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Big Brother Season 23-POV Week 1

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Previously, on Big Brother, after winning the kickoff competition Frenchie quickly promised safety to Travis, Xavier, and Big D. Soon after Julie revealed a big twist, so the jokers, the aces, the kings, and the queens were formed. With the farmer harvesting the HOH, Frenchie quickly decided he wanted to target meatheads, but with Travis and Xavier promised safety only two options were left. With his intentions clear, Frenchie promised all the women safety. After brent and Frenchie had a heart to heart, the flight attendant parted Frenchie’s crosshairs leaving Christian the new target. Each of the three eligible teams sent one player into the wildcard comp and Christian won safety for himself, and Xavier


Needing a new target Frenchie was unsure what to do. But after jumping to a conclusion about Alyssa, the farmer wanted to take her out. At the nomination ceremony, Frenchie made Kyland a pawn and Alyssa his prey. Tonight, it is the first power of veto competition of the summer. Will one of the nominees be saved? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 3 after the nomination ceremony. Frenchie nominated Kyland as a pawn. But he nominated Alyssa because she is the right hand woman in a potential showmance.


Kyland feels hurt because he thought he and Frenchie had something good. When he thinks about being first to go home he is absolutely heart broken.


Derek F. is confused. He did not think Kyland and Alyssa would be on the block. Frenchie needs to keep him in the loop.


Alyssa is confused because she was promised safety. She does not understand what Frenchie is thinking. Alyssa is talking Sarah Beth and Xavier tells her it is because she is close to Christian. Xavier says they need to figure out how to keep Alyssa safe and she is trying not to cry. She does not know what she did wrong. She says his speech hurts the most because she felt like everyone hated her. Christian says Frenchie promised everyone safety.


Kyland is talking to Derek F. and he is saying he is confused. Derek tells Kyland not to be upset And Azah comes in to comfort Kyland. He wants to have an impact on those who are watching him and seeing someone who looks like them be successful. Azah tells Kyland to stay cool calm and collected. Azah says it is breaking her heart. She empathizes with Kyland. She says Frenchie is on her team but he does not talk to her and she has no clue what is going on.


Alyssa and Christian go to talk to Frenchie and she wants to know why she is on the block. Frenchie says he knows they are in a showmance. Alyssa says she does not even flirt in real life, let alone in the house and it is day three. Christian says so he is the big fish and Frenchie confirms. Alyssa felt like they had a good bond and she had his back and Frenchie says he felt like she had lied to him. Frenchie says he made a mistake and he thinks he made a mistake in the nominations. Now he has to adapt and overcome and figure out a new target.


Sarah Beth, Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, and Claire and are talking about the LGBT community and Sarah Beth talks about working through herself and they discuss acceptance and coming out. Britini thinks the world of her and she is honored to hear her story.


Frenchie says after talking to Alyssa he believes she is not in a showmance. Being former military, he is very aware of his surroundings. We see Frenchie hearing Travis talking about sketchy Frenchie is and that he is creating drama and Derek X. agreeing and saying Frenchie is not trustworthy.


Frenchie confronts Derek X. and Derek is confused and does not understand why Frenchie is coming at him. Brent is concerned and he wants Frenchie to slow down and stick with the plan and execute it.


Frenchie says Derek X is his target because he is forming alliances behind his back. He tells Derek he knows he and Travis talked about him behind his back and throwing his name around is dangerous.


Frenchie is talking to Brent and he tells him to be careful being seen around Derek X. Brent says he is on his team and he cannot dodge him. Brent says he has to give Derek a heads up because they are on a team and it might help his game.


We see Brent talking to Derek X and he mentions the possibility of a backdoor. Derek X is praying he gets picked to play veto because it could be the only way to stay safe this week. Brent says they still have a lot of game to play.


Azah, Derek F. and Tiffany talk about how important it is for them to stick together and how they need to shine while here. Tiffany says they need a silent agreement that they will have each others back and Xavier walks in and agrees.


Derek F and Xavier are discussing their alliance name which is The Cookout. Derek F is going to keep his final two with Frenchie. Xavier says they will bring Kyland in as the last member.


Tiffany wants to keep The Cookout together as long as she can, but only one can win and she will be the grillmaster and sprinkle a little seasoning in.


Frenchie and Brent are talking about a final two and Brent pitches Travis as a replacement nominee if they secure veto. Brent says Travis is a force to be reckoned with down the line and maybe he can keep his team together. Frenchie tells Brent he promised the four he came in with safety.


Frenchie says Brent is giving him good reasons to go after Travis, but he promised him safety on day one. But if something happens with Derek X., he has a backup. One of them is going home this week.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Frenchie does not want Derek X or Travis picked for this veto competition. Frenchie draws Tiffany. Kyland wants to pick Travis. He draws HG choice and he chooses Travis. Alyssa is hoping for one of her team members. She draws Derek X.


Frenchie is in the SR and says that was the worst possible scenario. Derek X is glad he was picked so he gives himself a chance.


It’s time for the first veto competition! They have slanted boards with cocktail glasses and there are straws and fruits.


They have to be the first to roll their cherry from the top to the bottom, but the cherry must roll a specific route and they have to move their items around to roll the cherry in the correct order and into their cup at the bottom.


Frenchie cannot have Travis or Derek X winning this veto. Alyssa needs to win and ensure her safety and prove she can compete. Derek X says he needs to win because he could be a backdoor target and he does not want to go home week one.


Derek F gives the start and they start placing their pieces. Kyland says pawns can go home so he needs to win and take himself down. Travis is cruising because he does not have to win veto but he wants to prove he is a worthy competitor.


Tiffany wants to win this so she can keep Kyland. Kyland is going to test as he goes because he does not want to waste time continuing to drop the cherry. Derek X says he noticed everyone can start at the top so he can start at the bottom and then copy everyone else.


Alyssas strategy is to grab the biggest pieces first and then use trial and error to place the smaller pieces. Kyland realizes the slightest adjustment can change how the cherry can roll and it keeps getting stuck on the banana.


Frenchie says he has to run up and down the ramp to make sure stuff is in place. He does not drink these type of drinks, they shotgun beers. Derek X has the bottom done and he starts working on the top.


Travis says he is no stranger to cocktails because he was a college student. Claire says what is he doing? She says she did not pick him, he was what was left and he is not doing the queens proud.


Alyssa feels like she is so close but she needs to make a few adjustments. Derek X. feels confident when he drops the cherry it will go into the cup at the bottom but it keeps getting stuck on the straw. Derek says when he gets the straw placed he is sure he will win.


Kyland has dropped his cherry and it is moving. Derek X. is getting close and it drops. Derek X. has won the first power of veto of the summer! Derek says he feels amazing. Alyssa says this is worst case scenario.


Kyland is feeling pretty disappointed and he is devastated. Frenchie says this is absolutely horrible. This was the worst possible outcome.


The HG head back inside and they are congratulating Derek X and he says he feels like king of the world and maybe now he can start making some moves.


Alyssa is frustrated that she had an opportunity to compete and she could not save herself. Kyland is also frustrated. Travis wanted to win but Frenchie is a man of his word and he should be totally safe from the block.


Frenchie says he has no option but to go back on his word with Travis and he has to make sure Derek X uses the veto. Brent says things are working out well for him this week. Now he just needs Derek to talk to Frenchie and do what he wants without question.


Xavier is consoling Alyssa. Alyssa says she needs to stay because this is her dream. She is not going to roll over and die, she is going to fight.


Derek X goes to talk to Frenchie and Derek wants to clear the air and build trust. Frenchie says he made a dumb move but he does not want to pressure Derek X to use veto and do what is best for his game. Frenchie says he would like the veto used.


Frenchie tells Derek X. that he has been talking to a lot of people and they want Travis. He tells Derek that people are saying if they do not get Travis this week, they will go after Derek next week.


Derek X. says he needs to figure out what is best for his game because Frenchie is promising a few weeks of safety, but he has already broken his word in the game.


Alyssa makes a pitch to Derek X that if he saved her she would keep him safe next week with her team. Derek says he can save Alyssa and win the favor of her team or save Kyland and win the favor of Frenchie.


It is time for the veto meeting! Derek X has decided to use the POV on Kyland! Frenchie must name a replacement nominee and he has chosen Travis. Travis says nuts. Derek X. says veto meeting is adjourned and shuts the box.


Derek X says if he did not use his veto on Kyland he would have had enemies and it was his only move. Alyssa says it sucks the veto was not used on her and she does not want to leave week one.


Travis says it blows being on the block and it proves Frenchie is a snakey boy and not a man of his word. All he has to do is sway a few votes in his favor. Frenchie says now that Travis is on the block, his HOH has been a total success and he is ecstatic.


Azah says Frenchies first week has been the craziest thing she has ever seen. She says this is Frenchies fun house and she is holding on for dear life.

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