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Big Brother Season 23-Nominations and Wild Card Week 2

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Previously, on Big Brother, with the summer battle for three quarters of a million dollars underway, the HG were divide into four different teams. But Kyland, Derek, Azah, Tiffany, and Xavier had their own alliance cooking. Frenchie put Kyland and Alyssa on the block but his target shifted to Derek X. But once he won veto his sights were set on someone new. So Frenchie persuaded Derek to use the veto and with an open spot on the block, the Hawaiian hunk hit the hot seat. Looking for long term protection, Frenchie formed an 8 person alliance called the Slaughterhouse with Whitney, Alyssa, Christian, Xavier, Brent, Derek F, and Kyland. But the farmer was not putting all his eggs in one basket. So he tried to form another alliance with the women Britini, Azah, Hannah, and Tiffany. At the first eviction, everyone seemed unified against Travis, but Big D and Tiffany each threw a rogue vote. In the end, the house said aloha to the surfer. With he power back up for grabs, Kyland took a shark bite out of the competition. Tonight Ky will nominate tow HG for eviction. Plus how will the wildcard comp shake up the game.


We pick up on Day 8 after the HOH competition and the HG are heading back into the house. Kyland is the new HOH and it feels beyond words incredible. Everyone thought the votes would be unanimous, but someone lied and he has to figure out who.


Alyssa does not want to be nominated again. She wants someone else to feel that. But she is concerned over the two votes and she needs to figure out what is going. But she feels amazing for staying.


Derek says his vote against Alyssa was a joke because she was not going home. Tiffany voted to evict Alyssa because Frenchie pulled her to the side and asked her to do him a favor. Frenchie wants to pin the vote on Derek X. Tiffany says she made him promise not to tell anyone and now she is waiting for him to tell because then she will know it is coming from him.


Christian and Xavier are talking to Alyssa and they say they suspect it was Derek X. Christian is not made that two rogue votes happened, he is mad he did not know it was going to happen. He cannot trust anyone at this point.


Claire and Tiffany are celebrating that they are safe because they are a member of the Queens and Ky is on their team. They are so excited.


Ky is talking to Xavier and Ky is worried about Tiff. Xavier feels good about Ky being HOH. As long as he does not get paranoid, this should be a smooth week. But he thought that last week and we seen what happened.


Frenchie, Whitney, and Brent are talking and he tells them that he knows who the votes are but their names will not be mentioned. Tiffany comes in and asks why he would say he knows but then not say anything. She does not want to be implicated whatsoever.


Tiffany is talking to Kyland and she tells him to be careful with Frenchie. She tells him the two rogue votes do not have anything to do with him. She does not want Kyland to turn his HOH into Frenchie’s HOH part 2.


Kyland says this is not the first time that someone pulled him to the side and told him not to trust Frenchie. Ky tells us Travis pulled him to the side before eviction and told him Frenchie was not a man of his word. Kyland liked Frenchie but having two people pull him to the side it makes it more difficult to ignore the warnings.


Who wants to see Kyland’s HOH room? The HG look through his pictures and remark how cute he is. Ky has a latter and he gets emotional and Tiffany offers to read it for him.


Kyland wants to make his family proud and hearing the letter from his mom made him emotional. Tiffany gives him a hug after reading the letter.


Tiffany is being comforted by Azah and she is missing her son. Tiffany says it is really an act though because she has an agreement with Azah to be there for each other. Tiffany says Frenchie needs to go out the door this week and Azah is not sure that is the right plan.


It is time for the wildcard competition! Queens will not have to compete. Hannah and Christian are not eligible since they have already played. Aces, Kings, and Jokers have to decide who they will be sending in.


Sarah Beth says the wildcard competition comes with a wildcard decision and not knowing what it might be means it is dangerous not to have that power.


Frenchie wants to play because he does not think he is safe and everyone agrees that is fair since he gave them safety last week.


Sarah Beth wants to do it and she thinks Frenchie will be playing. The Aces make a quick decision to leave it up to fate. Frenchie and Sarah Beth are playing and Kyland draws Brent.


Brent did not want to compete because he wanted to save it for a week he might need it, but it looks like fate had a different plan.


Kyland is talking to Frenchie and Frenchie thinks he has a pretty good read on people and he wants to set himself up to be safe this week. Frenchie tells him a lot of people are going to promise him safety and he has to figure out who means that.


Frenchie says if he tells someone he will do it, then he does. Ride or die. Frenchie says he will have people in his ear telling him to put Frenchie up. Frenchie says he feels something is off and he can feel it.


Brent is looking at the memory wall and Frenchie walks by and says he is out of the Slaughterhouse. Brent says what is up and Frenchie says you all did not think I would figure it out? He then tells Whitney and she is confused.


Whitney and Hannah and Brent are talking about Frenchie being erratic and a loose cannon. Frenchie walks in and then walks back out and they talk about how bizarre he is acting and they want to call it out.


Whitney wants to talk to Frenchie and he says he does not want any drama. She is asking what he is doing and she says nothing has changed with her. She tells him they have to trust the alliance. Frenchie says he is not going to be a snake under a lawn mower.


Whitney says she is trying so hard not to blow up on him. She says he is a loose cannon and she does not want to talk to him or be friends with him.


Frenchie is talking to Brent and he says if he does not win the wild card comp, then he is going home. Brent says he thinks Frenchie wants him to throw the wild card and there is no way he is going to do that with the way he is acting. It makes him want to win even more.


The HG are in an art gallery room. Brent loves art museums, but he has not been to anything like this.


Every round they will see an art piece and then they will be asked a question and they must select the correct color. The fastest person to answer in each round will get the point.


Frenchie says if he does not win he is going home so he is going to secure his safety no matter what he has to do. Sarah Beth wants to prove to her allies she is a strong competitor and she wants the power in her hands.


Brent does not want French to win this. He wants to be covered in so much paint that no one recognizes him. Sarah Beth says she is trained to noticed small things and so this should be her competition.


Pick the color of the exclamation point. Brent answers yellow. Sarah Beth picks blue. Frenchie picks green. The correct answer is Blue and she earned a point.


Pick the color of the duck that appears the most and they all answer yellow. Brent gets sprayed and he gets the point because he was the fastest.


Pick the color directly below green. Brent picks green, Sarah picks purple, and Frenchie picks yellow. Frenchie gets sprayed and he gets the point because the answer was pink.


Pick the color paired with yellow. Brent locks in green. Sarah Beth and French pick red. Sarah Beth gets sprayed and she has earned her second point. She needs one more point to win.


Pick the most common color of the innertubes. Brent picked purple, and Sarah Beth picked yellow. Sarah Beth gets sprayed and she has won the wild card competition!


Brent really wanted to win but if it could not be him, he is glad it was Sarah Beth. Frenchie says he has no idea where he stands with the house but he feels sick to his stomach on this one. He is in trouble.


Sarah Beth has won and she can guarantee her safety this week but in order to get safety she must trade places with someone on Kyland’s team. She would become a permanent member of The Queens and whoever she swaps with will go to The Kings. If she does not make the trade, then she does not win safety.


Claire needs to be safe this week and she wants to stay on her team so badly. She hopes Sarah Beth makes the right decision.


Sarah Beth says they get on her nerves but she is staying a King until the end. She feels great with Kyland and she wants to work with her current team.


Tiffany says now that the Queens are safe and intact, now they have to put the plan in motion and get Frenchie on the block. Kyland says nominations are today and he does not know what he is going to do. He wants as much information as possible.


Tiffany does not want to tell Kyland what to do or think, but she wants to lead him to the Frenchie. Tiffany says Brent, Whitney, and Frenchie are a three headed monster and it could be dangerous to keep Frenchie. She is not sure if Ky is really ready to go after Frenchie.


Hannah is talking to Ky and she says Frenchie is a wildcard. Claire says Frenchie has a collection of people around him. Brent says logically, Frenchie has been sporadic and it is enough reason to put him up.


Every HG that Kyland talks to all brings up Frenchie. Britini asks who Ky has seen attached at the hip and she tosses out Whitney and Brent and Christian and Alyssa. Ky says he does not have to answer question and he sees Britini is loyal to her team.


It is time for the nomination ceremony! The first nominee is Frenchie. The second nominee is Britini. Ky says he nominated Frenchie on Day 3 he told him he put him on the block because he trusted him, but things have been brought to his attention which makes him trust only his team.


Ky says he nominated Britini because she is loyal to her team and if she won veto, then she would take Frenchie down and he did not want to risk that. Frenchie is Ky’s target. Ky wants to win veto to keep nominations the same.


Frenchie has never quit anything in his life and he is not going to start now. They better hope and pray he does not win veto. Britini says she is nomination because she is loyal. But she thanks Ky for giving her the opportunity to kick his butt in the comp.


Brent says Frenchie had his trust, but now there is nothing left and the house will be just fine with Frenchie.

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