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very good i may say. they were on point with everyone. but i see diane not making final two thou

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Whoever wrote this is obviouosly someone who really knows the game and the players. I think they hit the nail on the head, but I hope that once the HG's settle into the game, that they throw up some surprises. If the game goes as this person predicted, we are in for a pretty boring summer.


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I totally agreed with this person's assessment . . . until I noticed he's got like 7 out of the 14 listed as 'targets' or 'quick exits' . . . but really, since they can only get rid of 1 person a week many of the people he's listed as being 'easy outs' actually have a pretty good chance of making the jury, eh?

So after watching last night, aren't these the 6 greatest targets?

For the sov: Alison, Danielle, Dr. Will (+Boogie, his little sidekick)

For the rest of the house: Janelle, Kaysar, James

So if people really get fixated on oustering those top 6, which seems quite likely at this point, who would people want to get rid of next of the nine? I don't know . . . personally, I've never been very good at predicting outcomes so far down the road because by then some of the 'outcasts' may have bonded with people, there'll be new alliances, and then also jury strategy and who people want to win comes into play as well - like do you get rid of the known 'gamers' or the 'floaters' who by this point tend to look like 'gamers' . . .








+2 . . . who's missing - lol

IE Like, say you're Howie in week 7 and you've made the jury . . . who from this list do you nominate - Jase, Diane, Nakomis or Erika, Marcellas, George?

Anyway . . . conclusion - lol: I see George and Nakomis making it farther, James and Kaysar less far; Diane, Jase, Erika, Marcellas - ???depends???

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