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Friday, July 16, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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6:35pm BBT Feeds back and Frenchie and Brit are nom. Azah is crying and Brit is sobbing. Frenchie tells her she just needs to be stay low and let the target be on his back. He gets to go see his family. He wants the Jokers to let him take one for the team. Ky is getting supportive hugs in the KT.

6:39pm Frenchie tells Brit she has to find the sunshine in the rain. X tells Ky he has his back. Ky heads up to HoH and invites teams to come up. In YBR, Big D doesn't understand why both noms are Jokers, why not from 2 teams. Tiff and Clair (Queens) are in HoH.

6:41pm BBT Frenchie continues to walk his team back from the ledge. My time is short, don't let yours be short too. Don't ask questions or ruffle feathers. In HoH, Tiff says Ky's noms made sense and people should understand. Clair says he was clear, not personal.

6:43pm BBT Tiff says it was a chess move and it had to be made. Azah and Whitney are comforting Britini. Frenchie gets her a glass of water. I get to see my babies, he says. In HoH, Ky says I feel peace. This was the right decision for the time and info I have.

6:45pm BBT Tiff tells Ky Frenchie has been saying he doesn't trust Ky. Ky tells them how Travis was betrayed by Frenchie. He made the move 1st, Tiff & Claire confirm. Brit doesn't want to talk to Ky at all. There will be fireworks, Frenchie promises, I'm going with a bang.

6:48pm BBT Tiff thinks Brit's tears are over the top. In the YBR, Big D says they (Jokers) have 2 shots at Veto. None of them want to talk to Ky - they just want to get to the Veto and get on with it. Tiff and Claire confirm Ky's belief that Brit is fully Team Frenchie.

6:49pm BBT Tiff and Claire call Ky the CEO of his HoH. They tell him to keep his focus and not get distracted. Tiff says Frenchie promised to take the head off the snake - Christian, Brent and X. She told Christian and X (but not Brent). 

6:51pm BBT Tiff again makes a pitch for Kings, Queens and Derek X and maybe Hannah working together. Brit has moved on to the anger stage as Frenchie keeps trying to talk her off the ledge. Hold ourselves to higher standards, he tells her. 

6:53pm BBT Ky reveals to Claire and Tiff that everyone but Britini gave him Frenchie. Hannah asks Brit if she wants space or support and Brit, still sobbing, says whatever. In Ky's speach, he apparently said noms were the consensus of the house. Ky thanks Tiff and Claire.

6:55pm BBT Tiff tells Ky how he did HoH should be in the BB Handbook; his meeting with everyone is how she will model her HoH. Alyssa brings Brit tissues and she fills them with emotional snot. Frenchie continues playing the marter, promising to fall on his sword for her.

6:58pm BBT I'm no quitter, Frenchie tells Brit, and neither are you. Big D promises he will fight in Veto for her. Frenchie goes up to HoH and has a 1-and-1, telling Ky he's not mad, if he leaves, he gets to see his babies. It would be an honor the be taken out by you. 

7:01pm BBT Frenchie hugs a tearing Ky and says if he wins Veto, he'll put it around Brit's neck. If she is his target, then please switch it to him. Ky explains to him that everyone in Slaughterhouse wanted to continue on but without Frenchie. There is no "other side".

7:05pm BBT The girls start to improve Brit's mood. In HoH, Frenchie said if he was upset earlier, it was not game. He just wanted to tell Ky he loves him, he's not mad. Ky says it's not personal for him either. SB and Claire give Brit comfort hugs. 

7:07pm BBT Ky wants to get all of the Slaughterhouse together later tonight to figure out how to get on the same page. His speech was that you can only trust your team if your team works together. Ky loses his train of thought. Brit says she never mentioned Frenchie to Ky.

7:10pm BBT Tiff tells Brit that it may be a case not of guilt by association but guilt by loyalty. He may have thought you would use the Veto on Frenchie. Frenchie tells Ky I told you I would come to you if there was an issue and there is no issue.

7:12pm BBT Tiff tells Brit that Ky's speech was very clear and that she should take the opportunity to talk with him. Ky tells Frenchie to tell Brit to come up to talk any time. Derek X is the next to tak to Ky. Keep your head in the game, Tiff tells Brit.

7:13pm BBT Ky asks Baby D if he has any concerns and Derek X says no, he just wasn't sure how others were trying to influence him. Derek X says what he got from Ky's speech is that Frenchie was lying more than anyone knew and Brit would be a vote for Frenchie to stay.

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7:17pm BBT Derek X tells Ky that the people he is closest to in the game are those on his team (Claire and Tiff). Ky tells him that Brit was the only one who didn't say Frenchie's name and Derek X calls him an evil genius. Derek X wants to talk long term strategy with Ky.

7:20pm BBT Ky tels Derek X that it would be cool if others approached him and they wanted to approach him organically about working together. In the YBR, Frenchie hopes to Big D that America comes through with something. He says Ky said no BD plan - he's the target.

7:22pm BBT Frenchie repeats to Big D that he plans to save Brit if he wins Veto. In HoH, Baby D says he's so stressed, he can't believe he's been crying. Ky invites Brent, Whitney and Hannah to join Derek X for a talk (Team Aces).

7:23pm BBT Whitney tells Ky that he has Team Aces' support. Brent says he has a huge heart and they all admire him for it. He thought this was the best move for his game, and that's all that matters. Ky says has he has no ill will towards anyone. Awkward silence.

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7:28PM BBT


7:30PM BBT



image.thumb.png.d1a0b015f061db394055ba464687cfbe.png7:52PM BBT

Brit just got out of the DR and said she plans to go up and talk to Kyland next. Frenchie mentions that he already talked with him and told him he has to tell her she is not the target.

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7:56PM BBT

Britini goes into the HoH to talk with Kyland. Ky tells her that it's the game and he loves her even though he nominated her. She is no longer crying. SHe is actually somewhat curt with Ky.



Frenchie is talking with Hannah and SB with Big D in the YBR. 

Frenchie points at the girls and asks Big D "knowing what we know, do you think she has a chance? DO you think she has a chance? No way....not a chance."

The girls comment that there must be an all-guys' alliance. Frenchie says he is not saying that. The girls respond that it sure sounds like it (based on his comment). Frenchie says it is not for him to say. "But I'm not saying that to try and stay here."




[Okay y'all. I have to tell you that Frenchie's accent is super heavy post noms. I understand this because I am a native Texan and my accent gets heavier only under certain situations: extreme exhaustion; inebriation; panic/fear; self deprecation. Just thought y'all would like to know.  -MamaLong]


Hannah- I just want to  know why I have no shot at this game! Why am I here then?

Frenchie- you took that the wrong way

Hannah- has anyone said my name

Frenchie- all I'm saying is there are some powerful individuals in here

Hannah- mm hmm

*cam switches to HNR where Brent and Whitney are chatting with Baby D about how Tiffany has been acting different the past few days.


8:07PM BBT

Ky is still chatting with Brit in the HoHR. He tells her that everything he has said to her personally and in the game is true and he would rather work with her in the game.

Brit- I agree

She then asks him who he will put up if she comes off the block

Ky says he isn't going to say because there are too many scenarios

Brit- okay

8:10PM BBT

In the HNR, Brent and Whitney are trying to build trust with Derek X. Brent says he doesn't think they have given him (Baby D) a reason not to trust them (Brent & Whitney) Brent says Frenchie offered a final 2 and since he was HoH, he couldn't turn it down. Whitney say Frenchie offered her a final 2 the first day.  Brent is asking Baby D who the rogue votes were (probing, actually). Derek X hesitates then says he can't say. Brent and Whitney think it's Big D.

Whitney- I called Big D out about the rogue vote. We were talking about it and I was like 'actually, I heard it was you' He said it wasn't.

Brent- why would he lie like that? What do they gain from lying? ...Big D acts like he is so fucking tough. 'I don't say anything' (mocking Big D) and now we can't trust him.

Whitney says give him the benefit of the doubt because it will be better when Frenchie is gone "I just think he is easily persuaded by Frenchie...I think Big D will still have our back."

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7:28pm BBT Hannah tells Ky she's sad he had to put Brit in that position but thinks he was listening to the HOuse. Whitney says Brit needs some time to cool off. Brent says the instinct is to console but that just makes it feel worse. Ky says whenever she wants to talk.

7:30pm BBT Brent says this is not Week 10, it's only Week 2. Derek X says we're just fortunate to have this opportunity. Ky says it sounds like what Frenchie was sayign is true - none of you have a reason to not work with Brit if she wins. 

7:21pm BBT Brent tells Ky that Frenchie told him that Brit was building something. He doesn't know if it's true or not. This was when he had power, he said he was presented with "something" & he would try to get some intel. Outside HoH, X, SB and Christian discuss options.

7:35pm BBT In the YBR, Big D tells Frenchie he needs him in the house. In HoH Brent tells Ky his loyalty would be in his favor. Whit says she has his back too. Brent says what he did was strategically just. Big D says Ky's speech made no sense, maybe Ky is going to BD him.

7:36pm BBT Frenchie assures Big D that there's no BD plan - it's just him. You just have to roll with the punches. Ky tells the Aces he just hopes they'll want to work with him after this HoH. Now Big D worries if Frenchie blows things up, it'll blow back on him.

7:38pm BBT In HoH, Brent says actions speak louder than words but your actions met your words. The Aces break up but Whitney asks to stay for a minute. She wants him to know the Slaughterhouse alliance is behind him. Ky explains that Frenchie exposed their alliance.

7:42pm BBT in the HNR, Brent tells Derek X that as HoH Frenchie was trying to turn them against him, and now everything he tried to build is blowing up on him. Brent says we (Aces) have your back, he feels good in his team and Derek X should too.

7:45pm BBT Brent reveals to Derek X that Frenchie complained that his target (Baby D) won the Veto. Brent says he never know where his head was at. Frenchie says he hopes he'll find an envelope (a twist) in the DR, that BB knows the show will be ruined if he leaves.

7:47pm BBT Whit tells Ky she's not concerned over his noms but how he's doing personally, it has to be stressful. The decision was well thought out. Ky thanks her. In HNR Derek X says he heard Brent was coming after him. Brent says no, he's going after Christian & Alyssa.

7:55pm BBT Now it is time for Team Kings in th HoH room and Ky explains his noms. Frenchie is back in the YBR talking to X, Alyssa and Big D. The Aces leave and Ky sits down with Brit in HoH. Frenchie tells Big D that if he's OK with being nom, Big D should too.

7:57pm BBT Ky tells Brit that 2 people have to go on the block and he has to put them there. Travis was right - you can fall in love with strangers in a week. Everyone deserves to be here and win. But that's not how the game works. All I can do is go off the numbers.

7:58pm BBT Ky tells Brit that everyone single person in the house expressed concerns about Frenchie but her. That put me in a predicament with you - would you use the Veto to save him? Her name was not tossed out by any teams or alliances but she was named... FotH.

8:00pm BBT Frenchie implies to Hannah that there is an all-guys alliance that would keep him, after saying to Big D there's not a scenario where the house would not vote him out over Brit. Oh I see, Hannah says. I was just joking, Frenchie backtracks after FotH.

8:05pm BBT Brit tells Ky that she understands he was worried she might use the Veto on Frenchie and she understands he's been where she is and how it hurts. Would I have been on the block if I had said I was concerned with Frenchie? Ky says probably because of numbers.

8:07pm BBT In the HNR, Whit, Brent & Derek X talk about how observant Hannah is. They discuss Tiff * Frenchie's fight this AM. He's made too many promises to too many people, Brent says, & acted like we needed to earn his trust. Whit says we can trust Ky. Derek X agrees.

8:10pm BBT Brent tells Derek X and Whit that when the HoH comes and asks you to do something, you have to say yes because they have the power (Ky did not ask anything of anyone compared to Frenchie, is the implication). Whit says she trusts the team.

8:11pm BBT It's not that I didn't trust you as a person, Ky assures Brit. If one of us comes off the block, Brit asks, will you take a 3rd shot at our team? To be honest, if you do, we'll go after your team. I appreciate your honesty but I won't throw people under the bus.

8:14pm BBT I had a weird feeling when I woke up this morning, Brit tells Ky, I thought we had bonded over stuff outside the game. But I understand the reasoning unless you have another plan, which I don't think you do. I have to do what I have to do. 

8:15pm BBT in the HNR, Derek X says he's close to Ky and Whit says the teams could work together. They wonder if Tiff is part of the All Girls alliance. Brent wonders who is in charge and worries Christian is targeting him. Everyone wants but no one wants to give, he says.

8:18pm BBT Derek X asks Brent if he's sure it is Christian who said he's coming after him? Derek X says he was told (by Frenchie) that things are "forming" and he's on the "outside" and he implied it was Christian targeting Brent. Ky tells Brit he has no plans to use Veto.

8:20pm BBT Brit asks if Frenchie is the biggest threat to his game? Ky frames his answer as biggest threat to everyone. In HNR, Brent says at least we have a report with others, Brit doesn't. Ky tells her any time she needs to talk to him, his door is open. 

#BB23pm 8:25pm BBT Brit leaves HoH. In HNR, Whit and Derex X tell Brent that Frenchie said to watch Brent, X and Christian. What a douche, Brent says, now he sees his true colors. Whit says Frenchie implied he asked Brent to throw the Veto comp to him. Brent just rolls his eyes.

8:26pm BBT Brent wants to confront Frenchie but Whit says to wait until after the Veto ceremony. Ky goes to the YBR to talk to Big D. He relates his other convos, solidifying the Slaughterhouse Seven. Big D did not know Frenchie was behind the Girls Alliance.

8:28pm BBT Big D says to Ky, I trust you, we have a deeper bond beyond the game, but if we keep Frenchie, he really wants a minority to succeed, and he'll go after "them" and be "their" target. Ky isn't buying it. FotH.

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8:28PM BBT

Ky has approached Big D in the YBR. Big D is upset saying he is thinking long run (thinking about the Cookout) and that they need to keep Frenchie because he will go after Alyssa, Brent, Christian, Whitney "they would cut us real quick" and keep their hands clean "If we keep this mother fucker around, he will go after them. We wouldn't have to do the dirty work to get rid of these bitches. If he stays around he is gonna give them hell. Frenchie wants a minority to win, that's his mindset. But look, I trust you because we have a deeper bond aside of this bullshit, so I'll go with what you want."

Ky- did any guy come to you and let you know that he was forming an all girls' alliance

Big D- no

Ky- exactly

*Feeds cut to WBRB



Azah enters the YBR and Ky tells Big D he wants to talk with her "I don't want to kick you out of your room, though"

Big D gets up saying he's leaving but he was not wanting to talk to anybody

Ky- I'm sorry (to Big D)

Ky then addresses Azah "Are you okay. I wanted to see how you're doing?"

Azah says she is okay.




Ky tells Azah that he just had to make noms based on what he knows. Azah just listens letting him talk.

Azah- okay

Ky- we can talk more and get a couple of people together in groups tomorrow...I just wanted to check on you. If you have any questions you want to ask

Azah- do you really feel Britini is a threat at this time?

Ky- okay, I do

Ky says he feels she would be good at endurance and she is one of the smartest in the house

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8:30pm BBT Ky tells Big D he can bank on the other (Slaugherhouse 7) but not on Frenchie. Big D asks what to do if he is pulled to play Veto? That's up to you, Ky assures him. X joins them. Frenchie joins them, and Big D sends him back out.

8:32pm BBT Big D thinks that if he wins Veto, he could save Frenchie and pit the Derek X and the others against him. Ky says you guys (X & Big D) are in both of my alliances. There's a lot of down time, Ky says, to figure things out. Whatever you tell me to do, Big D says.

8:35pm BBT Big D says he won't try to win Veto, but if it falls into his lap... Ky says he thinks tomorrow there will be more conversations and Big D will learn more about Frenchie. Big D says he'll go with the house, but that removes a play in the future.

8:37pm BBT Ky says there is only one person in the house who did what he said he would do (presumably Derek X saving Ky). Big D agrees that actions speak louder than words. Ky says all I can do is go off the info I've got. Right, agrees Big D.

8:39pm BBT Big D is replaced by Azah in the YBR and just before we go to FotH, Whitney says, OMGosh, he's (Frenchie) BiPolar! Feeds return and Ky is explaining his decisions to Azah, saying he wanted to secure votes (against Frenchie) without exposing The Cookout.

8:41pm BBT Azah asks if Ky thinks Brit is a physical threat? He says she's a risk and mentions Season 21's Wall comp that anyone can win. Big D tells Ky he was upset that both noms came from the Jokers. Brit wants him to commit to using Veto on her and he waffles.

8:45pm BBT Azah asks Ky what he heard about a woman's alliance. Ky assured her that Brit is not nom as a scape goat for an all-girls alliance. Ky said he didn't believe it at first but multiple people said they learned of it from Frenchie.

8:48pm BBT Aloine in the coral BR, Brit addresses the live feeders and says shes not giving up. She tells her fam she's OK, she's goign to win Veto, and if they think she's a comp beast, she'll prove it. Ky tells Azah he trusts us (The Cookouts) over anyone else. FotH.

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8:46PM BBT

Azah tells him that people had been putting her up as a creator of a woman's alliance "so I feel she is a scapegoat." Ky says that no one believed the girl alliance (French Kisses) was Britini's but more that Frenchie was starting that rumor. He shares that someone told him that an alliance is coming after him (Ky)

Azah says people think she is mad at him (Ky) but she is actually pissed at Frenchie because he was the one who put them in this position. "There are people that work outward and there are people that work in secret. I won't say anything more about that. Be careful with the people that are always speaking to you or talking to you because there's so much more to this."

Ky- I am putting zero faith in anything that is not said by one of us; When I make a decision, I use what other people say to justify it...I put zero stock in what other people say....for my game. I'm okay losing if I put my trust in someone I wasn't supposed to.

*Feeds cut to WBRB


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8:53pm BBT Ky explains to Azah that Frenchie exposed alliances and the HG in an alliance with Frenchie are more upset with him than the other alliances. Brent, Whitney and Hannah discuss Frenchie in the HNR and cannot wait to see what the house is like without him.

8:55pm BBT Brent worries that the people aligned with Frenchie will believe Frenchie over him. Whitney says they won't. Hannah tells them that she told Ky a lot about Frenchie and Brent has nothing to worry about. They leave HNR. 

8:58pm BBT Azah tells Ky that Brit was in a convo where they said they could not tell Frenchie info, implying that Brit is not in his pocket like he believes. Ky reiterates that everyone, from different groups, mentioned Frenchie except Brit. After that, it was just math.

8:59pm BBT Azah says that as a team, Jokers are fractured. Brent, Brit & SB are in the WA, while everyone else is in the LR/KT area for dinner. Azah asks if one of them uses Veto, is she the replacement? Ky assures her not. Ky thinks he can protect The Cookout this week.

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8:29pm Big Brother Time

Kyland is talking to Derek F (Big D),  he is telling Big D that a male house guest is known to be forming an all girls alliance.  Kyland tells Big D to ask the girls who that was.

Big D argues the case to keep Frenchie (not know who it was), saying that Frenchie supports them in the game.

Kyland also tells Big D that other people are not interested in keeping some of his team members here.

Big D tries to push his agenda to get rid of Derek X, he wonders what he should do if he wins veto.  Kyland tells him they can talk to him later. Xavier comes into the room.

Kyland says he is going to set up time blocks, he plans to  have 10-15 minute meetings, he will bring in groups, some random, some not.

Big D continues to push his agenda.  Kyland tells him there will be more conversations and this could be something that will change how Big D is feeling.  Big D says “you're in charge” several times.  Big D cashes in his chips by telling Kyland that he worked hard to keep him in the house.

Kyland says he didn't do this as a friend to Derek X, he did it for a reason.  He tells Big D that Britini was the only person in the house that did not say she was nervous around Frenchie. He chose her because he felt that Britini was more physical than Big D, and Azah is an island in the house.  Azah comes into the room, Big D says he is leaving, he doesn't want to be around people since he is so annoyed.
(He is annoyed at Kyland for putting two of his team members on the block)

Kyland tells Azah he made his nominations because he believes it is in his best interests.  He says it has nothing to do with Azah or Big D. He said he did not feel he could give them heads up, he did what he could with the time he had before nominations.  He tells Azah if she has questions she is welcome to ask them. He also tells Azah that he considered his decision and did not do it without thought.

Azah asks him if he feels Britini is a physical threat, he says he does, he ran with her, he was out of breath before her. He says it is not just the smallest skinniest girl who can win endurance. He says he did what could be justified in a non personal way. Kyland also tells Azah that Britini talks to everyone, and she is an island.

Azah says she shares conversations with Britini, and wonders if Kyland has heard that Britini was the force behind an all girls alliance.
Kyland tells her that no one believes it, but her team mate is the one that named her.  Azah says, “Frenchie?”, Kyland confirms it was Frenchie named her, as well as another male. The other male shared with Kyland that Frenchie admitted to working with an all girl alliance.

Azah says she is “pi**ed” at Frenchie, he put them in this position. She says there are people work outward, and people who work in secret.  She warns Kyland to be careful, there is more to this than he knows. Kyland says he listens, but believe people he trusts (assuming Big D and Azah are both one of those people).

We get bubbles.

Feeds return and Kyland is still talking to Azah.  

Kyland is telling Azah about people exposing Frenchie for being in multiple alliances and are angry at Frenchie, not each other.

Azah is asking who the people are, Kyland deflects a little, refuses to name names. He does say it was chaos this morning, overwhelming.

Kyland says he is not sharing all this, it so happens they are in teams and he understands the frustration.  

Kyland says every single person he spoke to with the exception of Britini vocalized that they were not entirely comfortable with Frenchie.

Azah says that they were not invited to meetings with Frenchie next week and they found out quickly they could not divulge information to Frenchie.

Kyland says other people came in groups, but Britini and Azah came alone.

Azah says they weren't comfortable talking in front of Frenchie.

Kyland says he is promoting Azah as an island to make people less likely to consider her. He promoted Britini as more social, and he put her up because she was firmly allied with Frenchie.

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9:03pm Big Brother Time

The conversation between Kyland and Azah continues.

Kyland tells Azah he has no plan for an alternate person to put up until he has to. He is hoping that Azah or Big D will not play in the veto. Kyland tells her if they did play and win if they used it, people would assume they would not want another team member to go up.
Kyland adds that Frenchie has already said he is willing to go home.  That puts Frenchie in a position of being confronted with having said that to more than one person. 

Kyland thinks if Frenchie won the veto he would use it on Britini and then use that as an indication of trust, and of his continued status as target in the house.

Hannah comes in, sees them and leaves the room.

Kyland says if Britini wins and wants to use the veto on herself, he would have a meeting with their team and let Britini try to convince Big D that he should go up. Kyland wonders who Azah thinks made the rouge votes, then he tells her that Frenchie is the one that told them to do it, and is the only one with the information on who did it.

Kyland also says Frenchie used intimidation tactics after the votes happened. (That whole thing fizzled out and did not cause the problem Frenchie was hoping for with Kyland and Derek X). 

Their talk continues

9:15pm Big Brother Time

Claire and Tiffany are in the gym

They are discussing whether Frenchie is leaving, and whether he would save Britini.

Tiffany says she is glad Frenchie had the conversation with her about the “head of the snake” so she could give Christian a heads up.

Tiffany notices the camera, she starts a little dance, Xavier comes in and she tells him about him.

In the bedroom Brent and Frenchie are saying all they had to do was stay 8 in the house, and girls are crying....
they leave the room and camera moves to kitchen area.

Camera moves to the chess room. 

Britini is telling Alyssa and Christian that she doesn't think Kyland wants her gone. She tells them that Kyland has no plan to use the veto. Britini adds that he would not say he would not go after another member of the Joker team.

Christian says that Alyssa understands the “I'm a target for no reason.” as well.

Conversation is interrupted by short “bubbles”, when feeds return talk is about the chess game. Britini advises them to use rooks. Xavier has come into the chess room as well. Silence in the chess room.

In the living room Frenchie is talking to Big D and Azah.  He is telling them that he doesn't want to use the veto on himself.  He says he feels he should use it on Britini.

Frenchie says then next week is a repeat.

Big D encourages Frenchie to use the veto. 

Frenchie pretends to know who the other nominee would be but says, “I'm not even saying that.” (Kyland has told no one but Azah, and she is sitting here quiet as a little mousey mouse.)

Big D complains that he is mad that people are walking around “here like they are untouchable.” Frenchie asks “Derek?”, Big D says, “yeah Derek, that one over there, that one over there” as he points in the general area of the kitchen. (Derek F has seemed upset since yesterday when Kyland won the HOH, Last night he said he had not interest in going to the HOH room when it opened, he was not interested.  Earlier this evening he has mentioned his unhappiness with the nominations and the lack of follow through with the alliance.)

Frenchie continues to play the, “I'm gonna be the biggest target in the house this week so no one will vote for her.” He begins to stare vacantly and sigh dramatically.  Frenchie says after a drama filled half minute, “I could easily crank this s**t up right now.”

Derek F agrees.

Frenchie tells Derek F he has been happy to meet him.  Derek F says he will clean the house of the “bi**es. He says Derek X will be first and put Derek X and Brent on the block.

Commiserating continues

In the Have Not room Brent and Xavier are talking about the coming week.

They both believe Frenchie will come out with something this week.  They also believe that if he does that he would be the only person in the house who knew all he told.  They plan to confront it with asking if Frenchie's plan was good for him or a safeguard for him.

Brent says Frenchie thinks if he takes Britini down he will have the votes, so the likely replacement will be another team mate.  Brent also says he has trashed everyone's name in the game, he has not allies.

Whitney comes in and she says she came upstairs so she wouldn't (waves her arms).  She says Frenchie wanted to talk to her, but she declined.

We get bubbles

Feeds return to Frenchie talking to Azah, Derek F, and Derek X in one of the bedrooms.

Frenchie insists that when Kyland goes back and watches he will see that he (Kyland) was the only person he could trust to put on the block.

Frenchie says he is only upset because he put Britini on the block and she didn't do anything.

Big D says he needs to change his outlook on the game.  Big D asks Derek X how he is feeling, Derek X tells him he feels bad for them.
Azah says, “Thank you for your empathy Derek, I appreciate it.” (Derek X was nodding off).  All three of them say they had no idea it was coming. Derek X says he knows how it feels to be a house target.

Big D says he understands the retaliation of putting someone on the block after they have done it to you.  He doesn't understand why it was Britini. Big D says he is annoyed, but needs to chill out, go to bed early and be ready for the veto competition.

Derek X offers to listen to them if they need to talk and he has said the same to Britini.

Kyland and Xavier are talking in the HOH room.

Kyland is telling Xavier that he is not going to make any final deals, but he feels that Xavier understands him and keeps him steady. Kyland says it impacted him when Xavier helped him earlier when he lost his temper. Kyland says he isn't the kind of person that loses his temper and that was a wake up for him.

Xavier asks what he is thinking, Kyland says he is waiting until the veto.  Xavier says Kyland's HOH has been light years better than last week.

Kyland is going to set meeting times in head and have impromptu meetings with groups tomorrow.


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9:53 pm Big Brother Time

Kyland and Xavier continue to talk about strategy in the HOH.

Kyland says that Xavier, Big D and Tiffany all had unique targets this week, but he had no target.

Kyland confirms that no one targeted Xavier, but Big D said Derek X. He mentioned Tiffany, missed it. (phooey, sorry)

Xavier says to remember the Kings have his back and leaves the room.

Kyland leaves behind him and heads through the house.  House guests see him walking through but no ones says anything. 

Meanwhile Frenchie has entered the room with Derek X, Derek F, and Azah.

In the lavatory some of the females are talking, but cameras move away and go to the bedroom group.

Derek F is telling the others that he has started to see the difficulty because he has grown to like people.

Back in the bathroom the girls are telling Xavier that Frenchie has called him, Christian and Brent “the head of the snake” and told them that the rogue vote was two of the three of them. (Frenchie knows who the rouge votes were, he directed Tiffany and Big D to do it).

Bubbles abound tonight, so sorry I am getting these half conversations. But carry on we must my darlings. Grandpa is settled in his chair snoozing and watching some man show on TV so I got time...;)   )

10:06 pm

Cameras return to the lavatory area.

Brent is talking to the girls, (Hannah, Alyssa, and Sara Beth)they are laughing about the state of things. They are talking about the Wild Card competition. Brent mentions Sarah Beth moving fast. Xavier leaves the room, Brent stays. They says Kyland is going after Frenchie, Brent says Frenchie is trashing everyone. 
Sarah Beth said Frenchie was in the mirror saying he was going to be America's pick for the week and be safe from eviction.  

Brett asks if Frenchie offered to be a pawn, he asks if Frenchie asked them to throw the competition. 

Sarah Beth says Frenchie insinuated she should throw the competition, but she said no. Then when she won he said he threw it to her.

Brent says Frenchie is throwing all their names around, saying all of them who played asked him to throw it to him. Brent says even if he does stay he will go out the next week.  

Sarah Beth says he told her as long as he is in the house she is safe.  Alyssa says he talked to the cameras, said, 'I see it and you see it too.”

Brent mentions the rouge votes, Alyssa says he refused to tell her. Brent says Travis asked and he (Brent) told him it was unanimous for him to go. There would be no reason to vote a different way.  Alyssa thinks he was trying to set up Tiffany and Claire, not Brent and Derek X.

Alyssa says 'what is this happy face, I want to have a fireworks show.”  Alyssa says he plans to call a house meeting after the veto ceremony. 

Alyssa says they should just get up and walk away. 'What? Are you gonna tell me to sit my arse down?”

Hannah says Frenchie said that the only reason he isn't a head of the snake is because he wasn't telling lies.

Sarah Beth says he told her he couldn't be transparent and not lie. She says he went around moping all morning.

Hannah says Frenchie said he could not confirm or deny an all guys alliance.  Brent denies it, but does not say there was one for a few days that has melted into obliteration.

Alyssa says that Frenchie told her she was not on her radar.

Frenchie comes into the room to use the loo, conversation turns into slop pudding. They are talking about ways to make slop.  Frenchie leaves the room, no one speaks to him.

Hannah says Britini is on the block because she is supposed to have started an all girls alliance. (Britini is on the block to keep her from voting to keep Frenchie).

Brent says Frenchie is telling people all kinds of things to get them to battle, that Britini is on the block because Frenchie threw her name all over the place.

Alyssa says the weirdest part is the “happy go lucky”, “wtf is that??”

Brent asks if Frenchie built the all girl alliance. Hannah says she wasn't in it, but that is what happened. Brent says he liked Frenchie, but he used lost loved ones as a way to bond.

Frenchie bashing continues. 

Frenchie and Derek F are joined in the bedroom by Britini.

Talk is about week one being different since a 'big jock” was sent home.

Frenchie claims everyone upstairs wants him gone.

Bubbles for just a few minutes.

Britini says Kyland knew she would take Frenchie off the block, that's why she's here.

Frenchie starts to beg America to help him stay. “I started you with a show, I will end you with a show.”Britini says she doesn't think anyone mentioned Frenchie during the one on ones.  Britini says she trusts Claire, Tiffany, Frenchie tells her not to trust them, or Whitney.

Cameras move to kitchen

Christian is watching Tiffany and Claire baking a cake.  Christian requests strawberries on it.

Cameras move back to Frenchie, Big D, and Britini

Frenchie claims Kyland is doing someone else's work.  Britini names Christian, Xavier, and Brent. Frenchie tells her he was working with them. Frenchie tells Britini that everyone is planning to use the veto on her.

Britini, “Are you?”
Frenchie, (hesitation,,,,)”uh Yeah.”

Britini is telling them that people approached Kyland and told them that she created an all girl alliance.  Frenchie says she was in it, but he promises to “fall on that sword”.  Britini says she just has to hope to win the veto, and Kyland trips and doesn't win.

Frenchie, “He is playing against me.” (puffy chest)
Britini, “What about me, he's playing against me.”

Now they are asking Big Brother for a diamond power of veto. They are asking America for a “hashtag to save Britini and Frenchie.”
Frenchie plans to tell “a couple of people about the guy's alliance.”

Britini is trying to get the camera on. It comes on, she starts talking. 

Camera moves to another room where Frenchie is being “completely honest” with Derek X and Azah.  He has named names of an alliance (Butchers??)  Azah names them.

Frenchie goes back to the bedroom, starts naming names of people in the alliance (S laughter house).  He names them all,tells them it was named Slaughter house.  Someone off camera says, “Wait, they took your name??” Frenchie looks startled, then, 'I named it.”  He says once again he is ready to go home.

Frenchie claims it is their fault he is up. He says if you see them all together and walk up they will change the subject real quick. He tells them to use the knowledge. He encourages them to take them all out.

Frenchie says “If they would allow an early eviction I would go now.”  He says he trusts Sarah Beth. 

He is talking to Claire and Tiffany, and Britini.

He tells Claire that everything she tells her team, her team member who is in the alliance relays it.

Frenchie tells them to trust Sarah Beth....(Sarah Beth has a final two with Kyland).

The girls leave and Frenchie is alone with Big D, but Frenchie tells Britini to protect Big D (before she leaves).

Frenchie goes to find Xavier, he needs to tell him that he blew up the alliance minus Xavier and Derek F.  Frenchie says he blew up everyone but the two of them.  Frenchie says he knows for a fact that the rest of them stabbed him in the back except the two of then, He warns both of them about what he has done. Xavier thanks him, tells Derek F they will talk tomorrow.

Frenchie says Britini told him it happened,  then leaves the room. He goes through the kitchen.

Frenchie is acting upset, no one notices him. He goes back to the bedroom, then decides to go to talk to Kyland.

Alyssa is in the bedroom with Big D, he says “I'm freaking out.”, Alyssa asks if Frenchie is freaking out, Big D says yes.  When Alyssa tells him to keep Frenchie calm Big D says, “What do you think I am doing??” Alyssa says no one will believe Frenchie, no one is believing it anyway.  She leaves just when Frenchie returns. (He must not have gone to the HOH room).

Frenchie says he just wants to go home.

Derek F says there is a veto tomorrow, and if Frenchie needs to use it on himself, not someone else.  Derek F says “your kids don't want to see you giving up.”  Frenchie continues to whine. Derek F gives him a harsh pep talk, tells him to go to the diary room and vent.  Derek F tells him there is too much on the line, he tells him if he wins veto he is going to stay, if he loses go rally up votes. Derek F, “Until Julie Chen counts the votes.”

Derek F chases Frenchie to the diary room, tells him to come back and get some rest, let the others scramble or do whatever.

Frenchie starts choking a little, uses his inhaler, Derek F continues to calm him down, eventually Frenchie decides he won't quit, he's not a quitter.  Derek F says Frenchie was captain of a ship where no one listened. 

Frenchie leaves to see if he can get in the diary room.

Christian and Sarah Beth are in the storage room, they think someone is coming in so they leave.

Frenchie goes back to the bedroom, does a tap dance.  Derek F tells him to go sit in an eviction chair and stare at everybody. Frenchie says he wants Derek F to come with him, Derek F says he is not going to.

Most of the house guests are in the living room setting up a game with limes. Some kind of hide and seek game. Very confusing.
Sarah Beth hides limes in the house. House guests begin searching. Screaming, laughing chaos ensues.

Sarah Beth was stopped by Frenchie.

Derek X and Claire are talking in the lavatory, but topic is not clear. Whatever it is they are waiting to mention it tomorrow. Tiffany comes in and Derek X starts teasing her.

House guests are gravitating back towards the living room.

11:57pm Big Brother Time

Kyland has come downstairs, Alyssa tells him to talk to his team about what happened in the last two hours.

The house guests take Alyssa to the storage room, sing happy birthday (feeds did not cut!!!).
All cameras on the storage room

House guests gave her a gift of pickles, tums, tissues, and mustard.  

Everyone leaves the storage room and head to the kitchen.

Alyssa wonders how she didn't know they were making a cake, she asks about Frenchie, Christian says he has been in “that room” the whole time.


12:06am Big Brother Time

It is the end of my evening and time for me to go cuddle with my puppies. Call someone today and just tell them they are important to you.  Goodnight my darlings. Be safe.

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