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Big Brother Season 23-Wildcard Comp and Nominations Week 1

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Previously, on Big Brother, 16 strangers were cut off from the outside world and began the game of skill, strategy, and manipulation. Among them, the brainiac, the lawyer, the phlebotomist, and the son of a boxing legend. The first big twist was them learning of the team captains. Frenchie formed the Jokers, Whitney with the Aces, Christian with the Kings, and Claire with the Queens. Then they competed for HOH and it wasn’t a king or queen, but a joker who took the crown and the kings will live like paupers as have-nots. With it being a summer of big risks and big rewards, Julie dropped a bombshell and told them of the larger grand prize and then offered a second week of safety to the Jokers if Frenchie wanted to take the risk. But Frenchie was unwilling to bet the farm and tonight he’ll sow the seeds of eviction. Who will end up on the chopping block, plus the next big twist is unleashed at the BB Beach Club!


We pick up on day 1 after the HOH competition and the HG go in to check out the house and do introductions. Frenchie is the HOH and he is so happy and then Julie offered him two weeks? He came a lightning bugs length from the crack of a donkey to taking it but he didn’t want to risk his team or he’d have been a target.


Azah can not believe she is here. She says it is surreal. She is on team Joker and she is incredibly happy she is safe but now she can not gun for the HOH because they are allies. Christian is getting good vibes from everyone, especially his teammates and he is happy with the choices he made, but not the outcome.


Kyland talks about the prize money and he says there is so much he could do with that money for his family and community. Travis says being the last pick was tough and he needs to let people know he is not a total chump.


Sarah Beth is talking about her voice acting because they are Brent questioned her about it. She tells us she is lying because she is really a forensic chemist and she does not want people to think she is smart.


The HG head to the LR for official introductions. Frenchie is excited to be HOH and excited to meet everyone, but he knows he has to nominate two people. He says everyone else can meet each other, but for him it is game time.


Derek F says since there is another Derek, he will go by Big D. Xavier says everyone stands out. He says Sarah Beth is cute as a button, Azah is gorgeous. But Alyssa might put operation nomance in jeopardy.


Christian introduces himself and Frenchie tells us he does not like meatheads. He says the meatheads would be Brent, Travis, Xavier, and Christian, but he promised two of them safety. However, sorry, he has his eye on them.


It is time to check out the have-not room! There is a wooden cot, a two bed cot that rocks, and a jetski. Xavier is not looking forward to the cold showers. Big D says that room look atrocious.


Frenchie is talking to Big D and he is telling him normally they go after the easy person. Frenchie says he and Big D are ride or die. They both put it on everything they love. Big D says people will not think he and Frenchie are working together. They are the underdogs.


Frenchie is in the HOH room with Azah, Hannah, and Claire and they are discussing the HG. Frenchie promises a woman will not be nominated. Azah is on board with that and she loves Frenchie. Hannah promises Frenchie safety if she wins HOH next week.


We then see Frenchie talking to Alyssa and he tells her she is safe. Alyssa believes him. She knows you should not trust anyone but he seems genuine and that puts a weight off her shoulders.


Frenchie them talks to Tiffany. He says he is not going to do things that fans expect and take out the easy person. Tiffany thinks Frenchie is trustworthy. He wants to get a big meathead out of the house.


Frenchie is talking to Brent and they talk about the bed. Frenchie is looking at Brent as a target because he has been distant. Brent admires the passion Frenchie has for his family. Brent talks about losing his father to suicide. They hug and Frenchie says he tries not to assume things about people. Brent says he’s always been stereotyped and labelled as a jock and a tool, but people would end up being surprised. Brent says he did not want to overwhelm Frenchie. Brent says he would protect him next week. They hug again. Frenchie says he is good with Brent because he misjudged him.


The HG are talking and thy hear music and they all head to the LR. The screen says The Wildcard Competition. Jokers are safe and they will not compete. Each week, the three eligible teams must send one player to send into the competition. Only three HG compete in the comp. The winning player can guarantee safety for themselves but not their team. Once a player has played, they cannot play again until the rest of the team has competed. If the team cannot agree, then a random draw will decide.


Time to figure out who will be going into the competition. Tiffany does not need this type of anxiety on day 2. She says they are already shook. Tiffany is ok with not doing it. Claire does not want to do this on week one. She already get second place in the HOH competition and she does not want a target. Kyland wants to do it, but he is hesitant.


The Kings are talking and Sarah Beth tells them Frenchie promised she was safe and Alyssa says the same. Christian feels like he has to play because he could be a physical threat. He has no choice but to play to secure his safety.


The Aces are discussing it. Derek X wants to wait. They discuss letting a random draw happen. The Queens have chosen Kyland. The Kings have chosen Christian. Frenchie is not thrilled that Christian is playing. The Aces could not decide so they are leaving it to fate. Frenchie draws from a bag and he draws Hannah.


Hannah did not want to play in this competition but she knows it is go time. Why would she not take a chance at safety? Frenchie tells them to change and get ready to get wild!


Kyland is first and he must search a hotel suite and find his keys, his wallet, and his phone, and he has to be quiet and has only five minutes to find everything. If he is too loud, he will be penalized points and if his time expires he will be penalized points.


Kyland feels pretty good with Frenchie, but this is Big Brother. He enters the room and his strategy is to be as quiet as possible. He knocks something over right as he opens the door.


He finds his phone and carefully picks it up because it’s by a champagne glass tower. He heads to the second room and he’s trying to find his wallet and he gets it.


Kyland is on to the last item and he knocks some stuff over. He finds his keys and he knows he is running out of time, so he has to make some noise and he exits the room.


Christian is up next and he says he has to win safety. He says this is his time. He also makes noise immediately upon entering. He starts taking down part of the champagne glass tower. He gets the phone and moves on.


He enters the second bedroom and grabs his wallet and moves on. He learned from door one and he barely opens the door to avoid knocking them over. He grabs his keys and there are marbles in the sink making noise as he gets the keys.


Christian says it looked like a fun party but he is out of here and he exits the room.


Hannah also knocks the cans over. She says she is a train wreck right now. She has her game face on and she is ready to go. She also learned from the first door and she makes it into the bathroom. She finds the keys and pulls them.


She has to climb over the bed to get to her wallet then she gets her phone and she makes a beeline to the door.


Time to find out the results. Hannah had a noise score of 114 with a total time of 6:03 and with a time penalty her total score is 414.


Christian had a noise score of 125 with a time of 3:41 so his score is 125. Kyland has a noise score of 136 and a time of 6:16 for a total of 486. Christian won the first wildcard comp!


They have a wheel with numbers 1, 2, and 3 on it. He is safe but he must spin the wheel to see how many of his teammates he can keep safe this week. If he spins 3, then they are all safe, but if he spins less then he has to decide who to save.


Frenchie is disappointed Christian won. Christian spins the wheel and he spins a 1. Whitney says the odds of her team being nominated just went up. Sarah Beth hopes Christian saves her. Christian selects Xavier.


Christian says Frenchie told Alyssa and Sarah Beth they were safe so he picked Xavier and now it is smooth sailing.


Frenchie says he now has no clue what he is going to do with his nominations. He cannot have this week being a bust.


Derek X and Travis and Frenchie are in the bathing area. Travis says every time he sees Frenchie he seems lost. He just needs to take a chill pill.


Kyland, Travis, and two others are talking about Frenchie blowing up his game. Tiffany says every time she turns around Frenchie is there. Several HG are in the kitchen and Frenchie is watching them from the balcony.


Frenchie is a very observant person and he notices Christian following Alyssa around like a puppy dog. If there is one thing he dislikes more than a meathead, it is a showmance. He needs to break that up.


Frenchie asks Kyland, Brent, Sarah Beth, Alyssa, and two others and asks if anyone has approached them for an alliance. Alyssa says no, just with her team. Frenchie says she is lying because something is going on with her and Christian. He may not be able to go after Christian, so he will go after the next best thing.


It is time for the nomination ceremony! Azah says she has no idea what is going on, but Frenchie says no woman will touch the block. He is on her team so she is crossing her fingers.


The HG settle at the table and Frenchie brings in the box. He has to nominate two people for eviction and when he turns the two keys in the box their pictures will appear on the memory wall and they will be the nominees.


The first nominee is Kyland. The second nominee is Alyssa. Frenchie says he nominated them because he had a dream he went fishing and in order to catch a big fish you have to have the perfect bait.


Alyssa wonders how is she the big fish. She did not see this coming at all after Frenchie promised not to put her up. Kyland thought he and Frenchie were good but this has him concerned but he is not going home this week.


Frenchie says if he cannot go after Christian, the he is going after the next best thing. Sarah Beth says Frenchie told her the girls were safe and she does not know what he is thinking.


Christian says this is personal because Frenchie went after his girl Alyssa. If Frenchie wants to go fishing, he is the great white shark.

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