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America's Got Talent Season 16-Auditions 7

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Terry greets us and he talks about Simon’s son, Eric and them spending time together.


We meet two members, a father and son, from Temple London and they are going to do Kung Fu. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Sofia was so excited and says their Kung Fu was perfection and the son is a star. Heidi says he must be so proud of his son and that routine never gets boring. It was all fantastic.


Howie says it is so beautiful and he sensed the love and they checked every box. Simon says they were both amazing and they are what the show is about. He is thrilled for both of them. All four judges give a yes.


Our next act is The Hiplet Ballerinas. They take the stage and are greeted by Simon and he tells them he is not a fan of ballet but he wishes them luck. Simon seems to have enjoyed the performance.


Simon says they did not expect that. Sofia loved how they all looked different and they were on their tippy toes and it was amazing. Heidi says she was hypnotized.


Howie says that was more than ballet and they are nutcrackers. Simon says they have done something never seen before and it was cool and it was a really good audition. They get a yes from all four judges!


We have Sweet Sassy Molassie and she has dreamed of performing her entire life. She is quickly buzzed by Howie, then Heidi, then Sofia. The Simon buzzes and all the judges give a no.


Then we see Anthony the Molar Man and he plays music with his fingers and his mouth and he gets buzzed by all four judges.


Next we have Drumstick, the drumstick chicken, and he’s a drummer. Simon buzzes immediately and the other judges also buzz and they all say no.


Next we meet Sarah Potenza and she is a singer. She is performing an original song called Worthy. Simon seems impressed and she gets an ovation from all four judges.


Simon says she just killed that. He asks if the song was written for her and she says no it was originally a country song. Howie thinks that song is a hit. Sofia asks Sarah what took her so long to come to AGT and she says she did not feel worthy.


Sofia says this is the perfect moment for Sarah to be here. Heidi loves her and it was incredible. Simon says her voice was stunning and she was extraordinary. She gets a yes from all four judges.


Next, we have Gramps and Maeve and they are dancers. Simon says people will love them and Sofia says they are great. Howie says it was a talent show recital and gets booed. We then see Howie buzzing acts and giving criticism.


Up next is Michael and Angelina and they are dancers and Michael was on six years ago dancing with his mom and Howie buzzed them in the quarterfinals. Howie tells them to show him what they have. Howie encourages people to give an ovation.


Heidi says she loved Michael and Angelina and it was perfection. Sofia says they were great and they looked like they were enjoying themselves. Simon says it was brilliant.


Simon brings Michael and Angelinas mother out and Howie apologizes for hurting their feelings. Angelina says they all forgive him and everyone makes mistakes. They get a yes from all four judges.


Next we have Davide Zongoli and he is an acrobat. He has a pole on stage and it is attached to a tether that raises up. Simon says he was bored and Howie agrees. Heidi and Sofia give a yes and Howie says no. Simon listens to the audience and then says no.


Next we have Ehrlich and Sofia wishes him luck. He has some large glow sticks and he dances and use them to float around him and the movements he is making. He also has a hula hoop that glows he uses in his act. He gets an ovation from everyone.


Sofia says that was so much fun, flawless and it was different. Howie says that is in art form that he does not think they have seen and he loved it. Heidi says he is mesmerizing to watch. Simon agrees with Sofia and it was well done. He gets a yes from all four judges.


Gene and Isabella are up and they are dancers and they impress the judges and get a yes for all of them.


Then we have the Owl and the Pussycat and they are an aerial act. They also get a yes from all four judges.


Next we meet Hello Sister and they are three sisters and they are a band. They are going to do an original song. Simon gives an ovation and the audience seemed to enjoy it.


Heidi loved Hello Sister visually, but she did not think it sounded as amazing as it looked. Howie agrees with Heidi and he could not hear the vocals. Simon says he is sick of auto tune and he thinks they need the girls. Sofia thinks they were amazing.


Sofia gives Hello Sister a yes.  Howie says it is a tough one but he feels like they have more in them and he is going to give them one more chance. Heidi does not want to stand in their way and she gives a yes and Simon gives the fourth yes.


Next, we have Michael Winslow from the Police Academy movies and he is a voice dramatist. Simon asks why AGT and Michael says his son told him to come here and be himself. He begins his act.


Howie says it is amazing all those sounds come from his mouth. Heidi says he is incredible. Sofia says that was unique to see in person. Simon says having him here make this a competition. He gets a yes from all four judges.


Next we have a mentalist named Kevin Micoud. Howie wishes him luck and he begins his act. Kevin asks Terry to help him with his act. He goes to the judges table and he has photos of AGT finalists and he wants the ladies to randomly select one.


Kevin goes back to the stage and he asks Terry to close his eyes and concentrate and he asks Heidi and Sofia to think about the contestants they drew. We see a microphone and notes.


Kevin asks Sofia to think about her contestants and we see a deck of cards and then he has Terry open his eyes and write the names of the two contestants he felt. Terry has written down Kodi Lee and Shin Lim and Sofia says no and Heidi says it is correct.


Kevin is not done. He has one last thing. He left a photo with his predictions before Heidi and Sofia selected their photos and Simon picks it up and it is correct.


Heidi says Kevin was incredible. Sofia says it was so much fun and different. Simon says it was sensational and unlike anything they have ever seen before. Brilliant. Howie says the magic is far beyond anything he seen before. He gets a yes from all four judges.


Scarlett Business is ready for their performance and they are a contortionist. Simon says they are a diva and he likes them. Sofia wants to know how they did that in high heels and it was effortless and fun.


Howie says that was more fun than he has seen before. Heidi loved it too and it was beautiful to watch. Scarlett gets a yes from all four judges.


Next we have Ray Singleton and he is a singer. He is going to sing a love song and dedication to his wife. He performs I Am Yours by Andy Grammer. He gets an ovation from the audience.


Howie says they felt the love and commitment and his heart. Sofia says they have a beautiful energy. Simon agrees and says the voice was fantastic. Ray gets a yes from all four judges.

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