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Monday, July 12, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

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Chess Parlor (CP)
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Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
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8:54AM BBT We finally have some movement in the BB House. Kyland is in the SR changing batteries.

Derek X is up now, too. He joins Ky in the gym for a morning workout.

9:07AM BBT  WBRB likely for Wakey Wakey

9:17AM BBT

The feeds have returned to all of the house lights on and HGs beginning their day

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9:30AM BBT

Alyssa is talking with Derek X in the LR. She looks upset.




Alyssa expresses her concern to Derek over votes after conversations at the chess board. SHe said when it was down to Ky and Travis the vote was unanimous (evict Travis) but when it was her and Travis, she had some votes. She asks Derek directly if she should expect to stay on the block. He says yes.


She laughs over something Kyland asked her "he asked me if I would feel more comfortable if it was Ky and Travis over me and Travis." She says it was a really stupid question and Derek agrees.

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9:46 AM BBT:  Derek X and Travis are talking in the LR. They are whispering so it is hard to hear. They are talking about who Derek X is going to use the POV on. Derek Tells Travis that because he is "fighting" Frenchie, he (Derek) cannot campaign for him to stay.  (I believe this conversation was about who Travis was more comfortable going up against). They move to the Kitchen and X tells them to be more careful about talking sh*t so conspicuously in the living room.  


9:49 AM BBT:  Whitney is called to the DR downstairs and says that she is about to make some food requests. We get FOTH.


9:51 AM BBT:  The feeds return to Derek X laughing in the KT. He and Brent are giggling about something.  I believe that they are talking about what time wake up calls are done.  They joke about BB Spinning the wheel that was used for the WC Comp to determine the wake up time. 


9:55 AM BBT:  X is making slot, Travis is making eggs and asking who else wants it.  Derek X says to scramble them all and they will get eaten. 


9:56 AM BBT:  Switching feeds, we have Whitney, Big D, Alyssa, Brittani and Christian are in the YBR talking about getting volunteers for the nomination block.  Alyssa mentions that they are on an indoor LD and Christian said he is p*ssed off about it because his clothes are all wet. 


10:00 AM BBT:  Alyssa is securing the votes from Big D and Brittani.  They both say that they have got her.  Alyssa said that she does not want to be the annoying one always asking about the vote and after the POV Ceremony, she will check in just one more time. Big D jokes that he will be the one rogue vote.  Everyone laughs and then Alyssa said then no one would trust him if he was the rogue vote.  They begin to speculate on who Derek X will be using the POV against. Alyssa says that he is using it on Ky. She explains that if Travis goes up against Ky, "they" believe the vote would be unanimous for Ky to stay. Alyssa says that she would have votes against her, so it is making Frenchie paranoid and not wanting Alyssa to have votes against her.  But now it is back at the original plan of using it on Ky. 

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10:40AM BBT

Alyssa has been chatting with Big D and Azah in the YBR. She lets them know about Ky's stupid question that he posed to her (something like: would you feel safer if it was me and Travis on the block?) Azah says Ky is good looking but he's a puppy dog and doesn't use his brain

Big D- has no brain

Alyssa says like what the fuck; I WOULD be safer

They all crack up over Ky's paranoia and his dumb question

Alyssa- the thing is, if it's not used (PoV) Ky will get more paranoid and it will help me

Alyssa leaves the room to shower.

Azah- yo, this puppy dog we got (Ky) he's like see spot run

Big D starts cracking up "I can't, I'm done I'm done. Kyland over here asking stupid questions"

Azah- I'm gonna have to talk to him

Big D- fucking Kyland; I told him let's get the POC (people of color) together and he was like 'well, I'm a half"...what the fuck; I'm just shocked, stunned, gagged; of all people; a buffoon

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12:00am-1:00am BBT: Frenchie going around making sure  that Alyssa would stay over Travis if he puts Travis up during the POV meeting. Frenchie then talks to Derek X. about Kyland being so nice to him to get off the block and how Kyland is making a final 2 deal with him at the same time, Derek X just sits and listens. General talk going on around the BY and house about the veto and about Frenchie being nervous.


1:00am-2:00am BBT: Frenchie is Talking to Alyssa  now about the Veto and if it will be used or not and he tells her that Sarah would vote to keep Kyland, Alyssa has a shocked look on her face and says oh really. Derek X and Travis are talking now and Derek X. tells him he may not use the POV at all as it has not been decided yet. Xavier goes to the HOHR and talks to Frenchie and tells him he needs to calm down and relax , Frenchie is getting upset with Xavier for telling him this. Derek X., Brent, and Travis come to the HOHR with Xavier and Frenchie to talk and get Frenchie to chill.

2:00am-3:00am BBT: Frenchie tells the them that this is the hardest HOH ever and how he got sick, He then talks to Derek X. and tells him that Kyland is going to win this game and that no one cares about Alyssa, He says maybe we need 2 men on the block and let them battle it out.

3:00am-4:00am BBT: Frenchie still talking about wanting 2 men on the block and taking Alyssa down since Kyland upset him tonight. Travis and Frenchie at the memory wall talking about who could be a replacement non and who would vote for who. Most HG getting ready for bed  as it is late in the BB house.

4:00am-5:00pm BBT: Brent tells Derek X. Frenchie, Travis  that maybe they need to leave the noms the same then Derek X says no that might be bad for my game, He says if Kyland stays on the block then it seems i am a liar and unloyal as i already told him several times i would take him off the block, Christian joins the HOHR Travis leaves, Travis  tells them if Kyland leaves  he could tell about their alliance of the slaughterhouse so Travis needs to go now. HOHR breaks up and starts getting ready for bed.

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11:16AM BBT

Kyland is talking with X in the HNR. He tells X that he prefers Baby D (the HGs call Derek X Baby D) is not nominated next week since he is using the veto on him. X says that depends on who wins HoH.

Kyland- yeah, I don't want to sacrifice my game, but I would prefer he not be nominated.



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11:25AM BBT

Frenchie and Brent are discussing how the rich stay rich and why the poor stay poor in the kitchen  while Travis listens in and shakes his head in agreement every now and then and Sarah Beth cleans up the mess her shaker bottle produced on the counter when she gave it vigorous shaking.

[Sure seems they have the answers to solve our nation's problems. ;-/ Y A W N  - MamaLong]







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10:30am BBT: Azah and Derek F talking in the YBR about they are close and then talk about  Kyland being paranoid about this veto meeting and Derek X says he needs to calm down.

10:45am BBT: Alyssa Joins Derek F and Azah in the YBR and talk about Frenchie and Derek X saying they do not know how to play  this  Game. Alyssa goes over possible votes she would have.

10:58am BBT: After a brief WBRB Derek F says people need to chill it is always game talk  they are not having fun they need to stop talking game and have some fun in this house.

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11:33AM BBT

Tiffany walks by the Poker and Parlor and sees SB and Claire talking. 

Tiff-  finally!

Sarah Beth- I feel so good about this three...you've got to come up with a good name

Tiff talks about SB being a "silent assassin"

Claire says like "The Boss Babes"

SB suggests a casino theme "like is there another word for people who count cards?"

They begin brainstorming "Jackpot" "Lucky 7s"

Tiff- we can say 'you just got hit by the Jackpot!   Cha Ching'

They settle on the Jackpot

Tiff- and that's our thing...

SB- cha ching 

All three agree and high five. They are excited about their alliance name The Jackpot








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11: 10am BBT: Azah, Britini, Derek F. and Hannah all in the YBR talking about past HG they would like to meat in person some day.

11:14am BBT: Frenchie talking with Sarah  in the KT about his son and the tragedy of losing him and how it effected him. Most HG doing ADL's and just talking general talk.

11:30 am BBT: Sarah Claire and Tiffany talking as they do make up about getting a name for their alliance. In the GYM Kyland is telling Xavier to work out a little harder than he is.

11:40am BBT: Tiffany, Sarah and Claire in the CR coming up with a name for their alliance as they say they want a casino name, they come up with the name Jackpot.  Tiffany and Claire still talking  and says that if they get HOH Alyssa will be their pawn as she is having no problems sitting on the block this week at all she is so calm.

11:53am BBT: Derek X, joins the Jackpot alliance and they are talking  about families and how many siblings they have in their family.

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1:37PM BBT The feeds have returned


1:49PM BBT

Big D and Alyssa are doing a fake talk show on Big D's couch-bed called "The Big Blue Couch." Alyssa is confessing to hooking up with Christian and then reveals to Big D that she hooked up with Brent, too. (this is all phony)



X is the show host. (there is no one else in the room)

The focus of today's show is "How Did Alyssa Get on the BLOCK?"

Alyssa confesses that she is a huge threat "a big fish"

When Big D asks why she mentions that she was hitting her buzzer really fast and then she hooked up with Christian "we were already banging on the jet ski" (the first night)

Big D- wow in 5 nights? (implying Alyssa has manhandled two men already...LOL)

Alyssa tells her story about Ky and his question about her feeling safer if the veto is used on her

Alyssa- I don't think (would be safer) I WOULD BE

Big D- do you think you should go get numbers; you know because the veto wasn't used? (to save Alyssa)

Alyssa- I mean I am a big fish, but I need to make people see that I don't need to go today

Alyssa- you know, I thought about it, and I really do feel safer on the block

[this is hilarious  -MamaLong]


Big D- do you feel...you know because you already hit two bodies and probably three, you're just not tellin' 

[they are having trouble remaining composed]

Azah has joined them


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image.thumb.png.840bb611950c6596ee34e622c11be713.pngAlyssa- I think I might use my throw up for strategy; maybe shake my arm again with the slop

Big D suggests she try to get with some girls to grab some votes

Alyssa- can we do this each week? (the talk show)

Big D- what I'm getting from all his speeches is that Frenchie is Old McDonald Had a Farm

*Feeds cut to WBRB

When the feeds return, Alyssa and Big D are closing their show and they are all laughing

Alyssa repeats that they need to do it every week.

2:05PM BBT Conversation has confirmed that the veto was used to save Ky and Travis was put up against Alyssa in Kyland's place.

2:11PM BBT

Azah and X whisper in the YBR about Travis needing to head out to his gf

Xavier says things get worse when Frenchie starts talking

Azah confides in X that they should go for the next HoH and if she wins it, she is putting up Baby D (Derek X to appease Frenchie) against Brent. She doesn't trust Brent at all and will make it clear he is her target. X agrees that Brent and Frenchie have gotten too close. Azah makes X swear he won't tell anyone her plan.


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2:01PM BBT In the YBR, Alyssa confirmed that she is on the block against Travis. Derek X used the veto to save Kyland and Frenchie nominated Travis as his replacement


2:06pm BBT In the YBR, Xavier tells Azah he is exhausted with the drama, seeing a member of his team on the block. Azah says she had to get out of there (the KT). They discuss what Travis might do.


2:10PM BBT While Xavier and Azah whisper in the YBR, the other HG are in various stages of lunch in the KT or at the DT. Frenchie and Alyssa talk about Kyland outside the WA.


2:11PM BBT Frenchie says he's going to help clean the house while Claire plans to chores. Alyssa is alone on the LR couch, trading gossip with Big D, who says he catches conversations because he's "Just There".


2:12PM BBT Big D tells Alyssa even though he's not safe, he thinks he's made connections with people. Azah tells Xavier she's playing Derek but don't say nothin. She leaves the YBR and joins Big D and Alyssa in the LR.


2:13PM BBT Big D says Travis went into the DR saying he'll miss the Roast Beef sandwiches. Azah tells Alyssa and Big D she can't be fake. Claire is blowing her hair dry in the WA.


2:34PM BBT HG were talking about a Toga party. Azah "there's going to be a Toga party tomorrow? It's going to be a ragger" to celebrate Kyland's BDay


2:45PM BBT - Xavier, Britini and Hannah are in the BR talking where Xavier admits he has cried 3 times while in the house. All family related.


3:01PM BBT Big D and Xavier are in the PP discussing that next week the girls are going to start taking shots at each other.  Xavier doesn't think he wants to win HOH. Xavier asks Big D, give me a scenario.  Big D says Britini doesn't like Sarah Beth. Lots of BRWB in feeds today.


3:07PM BBT Xavier asks Big D  - Let's look at the Slaughter House. Who do we think are the biggest threats.  Brent, Brent and Whitney because they are close to each other, together.  Xavier tell Big D that Christian likes us because he has a little bit of flavor, Christian is loyal.


3:10PM BBT Big D, this is going to be a mental game for us. The problem is we need to make sure the cookout doesn't know we are working in a slaughterhouse, we are going to have to keep them calm if they end up on the block, Xavier, by a slaughterhouse.

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5:07 PM BBT:  Feeds were on FOTH, but they came back and Azah is describing memes to Whitney and Britini.  The meme is something about being dusty and having uneven hair.  Whitney complains about how hot it is.  Azah agrees emphatically and then lays back down.  Whitney says that this room (SBR) sucks.  Azah talks about how she finally put her suitcase away yesterday.  


5:10 PM BBT: Switching feeds to Big D and Ky in the CP whispering to each other.  They are discussing the future HoH Competitions.  Ky is telling Big D about the competition where if you answer a question correctly, you choose the next two who answer a question.  Ky is telling Big D that he is thinking ahead.  Big D tells him that he needs to just be the beauty, that Big D needs him to just be the beauty and let him be the brains.  Big D says Ky just needs to do well in the comps and leave the rest to him.  We get FOTH.


5:13 PM BBT:  Feeds come back and the conversation hasn't changed much.  Ky and Big D are talking about the game. Big D is telling Ky that if he is on the block and he knows that he cannot secure all the votes then "you guys" cannot vote for me to stay (I am assuming that this is the Cookout that he is talking about - Sheldon). Ky says that he understands and agrees. Ky is still sporting the POV necklace and comments about how heavy it is and Big D agrees.  Ky gets up to go pee in the HoH Bathroom.  Big D gets up and says he needs to wake up and to move around. 


5:16 PM BBT: Big D Gets up and looks over the balcony and comments that everything is so clean. Frenchie comes up and asks what's going on.  Big D said that he was waiting for Ky to go to the bathroom so that he could use the bathroom.  Frenchie goes into the HOH Room.  Tiffany was in the room already.  Tiffany and Ky exit the HoH as Frenchie goes into the bathroom and asks Big D why people are acting weird around him.  Big D asks who and Frenchie said it is Xavier.  Frenchie said that when he walks into any room, everyone scurries.  Big D said that he has been waiting for him to come talk.  Frenchie said that they need more footage. How are they going to have a final 2 and have no footage, asks Frenchie.  Frenchie said that he was asked about the Slaughterhouse.  He said he needs to bring everyone in the room and officially form it. They exit the bathroom and sit down in the HOH.  Big D said that the issue is that if they get the Slaughterhouse all together, then the others will wonder why they aren't involved.  Big D said that isnt a good call.  Frenchie said that it doesnt matter because they have the numbers and for the rest of the season, they can do whatever the h*ll they want to do. (famous last words.... - Sheldon). Big D said that he needs him to chill out, and thats why he chose him.  Big D said that someone from the other side could win HoH and put the two of them up together. 


5:23 PM BBT:  Frenchie said that he wants to get the Slaughterhouse all together to make sure that everyone is down to go all the way.  Big D said that he thought everyone had done that.  Frenchie said that they need to make everyone official official because not everyone has been in the room together. Big D said that he trusts Frenchie and if he thinks that everyone needs to get into one room, ok. 


5:25 PM BBT:  Big D pulls the table to him to "get things straight".  Big D said that he knows that the final 3 is set, but once it gets down to the Slaughterhouse, they will need to figure out who goes.  Big D asks that Frenchie says mayday if they need to adjust their F3.  He said that they need to make sure everything is in tact and that no one pulls shenanigans.  Frenchie leaves the HOH and Big D said something about Frenchie wanting him (Big D) out.


5:28 PM BBT:  X joins in the HOH room.  Him and Big D start joking around about how Frenchie is trying to get the Slaughterhouse together.  They both laugh and say that the Cookout will NEVER be all together. Big D says that Frenchie is wearing him thin.  


5:31 PM BBT:  Camera swaps to Frenchie grabbing Alyssa and Whitney and telling them that they need to go to the HOH right now so that they can get footage of the Slaughterhouse all together.


5:32 PM BBT:  Frenchie, Alyssa, Whitney, Big D, Xavier, Ky, Christian, and Brent (who is in the bathroom) are all crowding around the table. 


5:35 PM BBT:  Derek X and Travis are in the gym right now.  Derek X is telling Travis to go upstairs and pitch himself to stay.  Derek is saying that he should go and say something about this being Derek's veto or something.  Derek says that he told Alyssa that she has his vote.  He said if the vote is up in the air, Travis has him. The boys now talk really loud about working out. Derek X says he feels like he is getting weaker. 

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6:12PM BBT: The feeds are back from WBRB. Most HG are in the KT; Sarah and Frenchie are chatting in HOHR; Ky and X are in Parlor.  Back to WBRB.

6:28PM BBT:  While some of the HG prep dinner, some of the guys try to make a makeshift cornhole game with the chairs and hats.

6:31PM BBT: Sarah and Frenchie are still in the HOHR discussing HG ages and their relationship in the game so far and how they've gotten along.  Feeds are in and out tonight so it's hard to follow.

6:32PM BBT: Sarah tells Frenchie that she worries there won't be showmances this year because she loves to watch them. He says "you do?".  She goes back over some famous ones.

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7:05PM BBT: Frenchie, Sarah and Tiff head down after seeing Christian wearing Hannah's crop top on the monitor. They join the HG playing a game at the KT table.

7:15PM BBT: Hannah and Alyssa leave the KT so they can talk about how Frenchie was also accusing Hannah of being in a showmance.  WBRB.

7:26PM BBT: Britini, Alyssa, Hannah discuss how next week will go if Alyssa were to win HOH and how relaxed it will be.  She will put whoever doesn't vote for her on on block.

7:30PM BBT: The HG are was all throughout the house (KT,  BA)  asking what each of their Greek names will be tomorrow for their toga party. 

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