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Friday, July 9, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB23-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:
Chess Parlor (CP)
Dining Table (DT)
Head of House Room (HOHR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Kitchen (KT)
Living Room (LR)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Reef Bedroom (RBR)
Sea Glass Bedroom (SBR)
Storage Room (SR)
Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Yacht Club Bedroom (YBR)


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7:13 AM BBT:  Sarah Beth is up and at em! She went to the bathroom and is in the kitchen area now.  The lights are all still off so it is difficult to see exactly what she is doing, but I think she is making coffee.


7:15 AM BBT:  Sarah Beth moves back to the bathroom and then back to the kitchen.  She might have a mug of slop, but BB has yet to turn the lights on in the kitchen. 


7:16 AM BBT: BB heard my Vries of frustration and turned on the light in the KT.  Sarah Beth is taking out the trash. While she is in the SR, she changes out her battery pack.  


7:40 AM BBT:  All four cameras are on sleeping HGs.  (I looked away and dont know if Sarah Beth went back to bed or not...)


8:10 AM BBT:  Xavier is up and about making his way down to the bathroom. Azah is already in the bathroom washing her face. Xavier comes out of the WC and touches his face (before he washes his hands, has this pandemic taught us nothing?!) and then proceeds to wash his hands.  some general chit chat going on between Azah and Xavier.  


They begin talking about being discreet with the "Cookout".  Xavier talks about being nervous about being Christian's pick and Azah agrees that it was a smart move on Christian's part to pick Xavier.


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12:10AM BBT

Xavier, Bid D, Azah and Alyssa are in the backyard chatting. Alyssa gets up saying she'll be right back and some game talk begins


Big D.: our main focus is The Cookout. We need Tiffany out here.

[The Cookout Alliance = Bid D, Azah, X and Tiffany and they are trying to draw in some more numbers]

X: we are gonna need more people

Big D.: when we were in the kitchen, we didn't tell Hannah but we did say we got her back. Hannah is on the outside so that's 6 and we bring Frenchie but if Frenchie get out of control

X: right, it's bye bye

Azah: but I don't think Frenchie needs to know all about; the name, nothing

Big D : oh no

X: no, no...we ain't tellin' nobody....the Cookout

Big D : Baby girl, we... no we can't; we talking cold: fried chicken, macaroni, mac & cheese, collard greens

X: we need to have ears in the other room, though

Azah:  yes

X: 'cause we think Frenchie and the other dude...was it Christian?

Azah: but your boy, Christian, is a beast

Big D : I know that

X: I know, here's the thing, Christian is skilled in competition

Big D mm hmm




Brent walks out and breaks up the conversation.

Big D : where have you been? You're not sleeping in our room tonight. Where have you been? I been looking for you. I'm joking. Alyssa joins them, too.



12:32AM BBT

Derek X and Tiffany are whispering in the HoHR

Tiffany: I can't read Xavier at all

Derek: we are kinda low key trying to talk to each other but I don't know, he and Frenchie might be super tight. If it came down to it, I would have to convince 9 people in the house that it is better to go with me than Frenchie

Tiff: don't trust him. I think Travis is strong and can win some competitions but it feel slike a bomb squad to me. There's a lot of game talk going on and it's day 2

Derek X: they have accelerated the game when there's 25% chance of me going up. Let me ask you, I feel like Frenchie has Xavier, Big D...thing is I am tight enough with Trav and Kyland

Tiff: I still think you cna get Brent. I don't think he is all the way. Don't forget Christian. Christian doesn't have anybody and he knows he is a target which is why he played in the comp and he beasted it. So it's you Trav Ky, Christian, me

Derek: Okay that's the guys

Tiff: maybe we could get Claire

Derek: no, she is the one going against me. Who are you closest to on the girls side? I feel good with the guys. I feel I could get Alyssa

Tiff: we can convince her that it is better to get with someone on your team

Derek: we could get Whitney

Tiff: Whitney, that's 8

Derek: Who's Claire's team?

Tiff: me, Trav and Ky so  Claire's team and Whitney's team need to join together. That's 8 people

Derek: that's what we need to do. I'm trying to see if there is a way to avoid all of this

Tiff: do it: I feel you are a target...you can get to Frenchie through his heart. I do like Frenchie, but I see he is emotional. Brent was like it wasn't that we weren't vibing, I was just giving you your time to be HoH




Cam switches to Reef Bedroom with Claire and Ky talking for a minute. Claire says she hasn't been observing the guys very much but has been watching the girls   

Cam pops back to HoHR



[sorry about my screen shots, y'all! I can't get crisp images off the feeds. I've tested all my settings, but the feeds just seem blurry no matter what device I'm using]


Tiffany: right now we need a number for you to stay

Derek X: okay, okay...sorry I was talking about alliance

Tiff: I was just talking about numbers, that's it

Derek X: okay...after going through it, I'm not super concerned

Tiff: I just don't want you to go home

Derek laughs "yeah

Tiff: so that's why I'm thinking numbers right now

Derek X: tonight..right now, my number one goal is to get Frenchie to put Brent up and if that doesn't happen tomorrow we can start talking numbers about the scenarios...talking numbers

Tiffany: okay, the alliance goes you, me, Travis 

Derek: will you talk to Austin about it (he means Azah)

Tiff: Austin:

Derek: no Ausin

Tiff: Alyssa?

Derek: no Ahh Zahh

Tiff: no Ashah

They are stumbling around Azah's name

Tiff: I will talk to Azah (she pronounces it Asha)

Derek X: you don't have to. I was just curious of she was like

Tiff: well, Azah mentioned you and I was gonna say to hear 'should we approach Travis and Derek?'

Derek: you should have come to talk to me...I thought we were about to blindside Travis


The cam switches to the Reef Bedroom where Kyland and Claire are talking and Travis walks in saying he is about to shower

Ky: do you have two seconds before you shower?

Travis: yeah

Ky: come hither

Travis: I...what are you guys...I feel like I can't get two words in so my name must be being thrown around

Ky: we were saying, I guess, I don't know how this happened, but I assume that it was from before...I was sitting with Frenchie, Big D and X were sitting in there and then Christian came in and then you came in. Who left first?

Travis: Frenchie...I was like I'm not having this conversation, I know what's going on

Ky: then everyone leaves. He goes down to talk to the girls and asks about a pawn

Claire: he says 'I feel good with you guys, I don't want to put girls" then he came back


12:45AM BBT

Tiff talks with Ky, Travis, Claire in the Reef Bedroom. She tells them they need to solidify something solid and that she already talked with Derek X "as an alliance, he is not really looking at Whitney or Hannah"



Cam switches to Christian in the kitchen when Frenchie walks through saying he is exhausted from doing one-on-ones all day and that he just wants to chill



2:00AM BBT Backyard  Hammock  Hannah/Whitney/Derek X/Brent

*Derek X is looking really stressed out*

Brent: oh man, I'm playing way too heavy a game, girl

Derek: Travis is on their team. I wonder about Claire

Brent: Claire is wary of me

Whitney: I haven't got that vibe at all. Your name (to Brent) hasn't been brought up one time other than them giving you shit because I wanted to hear you speak Italian. That's the only time I ever heard anything about you.

Derek: have to put up Travis

Brent: here's the thing, right now, whatever the nominations are...you have an HoH already on to you and Travis is a great guy and I honestly think he's funny but are you gonna risk your game

Derek X: oh man, I fucked up my game for sure

Brent: so you need to just stick with your team and we need to trust you...finding out that you're in an alliance from the HoH and you're on my team. It's not a good look, man.

Derek X: I know

Whitney: yeah

Brent: you know what I'm saying, man? Trust is everything.

Derek: yeah, but the numbers thing had me, like if they vote off someone from our team

Brent: okay, Travis is the head of the snake and Christian is on to you

Derek X: let's just say it's me....oh, I'm fucked, dude

Hannah: okay, but you, Frenchie and

Brent: that's explosive for you guys...but Frenchie wants to align with us. That's basically what he's hinting at

Hannah: yeah

Brent: if we can't beat them on our ow, we are gonna need to have the votes and the security that if any of us wins an HoH and immunity that we won't have to put them up; so basically it's like they win, we win, we're both safe. All we have to worry about is the other two squads winning. But, if we take away Travis and we take away Christian, we don't have that problem anymore. The snakes are fizzling out. They're dying.

Hannah: well Christian has safety this week

Brent: exactly, but I'm saying in the future. If we have the numbers, we have more chance of winning HoH

Whitney: yeah

Brent: right?

Hannah: yeah

Brent: he is just hoping that his team of 4 wins it, but if we have 8 people that try to win HoH, they keep us all safe and not only do they win immunity and keep us safe but then they have to nominate those other two squads until they fizzle out  and we are the top 8

Whitney: mm hmm

Hannah: in theory, but the team twist isn't going to last long

Brent: (to Hannah) do you know of anything brewing that we should be aware of

Hannah: no, I literally don't

Brent: 'cause we gotta start being aware of that now

Whitney: yeah...I feel like I am one of the only girls aware. Are there no other girls aware of what is happening?

Brent: Tiffany is here just to have a good time. I love her but feel she is here to have fun

Whitney: no, she hears some of the stuff

Brent: maybe she is just chilling right now; that is someone I feel comfortable

Whitney: I think the alliances and everything....she wants to fight really hard for her son. I know she is not doing this just for the fun. But a lot of people are trying to take a step back and just wait and get to know people's personalities a bit more

Hannah: that's me; that's entirely me

Brent: The game is gonna get really real because people are blowing it up way too soon. It's going to get messy

Hannah: when you exited the HoH room with Frenchie and Tiff, it looked like all your conflict had been solved

Derek: you knew about all that

Brent: let's not talk about this

Hannah: no, I just looked at your faces and Frenchie mentioned something about someone conflicting with someone else but wouldn't mention names and such. And I was like huh? He asked can you two handle something and I was like what, but he didn't mention names. He was just vague and ambiguous but I connected the dots.

Brent: Frenchie and me are tight

Whitney: I love Frenchie

Derek: you two are that close?

Brent: we had a heart to heart; he stereotyped me and didn't want to be a hypocrite, but he was going off of Christian instead of getting to know me...So, we hashed it out. We have a lot in common.

Derek sighs and gets up saying he wants to go talk to Kyland

The others stop him telling him that he needs to lay low

Brent: wait wait, you gotta remember he has control of the nominations. Don't piss him off even more

Hannah: Derek, you need to take a step back for the rest of the night and I think you need to not do damage control

Brent: yeah, 'cause I think you're doing more bad than good; you gotta relax...the HoH is calling you out and the people you're trusting are blowing it up for you. The only people that haven't blow it up for you is us

Derek X: yeah, thanks (he is crying) I've played it all wrong. I played like an individual comp

Hannah: it's day two...what do you mean like an individual comp

Whitney: like, instead of thinking of us as a team

Derek: I fucked it up; I forgot about the team aspect

Brent: just relax

Whitney: that's why I think it's really good that we are talking about it

Derek: if two teams align then we run the fucking house

Brent: that's what Frenchie is coming to us for

Hannah details some history on past alliances that formed early and how they blow up because people didn't really know each other yet (mentions bomb squad and detonators)

Brent: yeah, everyone is just too giddy

Hannah says they have to know who they are working with

Brent (to Derek): I need you to tell me right now. Did you say anything that could damage our game?

Derek: okay, so I'll tell you what I was paranoid about. It's us 4 and I was tight with and I was

Whitney: I don't want to lie (to Derek) I want to say that I heard my name was brought up, too. I don't want to call out the person. I was told that you were saying that I was or people were saying that I was a comp beast because of the way I lined up things in the competition so I guess people are calling me out for that

Derek: that you are a comp beast?

Whitney: I don't know, it was something like that about the competition. Like how could you even say

Hannah: we came in third

Derek: but is that a good thing?

Whitney: no

Derek: but I thought that was a good thing, that you would want

Whitney: NO they were saying it in a bad way

Brent: like to target you because of it

Derek: I want to be honest about it, but that's never what I meant

Whitney: I don't want to put the dagger in because you are on my team, but I want to put that on the table

Derek: I never said that as like a bad thing. I'm not dumb enough to say let's actively get someone off. Let's flush all of this out.  I'm sorry about that. I'm just not gonna talk.

Brent: (being facetious) you're fucking killing it tonight, huh? Like you are on my team, but if it came up to somebody that hasn't betrayed me and you; I mean that person...I know they aren't gonna nominate me

Derek X begins saying he knows he is going out soon. Whitney tells him she is glad he isn't denying it (the things he said)

Derek: I was trying to work with Travis and he was trying to get me to work with his team

They see Travis (sitting on backyard couches with other HGs) point over in their direction

Brent: I know I'm a target

Derek: I fucked up

Brent: and I'm on your team

Derek: I got played...it was a stupid mistake

Whitney: the great things about mistakes is that you learn and do better

Brent: okay so Travis and Kyland want to get me out

Derek: yeah

Brent: and Christian wants to get me out as well

Derek: yeah

Brent: and what is the reason

Whitney: maybe because you are charismatic

Brent: what? Just because I want to talk to people? I haven't even won anything yet.

Hannah laughs

Derek: Kyland thinks he has Frenchie's ear. I thought you were talking shit about me.

Whitney: but what made you think that (she asks him 3 times)

*They are trying to get Derek to reveal why he was turning on Brent*

Derek: because one of us 4 has to go up. Because you hug everyone.

Brent: I don't hug everyone. God Damnit.  I have a big target on back by every single male in this g-damn house.

Whitney: No, not Frenchie

Hannah: besides Frenchie

Brent: besides Frenchie and Big D

Derek: I'm so sorry

Brent: you can make it up 

Derek: Frenchie is not going to put you up

Derek: I know, but vote the way we need you to vote.  If I know Frenchie, he is going to put up Travis and someone else and right now

Whitney: I could see him backdooring

Derek: he's gonna put up me and Travis

Brent: well, we are gonna all try to take out Travis because he is the head of the snake, so you  are not dead yet

Whitney laughs

Brent: but you put yourself in a position where we can't really help you

They all laugh and begin discussing the game later down the road then Brent speaks up

Brent: and you know what is crazy man (to Derek) you were nice to my face, too

Derek: I'm sorry man. They literally made me feel like it was me or you. I got played

Hannah: how could they make it

Whitney (to Derek) I want to be really honest with you. I feel like you are using a lot of excuses right now...without reasoning. So, what do you mean?

Derek: it had to be 4 guys

Whitney: why 4 guys

Derek: well I thought a girl and a guy but then.....I thought it was going to be Kyland but Kyland was safe and he was like if you join us (Derek is stumbling over his words) He is like we two are safe and if you join us it's gonna be 50/50

Brent: if it's me I'm gonna have a shit ton of votes

Derek: I know I should have even put that. I should have dropped

Whitney: because at the end of the day, you have us 4 with you

Derek: I fell for a bromance

Whitney: come on Derek, it's day two

Derek: how is he playing me right now; god damn

Brent: you are his puppet and he keeps looking over here so he is either throwing me under the bus or lying about you

They all agree to communicate better from now on





Okay, and here is the other side of that story from Travis...


2:16AM BBT Backyard couches  Big D/Frenchie/Travis


Travis: Okay, you first

Frenchie: so you weren't even on my radar until I hear him (points at hammock) you and another had my name come out. This is what I was told and like I said, can I confirm what I was telling you right now? No, because I was not there. I did not hear it. I was told this. So the reason that I am as transparent as I am is because I know my name came out. I was told, 'next week, he needs to go'

Travis: here is the thing; I didn't know if you wanted a girl or him (Christian) out or securing his loyalty by if whoever you target doesn't get out by us going after them next week; us being myself, Kyland and Derek working with you and securing loyalty with each other. I haven't told anyone about the 4 core with anyone; I didn't want to spill that. I didn't want to say anything.

Frenchie: here is my thing since we are being on fell transparency. When I heard that both you and him (Derek) were on my radar. How can you blame me?

Travis: you heard something sketchy and 

Frenchie: you would have done the same thing. Time and time again I have done nothing but prove what I have said I am gonna do. Why would I not be a huge fucking ally because you know what you are gonna get. You know if you needed that veto and all you got to say is Frenchie...I can gun for that thing. I am not a comp beast by no means but I'm not scared to go after it. I'm not scared of nothing or nobody. Why would you get rid of that over someone that is gonna lie to your face?

Travis: yeah


Frenchie is making the point that he was upset because he thought he and Travis were good "what hurt me the most is that I put a lot of respect on Ky. I really enjoy him, his company, his person, and when I heard the three of you were throwing me under the bus...it sucks

Travis: but now you know that's not true. But I have to hear it from you that you understand we want to buy your loyalty. That's what all three of us want to do.

Frenchie: there are 16 people in this house and out of everybody I only have 6 that are available to put up

Travis corrects him that it is nine

Frenchie: nine...they took this HoH and said fuck you and the comp today even stressed me out more. The possibility...you took a pond to a puddle in my opinion. It's wee one. I don't have anything to go off of.

Travis: you have, after all of the whispering, numbers. Who will ride with you  and I will do that. We have all seen you are a comp-fucking beast.

Frenchie: I'm not a comp beast

Travis: three back to back to back

Frenchie: I just had to see my kids. Now that I got my pictures, I'm good. You were not even...it was somebody else.

Travis: so what is the current state?

Frenchie: well I still have that original person. I think I have a plan. Here's my question. Who else are you close with, able to be like this mother fucker is down? It's hard at this point, isn't it? I mean you think you have people and then hear whispers and thin k 'I don't got him.'

Travis: you are doing the best job a squashing it (rumblings)

Frenchie: As soon as it comes to me I squash it.  That's how I am. If I got issues, I'm gonna handle it because where I come from, you handle it like a man or you get dealt with like a child.

Travis: yeah and you did that  *they shake hands




8:23AM BBT

The HGs are beginning to move about and the lights are up on the house

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8:32 AM BBT:  Sarah Beth is back up and chatting with Xavier in the KT.  They are talking about waking up to pee a lot in the house.  Sarah Beth talks about not being able to get a one on one with Frenchie. Sarah Beth said that she is planning to leave him alone for the rest of the week.  


8:35 AM BBT:  Christian and Alyssa join the two in the KT.  They are joking saying that America will be joking about how bad the beds are. They are talking about hearing someone snoring in the wall this morning.  Christian and Xavier are deciding to workout then slop it up. 


8:40 AM BBT:  The Kings are talking about the calorie content of slop.  Alyssa makes slop for The Kings. and the guys move towards the gym. Sarah Beth and Alyssa say that they are worried about being seen as a tight group (as the Kings) since Christian saved Xavier.  Alyssa says the idea of no game talk other than talking to Frenchie is a good idea. They then begin whispering about how to prepare slop.


8:45 AM BBT:  Azah, Christian and Xavier are in the gym talking  about it being dark and falling over stuff in the bedrooms.  Azah leaves and then the boys are left warming up for their workout. They are discussing how to best workout their legs so that they aren't sore for a competition. 


8:48 AM BBT:  Feeds switch to Alyssa cooking slop (now featured on all four cameras). 

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8:28AM BBT Xavier knocks on Frenchie's HoHR door then opens it "Frenchie, let me rap with you right quick...it's me X"  Frenchie is sleeping but agrees... "if people try to talk game with me today I just want to say, hey look I talked with Frenchie,  I'll say you're safe so don't worry about shit, okay?  I'm gonna do the same with Christian. Let's not get caught up. You still feelin' good?

Frenchie: yeah

X: okay, just keep yourself, lay low....stay on that path 'cause that's the path of least resistance

Xavier leaves


8:43AM BBT

Xavier (he told the HG's to call him X) and Christian are working out in the gym. Christian asks X how he feels and X says they are both safe

Christian: you think we'll get outside at all today

X: no, I don't think so if nominations are today because they have to set up for veto


[I'll bow out for now since Sheldon is here. Thanks Sheldon!]

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8:52 AM BBT:  Azah, Xavier and Christian are in the gym.  Alyssa is walking back and forth.  Christian said that for the 8 minutes of wake up music, they are going to work out for their "eight minutes of pumpin'".


8:55 AM BBT:  Alyssa comes into the gym to show off her slop. Christian said that he can guarantee that they would not like his own seasonings.  They wish that they could put butter in the slop, Azah said that you could bake cookies with them.  Xavier said he would eat slop cookies all day.  Xavier hopes they have the BY again today to chill. When they start to speculate about nominations being today we get FOTH for a few seconds.  Christian says "Copy, Sarge" (I heard yesterday that they will be calling "the voice" Sarge.) The workout is over and the three are now out and getting breakfast.


9:02 AM BBT:  Christian is telling Azah about an experiment done on prisoners way long ago about keeping them up for a long time and pumping oxygen into the room for a long time.  We get a FOTH.


9:10 AM BBT:  Still FOTH, pretty sure that it is wake up time.


9:15 AM BBT:  The feeds are back and the HGs are awake.  Christian, Alyssa, Derek X and Brittni are all in the LR.

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Frenchie is talking to Derek X in the backyard, 1:57:55 AM


Frenchie: Here's the thing man, like, at the beginning of the week, this is - like I told you, I come to you as a man. 

Derek X: Yeah. 

F: At the beginning of yesterday, you were not nowhere on anything. He (pointing to the hammock) was not nowhere near anything. There's another individual that was. And then I started hearing this this and this, and then my name - my name has been mentioned by the two of you I know that for a fact, and that just - and I said the respect thing over there for a reason. If there's an issue come talk to me, we can talk it out like men, just like me and Brent did. 

X: Yeah, yeah. 

F: We can talk about it like men. And at the end of the day, like, y'all gotta realize that throwing my name around is dangerous when I'm HoH. I gave y'all the respect I just expect it back. 

X: Respect man.

F: You hear what I'm saying?

X: Yeah.

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10:30am BBT Two groups of HG talking...Azah and Derek F (cant hear them) Tiff joins them. They say to stick with your instincts. Tiff says she doesn't know when Noms are but they need to be the last ones to talk to him. Azah says they called him to DR already and once he tells them he cant change it. Christian, Ky and one of the girls talking about cutting their hand on their BB key.


10:42am BBT Azah giving Tiff make-up tips. Tiff appreciates the advice. Derek F says he watches RuPaul and he says thats how to do it. Derek F says he doesnt want to play in the veto. Alyssa, Ky and Christian talk about noms. Ky says, On the list of worries, it wouldnt be you guys. Ky says the Aces have fractured.


10:55am BBT Derek X, Brent, Britini, Sarah and Travis in the KY. Derek X is doing dishes the others are talking about amusement park rides. Cam keeps zooming in on NOMINATIONS TODAY on the TV. Xavier finally sees it and alerts the HG. They all come into the LR to see. The boys LOL at Derek F (they call him Big D) for his saying he is in his bed but his room is always open for them to come in and chat.



11:02am BBT Big D and Christian talking. Big D says that Travis and Derek X started going at each other saying I am working with you. That Frenchie said to not say anything and now they are putting each other under the bus. Christian asks if the deal is still going. The last time he talked to Frenchie there was a back door deal now he doesnt know.  Is Derek X still going? Christian says it was Derek X and Travis.

11:12am BBT X is in WA and Frenchie comes out WC. They have along comforting hug. X asks if he wants to talk  about it. (Frenchie has been crying) Frenchie says its just everything. Brent comes in. Frenchie says there is so much fake in here and he has seen it for 2 days. Frenchie says when ppl are in the PP you can hear everything. The only rm you cant hear is in the HN room. Frenchie is done making ppl feel like they are at home. 

11:20am BBT Frenchie, Brent, X and Travis leave the WA and go the HNR to talk with Travis. Frenchie says Brent was originally his wk 1 target, then they talked. Frenchie tells Travis that after Brent talked someone else came up and told him to reevaluate his target, they said that this person said exactly what Brent said. Frenchie said it was a prejudgment. 

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11:25am BBT Frenchie says he apologized to Brent for his prejudgment. To have everyone come to HOHR and say... Frenchie says he asked one question and he doesnt need a pawn but he asked if they would be a pawn and he got crickets. At that point he reevaluated things. Frenchie says that if he says to these 3 that he is ride or die he means it. Brent says Christian isnt keeping it quiet, he is talking way to early.

 11:30am BBT Frenchie says he told Big D he would put up 2 girls cuz the guys will bond. All the guys are big competitors. Frenchie says the person he really wants to gun for he cant. Frenchie says he was babying the relationship (?? with Christian I think) and he didnt have to with Travis. Then Derek X lied to him. 

11:40am BBT Frenchie says when he went in the DR and saw the card laying there....WBRB....Frenchie tells them he has many things he could blow up cuz ppl talk. Frenchie had 2 goals, if he told you something he meant it. Frenchie says he doesnt want to get HOHitis has let ppl to use WA, said he would switch beds with them. 

11:49am BBT In PP Ky, Alyssa and Claire talk. Alyssa says if she is picked (to play veto) she will throw it. Claire says to talk to Frenchie first. In KT they are cooking and talking over each other. Meanwhile back HNR: Frenchie says he wanted his talks to not be hard play. (He keeps saying This Person) (must be who he nom, remember they arent allowed to say who it is) 

11:56am BBT Frenchie tells X that when This Person came to him he was throwing X name around and he also threw Travis name around. Frenchie says Derek X mistake is he doesnt really understand the concept of the game. Frenchie says he can tell you what he will do...Alyssa comes in to grab something, after she leaves Brent says if you cut off the head of the snake, she will fall. 

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12:00pm BBT Big D walking from rm to rm looking for ring and necklace. He found them. He says he went to a military school and he wears his ring EVERYWHERE! Ty and Sarah in SR. Ty asks her if Frenchie told her who he wants to go home. She says Derek X and he is putting up Travis and Derek. Ty says he doesnt know now that they have been in HNR for over an hr. 



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12:06PM BBT

Kyland and Sarah Beth are talking in the SR

Sarah Beth tells Kyland that X told her Frenchie wants Derek X to go home



12:10PM BBT

Sarge (BB): Frenchie, please go to the Diary Room Downstairs

12:16PM BBT

Frenchie walks through the bathroom where Travis and Christian are talking. He tells them he is making noms.

Christian: oh no....I have to piss

Frenchie comes out of the bathroom with wet shorts "the bidet"

Travis: you about to make them now

Frenchie: yeah, I had to piss

Frenchie washes his hands then leaves

12:20PM BBT  The feeds cut to RCHS for nominations

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 12:11pm Group leaves the HNR. Frenchie gets called to DR. Ty, Alyssa, Sarah and X in RBR. Ty said he talked to Frenchie last night and Frenchie told him his feelings were hurt, Ty said he can tell him, Frenchie told him there was 0. Ty was thinking he has never said anything about Frenchie and that Frenchie had a clear pic.  12:20am BBT We have FOTH. 

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2:00PM BBT

The feeds have returned and Frenchie has nominated Kyland and Alyssa for eviction.

Frenchie is meeting with Kyland in the HoHR. He tells him that he thinks the veto is coming with a big reward "this veto will be won and it's going around your neck."

Frenchie: I cannot have her winning this. I need a strong person in that veto. I promise you in everything I love, if I win that veto, it's going around your neck.

Kyland: I only have one question; why couldn't you tell me if you trust me

Frenchie: I didn't know until I got into the Diary Room

Kyland: did anyone else know

Frenchie: no

Kyland: I believe you...because you answered me so quickly. I believe you.

Frenchie: nobody knew and there is nobody that I believe deserves the reward than you. If you win the veto or I win the veto, it's going around you. There is a bigger fish to fry. I promise we are gonna fry the fish together. I knew you would be calm with this. I need to go tell Alyssa why her. You were chosen for a specific reason and that is why. You or me, that veto is going around your neck. That is the big thing. You know I am not gonna lie on that. Trust me.

Kyland: okay, if we can talk later

Frenchie: when I opened the key thing there were barely any names in there and most were names I couldn't trust. It sucked. I was shaking when I put your name in the box. I'm asking that you let this play out and you will see. You are not going home.

Kyland: okay 

Kyland asks who the big fish is after Frenchie says Derek X is not the big fish.

Frenchie: here is the thing; everybody else's name in that box, I can't trust. I am playing that comp like I am sitting in that chair. It is going around your neck. In worst case scenario, if Alyssa comes off then Derek X is going up 

Ky: I have to know who this big fish is

Frenchie: I'll just say that I don't think safety will last long. Big Risk, Big Reward

Ky: you mean Christian

Frenchie: he doesn't realize that I know that Christian and Travis are like...there is a plan to get Christian next week

Ky: so Travis?

Frenchie shakes his head yes: he is in a lot more than you think he is. Just watch this and you will know. Please don't blow your game up. Ultimately, if I had it my way, Alyssa..alright, Alyssa is Christian's big ally. I would love it if she went home. I have a feeling there's a huge reward in this veto

Kyland: okay somebody...Christian said like that everybody has said that he and Travis are close and they're not. When you say he is working an alliance, who is in it.

Frenchie: But when you say that multiple times to multiple people, you are hiding something. Those I know right now are Alyssa, Christian, Travis, Sarah Beth and Hannah that I know of right now

Kyland is skeptical over all this and asks what the conversation in the HNR was about. Frenchie said s=it was hashing out with the guys. Ky says he is going to ask them all about the conversation and Frenchie encourages him to check that; he even offers his HoHR for a private conversation with them.


Frenchie: look my options:

Sarah Beth - absoolutely not; she's aligned with them

Alyssa was going up; she lied to me in the chair

Ky: but who opened up. Who said

Frenchie: how did I know? The same way you did


Kyland asks him who gave him the three names. Frenchie hesitates at first but then says, "fuck it, I want you to feel comfortable...Derek...not X

Ky: Big D?

Frenchie: yes




Frenchie: get Travis, Brent and X in a room and talk to them and you're gonna see

Kyland: okay, okay

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Frenchie: I could have nominated Derek X and I could have nominated Travis. Would they have gone along with the plan. Nobody in this house saw that coming.

Ky: Are you cool with helping me verify that conversation

Frenchie: yes

Ky: and I want to have another conversation with Alyssa

Frenchie tells him to go call for Alyssa to come to HoHR

Ky tells Alyssa to wait at the door for a minute 


Britini wants to go in and talk to Frenchie but Ky tells her that Frenchie is talking with him and Alyssa right now. She asks him to get her from HNR when they are done


Kyland asks Alyssa how she knew (that her name was popping up on noms)

Alyssa: I got a bad vibe from X



Ky: okay, well now we need to call up X because what he's telling me right now is that no other person in the house

Alyssa: No, he didn't know...he just told me he had a weird feeling.

Ky: he said no one in the house knew who he was gonna pick


They both go in to talk with Frenchie

Alyssa says she just wants to know why

She asks Kyland to leave and Frenchie tells him to gather the guys for the next conversation

Frenchie: I asked you a simple question about an alliance. You said no and there was.

Alyssa: how was I supposed to know that

Frenchie: because you're in it; you and Christian are like this (tight)

Alyssa: he is my team mate

Frenchie tells her she is in an alliance with Christian and Sarah Beth. Alyssa declares that they are her team mates.

Frenchie says he knows Christian is coming after him and BB screwed him this week "I literally had 4 guys to choose from"

Alyssa: all I have to say is that I was honest with you and I am loyal to my team and I had your back 100%

Frenchie gives Alyssa the same talk about her being the perfect bait for him to catch the big fish, "you'll see at the end of the week. They are going to try and save you which is what I want them to do. They are gonna hang themselves."

Alyssa: Christian? So, you are using me as a guinea pig

Frenchie: it sucks; I'm sorry

Alyssa leaves to get Christian. She tells Christian that Frenchie said they (Christian and Alyssa) are in an alliance so now she is going home. Christian and Alyssa head to the HoHR to talk with Frenchie who has momentarily left the room. Alyssa tells Christian the two of them are not in an alliance they are just on the same team

Christian: forced team...have nots

Frenchie enters and they begin talking

Frenchie: look, birds were chirping in my ear and then you (Christian) jumped up for that competition...energetic

Christian: as a competitor, I knew you don't have safety next week so you are saying from that speech that I am the big fish?

Frenchie: yes, and let me tell you why and you'll understand. When you get in this room every person in this house is going to come to you and offer puzzle pieces and you have to decipher

Christian: I can't defend myself if I don't know who told you these lies

Alyssa: yeah

Frenchie: I will say this. He is 100% pawn (Kyland)...Big Risk, Big Reward....there is probably going to be something big and I wanted somebody that

Christian: he was terrified yesterday until you spoke with him

Alyssa: he was

Christian: if he was scared then he didn't trust you

Alyssa: and we saw you, and you were stressed and we wanted to just leave you alone

Frenchie comments that he was given misinformation then

Frenchie: people are saying that you and Travis (Christian and Travis) are, I don't want to say alliance but

Alyssa: what?

Frenchie: it's assumed

Alyssa says she just wishes, because he had time after talking to them and hearing the lies, to talk to them and hear their side.

Frenchie (to Christian): when I hear you're coming after me, game wise, if I get her, she's a vote

Frenchie hints that Alyssa and Christian are a showmance. Alyssa is not happy with this, "it's day three"... Christian points out that it's only based on looks because they look good together and are on the same team; so people will naturally think that. Frenchie counters with that he knew he would piss someone off so he had to go with people that he felt were the bigger threat to him. Alyssa says that she was never against him. Frenchie repeats that she lied to him "right in that chair right there"

Alyssa: but we are a team

Christian: we are forced to live together

Frenchie: you said your team is your alliance

Alyssa: they are my team but I didn't mean alliance; I don't think I said alliance

Frenchie: if I made a mistake, I'm sorry

Christian: we have to address the blatant bullshit people are feeding you. 

Alyssa: we made the decision to go to bed and leave you alone; think of those people that came to you last minute. I felt good with you



[Sorry, I'm out for now   -MamaLong]

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3:45PM BBT

Frenchie is talking with Kyland and Alyssa in the HoHR. Frenchie tells them that he settled on Alyssa because he couldn't get Christian. Now the target is Derek X.

Frenchie asks them to not say a word to anyone because then word would get out. They all agree. 

Ky: when was this conversation with Derek?

Alyssa: last night

Ky: in all fairness, he didn't come to me about that Derek conversation

3:54PM BBT Christian and Brent are talking in the Poker Chip Parlor. Christian asks what will Brent do if Derek goes. Brent says he deserves it even though he is one of his team mates because he ran his mouth. He will just have to gun harder.


Brent: it's all about trust and loyalty and being trustworthy because it shouldn't be this messy until many weeks in, but it is

Christian: they picked a fire fucking cast; they picked one bold-ass cast

Both guys go downstairs and start chatting with X and Big D in the kitchen

They all agree it shouldn't be this messy

Christian says he can't talk with anyone alone now...big groups only

4:02 PM BBT

Brent and Derek X are talking in the Yacht Club Room

Brent: you are lucky you're not nominated

Derek: I know

Brent: Alyssa right now is up there right now getting bombarded; she's overwhelmed and she has anxiety and felt blindsided; conspiracy theories and all; that you had aspirations with Christian and that getting into the head of the HoH so it was like we can't touch that person that was brought into it and so because of association it had to be her. It should be you, but it's not.



*Big D enters the room and sits with them

Brent: there is a possibility that there is gonna be a back door so give me a reason not to; 'cause I like you but you already stabbed me in the back

Big D laughs "you still have a lot of game to play"

Brent: I had to do a lot of damage control to keep you out of the limelight

Derek: but do I have a lot of game, though

Big D tells him to go talk to Frenchie

Derek heads out

Big D tells Brent that he doesn't think Brent will be able to work with Christian and Frenchie now

Brent says he plans to just make Christian feel comfortable

X opened the door and tells Brent that Frenchie wants to talk to him; so Brent heads up



4:11PM BBT

Big D enters the kitchen where Azah, X and Britini are sitting. He comments that things are really messy. Azah points out that they are S A F E, so stop talking about it and wait for veto.

[That's very good advice  -MamaLong]

Britini is recovering from an allergic reaction. Her stomach is messed up. X is being sweet rubbing her back. Big D tells them about Brent confronting Derek and telling him he fucked up and should be going home.

They all laugh

Azah- did you see how much throwing under the bus was going on up there

They chatter about how everyone is playing too hard and making it messy



Big D- if I'm HoH; fair and square...5 minutes...it will be like who went home last time

X- if I win it's gonna be party because we 'aint partied at all; it's gonna be Bruce-Bruce and Lloyd got to go (they named the big puzzle shark in the kitchen Bruce-Bruce; the metal one is Lloyd)

X suggests they all play hide and go seek. Everyone agrees "I'm sick of all this tension. I want to have fun"

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4:18PM BBT

Derek X joins Big D at the kitchen table. Derek says that he knows it's game and not personal

Big D- you can't give up...you could get pulled for that veto

Derek- is that what my game is down to; getting pulled for veto?

Big D- it's difficult but if someone threw you under the bus and you want to be here, you got to do what you got to do. It's the smart play. There's only one person on that board is gonna win. I wouldn't be surprised if next week all teams switch up. You can't give up. Anything could happen.



Derek tells Big D that he's waiting to talk with Frenchie. Big D tells him to go talk to him now.

Derek- I don't know what people are saying to him right now. I just want to speak my truth.

Claire has joined them at the table

Big D- well, that's all you got in this game...you only got your word & your bond. Can you imagine what they  are saying when they are looking at us at home? They're like this one is gonna be a bitch; this one is gonna be horrible; this one is gonna be fun

Claire- the thing is, I feel like the feeds are good; it's a Friday and it's good. I know when the feeds came on at like 5 or something my mom was like what the fuck is going on

Big D- I think they are like how do you find these people and put them together. We're gonna find them and throw them in a house

Claire- throw them in a house...these people deserve a little bit of torture 

Big D- it's crazy....out of all the seasons, I've never seen by day 2 everyone scramble like that  

Claire- well they normally don't usually have feeds week one so maybe they are but we don't fucking see it

Som guy yells from upstairs "Attention: Derek is sexy"

Big D- oh, that must be me you're talking about (he mentions that X reminds him of his cousin and they can mess with each other).  I just wish I could see what they are all saying about all 16 of us

Derek- I don't want to see that



Big D says that for a gambling season they should have cards "I would do anything for cards"

Claire- that's true; what card games do you like


4:27PM BBT Feeds cut to WBRB

4:36PM BBT

Feeds pop back to Azah, Derek, and X in the bathroom

X- I am just trying to achieve maximum chillatude; y'all need to let me

*Travis walks in "is there a pee line?"

X- Claire said she's trying to drop a loaf, so I don't know

Azah- not a loaf; get out of here!

Derek- a load not a loaf

Azah- Yo the imagery in my head; I can't; the visual; I just saw a loaf shaped turd; I cannot

X- not a load; a LOAF

*Claire mumbles from the toilet area 'what are you guys saying?'

X-(to Claire) Love you...I was just saying I love you, girl 

Derek- LPG we'll call her for short


Feeds cut to WBRB again







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6:36PM BBT The feeds are back now

Frenchie, Whitney, Xavier and Hannah are in the bathroom talking about past seasons and HGs


Brent, Alyssa and Sarah Beth are in the LR just chatting about random things. Brent says he told the DR his talent is whistling. The girls want to go to bed early tonight.


Frenchie is in the bathroom talking about past HG's (Danielle Reyes, Rockstar, Caleb, etc) like he knows them as good friends

Frenchie- I've literally been watching Big Brother since the SUV's hit the screen in season one

Whitney: SUV's?

Frenchie- they were brought in on SUVs...and now sitting here and experiencing it...
6:44PM BBT

Feeds cut to WBRB bubbles again

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6:47PM BBT

Most of the HGs are in the kitchen now. Big D is at the sink washing dishes. Claire is putting clean things away. Azah, Derek and Hannah are helping. Frenchie and Whitney are talking about how beautiful Oregon is near the memory wall.



Now talk in the LR with Brent, Travis, Whitney, Xavier, Alyssa and Frenchie is about favorite desserts. Brent loves cheesecake. They start talking about Cheesecake Factory.


Frenchie is monopolizing conversation with stories about his youth and his farm.


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#BB23 7:51 PM BBT Kyland Travis and Britrani are talking by the kitchen. Brittani tell her mom she loves her even though she figured out how to watch the feeds even though she said she wasnt going to watch, Brittani also shares about a graduation gift she got from her mom. 

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6:55PM BBT

Sarah Beth has been struggling with her voice. She went to DR to ask if she can cough drops as a Have-Not. She just came out saying they told her no. Whitney feels bad for her saying you can't even have lemon (to soothe her throat) Sarah Beth says she should have just taken a cough drop and not asked. (better to ask forgiveness than permission  LOL)


Feeds cut to WBRB,  a g a i n ! *sigh

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