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Saturday, July 10, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations or nicknames not used in the house.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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Please feel free to post info for other updaters to let them know how long you can update, or when you're taking a break and you want someone else to take over.


...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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1:48AM BBT

The last of the HGs finally get in bed and the lights go out in the BB House


6:33AM BBT

WBRB bubbles for Wakey Wakey

6:59AM BBT

The feeds return to HGs up and getting ready for Veto Competition day.





7:32AM BBT  WBRB bubbles

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7:36AM BBT Feeds return to Sarah Beth and Tiffany in the bathroom talking about wearing padded bras with Azah. Sarah Beth says her nipples are "hard, perpetually" so she can't get away with not wearing one.


Tiffany is called to the downstairs DR for COVID test




Sarah Beth- this is for the COVID test, right?

Travis- mm hmm


Feeds cut to WBRB

Britini takes out her braids and laughs about her hair looking like a lion's mane. Azah passes through and says "love it." Sarah Beth tells her she looks like Hermione Granger

Brit- YES! That's an honor. I love her.




7:50AM BBT  Reef Bedroom

Tiffany is telling Claire that she didn't realize that Christian and Brent had a conflict yesterday "They were about to be coming after each other after noms. I didn't realize they hadn't talked game with each other. Brent didn't realize Christian was coming for him"

Claire- it's interesting that Brent is paranoid

Tiff- I think Brent knows his strengths. He is paranoid because others see it. Why would you be paranoid if you're not a threat?


7:56AM BBT  We have an audio leak from production (Sean Murphy, maybe?) "Hey houseguests this is Sean. Can you hear me?" The HGs respond "yes"

Sean- okay, that wasn't terrible, right? You all survived (COVID tests)  so, um, it will be every uh starting Tuesday night it will happen weekly


WBRB bubbles on the Feed

8:02AM BBT The feeds return

Kyland is talking with Sarah Beth in the bathroom speculating about the veto comp. Sarah Beth hopes she gets to play.  [sorry y'all, but it's difficult for me to listen to Ky. He talks with constant pauses and hesitations. He is pretty to look at, though  -MamaLong]



8:06AM BBT Feeds cut to WBRB for a minute


8:08AM BBT Half of the HGs are in the LR waiting for the comp and talking about fishingimage.png.07eb603c163242395d16430a885ffb8d.png


Feeds cut to WBRB again for a minute

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8:40AM BBT

Kyland is connecting with Sarah Beth over costumes and conventions in the Sea Glass Bedroom (Comic Con, Anime, etc.) Xavier is listening in saying he has never been to a convention. Ky begins telling his story about his police officer costume.



8:43AM BBT  Feeds cut to WBRB then to RCHS for PoV competition picks





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9:23AM BBT: Picking HGs for the POV comp is over, Frenchie walks into the SR and says "OH my gosh, worst case scenario," before walking back to the LR. In the RBR, Travis and Kyland are chatting, Travis says, "I'm going to bleed for it, I would use it." Kyland tells Traivs, "I didn't like it that there were like 6 chips in there. That's using legal definitions because it is still random if there are just 6 chips in there, it just lowers it."

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9:29AM BBT

We are back on Rancho Coastal animals

9:31AM BBT And not the feeds return to Travis, Derek and Ky talking alone in the Reef Bedroom


Power of Veto Players = Frenchie, Alyssa, Kyland, Derek X, Tiffany, Travis

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9:36AM BBT: Frenchie, Kyland, Travis, and Derek X are in the HOHR. Frenchie talks about having an upset stomach, Travis says it's just the "stress" of the game. They talk about the upcoming comp and what it may be. 


9:39AM BBT: Frenchie tells Kyland that he wants him "off the block." He says that Kyland has been a "pawn" this entire time and that once Kyland comes off the block it's going to go "female, female" and that Frenchie is fine being the "jacka**." Frenchie tells Kyland that he needs to ''win the VETO'' and ''use it'' on himself. 

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9:41AM BBT: Frenchie says the ''voters scare me,'' and he doesn't want them to "turn" on him. Frenchie says he would be ''devastated'' if this goes wrong. ''No matter who wins,'' Frenchie says, he doesn't think it would be good to have a girl and a guy on the block and that it needs to be ''two girls'' and "let the house pick at that point.''

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9:44AM BBT: Frenchie continues to talk in the HOHR, says he will be ''pissed'' if this doesn't go the way he wants because that would mean his HOH was pointless. They all leave the HOHR.


9:49AM BBT: Alyssa, Derek X, and Frenchie are in the gym talking about being picked for the VETO comp. They talk about what kind of comp they want it to be, Alyssa is hoping for a ''balancing'' comp. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. When it's back, Alyssa and Frenchie are in the WA talking about how they felt during the ceremony. Tiffany walks in and starts to do Alyssa's hair. Frenchie leaves.


9:52AM BBT: Frenchie is back in the gym with Derek X and Brent whispering. Derek X is saying they have "fifteen awesome people" and then they joke about it really being "fourteen amazing people" when the cameras aren't looking. Frenchie tells them to remember to "have fun." Derek X asks if he can have a ''one on one'' with Frenchie, Frenchie ignores him at first and Derek X asks again. Frenchie says he needs to use the bathroom first.


10:02AM BBT: The HGs are now scattered around the house in groups chatting, just general conversation.


10:06AM BBT: Brent and Derek X are whispering in the KT. Derek X says he's with Brent "game wise" and they talk about conversations with other HGs. They talk about who they have "strong connections" with. Derek X says he believes they'll be good "next week."


10:11AM BBT: Claire and Kyland are chatting in the WA, Claire says she believes Kyland would be safe if it's him and Alyssa on the block. Tiffany is on the other side of the WA, but not currently part of the conversation.


10:12AM BBT: Claire thinks that Traivs will be the one going on the block if Kyland comes down. Tiffany joins in the conversation, she thinks they need to ''get with the havenots.'' Kyland says he's had some ''great conversations.'' 


10:13AM BBT: Tiffany thinks they need to ''stay out of it'' right now and fly under the radar. Kyland believes that if Derek X wins the VETO, he will take Kyland off. The conversation ends when Frenchie walks in. They talk about Arby's.

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10:15AM BBT: Tiffany and Claire are whispering in the SBR, talking about alliances. Tiffany says Azah approached her about an alliance with herself, Tiffany, Claire, and Britini. Claire is supportive of forming that alliance. They approach Britini in the SR about the ''four person'' alliance. Britini is all for it and they brainstorm a name. 


10:16AM BBT: Tiffany and Claire approach Britini in the SR about the ''four person'' alliance. Britini is all for it and they brainstorm names. They consider a few names before leaning towards ''Siren Sisters - Make A Little Noise.''



10:25AM BBT: Xavier and Alyssa are whispering in the YBR about Frenchie and Brent. Alyssa asks Xavier if Travis will ''really use'' the VETO on Kyland if he wins in. Xavier believes Travis will. Xavier says they only have to worry if Derek X wins it.


10:26AM BBT: Alyssa is upset that she picked Derek X to play. Sarah walks in. Xavier believes the VETO will be used no matter who wins it and he thinks they can save both Alyssa and Kyland from eviction. Assuming Alyssa isn't saved. Sarah agrees.


10:30AM BBT: Sarah and Alyssa leave the YBR, Xavier says it will ''all work out.'' 


10:33AM BBT: Derek X and Kyland are whispering in the CP about alliances and how people can play different games with different people. Kyland talks about the ''different winners'' of BB and the different strategies. 


10:35AM BBT :Xavier and Derek F are talking in the gym. BB tunes in during a conversation where Derek F is saying ''...and that's who I would go for if I win HOH.'' Xavier says that if Derek X wins, this would be a great opportunity to get Travis out. Derek F agrees.

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10:26AM BBT: Alyssa joking with Ky that she picked Derek X to play and says "the only luck I've had in this house is getting picked to BE in this house.  That's it."  They laugh.



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10:36AM BBT: Xavier tells Derek F that they can always save Travis for another week, especially one where a girl is HOH. Derek F agrees. Xavier says Travis and Derek X are options to put on the block.


10:39AM BBT: Sarah and Frenchie are in the HOHR. Sarah says Frenchie is ''hating on his HOH gifts.'' She tells Frenchie she wanted to ''touch base'' with him about her not talking to him very much lately. Sarah says it's because of the way she was raised that she didn't want to overwhelm him. Sarah says she's ''really interested'' in working with Frenchie, Frenchie is happy she is.


10:41AM BBT: Sarah tells Frenchie that she trusts him ''a lot'' and Frenchie assures Sarah that she was never an option for the block. Frenchie tells Sarah that ''Alyssa was never" on his radar and then he heard that Alyssa and Christian were ''coming after'' him.


10:44AM BBT: Frenchie says his entire mood has changed towards Derek X. Frenchie says he's not ''comfortable'' this next week. He doesn't know what people really think of him. Sarah agrees.


10:45AM BBT: Derek F, Britini, and Christian are talking in the KT. Derek F hopes a girl wins next week. In the HOHR, Sarah asks if Frenchie is still interested in a group alliance. Frenchie doesn't really answer her, he just tells her that she's ''well liked'' in the house.


10:46AM BBT: Sarah and Frenchie agree to ''try to get Claire'' into their alliance this evening. 

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11:00 AM BBT Christian and Frenchie are talking in the HoH. F "We have a lot of people to get rid of to get to top 5." They say that they have won a lot of comps in a few days so that is probably why others tried to pit them against each other.


11:06 AM BBT In the HOH, Frenchie tells Christian that he can't wait to get out of the HoH. He can't enjoy the game because he is so stressed. "You are going to laugh so hard at the DR session. WBRB.


11:09 AM BBT In the HOH, Frenchie and Christie discuss that Hannah is going to be tough on memory comps. She knows her stuff. How does she remember the stuff from years ago?


11:15 AM BBT Puppy/Kitty cam


11:18 AM BBT Brent and Travis are in the LR talking about relationships. Brent says that marriage is just legal. You can trust, love and be committed without it. WBRB.

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11:21 AM BBT Feeds return. Travis is now sitting alone in the LR. Several of the HGs are in the KT talking about music. Frenchie is called to the DR. Travis says it isn't POV time because they will call Derek for that.


11:26 AM BBT Christian, Derek X, Whitney, Sarah Beth. Kyland and Claire are in the poker parlor talking about movies. Sarah Beth was about to go to Disney in Tokyo for the new Beauty & the Beast ride when Covid hit. She had been learning to speak Japanese and everything in preparation. 


11:34 AM BBT Alyssa, Xavier and Travis are talking in the LR. She isn't sure when is a good time to talk to Frenchie about the veto and if he would even use it. Xavier says that she can't wait too long. Today may be veto all day and she end up running out of time.


11:38 AM BBT Alyssa, Tiffany and Hannah are talking in the WA. Tiffany says she is ready to out Frenchie the Frenchie. She is going to start saying Frenchie now. What The Frenchie. BB asks that someone clean the mirror over the sink.


11:42 AM BBT Derek X takes Alyssa and Tiffany to the gym so that they can do some stretches before the comp. Tiffany leaves to get water. Alyssa tells Derek X. that if he were to have the opportunity to use the veto on her, she would have his back in turn.


11:46 AM BBT In the gym, Alyssa tells Derek X that Frenchie won't tell her much. She thinks she is nominated because she is close to people that he isn't close to. Frenchie won't make eye contact with her. 


11:47 AM Alyssa says she was surprised that Frenchie called her the "Big Fish". She is afraid to leave week 1 because of something that someone else did. She has a weird vibe and doesn't think she is the pawn. She doesn't understand what is going on. 


11:53 AM BBT Alyssa and Derek X are still in the gym. He says that he doesn't know anything. Big D knows everything. She says that people are already questioning about her being in a showmance already. She says no way she spreads her legs Day 3.

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12:00 PM BBT Frenchie & Azah are talking in the YBR. He tells her that he needs her to keep being real with him. She admits she is going to have a hard time dealing with people being dishonest with her. He tells her that she will figure out who is being real in time.


12:05 PM BBT Azah says that she and Frenchie have different game styles and she trusts him. He scared her, he is going 120 miles an hour. She has never gone over 65. She will just trust him. They don't have to talk all the time. Just trust.


12:08 PM BBT Alyssa joins Azah and Frenchie in the YBR. Alyssa tells them that Little D didn't realize if he wins and uses the veto, he is also safe. She had to explain it to him.


12:10 PM Alyssa, Azah and Frenchie are in the YBR. He says that he has to nominate people, p*ss them off, and then go to bed alone. Frenchie is not going to rush to talk to Kyland, but he will have to talk to him. Alyssa says that he is getting paranoid.


12:13 PM BBT Frenchie tells Alyssa and Azah that what he does not want from their season is people to shun each other or do that to people on the block. No one should feel that way. This needs a good experience for everyone. 


12:27 PM BBT Azah, Alyssa and Frenchie talk in the YBR. Azah is talking about being in the hospital. She is on the phone with her mom on the phone and her mom makes her laugh. It results in her having an "accident" and it kept on happening. She had to wear diapers for 4 days.


12:31 PM BBT Brent, Christian, Sarah Beth and Kyland are on the balcony discussing tattoos. They admit that getting tattoos can be addictive. They discuss getting tattoos on the ankle after "giving everyone the boot". 


12:35 PM BBT It is quite loud in the house. Everyone is waiting for the veto comp and there are little conversations going on in every corner of the house. Most of the conversations that we are hear are Christian & Brent talking sports.


12:39 PM BBT Christian, Kyland and Brent are on the balcony looking over the railing at all the people downstairs. They are talking about how BB hit it out of the park with the cast this year. They went all out.


12:42 PM BBT Britini, Sarah Beth and Claire are talking in the KT. They are discussing Britini's food allergies while she makes herself a sandwich. She offers Sarah Beth one but she is reminded that Sarah Beth is a HN.


12:51 PM BBT Britini is in the WA talking to Tiffany (I think) through the door of the WC. Tiffany tells her that she can't hear her because the bidet is going. Britini "Is that thing nice?" Tiffany "Girl, that is the first thing I am buying when I get out." WBRB.  

Bathroom Talk.jpg

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Morning flashback:

10:53am In the HoH, Frenchie finds a note his wife put in his socks. Sarah said she saw it fall out when he took them out. She thinks it's adorable that his wife did it.


EDIT: The note apparently said "I love you." and was soon confiscated in the DR. So, harmless note, but shows a huge gap in supposed BB security checks of stuff coming into the house.

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1:00PM BBT: Brent and Tiffany are in the gym. Brent is working on the machines while Tiff is doing stretches on the floor. She tells him she needs someone like him to do stuff and they agree that they have a good rapport. Christian and and Xavier come in and jokingly break them up - but then they whisper about talking to her after they rush her out of the gym.




1:20PM BBT: Brent wraps up his workout session as all eyes have been on him for the past 15 minutes.  Including his own.







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