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Friday, July 16, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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12:07AM BBT

Team Kings (X, Alyssa, Christian, SB) having a team meeting in the Sea Glass Bedroom


X- How do you guys feel house wise. You feel okay?

The girls are whispering too low for clarity.

Christian- He is gonna do what he's gonna do.

X- exactly

image.thumb.png.6727a8c1a8782ae9ea77078fb70c5a2f.pngAlyssa- okay, if I win (Wildcard Comp) we'll save you and you (points to SB and Christian) and you (X and SB) win we'll save you (Christian)and me because you are a threat and I've already been on the block.

They all agree

SB says she doesn't think any of them have anything to worry about

Alyssa says yeah but they need to think about how they can help and protect each other (Kings)

SB says she doesn't see him putting any of them up

Alyssa says "yeah, he likes our team" she adds that she is concerned about him putting a girl up (because 1 guy is evicted and there has been a lot of talk about keeping it even when it comes to evictions and sending a girl out next)

Christian- but I'm not even going to propose that

X- we can just stay quiet

Christian- whatever he wants to do

X- if he wants to do anything that doesn't involve any of us (he waves his hand like it won't matter)

Christian- right

Alyssa- yes

SB shakes her head in agreement

Christian- it won't even matter

SB- perfect! I'll do the same thing

Alyssa- we need to not suggest anything but see if we're good

X- just don't come for the Kings, hey hey; take care of us and (law of reciprocity)

They all begin getting their hand sign (the ok sign with thumbs up & fingers spread down; thumbs touching then they turn it to lock it in) ready, looking around to make sure no one else sees 

X- OK lock it in

They all turn to lock



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12:22AM BBT HoHR  (Ky, X, Christian, Alyssa)

Ky lets Christian and Alyssa in the room and says "Hi Kings" in a joyful way then as he is closing the door "Oh shit, I said that loud enough for SB to hear" Alyssa locks the door

Alyssa- how do you feel

Ky- I feel good

Ky it sounds like there was a misunderstanding, and honestly, I do believe there was a misunderstanding (talking about Frenchie). Um I will probably do like Frenchie and not tell anybody so they won't know; and that's it right now. Tomorrow I will gather information but tonight I think all just wanted to...it was a misunderstanding (possibly talking about Frenchie and Travis' attempt to blow up his game last minute)

The more people I heard from I was like 'that makes sense' and that's the root of most problems in the world: misunderstandings  [I disagree w/ Ky; I believe it is greed because pride, envy, lust, gluttony and wrath are evidence of greed -MamaLong   *kicks soapbox away]

Alyssa- we can't all be in the same room together

X- exactly

Alyssa- OK cool

X- I think everyone has kind of calmed down

Christian- we can't be in the same room together

Alyssa- are you just gonna be like, maybe; wait; we're good right?

Ky teases- probably...no, I'm not gonna do...I, I, I, I will say that...to keep it...it would be stupid to go against the numbers

Alyssa- yeah

Ky- I like numbers; I'd like to keep numbers; I look at it very much like....uhhhhh; I'm...I look at it very much like [seriously, I'm just transcribing pretty much word for word here] for Derrick and Cody (he's talking Hitman Season 16): it's like 'don't put Caleb up just because you're mad' or something because it doesn't make sense; you got to take the emotions out of it; for numbers, that's what I'll say; I don't know who it's going to be: putting up; I know that..uh...here's what I will say; I'm not gonna tell anybody; and I will; like I'll tell Frenchie too; I don't want to tell everybody 'hey you're good'

Alyssa- right

X- yeah, don't do that

Ky- so what I would say is if anybody comes to you and tells you I told them they're good I would like to know because outside of us all, I didn't say that  [he told SB she's good earlier and she isn't in that room at this moment] like I don't think...like...I plan, like the most calculating thing for me is to not say anything

Alyssa- and we understand because when you are told you are good and then see your face, that sucks

X- I think for us three, we trust you and your actions show your loyalty [X is really good at this, y'all]

Alyssa- I was really happy you won it. expecially [SIC...the word doesn't have an x but most people mispronounce it with an X in place of the S] because of those two votes (rogue votes); I know you didn't have anything to do with it so I felt good

Ky- yeah, I think that I went with the team...the misunderstanding...it doesn't feel good

X- let's move it forward

Ky- yeah, let's keep the numbers

Alyssa- that's what he was telling me, loook we have the numbers so there's no point

Christian- as long as nobody changes and fucks around

Alyssa- yeah, it sucks but I'm still good

Christian: it is strategically taking out their (inaudible)

Alyssa tells Ky that they are gonna do a draw because they don't want SB feeling left out "she feels good with you" but this is your HoH and  I want you to know our plans as well

Ky- I feel good about Sarah Beth

Alyssa explains how they discusses the Wildcard comp and save selections "cause I don't want you to be like what the fuck" Alyssa looks at Christian and X "I hope it's okay I just told him that"

X teases- I'm a little pissed about about; he's a little pissed about it, but we'll talk about that later

Christian teases- yeah, we'll talk about that later

Alyssa- I just want to be super transparent because, again, I don't want that happening (Frenchie's mess of an HoH)

X- do you have any questions for us?

Ky- I don't  (but then he stumbles around words for a bit)

Christian- honestly, don't pick a target yet because of the Wildcard comp [best advice yet  -MamaLong] especially because another 4 people could be saved (possible that the winner could spin a 3 and save 3 more)

Ky- OK so like I said, if anyone says that I'm gonna want to know

X- because they're lying

Alyssa- 'cause you're gonna want to know that

Ky- yes, 'cause I'm not saying it...for my own sake...I think the hardest thing so far was me not saying to Derek X that he's safe; but nobody means nobody

Christian- don't be like Frenchie and say if you see any shit....just come to us so no misunderstandings

Ky- yeah, people didn't do that to me and it make it hard to trust

Ky stumbles around his words for bit about how people didn't talk to him and that hurts trust and yadda yadda

They all agree to stay quiet this week

X- if it gets to where you know; say less

Christian- it's best to go with the "I Don't Know"

X tells Ky he has to stay calm this week [more good advice  -MamaLong]

They all agree to interrupt each other in conversation if they sense Ky is getting stressed

X-if you need anything, don't hesitate to come to us

They see Whitney, Brent and Big D coming on the spy cam and agree to switch out with them. The new three wonder if they should go get Frenchie before they talk but seem to decide against it.




At the same time in the Reef Bedroom: Jackpot Alliance (SB, Tiff, Claire)

Tiff- Frenchie promised us we wouldn't go on the block

SB- yeah, he promised everybody that

Claire- do you want to go up and talk to Ky?

Tiff- I want to get my jammies on; I did say to him don't make no promises

Claire- I think he's smart and knows what he's doing

Tiff- I said Ky I'm not gonna talk any game with you; I'm very happy and I want you to enjoy your HoH; but I did say 'be very careful with Frenchie' and he said 'Brent said the exact same thing when he hugged me'

SB- I think they have a boys' alliance

Tiff- yeah and I think they made Ky think he's in it

Tiff- Ky would be very well within his right to nominate Frenchie and get no blood on his hands; just imagine how if he wasn't in the house, how carefree it would be 

Tiff  talks about how Frenchie has everybody in the house scrambling and leads them to want to fight for him [Tiff is so smart and on to everyone's game already, y'all  -MamaLong]

The three of them agree they do not trust Frenchie and Brent

Tiff- he is playing him (Brent is playing Frenchie and will likely play Ky, too)

SB- Frenchie plays it to me that he tried to play this special maneuver and I was like 'that's so cool Frenchie; you're so smart Frenchie'

Jackpot laughs over Frenchie

They all agree that Frenchie is playing with and using Brit and Whitney

Claire- how do you feel about Christian?

SB- I wouldn't worry about him because he is going after Derek X

Claire- why

SB explains that Frenchie screwed it up for Christian saying Christian and Alyssa had an alliance and he convinced him that Derek X was coming after him "he blames all of it on Derek X"

Tiff- but I think Brent was in that lie, too

Tiff- I think there is someone trying to blow up Big D

Claire- he told me that. too (Big D)

SB- he told me but didn't say who

Tiff- Brent

SB's mouth drops wide open

image.thumb.png.5c0a498abb093c4dac9151e06160603b.pngTiff- Brent did that; it was a plan and I ....I'm gonna confront it and I'm gonna confront it in front of you so it doesn't look like I'm in it; Frenchie concocted that plan; Brent is the other vote (no; it's Big D) I've never seen Whitney walk around like she is

SB- Whitney looks so scared

Tiff- I don't want his clothes in here and that's why I was like...I don't want his clothes in here. 

SB- I'm sorry

Tiff- I don't want Frenchie in this room...we watch BB and there is a big alliance. It's definitely boys and Whitney.

They wonder if Alyssa is in it  

SB- maybe but I don't know

Tiff- but you got to consider that she very well could be

Claire- I think it would be good if we all distance ourselves

SB- from each other? yeah

Tiff- but Claire, we have a week to figure it out

Claire- we got to figure it out

Tiff- if it ain't you, you, me... (Tiff hasn't told Jackpot she was a rogue vote)

SB- obviously it wasn't me but I don't think it's X or Christian either

Claire- I think Christian is working closely with Frenchie

Tiff- well he knows he was a target, so keeps his enemies close

Tiff- when I think about it, it was supposed to be three

Claire- right

SB- thank goodness Ky won


Claire- absolutely

Tiff- and oh...an all girls' alliance starring Frenchie

SB rolls her eyes- I know

Tiff- I don't trust him and I definitely, definitely don't trust Brent

SB- no, I don't trust him

Tiff- they so scared of it; let me tell you: I win HoH, his head is on the block; I don't care; it ain't personal; it's a game

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SB suggests they try and build something with Ky and Derek X (Tiff will love this)

Claire leaves to get her sweatpants from the bathroom

Christian is called to the Diary Room downstairs

SB- they better not call me; I'd be so mad

Tiff- for real; I think these boys got all these girls in their hands; not mine

SB- I think we need to get Brent out; y'all are on Ky's team so I think you can convince him

[I'd love to see Frenchie and Brent on the block -MamaLong]

Tiff- expect the unexpected

*Cam switches to Hannah talking with Azah in the YBR

Hannah is unhappy


Apparently Whitney and Brent volunteered them, without consulting Derek X and Hannah, to be on slop to get in Ky's good graces.

Azah- that's annoying. I felt so bad

Hannah- what's funny is that Whitney, Frenchie and Brent are all scrambling

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1:06AM BBT

SB is talking with Christian in the Reef Bedroom about the rogue votes and noms

SB- I honestly don't care as long as it's not me, you , Alyssa or X

Christian- wait, but Claire and Tiffany told you they trust me. They didn't say they trust me, X and Alyssa so it's in our best interest probably best not to tell them; not that I'm trying to keep a secret, but what do you think

SB- I think that's smart; I think they trust me

Christian- they trust you and I really think they trust me; why the rogue? it wasn't me (rogue vote)

SB- it wasn't me and I don't think it was X

Christian- X was mad and this is how I know X is loyal to the Kings: because Alyssa was mad at me and X like why didn't you tell me there would be 2...? WE DIDN'T KNOW; and I was pissed off, too; and Alyssa was like 'I'm sorry! I know you didn't know'....X was like those two rogue votes made you question us

SB- whatever Ky wants to do

Christian- Claire and Tiff, I like. But, unfortunately, they are not sitting in that bedroom

SB- yes

Christian- we can't even plant a seed. I just wish I could be like 'pick me as houseguest choice' for veto comp; that's what I want; I would love to play; there hasn't been endurance yet

SB says "I think it will be endurance for next HoH which is good because I think we have a really good shot

Christian- endurance wise? yes; Did I act sus?

SB- no, I don't think so

Christian- Whew! I was like, react normal; I was just defending myself; but it was like she's coming at me

SB- I knew you felt that, but I knew she had just said she  trusted you....

Christian- she was like, listen, wake up, you would have be on the block if he didn't win

SB- I think she's right

Christian- I think she's right; I know she's right

SB- I don't think you can trust Frenchie

Christian- I know I can't; last week was about me surviving; this week is about us surviving

SB- yeah, us surviving; and I think we can if we lay low; don't throw out any names and then next week one of us win HoH and we're golden

Christian- I agree

SB- let's just keep what Tiffany said between us

Christian- it doesn't hurt them or help them

SB- we just stay quiet

Christian- that's all we can do tonight, I guess




Christian tells SB that upstairs in the HoH, Ky said he wouldn't give guarantees and Alyssa was there; heard it. She commented that she understood because Frenchie said that and she ended up on the block, and she said they could bond because they were both on the block and knows how it feels.

SB- I don't know...I've been paranoid; Frenchie told me he wasn't putting up me or Alyssa and then he put up Alyssa; Frenchie's HoH has everyone paranoid

Christian- I felt like Tiff was coming after me and was like, Tiff, have I lied to you even once;  I wish I knew the rogue votes

SB- I don't know; I don't care at this point; whatever it was, they were just trying to mess with things

Chris- But I know for a fact; that what she's saying...that the third person didn't pull through is not the case; because when they said two minutes live, Frenchie gave me a look and I was like 'what?' then he said 'there was (inaudible) and then 'don't worry about it, sit down'   WHY would he tell ME?

SB- why would he tell you?

Christian- and I told Alyssa, he told me two minutes before

SB- oh! weird!;  I don't know what Frenchie's doing; he scares me

Christian- I'm not surprised; he's going crazy

SB- if he won next week I would be scared

Christian- if any of the Kings won we would (decide together)


1:17AM BBT

Christian- I think she (Tiffany) will fight to relocate missiles if any of our names get thrown out

SB- I do, too; I think she definitely will

Chris- did they offer you something

SB- no, nbut I think their focus is the Aces, they think that the Aces + Frenchie set them up, minus Hannah; they don't have a problem with Hannah

Chris- It makes sense the Aces would put them up

SB- so I think, if anything, they are trying to get Ky to put up Whitney and Brent

Chris- why are they trying to keep Derek? Because he dug his own grave already

SB- I don't think they are threatened by Derek. They know he's coming after you.

Chris- yeah, he said your name, too. Remember?  (Baby D)

SB- yeah, he did say my name; and he said Claire's name and he said Hannah's name

Chris- did he say Brent's name

SB- he said Brent's name too; he was throwing out a lot of names; he should have known he wouldn't put Brent up; he loves Brent...alright, I got to go to bed

Chris- let's keep this here

SB- yeah

They agree to say they were talking about Wildcard if they (X, Alyssa) ask what they were talking about

They say goodnight and Christian leaves the Sea Glass bedroom heading for the loo





2:17AM BBT  YBR  (Big D, Azah, Frenchie, Britini)

Britini and Big D are asleep. The sound of Big D snoring is audible.

Frenchie has his family photos on his headboard. Azah and Frenchie are talking game.


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The camera zooms in on Big D and Frenchie says to the camera "What are you doing? Why are you filming him snoring. Rude!"

Frenchie is frustrated with the game and all of the talking the "he said, she said"

Frenchie- I try to keep up with it all

Azah- the 'he said, she said' will not lead you to the answer; it's always going to be convoluted; I wish I had an answer for you

Frenchie- that why I always go directly to the source and I gave that respect when I was HoH; I went directly to the source; we talked about it; I gave that respect

Azah- I don't recommend that

Frenchie- I wish I had known that; I would have just made my nominations

Azah- when you go to the source, how do you know they are going to tell you the truth or tell you a lie? If someone gives you information or tells you something that information is power; it's not information to share; it's power that information that you have on that person; and the next time you see that person you observe; you observe mannerisms; and you observe what he tells you [and this is why Azah is my BB token  -MamaLong]

Frenchie- yeah

Azah- you take that; you take that in; you don't share it; that's a currency that you have when you have information; eckspecially [SIC; she mispronounces this word, too] in this game; people in this game; people here humans are humans; that's what I love about this game; I don't want to say take you in and spit you out, but you have people they come in here and leave a completely different person that what they are; our human nature just comes out; but even though God made us in his image, I still wouldn't put him or compare him to humans. I don't really have an answer for you, but a story that helped me through very difficult times is a story of Job. Have you heard of him?

Frenchie- no

(she reviews the Bible story of Job with him)





Azah- sometimes, you know, things are gonna happen in life. Us, as humans, we go through a lot of things. You know, bad things can happen to us, things that give us depression, things that break us from the inside out, and that's, unfortunately, the way life is for us as humans; you're not gonna live a perfect life on this Earth; nobody here lives a perfect life. Some people go through things that are less than what you had to go through losing your son. Some people go through more, you know, like losing 2 or 3 kids. You know, but I wouldn't look at it as God is doing this to you. How I see it is, this world is so hard and crazy to live in. Instead, if you have something to lean on to keep you sane, that's what helps you.  I don't think God took away your child. I can't even empathize enough because that's not happened to me and I just know that's a horrible situation to have to go through. But I know I see you and what a beautiful dad you are and what great husband you are  to your wife. And your story, and you being able to you got through that. You don't know how many you are going to help and inspire....maybe someone similar to you. You're on a national platform and you don't know how many people you're gonna help and your son is not forgotten. Each day that you are bale to get up, that's a testimony. Each day that you are able to carry on with your day, run your business, and be the beautiful dad you are the awesome wife (she meant husband) you are; you are inspiring people. And this story, while tragic, is a beautiful story and is inspiring a lot of people. Changing a lot of lives.


Frenchie- I agree. I didn't think about that; I needed to hear that


Azah- your son didn't pass away in vain; it's horrible that it happened; but see who you can take from this and live on and see how you can inspire others


Frenchie says he was supposed to leave on the 26th for BB but they let him leave on the 29th so he could attend his cousin's funeral. He said it was beautiful to see a whole town's perspective change because of a 16 year old


Azah- so you are telling me he was able to more in his 16n years of life than many people that are 60 or 80


Frenchie tells her he used to get made fun of because he listened to rap music and most of his friends are black. But he says it was nothing compared to what his cousin was going through "they were going through the real pain. It hurt me seeing them hurt...them being treated different...assumed things about them. It hurt me. I didn't understand it. I never understood that. I don't judge people by the color of their skin. If I don't like someone it's because they are an asshole. But these people. They judge people by stupid things. They lack compassion and are so blocked by the way they grew up and educated so poorly because they watch their parents do stuff because at what point in your life do you say, this is enough and stand up. He did it. I had to grow up seeing it happen and I didn't have the capability to create that difference in 34 years I haven't figured it out and he did it in 16n years. It's beautiful. He is just so pure hearted and everything he does is always for other people instead of himself." He says his dad is in prison "for a loooong time" and didn't get to go to the funeral. "All it takes is one mistake that you make and your whole life is ruined." He mentions that his cousin grew up knowing he could just be himself because the family was close.

[I am not sure about the details of Frenchie's cousin, but he certainly had an impact on Frenchie's life  -MamaLong]  "I told myself coming here that I was going to be myself and wasn't going to change for a tv show and put on a front while I'm here, but these people don't allow that. I feel like some people bring out the worst in you. It makes you feel like a bad person. 


2:55AM BBT

The cam switches to Kyland in the HoHR talking to the cameras "First, I love you too Dad; John, thank you, again, for all of your help; Justin, you better be staying busy and focused and positive; Um, yeah, Brett(?) June congrats, sorry if I missed you on the live; that was faster than I thought, how quick it was *he snaps* so quick, rushed; it's a whole thing; and uh yeah, thanks for the letter mom; thanks for cheering family; everyone; I'll do my best this week and do my best to make y'all proud"


He puts in his retainer, gets off the bed, whispers 'stay calm" then turns out the lights "goodnight"



3:00AM BBT

Kyland is sound asleep in the HoHR

Tiffany and Baby D are chatting alone in the Poker Parlor. Claire joins them but there's nothing new to note in conversation. The plan is that Derek X will lay low and try to stay in rooms alone in hopes Ky will approach and want to talk



3:45AM BBT

The Big Brother House is dark with everyone sleeping


8:34AM BBT WBRB for Wakey Wakey Houseguests

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8:56AM BBT

The feeds return to Frenchie sitting in the SBR telling everyone he had an asthma attack last night and needed his inhaler. He also talks about a weird dream he had where everyone in the YBR was sleeping diagonally in their bed with a foot on the person in the bed next to them in order to be comfortable; even Azah had her foot stretched over to Big D

Britin- maybe it really happened; I would not know, I was a rock

Frenchie- you were OUT



8:57AM BBT 

Lots of girl  cuddling in the Sea Glass Bedroom (Azah, Hannah, Whitney, Britini and Alyssa)

Whitney- I'm gonna pop an implant

The girls laugh



9:01AM BBT

Christian looks super tired but the girls are waking him up while singing their special BB23 song to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas



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8:36AM BBT WBRB to wakeup the HGs

8:50AM BBT Feeds are back HGs are getting ready for the day.

8:54AM BBT  Part 1: Tiff and Sarah Beth in the RBR Tiff is recapping a conversation she had with Hyland where she told him not to be afraid to play the game This is his HOH.   Tiff then says to Sarah Beth, this is between me and you, stays in this room. I talked to Claire about it. You know how you watch BB and you realize there is a big group and there is a big bossy group and the not cool people on the other side of the house. That’s where we are.  Sarah Beth: Yeah

Tiff: and the only way for us to really have a chance to get bigger targets out of the house, now it’s not my HOH and I don’t know how this week is going to go but I don’t really think in my head that the HOH is on the bigger side either, even if he thinks he is. Today, I um, I am just going to be quiet and observe. Sarah Beth: That’s smart  Tiff: If I am talking to anybody, I’m just listening not talking.

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2:30PM BBT

Still no  feeds  

2:52PM BBT

The feeds have returned post Wildcard competition; so let's eavesdrop on the Houseguests and catch up on the deets...

In the Reef Bedroom Brit tells the camera that Sarah Beth held this comp

Brit- nothing changed. Nothing changed America, which means less chance I am going up.

In the bathroom Tiff and SB are talking

Claire joins and the celebrate

Tiff- you got hit by the Jackpot


It was a memory competition. Tiff says "you rocked it Girl"

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2:52pm BBT Britini says Sarah killed the comp and she agrees with her about not taking the Wild Card prize (safety by changing teams.) She says nothing has changed. 

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[Alrighty, PapaLong is fed so let me rewind and take care of these deets  -MamaLong]

3:00PM BBT


Jackpot Alliance continues celebrating in the bathroom. They comment that Frenchie is freaking out

Tiff- it's funny, when he was HoH, he never called me up there. Now he wants to have a word. You got hit Frenchie! Cha Ching!


Sarge- Sarah Beth, please exchange your microphone in the storage room

Tiff- they can't hear you

Claire laughs (SB is just really good at whispering)

Tiff and Claire begin discussing Whitney and how she is freaking out

Tiff- we need to keep her as a number but then (indicating she's gone)

Kyland comes in as SB is heading to the SR

Frenchie follows SB into the SR



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#BB23 3:25 BBT Kyland is having everyone come to the HOH room to make their plea as to why they should not put on the block. Kyland: I figured they would do the noms today but had hoped they didn’t. That is my biggest stress right now. Whitney: Cuz now you have to make a quick decision?


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Alyssa takes note and follows him in (they agreed to protect each other and not allow Frenchie to corner each other). Frenchie is a bit defensive saying that he was just telling SB it was a no brainer.

Alyssa- we were just waiting for you; we're going up there

SB indicates she will be up there in a little bit

Frenchie rejoins Brent and Big D in the LR


In the bathroom, Claire is telling Ky that SB was just in there celebrating with her 

Ky- was there any indication of who I'd put up

Claire- no, she was just saying 'I feel really good with Ky'

Ky tells Claire it's okay to tell SB she is safe with Ky and he leaves the bathroom


X, Alyssa, Christian head to the HoHR and SB and KY join them seconds after

3:04PM BBT  HoHR    (Ky, SB, X, Alyssa & Christian)

Ky- okay, just so you guys know real quick. I just told them someone is going home this week. It's the game we signed up for.

Alyssa- mm hmm

Ky- (he is relaying what he told the others) two people are going up this week. That's just how it works. I don't have a say in that

X nods his head

Ky- that part of the game sucks because I think personally, we all love each other so since it sucks I am using the power of HoH. So I am just collecting information. My whole roll is just calm. I feel really good. I talked to my team, I talked to the Jokers and had my one-on-ones.

Alyssa- I feel good about your team

X- we like your team

SB- obviously I trust you

Christian- right, that was obvious because of the deal

Christian- we don't have any fear of finding out with everyone else; we trust you

Ky asks them if there is anyone they would like to go up. Alyssa says they haven't talked about it. 

X- as a team we were just concerned; want to make sure we are good (the team) before we throw out any names

Ky- of course; sounds good


Ky asks if there is anything they want him to know "besides you like me and we're good"

X says that he can't win HoH next week but he is good with the them. SB, Chris and Alyssa reiterate saying he wouldn't be a target.

SB adds "or anyone on your team"

Ky says it's a big consideration for him





Ky says he is looking for a team that he can work with, especially a team that is competitive and physical. The Kings point out that Christian is "the big fish" and Alyssa adds that they have it from all sides (SB has memory; Christian has physical; Alyssa has endurance) and they have the receipts. Ky agrees then says he wants to meet with the Aces. X goes to get  the Aces for Ky.

3:13PM BBT

The Aces head to the HoHR


In the LR Frenchie asks Claire directly if Ky said he would nominate him (Frenchie)

Claire- he has not (she continues casual conversation about allowing Ky to enjoy his week) and Frenchie follows suit


3:14PM BBT

In the Poker Parlor SB tells her Kings "so there is really something I have to talk to you guys about"  because she really wants to work with them "not just as Kings, but really work with you. I feel like we are strong together.".

SB- Frenchie told me there is an alliance that I am not in; and he started naming people that are in it and he said it was the whole other side of the house which would include you three (Christian, X, Alyssa)

Alyssa- really?

SB- yeah! He said there is a whole other alliance that is breaking apart for some reason and he is definitely going home so I feel like Ky is in it, too.  He said that the people that weren't in it...the people that weren't. Well, he implied you guys and Kyland and him and Big D maybe; maybe Brent; maybe Whitney is the thing I am getting from Frenchie

Christian- so he said that it would be like 9

SB- right, but I don't want to be speculative, but if you guys were in it, I get it. I mean you can't really say no to an alliance when it's the HoH trying to get you in it. But, I want to work with you guys and I want to trust you guys

X- but with you winning this competition and him winning a competition, you have to see that we're strong

SB- we can't trust Frenchie

Christian- that's fucking obvious

SB says she thinks they have to work with Ky and not say anything to anyone to ruin her game

Alyssa- your game is my game

SB- I have not said anything to Frenchie though because I want him to trust me

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Alyssa- you have to answer questions honestly because if you don't, someone else will. So we all have to agree to answer honestly

They all agree they will tell everyone they don't know

The Aces exit the HoHR

"Hi Team Kings, We are the Aces"

Baby D- are we the only ones that haven't had one-on-ones yet?

Hannah- yeah, we are the only two teams 'cause he's met with his team and Frenchie's

3:18PM BBT

Ky meets quickly with SB; hugs her and tells her he is so glad she won and wants to talk with her later


He tells SB Good Job

SB- I have to tell you that Frenchie told me about y'all's alliance

SB tells Ky that Frenchie blew up their alliance with him

Ky- totally

SB- I told my team that Frenchie told me

SB tells Ky that when she won Frenchie whispered in her ear 'I'm going home, I'm going home'

SB suggests their two teams work together

Ky says he know that SB knows the things he has told her (telling her yes without telling her yes)

SB- I trust you

Ky says he wishes he had more time for noms

SB- Okay, I'll get out of your hair; love you; we got this

They hug and then Ky tells her "we will talk later; we're gonna do some things"

Ky has his one-on-one with Whitney in the HOHR 

Whitney- How are you feeling

Ky- I figured they would do noms today, I just hoped they wouldn't so now I'm rushed

Whitney- I feel like you are handling it well; I'm just trying to give you your space

Ky wants to know if she knows about the votes

Whitney- I genuinely have no idea

Ky- okay

Whitney- the one thing that I want to talk to you about is that I was in the back bedroom and Big D was on the couch, Britini was there, Hannah was there, I don't think Alyssa was there, oh and Sarah Beth

Ky- so his team + Sarah Beth?

Whitney- my team and his team and Sarah Beth; and it was right after he came up here; and he was hot like steaming and was like 'Just so you guys know, I know exactly what is going on in this house' and literally pointed at me and the entire room in front of people not in the alliance and was saying... Hannah can tell you about it, too...saying he is like 'I'm out of the team and as far as the other half of the house, I am out' and so I had to come up with this thing with Hannah so they wouldn't think something else was going on (because of Frenchie's comments) that's why I have been acting weird because I am just really upset with Frenchie right now


Whitney tells Ky that she told Hannah it was just because Frenchie was HoH. Ky asks about Brent and Whitney tells him "we already talked with Brent"

Ky- where do you sit?

Whitney- Where do we sit?

Ky- with noms?

Whitney- with whatever benefits the alliance

Ky- how does it benefit the alliance if he's in it?


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Whitney- that's what I am saying; so whatever you think benefits the alliance;  I mean I am an extremely loyal person

Ky-  damn

Whitney- yeah, so that's what threw me off today

Ky-if you....would you think that someone who acts that way would be more a benefit or a detriment to the alliance

Whitney- a detriment

Ky- do you think that detriment specifically should b e given an opportunity; like no veto

Whitney- I think he could really blow up the alliance; it could be risky; as far as trusting him...I don't know

Whitney tells him she won't tell anybody what they talked about and "I also just want to let you know, if you do need to put up like a pawn or anything, I understand"

Ky asks her how she feels about things now

Whitney- I trust you, I trust X. I trust Brent, I trust Alyssa, Big D? I don't know I love him as a person

Ky asks how Big D reacted during that blow up and Whitney says she wasn't watching his reaction but Hannah might now


There is a knock on the door and it's time for Alyssa's 1-on-1. He asks who will be next and it's going to be Derek X. He reminds them to keep an eye on the clock because he wants to be fair.


3:28PM BBT

Alyssa is talking really fast

Ky- what do you got for me?

Alyssa- Okay, here's what I know. This is my storyline...the two votes...clearly not me and not my team. As soon as the HoH was done, Christian comes right to me and tells me that Frenchie said there was going to be 2 rogue votes. He told me right away, so I know I can trust Christian.  

X found out the same time as him. Frenchie comes in and tells me that h e didn't tell me because he didn't want a reaction. He tells me it was Big D and someone else who wants to remain anonymous

I'm like, okay. That's what I know. I went to Brent and he was pissed, so Brent did not know. He even went to Frenchie and was like what's going on. So  my team and Brent did not know and you, well did you know

Ky- no

Alyssa- all I know is Christian found out last second but said he didn't want to spook me. 

She repeats the story to him and then tells a bit of the story that Whitney relayed

Ky asks her the same thing he asked Whitney

Alyssa- I think he is already making a problem. That's gonna blow us up.

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3:34pm BBT Ky meets with Alyssa, who says Frenchie told Whitney Slaughterhouse was done today. She says he is a problem but she likes the other 7. She says she's not part of the Girl's Alliance and that offends her. 


3:39pm BBT Ky meets with Derek X, and asks him directly if he trusts Frenchie. Derek X waffles and says he doesn't think Frenchie's team (Jokers) support him. He thinks there's an alliance and he and Ky are not part of it.


3:43pm BBT Ky meets with Christian & asks if he should let a "mastermind" play Veto. He regrets asking that. Christian says Yes and thinks Big D was one of the rouge votes meant to throw shade on Ky or Derek X. He's been offered other alliances but loyal to Slaughterhouse.


3:48pm BBT Hannah tells Ky she's loyal to Cookout and laughed at Frenchie trying to lead an All Girls alliance. How is it All Girls if Alyssa & Whitney were not invited? They were to be called French Kisses. She thinks Frenchie was just trying to get their votes.


3:52pm BBT Ky meets with X and says he thinks Brent was the other rogue vote besides Big D. X doesn't know. Ky says one HG is intimidating the others & maybe should be backdoored. X says "he" would freak out. Ky hints Frenchie and Britini as noms then asks X not to repeat.


3:56pm BBT Ky meets with Brent, who calls first HoH a shit show. He says he told Travis the vote would be unanimous and didn't know about the rogue votes. He thinks they were meant to make Derek X a target. He confirms Frenchie said F*ck the Slaughterhouse. 


3:59pm BBT Ky is running overtime with Brent. He says the other 7 in Slaughterhouse should keep working together. Brent says the one who should leave is the one who brought them together (Frenchie, presumably). He doesn't think Frenchie could win the Veto comp.


4:05pm BBT Brent tells Ky the "other side" of the house asked him to be in an alliance but he turned them down. Frenchie said he might join to gain intel for Slaughterhouse. Brent thinks Britini is the head of the other side alliance. 



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Ky- well I am not going to say anything new, but I have said things about your team that you know. We have to form something. Would you want the same 7 or a different 7.

Alyssa- all but that one person; I am lost because no one's telling me the truth about the whole rogue thing

Ky- is there anything else you can think of that would be worth telling me

Alyssa- that's all I know

Ky- do you know of any alliances outside of ours

Alyssa- well there's a girls' alliance

Ky- you're a part of?

Alyssa- no and I was kind of offended. I was told they didn't want me because I'm close with Christian and didn't want Whitney because of X. All the girls are a part of it except me and Whitney


There is a knock on the door, so now it's time for Baby D


3:33PM BBT

Ky- What do you got for me?

Derek X- Do you trust Frenchie?

Ky- I am not speaking out my thoughts to people; and I'm using the people I trust as practice to make sure to stay consistent with it. Take that for what you will. Do you trust Frenchie?

Derek X- well, you know what happened to us last week. I'm not sure. 

He tells Ky that he wanted to use the veto on Ky but Frenchie was trying to get him to use it on Alyssa

Derek X- do you think those two votes were used to try and frame me and you

Ky- I think that's a possibility

He asks Baby D if he knows anything. Baby D is hesitant to say anything.

[Fuskie is here, so I'm out  -MamaLong]

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4:11pm BBT Claire comes up to HoH and says Ky has more info because he was involved in more game talk. She says there are clear duos and Frenchie has a collection of support around him.

4:15pmBBT Clair tells Ky that Frenchie ran to Brent and Whit after talking to Ky 1-on-1 and Alyssa joined them. She says teams talking with each other is expected, but cross-team talk gets noticed and Alyssa wanted Jokers and Kings to work together.

4:19pm BBT Tiff compliments Ky on how he is conducting himself as HoH. She says he doesn't have to answer, but does he know where his position is in the house & where the power is? She fingers Frenchie as targeted by other HG but not a good nominee now, but later.

4:23pm BBT Tiff says Frenchie's closest allies are Brent and Whitney (no one in Cookout), calling them a 3-headed monster. She says keep him sweating and making excuses and take out his allies, starting with Brent. Only nom Frenchie if Brent or Whitney come down.

4:25pm BBT Tiff tells Ky that Kings, Queens and Derek X should team up. Ky asks if she can work with the dangerous people she just named and she if you work with a snake, you'll get your head bit off. Derex X was supposed to come up next but FotH for Nominations.

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6:35PM BBT

The feeds have returned post nominations


Kyland nominated Frenchie and Britini




Frenchie, Azah, Big D and Britini are in the YBR. Azah and Britini are crying loudly.


Kyland is in the kitchen crying. All the other HGs are with him hugging him and telling him he did so good.




Britini is in the YBR ranting. She is hurt and furious "you are honest...and this is what you get" 

She is throwing out curse words and Azah asks her not to do that.

Azah is crying on Big D's shoulder

Frenchie tells Brit that he is the target and is going home and it's okay because he will be with his family.

Brit- I don't know if I am, though (safe)


6:41PM BBT

Claire and Tiff join Ky in the HoHR telling him he did such a fabulous job and his speech was great; made sense

Tiff- you put everyone in check

Claire- yeah

Tiff- you did phenomenal; I'm very proud of you; there is no one on the outside not impressed with that move

Claire offers mm hmm to everything Tiff says

Tiff- how do you feel?

Ky- I feel peace but I feel sad

Claire- understandable

Tiff- I'm so proud of you

Claire- it's a justifiable move and everyone on the outside will see and respect

Tiff- it's a game; and using his closest...very good...and you transparently detailed why. It made sense to me

Claire- it made sense to me; no one can be mad at that speech

Ky- Britini

Claire- well

Tiff- she had to make herself cry; I've never seen anyone drum up tears like that in my life. She was looking for sympathy.


6:55PM BBT

Frenchie tries to cheer up Brit by teasing her about her snot. Brit expresses regret over the way she acted post noms and said her parents will see it. Frenchie told her that's why he was trying to calm her down. He tells her to lay low and not worry. "If I win veto, it's going around your neck. I'm okay. I get to see my babies."


Big D comes in with his sunglasses on "Are you okay? Do you need anything?"




The girls laugh at Big D.


"I'm trying to figure out why my team got two shots and nobody else's team got a shot. If that's the way the game is gonna be. I'm gonna be making some shots. I hope there is some magical backdoor plan that he is gonna pull out of his ass because I'm confused"


Whitney- he pulls up his shorts and all I see is a fucking camel toe

Big D- it's my balls. I'm sorry

Big D- I'm not wearing no underwear. I'm sorry. My apologies! I'm just trying to figure this out.

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6:59PM BBT

Frenchie meets with Kyland in the HoH; a 1-on-1 after Frenchie asked for one of the girls to stay but Ky said he is just doing 1-on-1s

Frenchie- I'll make this real quick. I'm not mad at you.

He hugs Kyland and Ky starts crying.

Ky- I hope so

Frenchie- I love you to death. Alright? I told you this was tough, ha?  I ain't mad at you one bit.. I'm not. I'm really not. I get to go home and see my babies.




Frenchie asks Kyland "If she is the target, reverse it to me, okay? Because if I win veto it's going around her neck. Unless you have another plan"

Ky says "there's not"

Frenchie- okay

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