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Wednesday, July 14, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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9:30pm-10:00pm BBT: Hg continue to play never have i ever, they then switch to playing Mafia, Derek X explains how it is played and picks a detective, a nurse, and 3 mafia members, He then explains the game again as Hg are asking a lot of questions.

10:00pm-11:00pm BBT:HG decide they want snacks and take a brake from the game and goes to the KT to make food, Frenchie is having cereal and says at home he has almond milk because that is what his kids drink but he likes the 2% milk better than any of it. In the LVR Alyssa is resting on Xavier's lap and he is rubbing her head, Kyland is asleep on Claire shoulder. They start a new game of Mafia with Travis taking over, Some HG are not going to play as they are getting tired.

11:00pm-12:00am BBT: HG still playing the Mafia game as some HG are sleeping on others shoulders while the game continues, we keep getting WBRB. HG are counting down till midnight where the Have Nots can now eat and their have Not week is over.

12:00am-12:30am BBT: HG cheering that the Have nots are over with and can now eat, Sarah is eating pizza and drinking wine as the four have nots make a toast and cheer their getting through the week on slop. Hannah and Derek X are talking about dancing and Hannah offers to teach him to dance but he says not on tv he won't. HG talk about where everyone is sleeping and Xavier, Christian and Alyssa says they will sleep in the have not room they just wanted food they do not mind sleeping in there.

12:30am-1:00am BBT: Whitney and Brent are in the PP talking about noms next week and how he wants to put up Britni and Sarah, Derek F walks up and joins as Whitney leaves for a few minutes, Brent tells Derek F that they can not let the girls bond, Whitney comes back to join them and  Derek F changes the subject, Derek X walking by and they tell him he can join them as they talk about who would be good noms next week and who wouldn't. Tiffany talking make up with Clair, Hannah. Travis comes in and  is talking to Tiffany about  the eviction and  says he will campaign tomorrow, Tiffany tells him to go to Frenchie and talk to him and be the last to talk to him so maybe he will switch votes as she already promised Frenchie she would vote how he wanted.

1:00am-1:30am BBT: Travis tells Tiffany that when they came into the house the first group and they all agreed that none of them would go home on their HOH and Frenchie said it first. Travis then says that Frenchie told him that Tiffany is always safe with him and they he would never put Tiffany on the block, Kyland comes into the room and talk goes back to make up. Kyland head to the WA to get ready for bed.

1:30am-2:30am BBT: Kyland and Sarah and Tiffany have a conversation about how to brush teeth and Kyland shows them how he does it with 2 different toothpaste every night. Britni and Derek F are talking in the YBR about who she will nominate if she is HOH and she says Derek X and a pawn and if the veto is used she will backdoor Brent, she says she is watching that team close, Azah comes in and Britni tells her the same thing Britni says she saw a different Sarah tonight then she has  the last few days  and says she is savage, Britni tells them she wants HOH this week because she only feels safe with her own team mates and Tiffany .Derek F says he is tired and goes to sleep quickly.

2:00am-2:30am BBT: Tiffany and Travis now talking again about him talking to Frenchie as Frenchie loves Derek X and  can influence him. Tiffany tells him they are here to play Big brother not best friends, she then tells him to not put his heart into this game. He tells her Frenchie is running this house and the girls are scared of him, Tiffany says because he is HOH is all.

2:30am-3:00am BBT: Brent, Hannah, Whitney and Derek X meet up to talk game. Brent is telling them that a girl must go  next week, He tells them it is a numbers game and then tells them that Britni is smart and is a teacher Derek X tells them that breaking up a girls alliance will be easy for them. Hanna is insisting the girls have no alliances this year at all, Whitney says she does not trust Clair. Hanna is not happy with them saying a girl has to go and leaves, Brent  they have the numbers to win if they play this right but Hannah wants to be why does it have to be a girl.

3:00am-4:00am BBT: Brent leaves his team meeting and goes to talk to Xavier and Frenchie. Xavier ask who Derek X would put on the block if he was to win HOJH and Brent tells them that he will put up anyone we tell him to. Frenchie tells Brent that no-one outside their alliance can ever win POV as they need control and he says he needs respect from everyone, Brent tells him that he will tell him everything he knows. Azah and Hannah talking and Azah tells her that Frenchie does not operate as a team and he can not say anything to her because he only covers himself not his team. she then tells her that Frenchie wants an all girls alliance so he can know what is going on with the girls. Brent walks by and they talk clothes and shoes.

4:00am-5:00am BBT: Frenchie and Whitney talking in the PP Whitney tells Frenchie she loves him  and they he is her final 2 Whitney goes to bed and Frenchie is alone talking to his pictures saying he likes being a king. All HG in bed sleeping and lights are out.

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9:00AM BBT HGs all sleeping. Haven't seen any movement yet this morning.


9:08AM BBT FotH [I'm thinking it's wake-up time ~PinkTee]


9:24AM BBT Kyland and Tiff in the RBR lot of whispering about game.


9:32AM BBT Tiff and Claire in the BR talking about how today is all about game talk. Tiff says that Travis could play on emotions and shift people in his direction. She also says Frenchie has too much blood on his hands. Everyone is already OK with Travis leaving.


9:34AM BBT Kyland joins Tiff and Claire and game talk stops. He comes in joking about who messed up his bed. Tiff said they went to bed early last night but she is still tired. Kyland said we went to bed at 2AM.


9:49AM BBT Britini is braiding her hair talking to the camera. "Man, they crazy huh? There have been so many moments where I almost dropped the black belt. Also, Hi Mom. Hi Dad. Love my Fam. If you're from the NY State WHAT UP?"


10:00AM BBT Tiff, Claire and Azah in BR talking game. Azah asks if we need to solidify what we have with us and Britini? Tiff, yes and the weapons of choice are fire and desire.


10:10AM BBT Claire and Azah leave and Britini joins Tiff. Lot of whispering, only catching a word of two. Hannah told Britini last night that the guys on her team think a girl alliance is forming. Britini, if that isn't an already DING DING DING Winner, than I don't know what is.


10:21AM BBT Big D is in the kitchen making scrambled eggs. Other HGs exercising in the background.


10:36AM BBT Big D and Britini are in the kitchen talking about breakfast. Britini whispers to Big D I just want you to know that my game plan for today is to talk to everyone to see who I am not comfortable with. If it happens to be something I can control and I go?


10:37 (cont) Big D, that's a good plan, that's what I do. Who's going to cross me over and the people in my group? Game talk stops when Ky enters the kitchen to make pancakes.


10:50AM BBT Frenchie and Whitney in SR. Whitney says she is still thinking about what they discussed last night. I think you and I will make it with the group until the final 5. Christian or Ky will be one of the first to go. After that I don't feel safe.


10:51AM BBT Whitney: I am trying to brainstorm all day figure out our game plan together. I really think it will be and I vs.... Frenchie: Xavier makes me nervous (Whitney, uh huh) but if we can make sure he was 100% us and no one else I wouldn't be nervous.


10:52AM BBT Frenchie: Best case someone on the other side of the house takes him out. That's best for us. We are clean of it. We still vote our alliance.

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11:00am-11:20am BBT: Tiffany, Frenchie and Whitney talking about it is Tiffany goal to get Claire out of this house, Frenchie says maybe tell everyone that she is the backdoor plan and Whitney says she will fake being sad about that. HG are all in the KT eating breakfast that Derek F has cooked.

11:26am BBT: HG are finishing up eating and moving around the house just general talk going on.

11:36am BBT: All HG hanging out in the KT area just talking general talk and cleaning up after breakfast.

11:40am BBT: In the YBR Claire, Frenchie, Azah and Derek F are talking about Derrick wanting to smoke and Azah ask if that is all he brought with him and he said yeah if i run out i know i can get the patch but i only smoked like 3 yesterday. He says I do not smoke much at all.

11:46am BBT: Xavier and Frenchie in the HOHR talking , Frenchie says he is nervous about not being HOH next week  that he might go on the block, Xavier says even if he does there is enough people to keep him and Frenchie nods and we get a brief WBRB and then it switches to the YBR with Claire, Azah and Derek F.

11:56am BBT: Xavier, Frenchie and Derek F in the HOHR talking about they think they have made good relationships with everyone so they do not think they will go up, Frenchie says see that is what i want so next week i will get to know everyone since this week was all game talk. Hannah now comes in and Frenchie says he is sick of every year watching the minority going home first every season he says it hurts my heart watching that.

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12:05pm BBT: Most HG in the KT area talking general talk and laughing a lot, IN the HOHR  Brent has joined Frenchie and Derek F and we get WBRB.

12:13pm BBT: Christian and Britini in the STR and Britni tells him so far he is not on anyone's radar and he says he wants to stay that way, he says he does not want to win HOH this week and she says i do not either. They talk about what the comp might be and she feels it might be a ball game. Britini says the wild card has all the power and he agrees. 

12:15pm BBT: In the HOHR  Derek F , Frenchie and Brent are talking about how they do not want to be attacked  he wants to feel safe, Derek F says we trust our alliance so do we know who will target us if they had a chance and Frenchie says Kyland. Derek F says really and Brent tells him yes. Brent says we only have 4 targets that we can touch and that is Sarah, Claire, Whitney and Azah that's all we can go after and break up the girls.

12:22pm BBT: Tiffany and Hannah in the PP talking about Frenchie and him saying things about women on the block, Tiffany thinks it is for strategy and that he is trying to make people like him for his strategies. Hannah says she does not think he is being honest. Tiffany then reminds her that Frenchie is a superfan he knows what he is doing. Hanna then tells her she played tat game lastnight (Mafia) too see if she could tell if anyone was lying about things and who could lie.

12:31pm BBT: Christian and Derek X in the HNR talking about the votes for tomorrow and Christian thinks that Alyssa has the votes to stay over Travis. 

12:41pm BBT: Xavier in the RBR talking to the camera alone whispering real love and smiling then laughs. IN the HNR Christian and Derek X are still talking and trying to think who might be the head of an all girls alliance and he says maybe Whitney and he then says i do not have any evidence of that i am just saying what if.

12:49pm BBT: Xavier and Derek F in the  YBR talking, Derek ask how he felt after their conversation with  Frenchie and Xavier says i feel better now. Derek F says you knew it was going to be hard for us and Xavier agrees.

12:51pm BBT: Derek F says  i feel like everyone in this house likes everyone but not everyone can stay here this house is like the Titanic and  everyone is going to go down except for two Jack and rose. Xavier says we have talked to everyone and we have positioned ourselves good and Derek says yes we have.

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1:12PM BBT

Big D, Derek X, Azah and Whitney are chatting in the YBR

Big D is joking about not knowing who to put up if he got HoH. He says he may just have to put up people that make a mess and don't clean up. Baby D (Derek X) complains that he just feels out of the loop. He says he just goes up and plays chess by himself. The others apologize to him saying he shouldn't feel that way

image.thumb.png.f7df6f9f4e67e11616f67c3b72c66fb2.pngIn the bathroom, Brent, Travis, Alyssa, X, Kyland and Hannah are hanging out.

Britini was alone in the Poker Parlor then just started walking around the house looking for people. Brit then entered the HoHR when someone opened the door.


1:15PM BBT

Christian talking with Frenchie in the SR  

Christian- I was like (talking about his conversation with Derek X) I heard stuff about you. I don't know what you heard about me. Thanks for using the veto, first of all. You gave me and Alyssa a chance to stay in the game. And also I was like I feel like both of you and me came in too hot. I heard my name was getting thrown out there and I don't know if you heard the same thing. We don't talk too much so I wanted to see where your head was at. And he was like Dude, I never said your name once. The first time I heard your name was when Frenchie said he was coming after a big fish and would you guys want to vote out Christian?

Frenchie- that I said that?

Christian- yeah, he said the first time my name came up was when you proposed it. I just listened.

Frenchie- he literally just threw you under the bus AGAIN and I have witnesses that can tell you that

Christian-  I know; I don't believe a fucking word he says

Frenchie- yeah Brent was standing right there; ask Brent

Christian- but I said regardless of whether or not you believe me I want to tell you straight up you were not my target. If a guy does home this week, a girl needs to go next week; I said 100% you are not going home this week and I would appreciate if you do the same; and he said I never said your name, ask Travis

They both scoff at that

Christian- he said the only logic for keeping him around is that he is a bigger threat than other people

Frenchie- OH!

*feeds cut to WBRB





2:00PM BBT 



2:50PM BBT

Azah, Hannah, Big D and Brent are hanging out in the HoHR

Big D- what do you think they have us doing? You think we'll practice for the comp? That's what Alyssa said. Alyssa said they were gonna have us practice for the comp.


3:00PM BBT We get Rancho Coastal on the feeds while the houseguests practice for a competition


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1:16PM BBT Christian and Frenchie go to the SR. Christian say Hey watch it. I heard something about you, don’t know what you hear about me. BUT I kind of heard – it started off like this.. I said thanks for using the Veto  [assuming it's a convo he had  Kyland ~PinkTee] 


1:17PM BBT (continued) it gave my teammate Alyssa a much better shot at staying. Also, you and me both came in too hot and we haven’t spoken very much.  I just want to get where your head is. 


 1:17PM BBT (continued) I feel like my name was thrown out there by you and I don’t know if you heard the same thing just in response to you throwing my name out there. He’s like [again assuming he is talk about Kyland ~PinkTee]


Dude, I never threw your name out there once. The first time I heard your name is when Frenchie said he was going after a big fish would you guys want to vote out Christian? 


Frenchie: He said I said that? Christian: Yes, he said the first time he heard it was when Frenchie proposed it.


Frenchie: He literally just threw your name under the bus again. I’ve got witnesses that will clearly tell you that. Brent was standing right there, ask Brent.  Christian: I don’t F’ing believe a single word he says. 



#BB23 1:47PM BBT  Feeds return to Tiff in bed with Kyland snuggling while she runs her fingers through his hair over and over. Tiff is creating a song of each day so they remember what happened during a trivia comp.

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2:00pm-3:00pm BBT: Whitney is going around crying because she misses her kids so much and wants to see them, Xavier, Tiffany and Frenchie are hugging her  and talking with her. Britini and Alyssa in the HOHR talking about who Alyssa would put on the block if she was to win HOH and Alyssa says she does not know but she  tells Britini that she is safe, All HG start to gather in the HOHR for a lockdown and we get Puppy Cam.

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5:10 PM BBT:  Feeds came back from a quick Pups.  Travis said that they were in there for two hours.  Whitney said that they should have napped.  The camera switches to Alyssa and Derek X in the YBR.  Alyssa is telling Derek that she is talking to everyone to make sure that everyone is good. She said she is going to look at everyone to make sure that they are still good. 


5:14 PM BBT:  Alyssa talks about how she would choose people for nomination. They are talking about if there are any big alliances, but Alyssa thinks not unless she is missing something.  Derek X agrees.  Alyssa asks who he is the least close with.  She said hers is Travis.  


5:17 PM BBT:  Alyssa says that it sucks that she can't tell Christian everything.  She said that they have to stay separate. She can only tell him stuff that concerns the team.  Derek said that if she hears that he is targeting Christian, don't believe it.  Alyssa said that she has heard that he is targeting him.  Derek X deflects this.

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6:04PM BBT

Alyssa is campaigning to Hannah in the YBR


Hannah says she has few conversations with Claire and Britini, so she isn't sure where they stand.

6:11PM BBT

Kyland and Tiffany are having some interesting game talk in the HoH



They hear BB warn nappers

Tiff- I wonder who's napping.....this house is so full of paranoia, man, it's not even funny

Tiff says she doesn't plan to go for HoH

Ky says he is going for it and he wants her to go for it, too

Tiff- can I tell you something that I don't want you telling no one else

Ky- okay

Tiffany tells him she is working with SB and Claire

Tiff- as long as no one targets them (SB and Claire), I'm good....but don't tell her I told you

Ky- well Claire is on our team

Tiff-did you see her personality come out last night. That little baby girl didn't have me fooled. Never. Never. I was on to her at the first "recalculating" Not at all. I got my eye on you, but I like it. I like it. It's not a bad thing. You gotta have options. Cookout is an understanding, but I got to make sure I got some tight ones

[She is telling him too much, y'all!  -MamaLong]

Kyland laughs

Tiff- I don't like that Travis is targeting X

Ky- it doesn't matter

Tiff- okay, that's all that needs to be said

Ky- you want him to stay?

Tiff- if he does, he does. It doesn't matter to me either way. She's got the votes, and I told him I am voting for Alyssa to stay. I think we all did.

Ky- yeah, we all did

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5:21pm BBT: most Hg sitting in the LVR talking general talk, Alyssa and Derek X still talking about this week being about relationships and next week will be more i think but we will see. 

5:24pm BBT: Most HG in the LVR talking and snacking as we keep getting WBRB.

feeds return Azah and Derek F in the KT cooking for the HG. Derek X goes to the STR and gets garlic for Azah  and looks around in the fridge. He gets Mushrooms and peppers to make also.

5:28pm BBT: In the  HOHR Sarah and Kyland talking and she tells him that she is not supposed to tell him but it is Hannah Claire me Frenchie Whitney. So he thinks he is covered with the girls and with the guys. She says also if you go through the other alliance it is the 5 guys and Alyssa and Kyland says ok i got it. (They are whispering a lot some is hard to hear.)

5:33pm BBT: Azah in the YBR talking to Travis saying it is Frenchie that is doing this i do not know what they are doing Frenchie has done this i do not know what to say all of this is disappointing and Azah leaves the room.

5:43pm BBT: Kyland and Sarah still in the HOHR repeating themselves as Most Hg are in the KT and LVR talking general talk and cooking dinner. Britni and Xavier in the SBR just talking about they do not know how this week is going to go Xavier says it is going to be kind of like skittles.

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6:19 PM BBT  HoHR   Frenchie, Travis and Brent

Travis- okay, well I will present 4 points and then y'all can deliberate

His first point is that he nominated Alyssa because of a potential showmance with Christian, but that fizzled. He mentions X having a strong attraction to Alyssa and that they are rubbing up on each other a lot.

Brent corroborates

Travis- I don't know if you are blind, but

Frenchie- apparently

Frenchie's eyes gets big.

Point Two- Travis is extremely loyal which could be bad for them(Frenchie says he already knows this)

Point Three- If I go, it's a guy going home

Frenchie interrupts and asks Big Brother to turn his tv on "I'm having an important conversation" (he wants to use spy cam)

4th point- "final one and it's the spiciest for you" He tells him the whole house is "down and ready to send me home, but if I stay, I would easily be next week's target and a shield for you. If I win HoH, you will be totally cruising."

Brent laughs at Travis' verbiage

Travis- so the last question at the end of the day is, what can Alyssa reasonably provide you? That's it

Brent- appreciate that

Travis leaves

Brent- well, obviously he doesn't know we are aligned with everyone; it's a good argument, though. I like him, but he has to go. Stick to the plan so no one gets spooked.

Frenchie- I really like Alyssa. No way I'm sending her home. I love his effort, though

Brent- It makes me happy knowing he took time to think about it. yeah, all valid points...he doesn't know  that Alyssa's allegiance lies with us and X is in our alliance

Frenchie- yeah, that's the one showmance I wouldn't go after




6:38PM BBT Many of the houseguests are playing a game at the kitchen table with Claire's ring (spinning it from one person to another) that Claire says reminds her of Beyblades. Travis joins and includes his ring, too.


6:41 PM BBT Frenchie is talking with Tiffany in the HoHR. He asks her to throw a rogue vote. She agrees. 

Frenchie- that will be perfect and almost guarantee I stay next week

Tiff asks if Alyssa will know about it, but the feeds move to the kitchen, so we miss the details.



6:53PM BBT

Brent, Frenchie, Tiffany, X, Travis, SB and Christian are sitting in the LR talking about how crazy it is that they are on a television show right now. They make the connection that the veto competition just aired tonight.



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6:15pm BBT: Hannah and Alyssa continue talking about the other girls in the house and say they need to stop comparing them to past HG. Hannah tells her she watches who she hangs out with to much as she does not want to seem like she is with one person. They get up to leave the room and look at the camera and say they are Enzo's angels.

6:28pm BBT: Travis talks to Brent and Frenchie in the HOHR and says that all the girls are together and next week they are coming after you and Frenchie says he will probably be a target anyways, Travis leaves and Brent says to Frenchie that he has a valid point.

6:38pm BBT: Brent leaves the HOH and Tiffany comes in and Frenchie is talking to her and she says do you want me to through a rouge vote and he says yes she says ok i will since you kept me safe i will do ask you ask because this is the first you have asked me for anything but no one finds out or i know it was you. She gets up and leaves the HOHR.

6:49pm BBT: Most HG in the LVR talking  general talk and laughing. Alyssa and Whitney talking about how they trust each other and how they both get along with the  guys better than the girls.

6:55pm BBT: Whitney says when she came into this house she was asked a lot of things and she said she wanted to come in and be in a big alliance and go to the end with just one girl and she says i think you and I can go to the end together.

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6:55PM BBT

Hannah walks through with Claire hunched over her back but covered with a blanket. Claire is using her arms through the blanket as if they are Hannah's arms.

Tiff- what animal are you? A camel?

They ask Hannah to do a Tik Tok dance

Claire begins moving her arms around

Brent- Hannah, can you show me how you pick your nose?

That's a COVID test!



7:40PM BBT

The houseguests are having their first "family" meal where everyone gets to eat. Azah made fish and Big D contributed. Christian said he cut the lemons. Hannah said she peeled the garlic. X is in the DR, so he is missing out on dinner, and there wasn't enough fish for everybody. Brent asked if there is enough for X, but no one responded.


Alyssa- Happy One Week Anniversary

There is a "Thank You" offered in unison. Azah said Big D was her sous chef


[I'm out for the rest of the night. I'll be back in the early morning to update whatever gets overlooked -MamaLong]

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7:37pm Big Brother Time

House guests are gathered at the dining room table eating dinner.

They celebrate their one week anniversary, saying this is the first meal they could all eat together.

Lots of chatter around the table, most talk is centered around the food available to them and ways they can cook it.

No game talk.

7:52pm Big Brother Time

Alyssa is campaigning to Tiffany in one of the bedrooms.  Tiffany is telling her that she will be voting for Alyssa to stay this week.
Tiffany tells Alyssa there is plenty of time to plan for next week. Alyssa is worried that Travis has something up his sleeve, but Tiffany lets her know she (Tiffany) would tell her if anything like that comes up.

Britini and Clair are in the lavatory area, Clair tells Britini that she is hearing her own name. Britini says the guys are all saying girls' names. Claire offers to help Britini straighten her hair,” Alyssa comes in, wants to know if anyone if is in the loo.  

The girls have an impromptu “she ain't goin home” dance and chat. Britini says Travis sat by her for 10 minutes and never said a word.  They talk about goodbye messages, 


The girls apologize, BOB remains quiet.

Claire says she has not talked game to Big D (Derek F), but Britini assures her she if fine.

Britini asks if there any girls she isn't comfortable with, Claire answers with a non-answer about Alyssa probably putting up guys next week if she wins HOH.  Britini says she is uncomfortable, and she is safe this week, she calls it her personal paranoia.

Britini says she is interested in the Wild Card competition. Britini says she is not comfortable with Brent.

Kyland comes into the room, the girls talk about hair as soon as he comes in.  Kyland asks the girls if they have been called to ride the boat (diary room is the boat this season). They says early on today, but not recently. 

Britini gives a shout out to Cracker Barrel in Erie, Pennsylvania 

Claire asks how his one on one was with Alyssa, he says it was okay, but deflects a little.  Kyland says people are talking to Travis, but he noticed that no one has been sitting to him at the table.  The girls have noticed that people leave the room when he enters.  Kyland says everyone has been super nice to Travis and he appreciates that.  Kyland says he feels bad for Travis, and he will sit next to him just because....

Kyland mentions his sore throat, he feels he made it worse with talking.  He isn't sure if they will medicate him. But he feels like he is falling apart.

Britini says she is the one falling apart this week. She says she is right there with him.

The girls go to the blue bedroom, Claire says she wonders what Derek X will do, Britini tells her there's not much worry there.

Britini says Brent would go after Derek X.

Claire is whispering softly, can't really hear her with all the rustling.  After a few minutes they just start clowning around the room, bouncing on beds and doing super hero poses. Britini collapses into a fit of giggles after she body slams herself onto the bed.

Britini questions what use a big alliance is here anyway with the teams.  Claire says “jury”

8:21pm Big Brother Time

Sarah Beth and Alyssa are talking in the chess room.  Alyssa is telling Sarah Beth what people in the house have told her about her position in the eviction vote.  Alyssa says Whitney told her she would like to talk to her again later.

Alyssa says Derek X was the only one to tell the truth when she asked who he trusted most/least.

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8;37pm Big Brother Time

Alyssa and Sarah Beth continue to talk about the odds of winning the HOH, who will throw it and who will not.

Continued gossip about the house.

Christian comes into the conversation, he tells Alyssa he spoke to Brent about throwing the competition, Brent told him he didn't want to talk about that right now.  Alyssa assumes it is a no, he won't then.  Christian says the whole point of the conversation with Brent is to find ways to make Hannah not want to win HOH.

Sarah Beth says not keeping Hannah in the loop could be a problem for Brent, if he puts someone on the block and they are aware, that person could tell Hannah.

Christian is worried about going on the block this coming week, he thinks Derek X has him in mind. 

Xavier comes into the conversation.

They start talking about their chances winning the HOH next week.

They ask Xavier who he is least worried about winning, he says Brent.  He says he needs to talk to Britini more.

Alyssa says she needs to talk to the girls more, Xavier agrees, tells her they girls are closer to each other than she might think. Alyssa tells them that she told Tiffany and Hannah she was not interested in seeing them on the block. 

Xavier and Sarah Beth leave the room and Christian settles in beside Alyssa.

Alyssa tells Christian there is an all girl alliance,Tiffany, Claire, Britini and Azah.  They approached Frenchie to join in, Frenchie told them yes.

Frenchie comes into the room, Alyssa tells him she is finishing one on ones so he leaves the room.

Alyssa says she wasn't invited to join it, she swears Christian to secrecy.

Xavier comes into the room, Alyssa sends him away as well, says she will talk to him later.

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9:50PM BBT  Poker Parlor  Alyssa/Brent/Christian/X

X (to Alyssa)- do you want to have our meeting?

Alyssa- yeah

Brent- okay, I guess I'll go fuck myself

Alyssa tells Christian and Brent that she hasn't had a one-on-one with X yet, so they leave Alyssa and X alone to talk.

Alyssa mentions they need to do the next episode their talk show, The Big Blue Couch

Alyssa gives X a run-down of all her campaigns


Alyssa- there wasn't really much. I told SB, too. But, I have to be careful because she is not in the alliance. What I told him was I talked with Britini and I don't think she will put me up because of the all girl alliance, but I think she just tells me what she thinks I want to hear; I talked with Brent-whatever; he (Brent) did tell me he was never coming after Christian, which is a lie; he said out of all the teams he trusts ours (The Kings) the least

X- mm hmm

Alyssa- (she is talking fast) so take that into consideration if you win. DO you think you will put him up?

X- I mean, if he said he trusts our team the least, I have reason to

Alyssa- if you didn't hear that were you going to?

X- nah! I was going to keep him around at least another week

Alyssa- do you know he's coming after me and Christian?

X- is he coming after you and Christian?

Alyssa- 100% he's going after Christian; it's obvious

X- I got you

Alyssa- he's lying

X- okay, if he's going after Christian then we go after  Derek

Alyssa- well, I'm getting Derek (Baby D)

X- okay

Alyssa- because if he is coming after me (Christian) and he is coming after me (Baby D); it's a fucking duo

X- okay; wow, you are really

Alyssa- I came into this house to play my own game; I ...he did say of all the teams he trusts ours the least; I mean, he trusts me and you, but for our team's sake

X- yeah, well that doesn't mean he doesn't trust our team; it means he doesn't trust Christian

Alyssa- well, he said overall he trusts my team the least

X- which means

Alyssa interrupts- don't tell him I told you that

X- of course

Alyssa- then I talked to Tiffany and said you aren't even a thought, do not even want to risk you as a pawn; I told Hannah (the same thing); I like Hannah; I was iffy about her before, but I like her; at first I wasn't because she said if it was me and Ky. I wouldn't have her vote, but I think we're good now and I think I could talk with her; her and I are both really passionate about the game and she respects that I respect the game, so I can talk with her-; I need to talk with Claire; I need to get to know Claire. That's the one person I don't want to win HoH. Do you think it's because I am close with guys? I don't know why ....I have girl friends; I have more girl friends but I get along easier with guys better at first. 

X- I think you are more outgoing than most women, especially around guys; you are not afraid to be yourself; a lot of women are a little more reserved

Alyssa- Azah, I feel good about. For the alliance she has to go; but for my personal game, she has told me I have her vote

X- Okay

Alyssa- then I talked to Claire - it was really short and simple: her Derek (Big D), Derek (Baby D) and Ky I told them if you cast Travis a sympathy vote you need to let me know before hand, 'cause that's a reason to put them on the block; before I talked with Claire I talked with Brent and Whitney, and they told me about this girls' thing so I went to Claire and was like 'I think the only thing Travis can say is Oh, like keep me as a threat' but there's so many threats in the house and there's still some good guys in the house that are pretty strong because I want her to say she wants you guys out

X- That's 100% what you want

Alyssa- you guys are my only friends; clearly; so I told her that. Then I talked with Whitney. It's weird because Whitney and I say we need to talk more. We talk the least but trust each other the most.


*feeds cut to WBRB for a  minute

Alyssa- like how is that even something you are thinking. I have a hard time talking to him.  [I'm going to guess she is talking about Ky here....sure sounds like him.  -MamaLong]...what are you talking about? Why even worry about that? But he said I have his vote. Then I talked with SB. SB can't win it because she'll go after people in our alliance. I did tell her to talk to Derek

X- mm hmm

Alyssa- your name didn't come up at all; I need to talk to Claire and Whitney more. Christian needs to talk to Derek more, as well. Other than that, I haven't talked to Frenchie. I talked with Big D. He is the one that mentioned a rogue vote.

X- my problem with the rogue vote is that it could get pinned on someone in The Slaughterhouse

Alyssa- yeah, but

X- we don't need it but it could give us ammo

Alyssa- I'm too scared (for someone to a rogue vote) [please note, Tiff agreed to cast a rogue vote on Alyssa (but she told Alyssa she had her vote) when Frenchie asked her...too many rogue votes will make a bigger mess for Frenchie; so I say DO IT  -MamaLong]

Alyssa- no rogue vote; I would be pissed



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Alyssa says no one told her they would have sore throats from all the talking. She adds that if she goes home it would be sickening and "fuck me the sketch out" and if it turns out everyone lied to her, they "will all need fucking therapy because you're too good at lying." X teases her that she is going home' so she better get prepared for that. He asks her "personally" how she feels and she says she feels good "my anxiety is better."

Alyssa says she has a headache and doesn't want to talk game anymore.


Alyssa says she wants to practice her speech in front of everybody.

Alyssa- shout out to my family; and I want to be like please check out https://molliebird.com/ ;  it would mean the world to me

X- plug

Alyssa says she will then talk about her anxiety and how much she appreciates the HGs looking out for her, "but that being said, I still have a lot of fight in me, a lot game in me and besides, it's my birthday on Saturday and we already have the cake mix."

X- sounds good

Alyssa- Okay; go team

Alyssa gets up to leave and says "go team" then gives him a fist bump

Alyssa leaves X by himself "to chill under the blankie"

When Alyssa leaves X begins whispering to the camera "I can't win HoH. I'm tossing it the first chance I get."


X- I don't want to win HoH; tossing that shit the first chance I get; not winning HoH; I don't really care who wins; if someone outside of Slaughterhouse wins that's a Slaughterhouse problem, not an Xavier problem. The only person I told I wouldn't put up is Britini. So I would have to put up Claire and Derek. I don't want to put up Baby D, though. Yeah, No...none scenarios; there's no scenarios where I can win



X- I want Alyssa to win because she will take shots. If I look into a win, I'm gonna be freaking pissed. I can't win. Just gonna allow someone else to win and then go to work from there.

X sets his bucket hat over his eyes and appears to fall asleep

10:15PM BBT X is still snoozing in the Poker Parlor


Loud voices downstairs wake him and he stretches saying "I can fall asleep in a bit"

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10:54PM BBT

In the YBR, Big D is giving Britini a pep talk because she feels she is a prude and will be judged compared to the other HGs. He tells her that even with the Never Have I Ever game, he was trying to switch it up (to make her feel comfortable). He tells Brit she will leave this house with lots of friends. Big D assures her that he and none of his friends do hard core drugs

Brit- yeah, that's not my preference, but if you do, it's whatever; just not my style

Big D-they just have a lot of food, fun dancing, smoking, pregaming fun and stuff

Brit tells Big D she loves him. "I love you too; I just need you to understand that the life decisions you made, no one will judge you on; the life decisions you made should not make you feel some type of way; the life decisions you made should not make you feel left out because they are YOUR life decisions. So some are gonna say, 'Britini  is such a prude...she's a virgin...and whatever'  but those that love you are gonna accept you for all your flaws and all; if they don't, it's a CHOP (he throws the black fan out in full spread) YOU CUT THEM. (this makes Brit laugh and then she begins throwing the fan out)...there you go. Okay, it's a chop...cut them. Don't start your shit. You should just  be "all you mother fuckers are whores." But it is beautiful (that she is a virgin). Your life is your life. Never feel like 'I have to do this and I have to do this.' Never feel like you should do something that you will regret. If you find someone you like and fall in love, but don't fall for some trickery shit; but if you find someone and all the things you love...but don't regret it. It's your body, you do whatever you want. And if you are waiting until marriage and they aren't okay, it's a CHOP. Hey, there is gonna come a time when your back is gonna be against the wall and you are gonna have to get rid of me.

Brit- NO!

Big D- but you might need to and you need to do what you...you need to understand

Brit- you got to win HoH...I have to win HoH

Big D- the thing is, I respect the game so if there's ever a time when your back is gonna be against the wall, I'm okay

Alyssa comes through and breaks up the conversation, but then joins the conversation and he repeats his sentiments about the game to Alyssa, too  [I love this guy   -MamaLong]




Alyssa suggests they extend the Big Blue Couch as a podcast

Alyssa- what if we get a set and the couch and make it the same look and everything

Big D- I love it


11:03PM BBT

X and Big D are alone in the YBR talking. He tells X that Whitney has been upset missing home. He says he needs some sleep because "tomorrow is gonna be some shit." They speculate about having to wear athletic gear for the comp. Big D says he thinks they will all be dressed up for the first live eviction.

Big D- I think I'm gonna do jeans, a white sneakers and a shit

X says he will "roll with a polo"

Big D- this is a lot but I was just telling Brit that this game is emotional and there are gonna be ups and downs

He tells X about his conversation with Brit about not taking the game personal

X- I hope someone else on our side wins. I don't want to win it

Big D- We can't. We either win right now or when it's just us at the end. But, if we do want to win, it's time right now. We can win tomorrow because we got Derek X. He's my only target.

Xavier says he doesn't want to expose his physical abilities because people will then people will assume things about him...expect he would win that.

Big D says the only reason he would be okay to win tomorrow is that he has Derek X and he would have no blood on his hands.

X- but who else?

Big D says Claire, but he doesn't want to lose her. He wants to keep her one more week. If I don't win, we'll see what happens. "this is one of those games where it's like every move is...you don't want to come off as a threat. But there is gonna come a time where we have to win.

X- and our likelihood of winning increases

Big D- we have our Cookout

X- we are in like four different things right now

Big D- I know that; and when it comes to the Cookout, we gotta think about who we take with us because we can't take everybody

X- mm hmm

Big D- but we need them for jury votes; the way I see it is Travis goes then Derek X or Claire; then Claire or SB

He says SB is a threat

11:13PM BBT

Ky is lounging in the bathroom when Brit comes through with sunglasses on

Ky- Hi Brit, you okay?

Brit- I'm okay. I just had a moment. Big D and I were talking. We had a heart to heart.

He gets up and asks for a hug.


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Ky asks if she wants to go somewhere else (to talk about it)

Brit- no, I was just gonna go upstairs and get Frenchie back for tickling my feet when I was crying. He was tickling my feet, therefore, revenge.

Ky- oh, alright

Brit- Thanks Ky. Thanks!

Ky- no worries

Hannah is called to the DR and jumps (startled) when she hears her name

Brit- let's get Frenchie

Ky- yeah, we have to get him back for all the pranks. I have tried twice and can't get him


Tiff and Claire hug Brit goodnight.

Ky has been complaining about his throat hurting

Tiffany is washing her face next to Claire and tells Kyland that hopefully a night's sleep of no talking will help, but he is always talking in his sleep about some girl 

Ky- whose name starts with a T

Claire- really? A T? Oh my! and with an if? And ahhhny?

Tiff- oh my goodness; it's not me

Ky- rhymes with that, though



11:15PM BBT The cam switches to the YBR where Brent talks with Big D 

Brent- alliances have been made and there are 6 targets that have to go before the alliance....even if it's my own team, too. It's important we stick with that.

Big D- I know, alright. I respect that

Big D asks where Alyssa is and says if he doesn't find her he will go to sleep because they have a big day tomorrow (and forget the episode of The Big Blue Couch talk show)

11:18PM BBT

Travis is posing for  the cameras in the LR


image.thumb.png.edb25fbb36850f66bcaa3f396c89c55c.pngTravis- he IS that guy (begins posing)

Brent- oooh; showing those abs

Travis then jumps on the couch for another pose

Brent- oooh, lose a button


Travis repeats "lose a button" and laughs

They begin laughing about Kyland's strip tease and how his shirt had so many buttons. Claire had to remove them with her teeth.


Another pose from Travis  [this guy is too much  -MamaLong]


Brent- do another [stop encouraging him, Brentitude  -MamaLong]



Brent- one more, one more




(Oh, Brent was actually talking about the buttons 'do one more' but Travis thought he was telling him to pose LOL)


SB- I don't think I could even do one button. I feel like I would accidentally take them off

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