBR about going to the Mafia alliance and saying that he knows Christian is using the veto to save Britini and he wants to get them not to use it because Xavier will put Derek X next to him.

12:30am-1:00am BBT: Brent says he needs to get Kyland team to betray him so the noms stay the same  and Derek X does not go up and he can stay and Next week take out either Xavier or Christian. He says hopefully this works so fingers crossed.
 1:00am-2:00am BBT: They royal flush group[ meets in the HOHR and talk about Brent and how he does not want the veto used because he is scared Derek X will go up and then he will go home. They all know Brent is plotting but says he is leaving Thursday night.

2:00am-2:30am BBT: Alyssa tells the royal flushes if she wins HOH she wants to put up Whitney and Azah but she wants Azah to go, She knows Big D will get mad but she will deal with him after. Tiffany says she is ok with that but does not trust Whitney .

2:30am-3:00am BBT: the royal flushes continue to talk about Whitney and Azah as that is the next targets and they are all ok with that. and if the come off the block next week then Big D will be a replacement nom. HG are starting to get ready for bed now .

3:00am-4:00am BBT: the Have nots are talking about Whitney in the HNR about how she does not how to play anything and always asking for help. All HG are now in their beds with lights out and sleeping.

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9:00am BBT: Hg still sleeping in their beds with Lights still out in the house.

9:14am BBT: Britini is up goes to the WC , Comes out washes her hands then goes to the STR to change her batteries, Kyland is now up heading downstairs.

9:20am BBT: Kyland and tiffany Go downstairs to the WA, Kyland in the WC as Tiffany brushes her teeth.

9:23am BBT: Kyland and tiffany go back up to the HNR and get back in bed.

9:37am BBT: Derek F up in the STR changing his batteries then heads to the back door to see that they are on lockdown again. He then heads to the WC.

9:44am BBT: Derek F in the KT then heads back to bed.


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10:03am BBT HG are woken up for the day. On tap, the Veto meeting. Christian holds the power to save one of the two nominees. But will either receive the King's reprieve? Does Brent have an Ace up his sleeve or will the  Joker be on Britini?


10:20am BBT The HG wake up to find they don't have the BY today. Brit tells Ky and DX that Brent is really convincing in his belief he has the votes to stay that it worries her. She laughs. Brit & Ky wonder what needs 4 days to build. The BY will be closed through Thurs.


10:25am BBT Hannah thinks it is too early for a Wall Comp. She thinks maybe the hanging comp. In BB13, they hung onto bananas, and in BB22, it was logs. Azah is still in bed in the YBR. Hannah, Brit and Ky continue discussing past seasons.


10:33am BBT Brent is in his tie dye tank in the KT with a coffee, talking with Alyssa. BB tells DX to put on his mic, and he unsuccessfully tries using The Force to bring it to him, but ends up having to force himself out of bed. This leads to a convo on super abilities.

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10:39am BBT Claire and Whit wander into the KT, looking dead tired. Brent says there's no coffee - he just took some sludge from the pot. Hannah, Ky, DX & Brit are lethargic in the Coral BR. Brit leaves but Claire comes in & snuggles next to DX. Ky snuggles up with DX too.


10:45am BBT Brit joined Azah and Big D in the YBR and started rapping, so FotH. In the KT, Brent and Hannah discuss theories of intelligence. Brent says people with bigger vocabularies are more intelligent because it shows they read more. Tiff wanders into the KT. 


10:53am BBT BB says Big. D. Do not obstruct your microphone. BB says both syllables with emphasis and the YBR HG laugh over it. Alyssa is preparing breakfast for everyone in the KT. She has plates lined up  and butters a frying pan. Azah has finally sat up in bed.


10:57am BBT You can't win BB without breaking some eggs, and Alyssa is preparing each HG's preferred style. Azah has been telling animated stories of WC smells in the YBR as Hannah, Brit, Big D laugh. Big D was the butt of the story. FotH.

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11:23AM BBT  Whitney trying not to laugh at Brent


10:27AM BBT

Britini is talking about endurance comps with Ky, Derek X and Hannah in the coral reef bedroom.


11:27PM BBT

Kyland and Sarah Beth are talking in the coral reef bedroom about her taking October off to travel but getting a new job by November.




11:32AM BBT  WBRB Bubbles


11:45AM BBT   The feeds return after being cut more than 10 minutes


Kitchen banter with Brent, Hannah and Alyssa while Alyssa makes breakfast






11:46AM BBT We get the feeds for a full minute before cutting again to WBRB Bubbles


11:48AM BBT The feeds return to Christian asking about which friends he can talk about on the feeds. Christian says Alyssa told him he can only talk shit about friends who signed the paper. Ky and SB tell him that's true.

Chris- so I can say positive things about friends even if they didn't sign?

Ky- only positive things, yeah


11:49AM BBT Feeds cut again while Sarge clarifies the legalities.



11:51AM BBT 

Christian meets with Xavier in the SR to go over the veto speech

X- Keep it simple

Christian- We got a chance to talk, and I'll say with my teammate being in power and with respect I want to honor the way he wants to run his week; with that being said I love you both

X- yeah, say to honor him and for him to not get more blood on his hands...with that being said, I love you both, I've decided not to use the Power of Veto...keep it short

Christian- yeah; simple

X- alright, let's see those acting skills

They leave the SR


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11:10am BBT: Kyland and Sarah talk in the CBR about the price of living in other states and in California. Tiffany is doing Make up as they talk.

11:20am BBT: Hg are in the KT having Coffee and breakfast and talking general talk.

11:45am BBT: Brent in the YBR getting clothes as Derek F makes his bed. In the YBR is Christian, Sarah, Kyland and Whitney just talking general talk. Most HG in the KT.

11:54am BBT:HG doing ADL's and getting ready as HG talk about the veto meeting and how they did not think they was going to do it this early in the morning.

12:00pm BBT: Feeds on WBRB as we could have the POV meeting happening now.

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1:01PM BBT

The feeds have returned. Christian did not use the Power of Veto.


1:02PM BBT

Brent talks with Tiffany in the coral reef bedroom

Brent- Hey Tippy Toes it worked...that's what we wanted

Tiffany- alright

*They do their smoke a toke hand sign

After he leaves Tiffany whispers "Oh Brent! This is a crazy ass game. I'll tell you that."

She settles on the bed to read the Bible.





1:12PM BBT

Brent can't contain his excitement. He walks up to Claire, whispering "It worked"

Claire just smiles.






1:16PM BBT

The backyard is open. Brent joins Derek X and Ky at the foosball table

Brent- Alyssa doesn't trust him now. She trusts me over everyone on her team. Alyssa told me everything as soon as she woke up. They took the bait....It's the perfect plan.  She told me bed head and everything. I don't think she even peed  yet. Seriously; that's loyalty, though. Alyssa doesn't trust X. Christian's loyalty is in Alyssa. We will run the house. Everyone is going to be under our...we're the puppeteer."


1:30PM BBT




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1:33PM BBT Brent has a quick chat with Alyssa saying he just has a feeling. She leaves the room and he talks directly to the camera I almost did something that wasn’t smart but I caught myself. It’s hard, hard to keep everything neutral   

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1:38PM BBT Brent talking to the camera again. Everything is going according to plan, nominations remained the same. X is biting, X can’t compete in HOH, Alyssa’s allegiance is to me because she told straight this morning what happened upstairs last night. Christian is aligned with Alyssa wholeheartedly. She can do whatever she wants and he will follow. I can trust Alyssa, I have the votes. It F’ing worked.

He leaves the room signing It’s a have not life for her…. FOTH

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1:48PM BBT


Christian and Big D tell X that the way Xavier makes PBJ sandwiches is all wrong. They complain that he doesn't use enough peanut butter or enough jelly; and he doesn't cover all of the bread. Big D accuses X of doing it that way to keep his perfect physique. Christian prefers the bread toasted.

[I think they look fine. I would just add a  touch of honey and call it lunch. -MamaLong]





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1:49PM BBT Claire, Brit and Tiff are still talking game. Brit says she wants to know why she was the one that was put on the block and not one of the Ace team.


1:55PM BBT Azah is telling Hanna and SB about her days in pageants. She says the best thing about it was the girls she met. Some amazing friendship.   

1:58PM BBT Brit, Claire and Tiff still talking game. Brit says the Kings are way to tight. Brit says she was at the kitchen counter with two others standing right now. Alyssa asks me she were to throw the HOH will you keep me and my entire team safe? 

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2:30PM BBT

Baby D and Kyland discuss how they know in this game anything could happen.

Ky- I don't want to ever feel comfortable

Baby D- Honestly, today at the veto, I was like they could put me up there and tell the house 'decide'

Ky- yeah, you never know. 

They discuss that they think Britini is a loyal person

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3:54PM BBT

There's lots of lounging in the backyard today. Derek X, Hannah and Brent are catching Zzzs

Sarge- No napping

Hannah- we're not

Brent- blah blah blah blah

Brent grabs Hannah's hand and comments that her hands are really soft

Hannah- can I borrow your sunglasses so I can nap?

Brent- mine?



*feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles


3:58PM BBT


Tiffany, Kyland and Claire are discussing jury on the backyard balcony. Kyland says if it's choosing between Big D, Britini and Azah for which two to bring to jury, if they have the opportunity, he thinks he is only split between  Azah and Britini because Big D has been talking about getting to Top 5 to get that $2500.


Sarge- you are not allowed to talk about production

Ky says he wants their opinion

Claire- I think the counter case for Big D is that I do think he will be better; he is the type to call you out. She brings out that he just wants to hang out with people and he's not interested in winning comps.

Tiffany says looking at it objectively she doesn't think Azah respects her game, so she would be a vote for the one sitting next to her (Tiff). "We need to pick two so let's pick one we know would vote for us and one who won't...that's fair, so y'all can have Azah and then I think Brit probably would vote for me

Ky- but we don't want to put you in that situation

Claire- I think Big D would vote for you (indicates Ky)

They decide it's too early to think about jury votes right now and call Sarah Beth to come over and chat with them, but they notice that Brit is coming up to get water when there is cold water in the fridge downstairs by the washer.

Sarge calls Tiffany to the DR

Tiff- Me? Okay, bye guys.





Sarah Beth reports that Azah is making blackened chicken, rice and puff-puff (deep fried dough) for dinner. Claire and Ky groan because they are Have-Nots.




4:13PM BBT

Hannah and Baby D are talking in the coral reef bedroom about how rude Brent is because he just barges in and joins conversation

Baby D- he thinks he is the leader of everything

Hannah says they need to get the Kings to throw the HoH



Baby D asks what her read on the Jokers is once teams are over. Hannah says she doesn't think Big D would keep things close, but Azah would. "She would respect our privacy and confidentiality." Baby D asks her about Whitney. Hannah says she likes Whitney and wants to work with her, but not past top 6, "I think she is a strong competitor and she has kids. If I'm sitting in final two with her, I mean why would you give it to a 21 year old that doesn't even have a real job

Baby D- but you like to dance

They laugh and then feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles

Baby D asks Hannah if she thinks the Queens will throw the HoH. Hannah says she doesn't think the Kings or Queens want HoH but through conversations, she thinks Sarah Beth may go for it. Hannah says one of the Kings has to go, and Sarah Beth is a priority for her because "she really talks a lot of game with people."

Hannah- is she for you?

Derek X shakes his head yes.

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4:22PM BBT

Whitney and Xavier have been cuddling in the HoHR while watching Spy Cam. They are talking about relationships, commitments and showmances.

Whitney- I said please I do not want a showmance but I wouldn't fight a showmance.

X- I was strong against showmances; it sets you up for heartbreak

Xavier describes himself as not a fan of heartache so it makes him a closed off tortoise.


[My honest  impression here is that Whitney is hinting for a showmance with Xavier.  -MamaLong]





4:33PM BBT WBRB Bubbles


4:34PM BBT The feeds return to Xavier saying Alyssa is doing a group bubble bath in the tub tonight.



4:40PM BBT

After a nice long hug, Ky starts talking with Brit in the YBR. He tells her it's hard to watch someone you care about upset being on the block. Brit explains what Xavier told her about being nominated with Brent. She expresses her frustration with X.



4:50PM BBT

Brent has barged in on Hannah and Derek X's conversation in the coral reef bedroom (no one can escape Brent for long). They begin discussing the veto comp and how Big D was spinning so slow it was like a rotisserie chicken

Derek X- they were yelling 'Big D you have to go slow'

Brent- he was a trooper though

Derek X- he yelled back 'that's all I can do"

Hannah- then he screamed at Christian "just throw me the damn comp! I need to win something"


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5:00PM BBT

Tiffany and Big D are discussing the musty smell of the backyard throw pillows. They got rained on and smell terrible. They are washing the covers now and plan to wash the pillows three at a time.

Tiffany- that's gonna take 17 loads

Big D- we could Febreeze them and put them in a bag; what do you think SB? Claire?

SB- the pillows?



Tiffany- y'all have to excuse me; I don't care enough

SB- I think it might be better to just Febreeze them

Azah comes out with a sampling of her cooking 

Big D- Thank you

Tiffany- I want to try some on Thursday




Tiffany- it's too much thinking for me....it seems like a lot of work




Big D- I guess we are just gonna Febreeze them

Tiffany says they could wash the really wet ones but the backyard will be closed tonight

Big D says they should put them in the big plastic bags

Tiffany- you do know that's going to make them stink worse because they need to dry out

Big D- fuck




5:15PM BBT

Big D and Tiffany begin playing pool. Ky is still chatting with Britini in the YBR. SB is doing laundry. Claire is walking laps.



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5:27PM BBT

Hannah and Christian are on the bikes in the gym talking about the upcoming HoH

Hannah- if you were on the block, you'd go home

Christian- I think so, too

Hannah asks if he will go for HoH

Christian- I think I shouldn't win because I don't want to add another win to my resume.

Christian says a King needs to win because otherwise they will go up  




Kyland asks Brit which people should they not want in jury

Brit says she doesn't want an emotional juror "I don't want a 19 jury; that's what I'm trying to avoid"


[I'm out for most of the night  -MamaLong]

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7:50PM BBT


Azah, Big D and Xavier are in the HoH talking about Frenchie and his multiple personalities.


Brit is playing Alyssa in pool. Christian is jumping rope. Baby D is hanging out with the backyard crew.


Hannah, Brent and Whitney are talking in the coral reef bedroom. Hannah confesses that she messed up the coffee pot because she put 5 filters in it and Brent responds that she let him fall for it.



7:58PM BBT

Big D and Azah are teasing Xavier about how Whitney follows him around the house, "this girl will do anything for this player." Big D tells Xavier that when Whitney saw Azah walk out in the backyard with a blanket, Whitney scurried to beat Azah to the hammock to get in the hammock with X. Azah and Big D are rolling with laughter

Azah- I didn't see her but I heard her...she giggled like hee hee hee

Big D- I love her; we don't have a problem with her

X- y'all are mean; y'all are ruthless; have no heart

Azah- maybe I'm just a hater

X- nah, this is all good fun

Big D teases X that he will end up in a showmance, "maybe one day you can...:

X- that's not gonna happen; I can say confidently that as wonderful as she is, she is wife material, I'm just not...

Big D- maybe she can be a fun buddy

X- we wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't called dibs on Ky

Big D- I'm sorry X, but when I look at you, you're like my brother

X- no I'm saying since you called dibs on Ky and she wants chocolate, I'm the only chocolate left


[They are absolutely right, Whitney has been following Xavier around and doting on him. She couldn't be more obvious.  -MamaLong]




X says she (Whitney) is a great person.

Big D- she is; I love that she is a mom; she is a great person



8:06PM BBT  Feeds cut to WBRB Bubbles


8:18PM BBT  The feeds return after being out for more than 10 minutes

8:20PM BBT

Christian, Alyssa, Whitney, Xavier and Azah are playing a guessing game in the Chess/Poker Parlor. It's girls versus boys. 

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5:30om-6:00pm BBT: Kyland and Britini still talking in the YBR about her being on the block and how she should not have been put up again and how if she wins HOH she can do what she wants after 14 days on the block. They promise this talk will not leave this this room.

6:00pm-6:30pm BBT: Sarah and Derek F playing pool in the BY as they talk about the Kings and how they are so strong. He tells her Derek X wins and it scares him. Claire walks up and game talk stops and goes to the pool game.

6:30pm-7:00pm BBT: Talk about the pool game goes on with Derek F, Sarah , Claire and Hannah joins about how Sarah can not play so she decides to practice some. HG just lounging around with general talk going on all over the house and BY.

7:00pm-7:30pm BBT: Derek X, Hanna and Whitney meet in the CBR to talk about this weeks HOH comp They do not want to win as it will put a target on them, They want Jokers and Kings to battle it out and take each other out first. and we get WBRB.

7:30pm-8:00pm BBT: Derek X says he thinks the Kings can win the HOH because he thinks the Jokers are weaker. Brent walks in and talk stops  as He sits down to talk to them all, Derek X leaves. IN the BY Most HG are playing games are talking general talk.

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8:23PM BBT

Current question: What is your favorite Netflix Original? The girls share hteir answers then Azah announces the choices for the guys to match to the proper girl. The guys are having a hard time agreeing with matching the correct titles to the girls. The choices are: You; BoJack Horseman, Stranger Things

Christian complains that Azah is wearing glasses so he can't read her poker face. She takes them off with absolutely no emotion.

The feeds cut to WBRB so we don't get the correct answers.


8:36PM BBT

Tiffany is talking with Ky and Claire in the kitchen about Danielle Steele books, romantic comedies and other romantic novels while they eat their slop.





8:46PM BBT

We are getting a lot of WBRB Bubbles tonight.


8:50PM BBT

SB and Tiffany are playing chess in the kitchen



8:55PM BBT

Sarge- Christian, please go to the Diary Room downstairs

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