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America's Got Talent Season 16-Auditions 8


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It is the last day of auditions! Then there will be a two week break for the Olympics and then we will be back for the live shows!


Next we have Bini the Bunny and his owner and best friend Shai. Bini is set in a cage on a basketball court. Bini is not very cooperative. Simon buzzes Bini. Bini finally cooperates and dunks a mini basketball.


Howie liked how Shai was in the moment but kept going. Simon prefers dogs. Howie thinks he deserves one more shot and he says yes. Simon says no. Heidi wants to know what else can Bini do? He can paint. Heidi gives a yes. Sofia says yes!


Savannah Robertson is a singer and Simon says she does not know how good she is and she gets a yes from all four judges.


Then we have Zac Taylor who is also a singer and Sofia says that was adorable and Simon says he is very cool and genuine. He also gets a yes from all four judges.


Gabriella Laberge is next and she is from Montreal. She is going to play the violin and sing. Simon started to buzz her until she started singing. She performs Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt. Howie says wow and Simon says he loves this.


Gabriella gets an ovation from all four judges. Sofia thought it was beautiful and Howie says she was angelic. Heidi thought it was beautiful. Simon says it was better on the second part of the song. She gets a yes from all four judges.


Medhat Mamdouh takes the stage and he is going to play the recorder. Simon wishes him luck and he begins playing and beat boxing with it. Sofia is dancing in her seat and Simon says he likes that. He gets an ovation from three judges.


Sofia says she loved it because she is obsessed with western music. Heidi thought it was so cool. Simon says he was dreading this but it was good and unexpected. Howie says he made the recorder trendy. Medhat gets a yes from all four judges.


Sergio Paolo comes out and he is a juggler. He begins his routine that includes a backflip while juggling five balls, and then he juggles five balls while walking down some steps.


Sofia says Sergio was amazing. Howie loved it. Simon says the presentation was amazing and way better than previous jugglers. Heidi says he was superfast and she loved it too. He gets a yes from all four judges.


Next we have Pasha and Aliona. Pasha says his wife missed her flight and they wish him luck. Two mannequins are wheeled out and they are dance and Pasha is underneath as the legs.


Simon says it was a great surprise. Sofia thought it was fun. Howie says he will freak a lot of children out. Pasha gets a yes from all four judges.


We have Charming Bears and they dance and they get a yes from the judges and move on.


Next we have Jonas Mcenfro and he is dressed as a tennis player and he is in a hula hoop and has tennis balls thrown at him.


Anna McNulty is up and she is a contortionist and is the arms on a ticking clock. She gets a yes.


We then have The Science Wizard and it is interactive with Sofia and Heidi. He moves on.


We have Lewberger and they sing an ode to Terry Crews with their shirts off.  They move on.


Next up is Dylan Zangwill and he sings and plays piano. He performs Somebody to Love by Queen. He gets an ovation from three of the judges.


Sofia says that was spectacular. Howie was connected to the joy. Heidi loved it too. It as amazing. Simon says it was a great audition and he could be someone to watch. Dylan gets a yes from all four judges.


We have Rialcris on stage next and they are a strength act from Colombia. They start their act which includes balancing on their heads. They get an ovation from all four judges


Sofia says Rialcris was amazing. Howie says the act was amazing. Heidi says it was incredible and crazy. Simon says them being brothers makes everything more special. They get a yes from all four judges.


Mike Goodwin is a comedian and he takes the stage for his set. Howie says he is very good and relatable. Heidi loved it and she was laughing the entire time. Sofia says it was very creative and enjoyable. Simon says it was interesting and a good audition. Mike moves on!


Anica is our next act and she performs Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin. Heidi says she loved that. Howie says he loved that performance. Sofia loved her energy, but it was not spectacular and Simon kind of agrees with her. Anica moves on with a yes from three judges.


Mary Bowers is up on stage in a cake and she is going to eat her way out. She gets a no from the judges.


Pizza Man Nick Diesslin takes the stage and he asks Howie to join him on stage. He spins pizza dough and the audience likes it. He moves on.


Next up is KIDJAY and he raps for them. He gets a yes from all four judges.


Dflex takes the stage and he is a contortionist. He gets an ovation from all four judges. Heidi loved it and Sofia says it was spectacular. Simon loves people like him because he is passionate. He gets a yes from all four judges.

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