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Saturday, July 10, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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1:33PM BBT: Ky rummages through the fridge to find something to eat til he finds something that does not stink - roast beef and lettuce. There is a quick screen of about 11 or 12 houseguests in one of the bedrooms laughing.






1:33PM BBT:  Alyssa joins Ky in the kitchen frustrated that there is a rumor that she has a showmance with Christian by day 4. Derek X told her that he backed away from her for that reason.  They cannot believe that talking to people, which is part of the game, is being mistaken for hooking up.  Frenchi and Derek X come into the kitchen.

2:15PM BBT: The players are currently playing the POV comp.  We'll keep you updated!

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4:00PM BBT The feeds are still on adorable adoptables from Rancho Coastal Humane Society.


4:15PM BBT

Feeds are back. Derek X won the veto.



4:15PM BBT

Christian is chowing on Ricola cough drops in the kitchen

Kyland opens the door to the Reef Bedroom, but the 3 in there ask for privacy to talk, so he leaves. In the Yacht Club Bedroom, Alyssa is talking about details from the competition with X and Azah.




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Alyssa-So he started at the first ice cube instead of starting at the top and I wasn't doing that. My thing was, I was nervous that just like he knew the straw was good and that would only take 5 seconds and my whole thought process was what if I use just the cube and make it in and then I go back and keep doing it...that was my thought process 'cause I thought of doing that but I was like, I'd rather start at the beginning because if I make it in at the beginning why do it...and I only used three pieces and I knew what three pieces I wanted at first. I was concerned about the kiwi and the pineapple. I wasn't sure where to put those. So I did the three and I was so close and I didn't want to add more and mess up


*Feeds cut to WBRB bubbles


4:37PM BBT

Alyssa asks Derek X if they can play chess and talk later because she wants him to have his moment now and doesn't want it to be all about her, but obviously she is on the block and hopes to talk. He agrees to play chess with her late and she leaves Derek X alone in the Yacht Cub Bedroom

Derek X addresses the camera:

"I don't know what camera is on me but this dude Brent never says anything new. Can we have a clock that counts how many times he says "just do what Frenchie says?' *sighs Oh, you can't pick your family."



4:42PM BBT Frenchie is talking to Claire and Sarah Beth in the Poker Parlor when Alyssa walks through but spills something on the floor so goes looking for a towel to clean it up.

Frenchie- I don't want her going home

Claire-me either

Sarah Beth- I don't either

Claire and Sarah Beth both say "I like her"

Sarah Beth- and she's not coming after you, so

Claire- yeah, no absolutely not, absolutely

*Alyssa returns and cleans her mess.


Britini and Tiffany have joined them to talk.

4:48PM BBT

In the kitchen, Derek X and Christian chat. Derek says he can finally breathe. Christian asks if Frenchie wants the noms to stay the same. Derek says he hasn't talked to him yet. Christian says he wants him to save his boy. Derek says he will talk with Frenchie and see what he wants to do.



[Sorry y'all, but I have to go for now. I hope someone else can take over the coverage here.  -MamaLong]

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image.thumb.png.65fe250a46f15f980ce0cc71185f54d2.png5:53PM BBT  Gym

Derek X and Kyland discuss that Alyssa is going home. It looks like the veto will be used to save Ky so Derek can secure loyalty with Frenchie and his fries. The plan is to put a female up in place of Kyland and let the house decide with odds being Alyssa will go because she is working with Christian (she says that's only because they are on the same team=Kings) They will then oust Christian next week.

[They are forgetting this one little thing: expect the unexpected.  -MamaLong]



Derek X agrees to tell Kyland if a scenario comes up where he does not use the veto. 




*Feeds cut to WBRB (which btw, have a horribly annoying audio static-hum ever since PoV]

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5:50PM BBT:  Frenchie, Brent and Alyssa are on the LR couch discussing the game of chess.  Brent offers to teach her, but she says that she's asked Derek X to teach her later tonight.  She follows up with that Derek says that he kind of knows how to play and Brent laughs and shakes his head. She follows up with ok, she really just wants to talk with Derek.

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6:08PM BBT:  Brent and Alyssa are on the LR couch talking while she works a wooden puzzle.  She says she should've won that.  He tells her "there will be others".  She says "for me?"  He looks away and says "there will be others".  Then there is an awkward silence.  They go back to talking about her puzzle and he leaves the room to put socks on. 


7:39PM BBT: Most of the houseguests are either on the LR couches or the KT eating / talking.  Everyone seems to be in a good mood and it's difficult to drill down on any one conversation.

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#BB23 6:15PM BBT: It appears that Brent has a signature move of the season.  He will jump up and click his heels as he enters a room, as well as glide on the floor with his socks.  He is hoping for production to make a montage.  Bob?  Did you hear that? 



7:59PM BBT: Derek X and Britini talk about what workouts they can do in the gym or endurance going forward.  He asks if she wants to do yoga with her.  She says she will take him up on that  because she doesn't want to twist her ankles.  She brought her ankle braces just in case.



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Big Brother Time 9:44pm

Frenchie and Derek X are talking about Alyssa in the HOH room.

Frenchie is telling Derek X that he may have misunderstood Alyssa's motivations and now he says his heart is broken because she is a sweet girl who has no real reason for being on the block.

Derek X tries to respond, but Frenchie interrupts him, telling him that anyone against Kyland on the block will lose the votes, but the case is not the same for Alyssa.

Derek X asks if he should remove Alyssa, Frenchie says that the pool for who will go up is small, he mentions Sarah Beth and Claire. 

Derek X mentions Hannah, Frenchie says she is an encyclopedia, but she has made friends.
Frenchie adds Travis to the list of people who would stay if put up against Alyssa. Frenchie insists that Travis would get 7 votes to leave when Derek X says 8.

Derek X tells Frenchie that his team has 4 votes and he assumes that those votes will be a decider.

Frenchie tells Derek X that his protection in the house is Kyland and Travis, but he could offer Derek X a lot more than that.  He tells Derek X, “I am very close to some of your team.” 
Frenchie tells Derek X he does not want to tell him what to do, he starts to say more but we get bubbles. After just a few seconds feeds return and it sounds like Frenchie is “spilling the tea”, he tells Derek X, “We all have a plan this week.”  He says Derek X should enjoy the veto, Derek X should enjoy the veto and do what is best for his game.

Frenchie also tells Derek X, 'Your name has come up a lot this week.” When Derek X asks him why he defended him (Derek X), Frenchie responds by telling him that everyone in the house should be respected as people, if he (Frenchie) leaves next week he will know that he has his dignity intact.
Bubbles return

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10:00 pm Big Brother Time


Feeds return at 10:02pm Big Brother Time

Frenchie is telling Derek X that Kyland is involved in more than.....he doesn't finish the sentence, but Derek X understands the implication. Frenchie tells Derek X that he has the numbers to protect him (Derek X), then lets it slip, “I have a little more than half the house.”
Frenchie goes on to compliment Derek X on his savvy, personality, his humor and so on.

Frenchie tells Derek X that he would like to bring him in on the fun the huge group will assuredly have and that his (Frenchie's) word is good about that.  He says there has been no alliance formed, but they have all developed good friendships. (Derek X does not respond with “I know”, as he has many times after other Frenchie declarations)

Camera moves to lavatory area where Sarah Beth is listening to someone whispering from the shower.  They mention “being taken off the block”, so we can assume it is Kyland she is talking too.  (The hand that is draped over is a brown tone and square, so I am comfortable with that identification) After a little bit of murmured conversation Sarah Beth tells him that they will reconnect in the morning.

Camera moves to Derek F leaving a bedroom with Claire and Whitney, but it moves back to Frenchie and Derek X.

Frenchie is telling Derek X that he was told that Christian, then Travis would be sent from the house quickly, but things happened to prevent that.

Camera moves back to the bedroom where Derek F, Claire and Whitney are talking about slip in slide.  He leaves again, and the two girls talk about the reason they are there is to win. Whitney tells Claire that in their team one person was trying to get rid of another within the team.  Claire tells Whitney that Frenchie came up to the team in a meeting and outed them. Assuming she is talking about Derek X, since she says “that's why he is up there with him now.” She says “he won one comp.”, and he is trying to do damage control. Whitney continues to gossip about Derek X.

Gossip moves on to people who constantly go up the HOH and bother them.  They try to figure out who Frenchie is close to that would be safe and who is is in danger.  Claire is talking so quietly she is hard to hear. 

General gossip between the girls. 

Whitney doesn't think Derek X knows he was a targeted back door and has no plan to tell him.
She tells Claire that she felt a connection to Frenchie on day 1, and probably wouldn't share information.  She tells Claire that an “organic conversation with him” (not sure who “him” is, Claire speaks at a very low volume, but possibly Claire is thinking of telling Frenchie some information she has about another person. (It has to do with people running to the HOH during their week for the sole purpose of survival in the game).

The girls continue their house gossip while a group forms in the HOH room.

Brent has gone into the room and confronts Derek X about the situation with the teams and calls him out for claiming that he (Brent) was being distant. He tells Derek X that he (Derek X) had denied having some sort of conversation but there were two witnesses to the conversation.

Frenchie inserts himself (again), saying that Derek X shared that he was feeling “left out”.

Derek X says that Brent took the conversation wrong, Brent disagrees.

Brent tells Derek X if they wanted him to go, they would have put him on the block, there would be no need for a back door.  Derek X responds with a comment about the back door always being an option.

Frenchie says Derek X drew a line in the sand and they responded to it. Frenchie tells Derek X they have numbers in the house, but there is no alliance.

When Derek X asks if he would be considered to be in an alliance, Brent tells him they are already on the same team, and Frenchie tells him to “keep his mouth shut”. Brent says they can rebuild things from here. Brent and Frenchie continue to insist that Derek X was not considered to go on the block, Frenchie tells him that he would have put Travis up if he had won the veto, and the votes would have sent Travis home. Frenchie tells Derek X that he moved too fast in the game, but they saw loyalty in him because he was willing to give Brent up.

Derek X says he is planning to use the veto and would like to move forward with them.

Frenchie calls Travis a comp beast, Derek X says Travis has won nothing. Frenchie back tracks and says 'well he is charismatic”. They promise Derek X a “smooth ride”with them, but Frenchie insists he wants Derek X to do whatever he wants with the veto, because he knows that he (Frenchie) will not be safe next week.

The promises become larger, they tell Derek X he will be good to at least jury.  There are five evictions before that happens.

Derek X promises them loyalty, Frenchie says he knows that and it is the reason Derek X was not put on the block.  Frenchie also believes that Travis will be angry. Derek X says that Travis might not be bothered as much as they think since he has already mentioned he might be better off just going home.

Continued rehashing and stroking of Derek X.

Meanwhile Derek F and Tiffany are talking about Frenchie leaving his team in the dark and making nominations without even talking to them.

Derek F says that might work in their favor because they can claim innocence based on ignorance.

Tiffany says she believes Frenchie has not treated them like a “team”, she won't throw him under the bus.

Derek F tells Tiffany that Britini thinks she has all of them, but in reality she does not. He wonders if it is better if they don't know what is going on.

Tiffany says she is upset because she is not stupid, even though that is her game (playing stupid and aloof).  She says she had to wait outside for 20 minutes while he keeps calling other people into the room. She says being kept waiting was being rude to his team mate.

Camera moves around the house

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11:05pm Big Brother Time

Derek X has left the HOH room and Brent and Frenchie are listing the votes they will need (assume to evict Travis)

Derek X has gone to Xavier and is telling him he wanted to win veto to prove himself to the house.  
Derek X says that on day 1 he picked up on a vibe with Xavier and others in the house. He says he mentioned good energy with them, 

then on day 2 Christian seemed to be the house target and there were other people he felt connected to. He started to realize that Frenchie had asked Kyland to compete in the Wild Card competition and  there was something there that made him not sure about who was with who. Derek X says he saw that Brent was rallying numbers in the house so he started scrambling. Derek X says he saw Brent, Kyland and Frenchie were in the room and when he went in he (Derek X) room he was confronted, and that cause him to believe he was a target. 
Derek X is not sure what happened, but it was exposed before it could even come together and he is puzzled about how that happened.

Xavier says once he knew he was safe he was not avoiding, he was just “chillin”. Xavier says he goes to bed really early, but even so he was “so tired” by the time he knew he was safe....

Derek X says he should have talked to Brent, but nevertheless he now has the power of veto. Xavier says he has learned new information during the conversation his is having now with Derek X.

Derek X says “that house burnt to the ground quicker than it took to tell you this story.”

Derek X says his time in the HOH was the first one on one with Frenchie, and it seems to be okay now, and he is appreciative of that.

Xavier says it seems like that has been mended.
Cameras move to the bedroom for a few minutes then goes back to Xavier and Derek X.

Xavier asks if Derek X is using the veto and Derek X tells him he is using it on Kyland. Xavier asks if it has been clarified that he is doing that (with Frenchie). Derek X tells him that has.

Whitney comes into the room and conversation moves to trying to not be tired..., she leaves and Xavier offers him advice to allow himself to be “reborn in this game.” Whitney comes back, says goodnight and leaves.

Derek X wonders how many people are upset that he won the veto, Xavier doesn't think so, but he is happy that this is a good opportunity.  Xavier says that if he has promised or said that he would use the veto he should do that.

Xavier asks Derek X who would be the replacement and Derek X says “Trav”. Xavier tells him to not use names, encourages him to play “for yourself”. 

Cameras bounce around a bit but come back to the conversation between Xavier and Derek X.

Derek X says he plans to continue to observe and see if the conversation he had with Frenchie and Brent were genuine.  He says he knows who have been there for him. Derek says he is aspiring to win the award, “most improved house guest”.

Moving on to Christian and Britini with Derek F (Big D) We can hear Tiffany and Whitney.
The discussion is whether or not the house is in agreement with Derek X using the veto.

Whitney says that it is Frenchie's HOH, but Tiffany asks if Derek X wants to use it or does he feel forced to do it.  
Whitney says Derek X has to use it to prove loyalty to the HOH. 
Christian believes Derek X has mending to do. 
Tiffany says “if he uses it now, who is the Big Fish now?”
Big D says “there is only one person left.”  He says Travis.
He says Derek X has no choice but to use the veto, but he also says he already knows who he will vote out next week.
Christian asks if the votes are going to send Travis out.
Big D says they need to wait until the veto is/is not used then regroup.
Christian says Derek X doesn't have to use it, there is a way not to.
He is met with disagreement from the others, they think he “has' to use it.
Christian says he trusted Frenchie not to put his team mate up but he did, now he has to trust him again.
Cameras move to Derek X and Tiffany are talking.

Tiffany is telling Derek X that she has no “feelings” about any of “that”. She says she fully forgave Derek X. Derek X must be making faces at her and teasing her about thinking the straw in the competition was a hockey stick.  She starts giggling and fun slapping at him, they continue to giggle.

They go into the storage room.

Tiffany tells Derek X that she knows he is smart, but he says he plans to play stupid. Tiffany tells him he already has been playing stupid.  Derek X laughs and says he has. Tiffany says she wants to work with him. 

Tiffany tells him if he is HOH and nominates someone he wants out he should keep quiet about it.  She tells him it should be someone he feels he would not miss when they leave. Tiffany tells him that Frenchie doesn't talk to her but Derek X says she is definitely not being thought of as an option for the block.

These two are cutting up in a big way in the storage room, Camera 3 at about 10:50pm. There is also game play in the middle of it.  Tiffany is giving Derek X good advice and Derek X is giving her good intel.

They come up with a code word, Tiffany says he should use “pineapples” as the code word if she is ever in trouble in the game. She will do the same for him.

Kyland comes into the storage room, Tiffany casually drops her banana peel into the trash can, while Kyland has his back turned Derek X slip by him with a peeled banana in his hand. (Superior slick move—kudos!!!).

Here ends the day on Big Brother!! House guests just beginning to wind down a little.


As you go about your busy day my darlings, remember to be kind, and make sure yesterday takes up a very very small role in this new, wonderful day.  Gnight and be safe---hugs from Grannysue

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