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Thursday, July 8, 2021 Big Brother 23 Live Feed Updates

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3:35 AM BBT  Frenchie/Christian/Derek F. (boys call him Big D)/Whitney


Christian: I want to talk but want to give you your space

Frenchie: Obviously I would like to talk to everybody one on one

Derek F: in the morning, whoever is up first

Frenchie: I wish the backyard was open tomorrow, though

Christian: do you know if it is not going to be open?

Frenchie: no, I don't know (he checks the door to the backyard) it's locked right now


Christian: Dude, look, everybody is going to respect your decision

(Frenchie heads up the stairs)

Whitney says she is tired and wants to go to bed but "they have the lights on"

Big D tells her to turn off the lights, "I'm gonna tell 'em straight up: 'Get out of my face. Goodnight guys, love you.' (Whitney and Christian laughing at Big D)

Christian says he feels bad that the Have Not room lights are still on and wonders if it's because of him not going up 'they said the lights stay on until the last one goes up...I want to talk, though. I'm not tired yet. I feel bad...I don't want to be inconsiderate. I'm going up. Christian hugs Big D  and says "goodnight; we're the last ones up"

Whitney tells Big D and Christian they will get quality time later

Christian hugs Whitney 

Whitney: goodnight, sleep tight; oh! your skin is baby soft

Big D says "those eyes are what's gonna be what keeps him in the game

Whitney: I know; he's dangerous

Bid D I don't know how you gonna get rid of somebody like that (Christian laughs) like, how could you

Christian: shh! I keep my strategy on the d-low

Whitney heads to bed while Big D and Christian begin matching faces and names at the memory wall


They stumble over Kyland's name.

Christian: it's like Kyle but it's not

Big D : okay, let's come back to him; were gonna have to ask somebody else

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4:06 AM BBT  HOH Room  Frenchie/Claire/Kyland/Hannah

Talking about HOH competition. Frenchie says he was sure he gonna lose, "like what is this?" and they were like 'let's do one at a time and I was like I've already solved this. I looked over and was glancing back and forth at the box and putting pieces together in my head. I would have been done a  lot faster (cam switches to YBR)

4:08AM BBT Yacht Club Bdrm  Tiffany/Whitney/Brent/Big D (Derek F)

Discussion is centering around relationships and not settling

Brent: I believe relationships should heighten your life not bring any problems. I think you should be in a relationship for the other person. Most are in the relationship for their self when you should be in the relationship for the other person

Tiffany: so many are in for them self

Brent: I date these woman and right away they want to take a picture and post it on Instagram. I'm like 'I don't know you that well' so people like want to take a picture already and show the world they are not alone

Big D says Brent has all the women he wants and "they like everything was bomb, the date was bomb, everything was bomb. I want to be with you for the rest of my life." everybody wants to jump to 100 'cause they don't want to be alone

Brent discusses the poll and how 'something like 60%  or maybe higher of people said they are not with the person they should be with...they settled'

Tiffany: I'm not a piece of meat. I'm not on the market

Whitney: because there is a biological clock that's ticking

Brent begins discussing an article he read about relationships and ages referencing chairs 

Tiffany: and men don't have a biological clock and can have kids whenever. Y'all can have babies whenever and y'all are never in a hurry. Men can go look for a wife whenever they are ready and get one, but women can't do that.

Whitney: women like us have strong personalities, but it's hard to find masculine energy to match your energy. That's why I usually go for assholes because I need a confident man but it never works. If you have to tone down your energy, it's settling

Tiffany: men want to impress you



Big D : men love strong women but I get what you're saying. It depends, you want somebody to match your energy

Tiffany: But to your point (Whitney) I do not want to change who I am but when a guy comes in and wants to do things for me. I don't know how to sit down and let him do that for me (she gives an example of a man changing a tire for her when she can do it herself) Sometimes women are like, it's okay, I can do that...


4:16 AM BBT cam switches to balcony where Frenchie/Travis and Kyland are leaning over talking to someone in the kitchen; then switch back to YBR where the relationship discussion continues)



4:49 AM BBT

Hannah heads to bed in the  SGBR and Frenchie begins settling in the HOH Room


4:51 AM BBT

Lights go out in the Sea Glass BRM


4:58 AM BBT

Britini settles in the YBR where the lights are already out on sleeping HGs


5:00 AM BBT

The BB house is now dark with sounds of snoring


7:46 AM BBT 

Some HGs are beginning to get up for the day. Sarah Beth gets out of bed in the HNR and heads to the Poker Parlor to check her hair in the mirror. Christian is awake in the bathroom washing his hands. Sarah Beth heads downstairs as Christian is heading up, "oh, I'm not the only one up"

Xavier gets out of bed as Christian reenters the HNR and heads downstairs for the restroom. He meets up with Sarah Beth in the bathroom area. She tells him she didn't sleep much at all and she usually gets up early. Xavier comments that maybe they will go to bed at a decent time tonight.


8:07 AM BBT

Xavier is working out in the gym area; Whitney and Sarah Beth are in the SR getting fresh batteries

8:18 AM BBT

Hannah and Derek X join Xavier in the gym to say good morning. Hannah says the room was so hot last night.



Big D and Sarah Beth are chatting in the kitchen. Sarah Beth says the nice thing about the HNR is that it is cold

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8:22 AM BBT

Whitney has joined Big D, Sarah Beth and Derek X in the kitchen saying she could hear everything during the night from her bed in the Sea Glass room because there isn't a door.


Xavier checks the bathroom area for HGs and sees no one is there; then heads back to gym and begins talking to himself. "A few early risers. I got to get up earlier to get a workout in. So people don't suspect I'm a huge competition threat. Get up earlier and get your workout in.  Oh! This game is going to be fun....it's weird not having to wipe things down"


8:26 AM BBT

As Whitney enters the gym, Xavier stops working out as intensely

Whitney: getting it

Xavier: just a little, nothing crazy

Whitney is asking Xavier how he has energy to workout after only getting three hours sleep. She heads to the toilet. Britini passes through the gym on her way to the toilet. Xavier tells her good morning and comments that he loves her pajamas. She thanks him and says they are comfortable.

Xavier: they look comfortable




8:44 AM BBT

Hannah, Big D and Whitney are discussing BB seasons in the LR. Hannah says celebrity BB was "messy" Big D says he didn't know much about BB until the pandemic, "I was like, what is this"



Big D, Whitney and Hannah discuss Brent doing his flight attendant thing and how it's going to make it on TikTok. Big D says they are gonna make him a Jeff.

Britini passes through and Whitney asks her if she knows the TikTok dances

Britini: girl, I do  (she begins doing the dances)


Sarah Beth joins and they begin discussing the BB voice and the live move-in


8:48 AM BBT  WBRB bubbles on the screen


8:55 AM BBT  Big D/Derek X/Xavier/Sarah Beth/Whitney

In the LR, discussion is about Big D's snoring. Big D mentions they (BB) are really messing with him and he would like a cigarette. Whitney says it must be hard for smokers in the BB house, "do they give you a patch or something?"

Big D "they offer it if you need it"

They ask him how much he smokes a day. He responds just 1 a day

Derek X: pack?

Big D "no just one cigarette"


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9:12 AM BBT

Brent joins the HGs in the LR and mentions a loss. Big D says he is sorry for his loss (can't hear details because BB has a mic on Britini and Frenchie in the SR, too). Big D says he lost his dad so he knows how that is. Sarah Beth says she lost her dad to COVID last year. Brent says it makes him appreciate his mom more.




9:16 AM BBT

Frenchie, Christian, Kyland and Derek X are now in the SR changing batteries.


9:20 AM BBT

Whitney is talking with Claire, Hannah and Britini about her make-up company and how she has 25 people working for her. Hannah asks how she got started. She explains that she was going to dental hygiene school when she was offered a job by the top artist. She took the job to pay off debt and spent a lot of money on a make up kit then was laid off. She says she was spiteful so she was determined to become the top artist in Oregon to get back at her. She is now #2 artist. Britini asks her if she knew she was going to surpass her goal. Whitney says she knew she was gonna do something big.image.thumb.png.6dca416243798a3ab007b13c3448b1c0.png


9:25 AM BBT

Azah is now up and prepping food in the kitchen while chatting with the girls

Christian and Kyland are looking for food in the SR. They comment that Alyssa and Tiffany are still sleeping

9:29 AM BBT

Britini is telling Whitney , Hannah and Xavier about her stomach sensitivities and skin allergies. She says she is skin allergic to milk and chicken.


9:30AM BBT

WRBR bubbles on the screens

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9:45AM BBT  The feeds are back to the HGs in the LR just chatting about general stuff

9:48AM BBT BB yells over the mic, "Please stop singing" They wonder who is singing and determine it's Tiffany


They begin talking about "Watermelon sugar" (Harry Styles song)

9:50AM BBT  Claire says it's about giving oral to a woman

Sarah Beth: oh my god, my poor ears...oh my God

Claire: your poor ears

Sarah Beth: my grandma is watching


Christian tells Hannah that he doesn't want her thinking they have a beef (apparently he had introduced himself to everyone but her last night)

Hannah: oh but we do because you've been talking shit about me since before the season even started.

Christian: I told you that was a joke but I do believe that the smirk you got and the way you are strategically placed next to me (on memory wall) is something to look out for

Hannah: mm hmm...I think you're smart



10:03AM BBT In the LR, Kyland asks Sarah Beth if Shelly (her gf) lives with her. She says no.




They begin discussing the smell of turkey bacon from the kitchen.



10:06AM BBT

Lots of general conversation going on. Whitney is telling Xavier how she could get a Qtip and begin taking notes by dipping the Qtip in ketchup and writing it down "like, HOH Week One." Sarah Beth is talking about her gf being a nanny (Shelly takes care of her 2 yr old nephew) and how toddlers are so cute. "I could like stare at them waddling around all day."

Alyssa asks Christian about the slop calories

Christian: you're worried about slop calories

Alyssa: no, it's in a good way

Christian: like 240 times three because there are three servings

Alyssa replies to someone asking about how she is feeling. She says she feels better and it (nausea) just randomly hits her at any time of the day.


10:12AM BBT

Whitney and Xavier are talking with Frenchie in the HOHR. Frenchie is hoping he gets his HOH letter today. He tells them that he spends every day with her [Frenchie and his wife clearly have a great marriage]



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10:20 AM BBT  HOHR  Frenchie/Whitney/Xavier

Frenchie tells Xavier that he was watching him in the backyard yesterday and knows he (Xavier) is analyzing and calling people out on their bullshit in his mind. [Frenchie is prepping an alliance -MamaLong}

Okay, we have our first alliance in the BB23 House. Frenchie is talking about his core being "The Slaughter House" and in that will be "The Butchers" (2 of the 4 core) Xavier and Whitney agree and like the names.


Whitney: should we start thinking about nominations

Frenchie: first we need to figure out the 4 core

Xavier: agree

Frenchie: we get the butchers done and solidified and then we work on the Slaughter House and as the Butchers (butchers = Whitney/Frenchie/Xavier)...week to week to week, whatever we want to do, and as the butchers we ride into the sunset. I know that's boring for the viewers

Xavier: no, but we have to get a paycheck

Whitney: we need to look find someone serious about the game, has social skills, hard competitor and loyal

Xavier says he needs to change up his look of being analytical. Frenchie tells him it was blatantly obvious.

Frenchie says he likes Big D

Conversation is interrupted by Kyland at the HOHR. He joins the group but conversation shifts

They all begin hyping up Kyland as being a good guy and good looking

Xavier says he was disappointed to see so many good looking guys "I thought I was gonna be pretty"

Xavier leaves the room

Big D joins the group in HOHR

Whitney: if we aren't married by 50 will you be my spouse (to Big D)

Big D : of course

10:38AM BBT Frenchie meets with Kyland alone in HOHR. Frenchie tells Kyland he is good because he can tell that Ky genuinely wants to be there and he couldn't nominate him


Kyland hypes up Frenchie as being genuine with an obvious great heart and thinks no one sees him as a mark. Frenchie tells Ky that he doesn't want to see him go and wants to get far with him. Ky is happy to hear this and confirms that he wants to be number 2 with Frenchie. Frenchie says he feels like he can work with Kyland because he is "genuine...not a certain way with someone and then change for someone else."

Ky: I appreciate that. Thank you!

Frenchie: when I met you I was like YES, someone like me

Frenchie tells Kyland he isn't there for Instagram followers...he wants to be inspiration and change lives for others, "at least to me personally, that's worth more than money to me."

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10:40am HOHR Frenchie has been talking with Whitney and Xavier about getting one other person to join their Slaughterhouse 4 alliance. They will talk to others and see who they like to have join them. They Kyland comes in and they talk about Cards against Humanity, there should be a BB against Humanity. Whitney and Xavier leave and Frenchie tells Kyland that he thinks he is genuine and wanted to talk to him about an alliance. 

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10:52AM BBT  in HOHR  Frenchie to Ky:

"As I was meeting you I was like, this is it. I wanted to talk with you because I want to work with you in this game."

Kyland: I think I was like, I am gonna be seen as a fool because I believe everything [he is thrilled Frenchie is suggesting they work together]

Frenchie: you're gonna see as time goes by. I'm not like gonna tell someone something I don't mean.

Ky: I feel it. I can legit see that...see us

Frenchie: I want to start something and call it The Slaughter House

Kyland laughs, "oh man, like lambs to the slaughter"

Frenchie: I need to see who in the house we can...we don't want it to be big. The huge alliances don't work.

Ky: yeah, paranoia...it's only if you get paranoid that you stop getting far

Frenchie: we can always pull in the extras

Ky: what do you think, if it's like 4 or 5...is it better to...I mean I am just getting caught up on episodes, but you know the game...like 4 or 5 and each has 1 (extra)

Frenchie: I think that's what we would do...have the core and have a different name for those on the outside [Ky is overwhelmed with joy]

Kyland: I feel the full realness, you're the person I feel closest to. It doesn't have to be reciprocal

Frenchie: I like it...we are gonna steamroll. When it comes down to it, there are two chairs at the end and if I was gonna lose this game, I wouldn't mind losing to you.

Kyland says he knows he mentioned Xavier and Derek (Big D). Frenchie confirms. Ky says Brent is analyzing everyone. "That's either really dangerous or an asset."

Frenchie tells Ky that he has already talked to people "I like Xavier, Big D and Whitney...and Tiffany, too, she is so sweet."


11:08 AM BBT

Frenchie meet with Britini in the HOHR and tells her she isn't going anywhere. He asks if everyone is being nice. She confirms that everyone is nice to her

Frenchie: they better be or I'll do something about it

He tells Britini that he doesn't want to nominate women. He discusses that he has never seen a jock meathead go first. Let's start this off with a bang


[sounds like he may nominate Brent and Travis]


Frenchie asks Brit to let him know if she hears anything

Brit: who is your person right now

Frenchie: Brent is number 1 on my list

Brit: who are your pawns?

Frenchie doesn't mention names

Brit: I just want you to know whatever you do I will support you

Frenchie: I do adore you. Your whole energy..I was like YOU...Yes, that's it. You are quirky and upbeat. You love life. I love that about you. And I was like

Brit: if you want to have that duo talk, I'd be down for it

Frenchie strokes Brit's ego a lot more

Brit: okay, so in the alliance it's me, you, Big D, Azah and we have to look for one more that can protect you

Frenchie nods his head in agreement

Brit: if we do this I feel 6 is a good number so we need to add one guy and one girl

Frenchie: so who do you think

Brit mentions Kyland

Frenchie tells Brit that he didn't roll the dice yesterday because he wouldn't be able to live with one of his teammates going home.

Brit: so if the 4 of us stay the core, the people we add in don't need to know everything...is 7 too many for you or would you want to keep it at 6?

Frenchie: if we add Whitney and Tiffany, I like that

Brit: that would be a lineup: we would be the first 7 person. I don't think there's been a 7: me, you, Big D, Azah, Kyland, Whitney, Tiffany. That's a lineup....that's at least one person from every team.

Frenchie: we've got somebody planted in each team to throw it

Brit: freaking go! Yes. ANd if we do this you tell them that teams aren't gonna last forever and you want to work with them. Can I tell you who I'm nervous about, though?

Frenchie: I want to know

Brit: HANNAH...she knows this game....everything about this game. I love her, she's so sweet, but the way that she knows the ins and outs of this game

Frenchie: living proof of knowledge is power...typically the people out of the loop is the old guy and the minorities and the meatheads....we're swapping that this season. We are going the opposite route. I think this guy has a huge social game, too

Brit: Brent?

Frenchie: yeah...there are 8 women in here and out of the 8 5 were like puppy dogs when he was talking.....I'm gonna nip that in the bud right now. When he is talking to me, I don't feel it's genuine. He is like kissing ass. I could be completely wrong. I'm gonna pull him up here to see where his head is at, but he is like one of two people, he and Derek (Derek X)

Brit cautions him about Derek X saying he connects with people so fast

Frenchie says he wants to pull someone else in because he doesn't want people talking

Brit: the Slaughter House 7 is about to....let's go!

Brit leaves the HOHR





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10:50am BBT Frenchie tells Kyland he wants to name an alliance called the Slaughterhouse and they would put people on the Chopping Block. They laugh and Frenchie says for Kyland to talk to people and see who else they can get to join. They will have a core but have others off of it. The core will be their ride or die. 

10:59am BBT Frenchie tells Kyland he is thinking of getting Whitney to join them. (She is already in his other Slaughterhouse alliance with Xavier) No better time like the present. Frenchie says it sucks he had to be the one to crush someone's dream by sending them home.

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11:32AM BBT

Frenchie is now meeting with Brent in the HOHR

Frenchie tells Brent that he wanted to pull him in and ask who he feels good about because he values his opinion. Brent thanks Frenchie and tells him he admires him for expressing his feelings about his family and everything. He says that showing emotion is not a weakness. Frenchie tells Brent that having your child and that unmatched love, then losing that is like no other.

Brent: I can relate to you. The reason why I was standoffish is because I didn't want to overwhelm you. I saw a man on cloud 9 but also some emotional, and I told you I lost my dad to suicide....it's (Brent is getting teary)

Frenchie: come here, man  (they hug) I didn't want to assume things but I thought you were like a hard ass....and I thought people would be like 'a dumb southern redneck...a farmer and everything but there's more to me than that.' I feel like an asshole because I was like he is a hard ass. I was watching you with the ladies and was like 'man, this man is the Fonze'

Brent: I get judged before I even open my mouth and so do you...people make assumptions before even knowing me.

Brent says when he saw the waders (overalls) he was happy because he fishes and felt he could connect with him that way "I have a website and everything. I love that stuff"



11:40AM BBT

Frenchie: I'm not gonna lie to you, your name came up last night but I wanted to have a conversation with you first. No matter what, this game is gonna be hard.


Frenchie tells Brent that he was a hypocrite and feels bad for making assumptions

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11:25am Tiffany corn rolled Christians hair. Derek F says his rapper name is Lil Slop. HGs say the GYM is not equipped for legs, they will have to do lunges. Brent says he sleep like dog sh*t last night and he is sluggish today. 


11:37am Tiffany and Christian in SBR: Christian says Frenchie will probably nom one boy and one girl form the losing team (the Kings).  Christian saying he doesn't know anyone yet, doesn't know who to be in an alliance with.  Tiffany gets told to reattach her mic, she says she is changing her clothes, don't call me. She pulls the comforter over her head. 

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11:50AM BBT The cams switch to WBRB bubbles then to a recorded show in Scotland ("Dabl" weird) then back to the HOHR after a minute or so


11:55AM BBT

Brent and Frenchie continue talking in the HOHR. Brent shares that he felt (some guy) was trying to be competitive with him over the women or working out (possibly Travis). Frenchie tells him several people already took notice of that. Frenchie asks him if he wins HOH will he protect him. Brent says he feels they have something.

Frenchie: the main reason I wanted to pull you up here is to apologize to you

Brent: I appreciate that

Frenchie: I was an asshole for thinking

Brent: I feel the stars are aligning. I feel I have a good sense of everyone in the house, but I feel I know who it is

Frenchie: I want you to feel comfortable knowing that you aren't the only one throwing that name out. If it's going to be a problem, we can take care of that. I just want to know...are you going to protect me next week?

Brent: absolutely

They hug and express that they are glad they talked

Cam pops back to WBRB bubbles

11:59AM BBT Now we have Rancho Coastal Cuties on the cams  



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11:47am Derek F is doing dishes, Derek X and Travis come into the KT from GYM. 


11:50am we get Escape to the Country video clip (????) and we are back to BB. Britini, Azah, Christian and Kyland in PP talking about puppies. Christian has a sister that lives in Progue and teaches English. He visited her 2 years ago. WBRB and now FOTH.

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11:06am BBT: In the Dinning room area tiffany is braiding Christian's hair while Britini watches from the balcony. In the HOHR Frenchie talks to Britini. he ask her like team wise is there anyone you would like to be here more or is there anyone like you think does not want to be here and she says no he says everyone is being good to you right and she says yeah everyone is being good to me,, Britini says i have and feel a good urge with Tiffany and the Frenchie says he does not want to put a woman up on the block at all.

11:11am BBT: Frenchie says there has not been a season that a jock went home first and i want one to go home first not a woman.   Britini ask who he wants out and he says Brent she asked who would be a pawn and he says i do not know.

11:20am BBT: Britini says she like Kyland a lot but she wants to stay core to the four. Frenchie says he had to work hard yesterday and wanted to win to keep his team safe he says we have a good team here. He says he was thinking of having the four of them in different aspects of the house but yet they all stay together. He says like Derek F. is getting all kinds of information you know stuff like that. he then says he wants them to all come together as a team and we trust each other.

11:25am BBT: Frenchie continues talking to Britini about a core alliance and who he might =can trust and who he can not trust. Britini says Derek X. connects with everyone really fast but i feel like he is a big social threat but he is chill too. Frenchie says yeah he is the next one that needs to go. Britini says you have an awesome intuition and man. Frenchie says he needs to talk to someone else and he will talk to her later.

11:31am BBT: Frenchie and Brent are now talking in the HOHR.  Frenchie says i just want to see where your head is.. he says i just want to see who you feel good about and who you don't because some people don't get along so i just wanted to see where you was at. Brent says thank you for taking your time to talk to me. Brent says first don't ever be afraid to show your passion for your family man. Frenchie says that is why i wanted to talk to you is because i thought you was upset with me yesterday so i wanted to make sure. Brent says no and like i said first off I love the passion you have for your family.

11:38am BBT: Brent tells Frenchie that is is hard when he came in he was like he has his family and you know i lost my dad when i was young and you have yours listening to your letter made me think you was lucky, Frenchie gets up and gives Brent a hug.
11:47am BBT: Frenchie and Brent repeating themselves in the HOHR. Derek F. doing dishes and cleaning the KT 
11:50am BBT: Frenchie tells Brent he is thinking about putting a guy and a girl up on the loosing team  then ask him if he wins HOH next week if he will keep him safe and Brent says yeah i would. we now have FOTH PUPPY CAM.

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 1:21pm BBT Feeds back. Travis and Tiff in RBR talking about other people, who they can trust. Travis said they will talk with the squad after this comp. Brent and Whitney in WA talking, Brent says he wants nothing to do with "him" (didn't hear who). Tiff says she got called out on something. Brent likes Frenchie. We keep getting FOTH off and on. 


1:34pm BBT It's been FOTH again for a few minutes.

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1:24PM BBT 



Brent/Alyssa/Whitney in the bathroom area but Alyssa leaves. After checking around for anyone listening, 

Brent: what was Christian saying to you? He is putting targets on people's backs 

Brent tells Whitney that Christian and Travis were bromancing. Whitney is a little freaked because Christian wanted to talk and she didn't...now thinks she will be his target. Her heart is racing. She asks Brent to feel her pulse. Brent says he doesn't want anything to do with them (Christian and Travis). "Travis seems to be a standup guy....we need him to be a target for whoever.... For the time being, we are gonna talk later, obviously, with our group.

Whitney: the fact that he called me out...I didn't say yes or no...they were like 'you guys are gonna be a showmance' and like I don't want anyone to think anything. But look, we are on a team together. This is dangerous because people are gonna assume stuff.

Brent: honestly, the conversation I had with Frenchie..

Whitney: I love him (Frenchie) he is one of my favorites

Brent: yeah, ...he is the greatest...he was saying that he (Christian) was saying all the girls like Brent and basically, he likes... The Feeds cut back to Rancho Coastal

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6:47PM BBT The feeds are finally back. The backyard is open. The HGs yell and head for the backyard



[The feeds are still pretty messed up. Sometimes we have audio and sometimes video, but the video is bouncing back to RCHS and not consistent]

7:00PM BBT The feeds look good now.





[I am hoping someone else can pick up the deets. I have to head out for now.  -MamaLong]

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