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Big Brother Season 23-Veto Competition and Ceremony Week 2

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Previously, on Big Brother, with the summer of teamplay underway, Frenchie was the first HOH, and he used that power to make allies and create enemies. The farmer also formed an eight person alliance called the Slaughterhouse.


With Travis out the door, a new HOH was to be crowned, and Ky the guy was ruding high. After an audience with Kyland made Frenchie paranoid, he proceeded to blow things up with Brent and Whitney.


Kyland wanted the houses opinion on who should be targeted and the feeling was almost unanimous. But when Britini refused to throw her fellow Joker under the bus, she found herself on the block next to Frenchie.


Tonight, the POV is on the line. Will Frenchie or Britini be saved from the chopping block? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 10 after the nomination ceremony. Kyland nominated Britini and Frenchie. Frenchie has been a chaotic presence in the house, and Britini is the most like to take him off the block if she were to win veto.


Frenchie says he knew it and honestly, he would have been disappointed if he was not on the block because it would have meant his HOH did not create waves.


Brent says Frenchie is making his game difficult so ciao. Britini feels betrayed by Ky. She does not want to be nominated next to Frenchie, or anyone from her team.


Azah is comforting Britini who is crying and Frenchie and Derek F come in. Azah says she respects that Kyland has his own game, but it is messed up. She says Frenchie should be on the block, but Britini does not deserve it.


Derek F. says he is upset that two of his teammates is on the block. Ky should have given him a heads up because they are in two alliances. Derek says this hits too close to home.


Frenchie is telling Britini he is the target and Britini says this sucks. Frenchie says she is not going home. Frenchie says if he wins veto he will save Britini because he believes he can find a way to stay and keep their team intact.


Alyssa says she is so impressed with Ky. She is relieved that the Kings are not nominated. She is glad Frenchie had a power trip last week because the target is on him and his team, and not them.


Ky is talking to his team and Tiffany asked how he feels and he is ok. Tiffany says everyone said Frenchies name as a nominee. Ky says there is a veto and Tiffany says his Queens will help him. Tiffany says all they need to do is make sure Frenchie goes home.


Whitney is talking to the Aces about the week. Brent says even if Frenchie gets out of things this week, then he will go up next week. Whitney thought she trusted Frenchie but after he threw her under the bus in front of other people, he has to go.


Frenchie heads up to the HOH to talk to Ky. He tells him he is not mad at him and they are hugging. Frenchie asks Ky to pull Britini up and tell her she is not going home because she is heartbroken. Frenchie says if he wins veto he is saving Britini unless there is another plan.


Ky thinks it is admiral that Frenchie would do that for Britini, but he also does not think it is true. He is going to do everything he can to make sure Frenchie does not win veto.


Britini goes to talk to Ky and he tells her that he asked every person in the house who they wanted nominated and every one said Frenchie except Britini. Britini says she will never be honest with Ky again and she will fight for this veto. Get ready for the veto!


Brent and Hannah are in the hammock talking about Frenchie bringing everyone down with them. Hannah starts talking about Brent’s accent and he is teach her to talk like him. Brent says Hannah is mysterious and feisty and he is a flirt.


Frenchie and Derek F are talking and Frenchie says every year the same things happen. Jocks team up and he is sick of it. Derek says one is already gone. Britini tells Frenchie what Ky told him.


Frenchie says everyone is throwing his name out, which means it includes the Slaughterhouse. Frenchie tells Britini about the alliance and he was part of it and she says so how are you on the block. Derek is pretending to asleep hoping Frenchie does not reveal his name.


Frenchie goes to talk to Derek and Azah and he tells them about the Slaughterhouse, but he does not tell them Derek F was involved and he tells them to watch their backs. Azah says she thinks this info might be truthful. A broken clock is right twice a day.


We then see Frenchie telling Tiffany and Claire with Britini. He lists the names again except for Derek. Tiffany says he is telling her about the alliance like she is done. Claire says Frenchie made an alliance with the girls and she assumes the Slaughterhouse was fake.


Frenchie then tells Sarah Beth about the Slaughterhouse. He says every member is going to regret saying his name. He just put a big bullseye on the center of their backs.


Tiffany and Claire then go to talk to Kyland and they fill him in on Frenchie’s reveal. Kyland says Frenchie has become too much and he is doing too much, so he needs to make sure he wins that veto and stays on the block.


Xavier asks Alyssa to come and talk to Christian and him and she is hesitant but she follows and they attack and wrap her in toilet paper because her birthday is tomorrow.


Ky stops Christian and Alyssa with Sarah Beth and they are talking about how erratic Frenchie has been. Alyssa is down to talk with Kyland, but not while she is wrapped in toilet paper.


It is time to pick players for the veto competition! Ky draws Alyssa. Frenchie is praying he picks Derek F because he is his final two and ride or die and he knows he will use the veto. Frenchie draws Claire.


Britini wants to pick Azah or Derek F. Someone from her team who can help her get off the block because she does not like it here. She draws Derek X.  Derek says he needs to works as hard as possible to make sure Frenchie does not win and take himself off the block.


Frenchie says no one is going to fight for him. It is up to himself to win this and get off the block. They picked the wrong farmer to mess with!


It is time for the veto competition! There are 8 suntan lotion bottles and each bottle will spray at different times and in for different durations and with a different amount.


It is the HG job to collect lotion in their bucket and fill a container to raise their whistle and pull it out. The fastest HG to get their whistle will win the POV!


Britini is up first and she says even know Frenchie said he would save her, the only person you can trust is yourself. She begins running back and forth between the various suntan lotion bottles.


She says the backyard is super slippery and she has to be careful not to fall on her face and we see her slide on her backside. She feels like a badass because when she falls she still holds her bucket in the air.


Her strategy going in is to memorize how the lotion is coming out of each cans and then get the one that sprays for the longest amount of time. She is getting the pattern down and she has a pattern she is working to get lotion.


Once her bucket is three fourths of the way full, she fills her container and she does it over and over until her whistle is up. She is close and has to go back for more and she finally pulls it out.


Next up is Kyland. Ky says when you take a shot at a guy like Frenchie, you cannot miss that shot. So he needs to win this veto so he can keep nominations the same and make sure he goes home.


Ky says it is important to stay calm. He says it might be easy to chase every bottle, but he needs to conserve his energy. He uses his body as a backboard to channel more of the lotion into the bucket. Ky fills his container and get his whistle.


Derek X. is up and he feels safe, but it is Big Brother and he wants to make sure Frenchie stays on the block. He has no idea what is going on because he cannot figure out the patter. His strategy is to watch and recognize how much oil is coming from each container.


Derek reaches for his whistle and he could not get it. He goes back for more lotion and he is praying it did not cost him the entire competition. He comes back and grabs his whistle.


Claire is so confused. She goes to a bottle and the lotion stops. She says it is like being stood up. She is safe this week and does not need to win so she just wants to have a decent enough time that she does not get accused of throwing. She grabs her whistle!


Alyssa really wants to win this because it will keep noms the same and keep the Kings safe. She has one bottle blowing directly in her face and she is pretty sure she is blowing this competition.


Frenchie says this competition is more slippery than a greased hog at the state fair. He is slipping and sliding and cannot keep his balance. There is a lot riding on this veto. He has to get this or Britini or one of them will be walking out the door on eviction night.


Frenchie is looking at the bottles and they have an SPF rating and one has 30 and he is going to focus on that one. He fills his container and reaches in and grabs the whistle. He is so confident and he knows he has this.


Time for the results. Claire finished with a time of 5:33. Ky’s time is 4:54 and he is in the lead. Britini finished with a time of 5:08. Derek X had a time of 4:41 and is now in the lead. Alyssa had time of 6:57. It is down to Derek and Frenchie.


Frenchie is confident in this because he gave the veto his all. Frenchie’s time is 5:06. Derek X has won the POV! Derek says this is amazing. He had it on his neck last week and it looks even better today.


Ky loves to compete and he really did want to win but he feels confident he can work with Derek to accomplish his goal for his HOH. Britini says it sucks and she is crushed, but she is proud of her time and she gave it her all.


Frenchie says the hardest part of knowing he lost is knowing he fought so hard, but he is going to hold his high. Frenchie says today was his last hope and he thought he had that veto. He knows he is going home.


Frenchie is talking to Azah and he says he is not this guy. He says he has sacrificed his morals for something he is not. Azah feels like Frenchie has the fight in him to stay here and she knows how much he wanted this.


Azah says this house will bring out every emotion in you, but she does not believe in giving up. She does not want Frenchie to give up on his dream. Derek F comes in and tells him he has given up and he should not do that.


Derek F says they could use the veto on Britini and he cannot just roll over. His dad taught him if you get knocked down, then you get back up. Derek tells him not to roll over and give up. They are better than that.


Frenchie says Derek F is someone he respects in the house and he yelled at him and he was right. He needs to pick himself up. The farmer is back in town. Derek F says you fight until your last breath.


Frenchie goes to talk to Kyland and Derek X and lay everything on the table and see if he can get a plan in action. Frenchie is asking for a chance. He knows he is going home and he is asking for a chance because right now it is zero.


Frenchie says he will always go home before either of them. If someone put Derek or Ky on the block next to Frenchie, then Frenchie would be the one to go home. Frenchie says neither of them would be a target.


Derek X. says it is a tempting offer because loyalty is huge, but you have to look at the numbers in the house. Because if he saved Frenchie, it could end up himself, Ky, and Frenchie against the house.


It is time for the veto meeting! Derek X. has decided NOT to use the POV. Derek says using the veto would have created too many waves and it is time for the farmer to go out to pasture.


Ky says he is relieved. He feels bad for Britini, but she should be glad it is this week against Frenchie. Britini says she is going to do everything she can to stay safe.


Frenchie says he is sowing the seeds of comeback. Derek F says he is not ready to let his final two go and he is going to work hard to keep him safe.

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