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Saturday, July 17, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:05AM BBT

In the kitchen, Big D tells Ky he is just trying to keep Frenchie calm "I just don't want him to blow up and weird the fuck out. I just don't want him to fuck us over. I'm babysitting him because he is ready to explode and scheme and shit. While you guys are playing around I'm with him 'cause we sleep in the same room. I just don't want you guys to think"  

Ky- okay, I understand

Brit- does anyone want icing? Is everyone okay if I just eat the icing?

Big D asks Alyssa "How old are you now"

Alyssa- 25


Alyssa- now that everyone is here should we do our episode with Hannah? (Big Blue Couch Talk Show)

The only response comes from Brent "yeah"

Claire asks Alyssa what her worst birthday memory was. She tells her she had a SpongeBob party in the park and none of her friends showed up...only her teacher.

The HGs begin gathering in the YBR for the show.

In the Sea Glass Bedroom, Ky tells h im that they plan is for no one to react to Frenchie and to just deflect and not be responsive to anything. He then goes into the YBR and repeats the plan to the others. "Don't react to anything aggressive and if you do respond just tell him 'get some sleep, get some sleep'. I'm going to have that on repeat." They all agree.


12:16AM BBT

The show is starting in the YBR.

Big D- Alyssa, check your mic

Alyssa- testing, testing

Big D- (talks into his mic like a show runner) audience members are showing up; audience members are showing up...we are waiting for more and then we will start the show. More audience needs to come in.

When Ky enters, Alyssa asks for a birthday favor: to be the PoV comp host if she isn't picked. Ky agrees.

Tiff and Claire leave the room with Claire teasing "you are losing audience members, losing audience members" (teasing because they are taking too long to start the show)

12:18AM BBT

Claire and Tiff meet up in the Reef Bedroom. Tiff is heated "Big D was like we can get him out but need to keep him in the house. He was in and Britini was in on him to blow us up and try to keep him in the house. "He" is trying to blow up Slaughterhouse." The both say they don't give a fuck about Slaughterhouse. Tiff adds that Britini is in the bathroom with Derek X and "I want to snatch his ass up out of there so bad. Ky was right to do what he did. She is working for him." (he/him = Frenchie) 

Tiff- I'm not the kind to say don't talk to nobody, but Derek (Baby D) can't talk to nobody...unless it's our alliance.

Claire agrees with everything Tiff says

Tiff- Ky needs to get us together so we can talk. If it ain't Kings and Queens, Derek can't talk to nobody.  I can't believe of all people that my feelings are really hurt, not on an emotional level; but, Big D? You trying to play me?


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Brit is telling Baby D all about her conversation with Ky. "He said he won't use the veto."

Baby D- don't pick me for playing veto...I was assuming he was going to take you off...I guess he wants no more blood on his hand

Brit- I understand it

Baby D backtracks and agrees to play if she wants him to "We can then talk with Ky and see what he wants us to do."

Britini says it all sucks because she thought she was cool with Ky and was put up "basically on a technicality....I don't want Frenchie to go."


2:00AM BBT The Houseguests are getting ready for bed and beginning to settle

Tiff- goodnight everyone; see everyone in the morning

They respond "good night"




2:36AM BBT

Everyone has been avoiding Frenchie as they settle for the night, and he is just walking around the house along. In the HNR, (Whitney, Brent, Baby D and Hannah) Whitney says they were asking about him in "there" (DR aka Boat Room)  Brent says things are going to get crazy because Frenchie is planning to blow up tomorrow.

They speculate that Frenchie is trying to be a Devin. Hannah says he is playing a Devin but pretending to be a Donnie  [Again, Hannah has nailed it  -MamaLong]

Whitney says she had been referring to Frenchie as a Devin from the start [true! -MamaLong]




3:01AM BBT The house lights go out and the Houseguests all drift off into slumber



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2 hours ago, roachie said:

[thanks for the updates Mama!!! 🥰]


You bet, my friend! 🌹



8:47AM BBT

We have RCHS on the feeds for the veto picks.



9:09AM BBT

The feeds have returned

Power of Veto players are: Kyland, Frenchie, Britini, Claire, Alyssa, Baby D (Derek X) with Tiffany hosting.


Frenchie and Brit are in the Reef Bedroom

Frenchie- hey! that was the best possible pull for an endurance comp 

Brit- best pull; it is

Frenchie asks Ky if they can chat and he says yes. As they are heading to the HoHR we get kittens on the feeds, again.


9:11AM BBT

In the bathroom, Claire, Tiff and Claire discuss long spelling words they could use for a spelling comp.

Whitney: cheerleader....it's a long word

Claire- my first veto; how fun!





In the HoHR, Frenchie is telling him to watch out and be careful "because they are going to you. If you believe that you're not expendable, you're fooling yourself."

Ky- everyone is

Frenchie- I will leave with my dignity but I won't have people being treated like shit just because they are on the block

Ky asks how he feels about Tiffany

Frenchie- Tiffany is super loyal


Whitney and Brit are on the bikes in the gym. Alyssa comes in saying she wonders what the comp will be.

Whitney- please don't be the word one!

Brit- I just hope it's something longer than 5 minutes

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9:19AM Frenchie talking to Ky in HOH and letting him know that he has blown up Slaughter House alliance and Ky should start making other connections and associations in the house. Frenchie is telling him how everyone has turned on him now that he is not in power. He is letting Ky know that the same will happen to him  once he's no longer HOH. 

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9:24AM BBT

In the bathroom Alyssa tells Tiff about Frenchie telling Hannah and SB they don't have a chance in the game      "so rude"

Tiffany tells Alyssa that Frenchie/Brent/Whitney are very close.

Frenchie is schmoozing Ky in the HoHR saying that he was closest to Ky in the house than anyone and meant everything he said in their one-on-ones.



9:26AM BBT

Tiffany- Frenchie is going to be all the way up your ass like he was to Derek X

Alyssa- I just want a resume, ya know?

Tiffany says Frenchie doesn't know what it's like to live downstairs because he is used to living in HoHR "he keeps asking Ky to use his bathroom; that's not your room



Brent walks in the bathroom

Alyssa- Sir Brenticus

He says hi

Tiff says "Sir Brenticus, I get to wear an outfit and go out there and host the veto competition."


9:36AM BBT

Tiffany meets up with Xavier in the LR and begins talking in high pitched voice pretending to host the comp "I'll see y'all later when it's time to host the veto competition."




9:38AM BBT 

Whitney is braiding Alyssa's hair in the LR. Baby D and Brit are sitting in the nom chairs waiting for the competition. Big D talks about Travis being in a hotel




9:39AM BBT The feeds have cut to RCHS for the Veto Competition


FALSE ALARM...the feeds are back


Alyssa comments that she needs some clothes and hopes they get a cute outfit "please not a swimsuit"


9:51AM BBT

Brent notices that Baby D is sleeping

Alyssa- he is dreaming about the veto; envisioning it

Brent wakes him with "hey, hey, they are yelling at you. They are going to disqualify you for the veto."

Baby D- fuck it; send me home




Baby D asks Alyssa if she wants to practice words with him (they are guessing it's the spelling competition with the winner getting the longest word). She says no. "Damn, I only know two letter words."


9:53AM BBT

Ky addresses the cameras once Frenchie leaves the HoHR

"Frenchie! No! Do you see this? Do y'all hear this man? I love him, that's true. We are definitely friends for life, but that move? I get it. It's smart. It's a smart move. Smart plan because the questions pop up. But, man! I love Frenchie so everyone in America knows, but that move right there? Oh, man, Come On! But I do get to say... that I get to clarify with my girls Sarah Beth and Tiffany. It's a game where everyone is incentivized to lie to you and we don't know what's what...this game is hard. Usually you get some indication."


There is a knock on the door.

Ky- just a minute. It's Alyssa "You want to just call for me?"

Ky lets her in saying he thought it was Tiffany.

Alyssa- oh, I thought you were talking to somebody

Ky tells her he was talking to the cameras. Alyssa asks if Ky wants her to use it. He doesn't comment. 

Alyssa says she just wants to win and build her resume.

Ky- I understand

Alyssa- If I win it; I will support whatever you want.

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9:56AM BBT

Ky asks if she knows when the comp will be. Alyssa responds "in an hour or so."


9:59AM BBT

Ky tells Alyssa he doesn't want the veto to be used but he couldn't be mad if someone did. Alyssa tells him that Frenchie is going around saying he will use the veto on Britini but he is also saying he is not going home because he has people in the house with him.





Ky says he wants to keep things calm and not cause stirs and drama. "I have a problem with anyone being intimidated but especially women."


In the YBR Frenchie tells Azah and Britini, "If we pull this off, we are going down in Big Brother history." Azah tells Frenchie he needs to "shut up."

Frenchie- yes Mama

The rest of the Kings join Alyssa in the HoH. Ky steps to the restroom.

Alyssa says she really hopes it's the egg competition because her hands are so tiny, her whole fist "can fit in there. If it's the spelling I'm thinking 'interesting' or 'cheerleading'

10:05AM BBT

Frenchie corners Claire in the SR "what if I told you there was a guaranteed way for both me and Britini to stay? He tells Claire that Ky now sees he was being used just like he was when he was HoH.

"I'm not scared to go after them. We get rid of them one by one. Just keep me to get rid of them. That's the only thing I ask. But I need y'all's help to go after them. Let's take off the head of the snake."

Claire makes no promises and only comments with "hmm"


10:13AM BBT Kyland asks the Kings not to isolate Frenchie. They say Frenchie has been isolating himself because they have been trying to include him.

Alyssa- it's like Britini needs people, but he needs his space


10:23AM BBT

Sarah Beth joins her Kings in the HoHR saying that she was alone in a room asleep and "it's just 10 o'clock and they wake me up three times!"

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10:24AM BBT

Alyssa goes to poop and X leaves the room.  Sarah Beth talks with Kyland alone:  "I need to fill you in that Frenchie is going around blowing up the Slaughterhouse alliance which I already told you, but he has really been going at it. Azah, Big D and Britini....All of them are acting pretty worked up about it. Me, Tiff and Claire do not trust Frenchie. Azah, Big D and Britini do trust Frenchie. I'm gonna be honest. I think you would be in danger if any of them won next week (Azah, Big D and Britini).

Ky agrees


Sarah Beth says everyone is still on board to get out Frenchie but he is trying really hard to get her to trust him.


Tiffany addresses the cameras alone in the Reef Bedroom "that's y'alls boy...y'all sent him in this house. That's okay. Every house has one. And every dog has his day. His day is coming. Don't get me wrong. I love Frenchie. I appreciate that he is playing the game but his game is jeopardizing my game. Way too dangerous. Could you sleep in a house with someone you don't trust? I don't trust him....not about to mind screw me. And I don't mean screw. I say screw just to be nice. Oh Frenchie. (she laughs) I'm calling him Brandon on his way out the door 'Bye Brandon!'




10:38AM BBT

YBR Britini, Azah, Big D and Frenchie

Frenchie- I told him (Ky) you are being played like a fiddle. Name me one person that has come to try to talk about your mom or your family, your real life? They don't care about me and they don't care about you."

Frenchie tells them that he told Kyland he will be in the same position that he is in now next week.

Azah- They just get everyone to do their dirty work. 

Frenchie- if you talk to Ky, you need to let him know he is being manipulated.

Brit- just make it clear you are not upset with him (to Azah)



10:43AM BBT

Big D meets with Kyland in the HoHR

Big D- how you feeling?

Ky- I feel good and I think you should feel good. I know you are concerned and I understand.

Big D- I know that's our plan, but I'm just saying, are we getting played out? Slaughterhouse? Are we gonna be the first to get slaughtered?

Ky stumbles around words a lot 

Big D asks him to be  a straight shooter with him

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10:51AM BBT


Ky and Big D talking in the HOH BR. Ky asks him if he is concerned if one of the noms comes down. Big D says no, that he trusts him. But if he does go up he will fight.

Ky says that if one of the noms comes down, Bid D will be happy.

Big D tells Ky that his goal is for them to get as far as possible.


10:54AM BBY Sarah, Frenchie and Asah talking. Frenchie is telling them that he will be happy to go home week 5 as he misses his family but he wants to make sure that others go home first. He is tired of the misfits always going home.


Frenchie leaves. Sarah and Azah talking about everyone giving Azah space yesterday. 


Frenchie comes back into the BR. Sarah is putting on shoes as her feet are cold. They talk about him getting to wear boots today. Talk turns to POV. 


Tiffany comes in and tells Sarah she found the acetone for her toes. Sarah says she will do it tonight. Tiffany does a POV host intro practice. She says BB is either excited or terrified with her as host.

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10:45AM BBT

Big D tells Ky "I only have you and X. I don't have nobody else. When things were going down last week I feel like there were people (inside Slaughterhouse) who were kinda like always being like 'should we worry about Ky?' and I was like no he is gonna do what he's gonna do. Are we gonna have next week where they throw you or me or X on the block and we are looking stupid?"



Ky says that people are always going to throw names around.

Big D- you should have a backup plan. If Frenchie wins veto, or Brit wins veto, I think you need to start looking at the showmances.

Ky- that's my plan

Big D- as soon as you were on the block (last week) these mother fuckers were like 'we have to let Ky go...and we have to keep Alyssa over Ky'

Ky- Frenchie was a part of that though

Big D tells Ky they were saying 'Ky is getting close with them' but he was calming them down.

Ky- I had no say in that

Big D- I know that

Ky- the who did? (the rogue votes)

Big D- Frenchie was like Brent is a stand up guy; he will be good for us and I was like (insert brake noise) because

He says he didn't trust Brent and didn't agree with that. He mentions Christian

*cam switches to the LR for a minute

Big D- as soon as these mother fuckers made a decision, Brent was like 'I don't know what to do about Ky'

Ky- are you worried what I'm going to do if someone comes off the block

Big D- no I'm not worried. I trust you

Ky tells him to watch what happens if one comes down because he will be happy.

Big D says when he "made the squad (Cookout) it was X and you...I came in here with my word and my dignity. I said my goal was to get as far as possible. Even though I'm a part of the slaughterhouse, I said listen, I love you guys but if I win HoH I am throwing up Brent and Whitney and throwing the first stone. If there are so many of these fucking strong dudes and fuckins smart girls in here, there is no way I'm gonna win anything, so we have to get out these jocks or we are fucked. I know it's difficult, but you have to remember your home, what your family told you"

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10:58AM BBT


Tiffany and Frenchie talk. Tiffany says that she is respecting Ky's HOH. Frenchie says he is as well. Frenchie says he is ready to go home if he needs to. He says he is ready to go if that is what he decided. Frenchie says even if he wins POV, he is putting it around Britini's neck.


Tiffany says that she is asking him what he wants. She wants to respect what Frenchie wants. 


Xavier comes in and Tiffany leaves.



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11:00 AM BBT

In the YBR, Frenchie is chatting with Azah and Tiffany when a shirtless Xavier walks in

Frenchie- here comes Tyrese (Gibson)

Tiffany- oooh

Frenchie- doesn't he look like Tyrese

Azah- he does look like Tyrese

Tiff-A lot BETTER

X- that's what I'm talking about. That's what I like







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11:33AM BBT

The houseguests are just waiting around for the veto competition.





Baby D is approached by Frenchie in the bathroom.  They are hugging.  Frenchie is talking to him but the audio is not on. When it tunes in Frenchie tells him "You are a good Dude, just watch out for Ky. Stay close to Ky, Man....they are manipulating him...look out for him. Watch his back." Baby D  tells him that he is a good dude too; he's been a good guy and kept his word with everything he's told him.  Frenchie adds  "you're a loyal guy. Watch his back."


Azah comes in and asks Frenchie not to talk too much "I can see in Sarah Beth's face she is listening."


She hears Frenchie in the bathroom "Frenchie, you got a dominant stream, man. Every time I hear you piss."

Frenchie- I hear when you got a tiny pecker, it just sounds loud. That's what I hear.


Britini is reading the Bible aloud in the YBR.


11:47AM BBT

The feeds switch to WBRB Bubbles


The feeds pop back to the HGs talking about the Wildcard competition and everyone getting soaked in paint.


*feeds pop to bubbles again.


11:51AM BBT

The feeds are back with Tiffany practicing her exaggerated host voice

Frenchie says she has the perfect hosting voice

They are reviewing the name of the previous comp. They can't remember, but Brit says it's "BB Flying Colors"


11:54AM BBT

*Feeds cut to bubbles again

The feeds pop back to the Brent labeling the HGs  with rodent names

Brent wants to be a kookaburra until the others tell him it's a bird (he means capybara but can't find the word and the HGs have no idea what he's talking about)


Brent = Dirty Little Hamster

Alyssa = Wheezing Weasel

Frenchie = Whimpering Wheezing Weasel

Sarah Beth = Prissy Peeping Prairie Dog

Whitney = (she wanted to be something cute like a bunny or rabbit, but Brent told her it has to be a negative rodent)

Christian = Crusty Conniving Chinchilla

? = Slippery Slimy Sewer Rat

X = Moody Meerkat

? = Whiny Little Weasel

Claire= Manipulative Mongoose


[These HGs are just bored waiting for this competition.  -MamaLong]


11:59AM BBT

Feeds move to WBRB Bubbles


12:00PM BBT  Still trying to iron out rodent names


Frenchie comments that people are getting tired of the feeds cutting

Big D- yeah because Paramount plus


Brent asks them to tell him if his cartwheel is straight

Big D- we will know something if it's not straight


Frenchie asks about Alyssa's cake and Big D says they did it last night


12:03PM BBT

Brent grabs Hannah's hand and says it's cold.

Hannah- fun fact, my body is always under 95 degrees

Brent- she's dead


The boys are practicing one legged squats in the kitchen



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12:13PM BBT

Ky is meeting with Hannah in the HoHR


12:16PM BBT Brent says he gets pulled over and told "hey, you know you look like Sly (Stallone)

Brent - (he impersonates ) Me? Okay have a good day. Yo Adrian



12:20PM BBT

Back in the HoHR....

Hannah- so you are saying to me that you don't want me saying I have undying loyalty?

Ky says no that he wants their loyalty to have them go far; I'm letting you know that's how I feel and it's important to me; I want to make sure you didn't feel you had to say the same thing; that being said, let's make sure that doesn't happen

Hannah- you seem intelligent and an intuitive person

She tells him that last week people were telling Frenchie that he would be safe this week "but people run to where the power is" She asks him how he feels when people say that to him

She apologizes for her lengthy worded question after noticing Kyland is processing

Ky tells her that he has attention deficit issues and his medication is prescribed for a normal work day and "it's not scheduled to be until 4AM and we couldn't get an increase in the prescription"

*the cams go back to the LR 



The feeds pop back to HoH where Ky asks Hannah what she wants to happen this week

Hannah-I want Frenchie to go home


Hannah says she feels she is starting to build relationships "but I don't open up easily because I can't fake authenticity...it takes me a while before I feel comfortable"

Ky tells her that he feels at this stage (the 6 of them) have an understanding and none of the 6's names were brought up (he is talking about The Cookout = Big D, X, Azah, Tiff, Ky, and Hannah) He tells her that if everything works out, Brit will still be there at the end of his week. He then adds he wants one of the them to win but out of the 6, if people have a reason to put him up

Hannah - Big D and Azah?

Ky- I'm not stressed about it in a personal way; it's in a team way. I have benefitted this week by not sharing my thoughts or letting my brain do over work; there's no point in having my brain doing work until then (after Wildcard comp) and so with that being said, I will say I still think you know more about the game. It's not that I don't trust you to keep me safe. Everyone has their things. For myself, paranoia is poison.

Hannah- oh definitely

Ky says felling paranoia is dangerous but feeling too safe is just as dangerous. He asks Hannah if she sees any duos in the house. She indicates she does. He says he will try to build something appearance wise that makes it look like he has someone he is tight with so they go up with him but it's not a genuine duo.

Hannah- that's really good advice

Ky- I know Tiffany is doing that

Hannah mentions that Frenchie was intimidating her a bit last week (with Alyssa/Christian duo) to try and scare her so she started distancing herself from them (The Cookout) so she wouldn't be seen as a duo with anyone. Ky asks if there was anyone she would be uncomfortable with getting HoH (he has been asking everyone this question but doesn't get much in response). She answers "not really."




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12:40PM BBT

Ky probes her for info over anything she is uncomfortable with (remember that SB and Alyssa told him what Frenchie was saying to Hannah and SB yesterday in the YBR when he told them they didn't have a chance to win, so he is fishing to hear it from her) Hannah tells him the whole story. "He was being very performative; looking at the cameras"

Ky says that when people told him he mentioned it to Britini and she said "let me clear that up" and I just let her (but he doesn't believe it). He says he didn't believe that Brit was starting a girls' alliance "that's not why she is up there."

Hannah- he said 'when I win America's Player I'll walk in the DR and look shocked" you can see exactly what he is trying to do; trying to gain sympathy; he wants to be America's next Donnie. Hannah says he was getting fired up saying things were gonna go down and blow up. She says she doesn't like the intimidation factor. He doesn't either.


Kyland's whole point with this conversation with Hannah is to make sure that she understands he is not okay with the intimidation and if it weren't for the game, he would have confronted Frenchie on it and not just let it go. Hannah says she completely understands and adds that she doesn't even think Frenchie is like this in his real life; he is playing the game, too.



12:51PM BBT

Christian is telling Claire, Alyssa and Britini in the Sea Glass Bedroom that he is low energy today because he has been eating junk food "my parents don't keep this stuff in the house because when I see it I have to eat it to get it out of the house"

Claire- like a binge disorder?

Christian says he doesn't think it's an eating disorder but when he has junk food available, he knows it's bad for him, so he eats it all up to get rid of it. He is worried about gaining weight in the house and it making him feel so lethargic.

1:05PM BBT

Tiffany was just called to the DR


1:09PM BBT

The feeds change to RCHS for the Power of Veto Competition

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5:41PM BBT

The feeds have returned after the Power of Veto Competition


Power of Veto players were: Kyland, Frenchie, Britini, Claire, Alyssa, Baby D (Derek X) with Tiffany hosting.


The Power of Veto winner is: DEREK X


The comp was called Funtan Lotion



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Alyssa- I heard him come in and was like damn! That was fast. I had to go right after him.

[it was an individual comp]


Frenchie and Brit talk in the YBR.

Frenchie- I am proud of us

Brit- Me too! We were right there. It was fun.


In the bathroom, Alyssa and Britini talk about the comp

Brit says she slipped and fell but still kept her bucket up for the water. "I didn't focus on the first four, I focused on the last four"

Alyssa- my problem was the pouring slowly and not knowing where to fucking go, at first

Brit says they probably all struggled with that.

Brit tells Alyssa she know she is safe. Alyssa nods her head in agreement

Brit- Just gotta lay low.





5:57PM BBT

In the kitchen, Big D tells Frenchie "Let's see what he wants to do because I told him you are gonna be next. Don't give up!"

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5:42pm BBT:Derek X has won the POV.

5:45pm BBT: Kyland talking about putting his hands in something and filling a bucket to count. Britini and Alyssa talking about  holding a bucket over their head and filling it up as it hit them in the face.

5:50pm BBT: Britini and Frenchie in the YBR talking they tried their best they can just hope for a battle back and how Derek X won again, Alyssa comes in and Frenchie says you did good and Alyssa says i know but my time out of all the times and Frenchie says we are not Derek X. and laughs.

5:54pm BBT: Derek X and Kyland in the HOHR talking about the different alliances Frenchie is in and why he did not tell Kyland he was in them because he did not want him to worry about anything, Kyland says Frenchie told him that  he could win an endurance comp next week and Kyland can not play in ti so he needs to stay this week and all the people i have told you about will keep me do you understand and Derek laughs.

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5:58PM BBT

Tiffany and Azah are talking in the Poker Parlor

Azah tells Tiffany that she told Baby D he had to stay quiet (this was before the comp) because she was watching Sarah Beth. Azah tells Tiffany that he was used.

Tiff- who got used? Frenchie?

Azah tells Tiffany the whole story (Frenchie's argument to stay)

Tiffany is just listening.


Azah says that Frenchie was used by Brent and Whitney.






Azah says they strong-armed Kyland into the alliance and were feeding stuff to Kyland about Britini being a threat. "It sounds like Whitney is behind a lot of these things and putting those words in Kyland's ear and he is believing them." She says they were pushing that Britini is Frenchie's right hand woman. "That is farthest from the truth."


Tiff says she doesn't think Kyland believed anything about Britini. He just needed someone  and put her up as defense mechanism. Azah says that Xavier and Kyland have another deal in the house and so do they. The difference is that they know about the guys' other deal, but the guys do not know about theirs.


Azah tells Tiffany she needs to keep talking and act friendly because they already know that she (Azah) is like 'fuck you' so if Tiff acts some kind of way they (Brent & Whitney) will figure out that they have been talking  and just see them as a duo. Tiff says she has been trying to be friendly  "I be trying to say nice things like hey pretty girl" but Azah points out that she also has this face (she shows Tiffany her annoyed/RBF face) and Tiffany laughs saying she will try to do better. She puts on a big fake smile.




Azah feels like the guys, even the guys in the Cookout, don't see the women as players. "They think we are underdogs and think we don't know how to play the game and stuff, but we have smart people in here. Claire is smart and Britini is loyal. That's what you need. We can at least get someone from Cookout in Final 2 if we get these 2 out (Brent/Whitney). We have to talk with Ky."

Tiff- okay


6:02PM BBT

Alyssa is talking with Frenchie in the YBR. He asks her if she had fun. She says she had a lot of fun but tells him she is afraid she looks like she is the weakest player because of her score "and I just showed that out there." She reminds Frenchie that he said he picked her to play veto during his week because he thought she wouldn't be able to win. He says, "I know."

Alyssa-I feel like I embarrassed myself on my birthday (she is actually very chipper and more laughing at herself than sad or angry)

She tells Frenchie 'If you need anything, let me know."

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