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Big Brother Season 23-Premiere

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Julie says 16 houseguests will move in tonight where twists and turns lie around every corner at BB’s Beach Club. Welcome to Season 23 of Big Brother!


We’re live for the next 90 minutes. Tonight, a three month battle will begin for the biggest prize money ever awarded. Time to meet the houseguests!


Travis, Frenchie, and Derek get their keys. Travis is from Honolulu, HI, and he gets up early to work and then turns into an island bum.


Derek F. is from Philadelphia, PA. He’s an energy bunny and his father was Smokin’ Joe Frazier. He’s going to bring new prestige to the Frazier name.


Frenchie is from Clarksville, TN. He’s a real life Old MacDonald. He’s super smart and prior military and a superfan of Big Brother. He’s here to win!


Xavier is from Milwaukee, WI and he’s an attorney. He played college basketball but tore his ACL. He’s single but he’ll try to avoid a showmance, but he’ll flirt a little bit.


Julie greets the first four men and welcomes to the BB Beach Club. She says every decision in this game is very risky and this summer they will be forced to take huge risks. One wrong move could cost them everything.


Julie tells them when they head inside immediately go to the backyard where they will immediately compete against each other.


The guys head in and they look around and say it’s cool. They have introductions just inside the door and then they look at the pictures.


Derek F. says if he can win a competition he is going for it but if he can’t win he’s going to lay low. They guys finally head to the backyard.


We have a casino set-up. Travis wants people to think he’s a dumb surfer guy.


Julie welcomes them to the kick-off competition. Whoever wins will immediately have the power to change the course of the game and they will also be competing for the first HOH.


They have travel posters next to them but they aren’t quite correct. They have to rearrange the images so when they look through it matches the poster on the easel behind. First HG to buzz in wins this competition.


The guys immediately start working and pull out the plexiglass to try and get it to match the poster. Frenchie is moving along. Derek F. is a bit slow. Xavier is working. Travis has one piece left.


Frenchie thinks he has it and buzzes in but he’s wrong. Julie tells them to pay attention to the details. Frenchie is rearranging the plexiglass.


Derek F slides another piece in and Frenchie does as well and both go for the buzzer but Frenchie is first!


Time to meet the first four women.


Azah, Britini, Alyssa, and Whitney get their keys!


Azah is from Baltimore, MD, and she is a first generation American. She was a pastors kid, but she is a little boy crazy, but no showmances in the house. Nothing. She is here to win.


Britini is from Niagara Falls, NY, and she graduated valedictorian. She does karate and she was diagnosed with autism when she was young. She wants to show everyone they can no matter their disability.


Alyssa is from Sarasota, FL, and she is a designer. She grew up on her own and moved out when she was 17. She thinks she will have a good social game, but she might not be able to keep her mouth shut.


Whitney is from Portland, OR, and she is a single mom. She has horrible taste in men and she does not want to be in a showmance. She wants to win BB.


Julie greets them and asks if they consider themselves a gambler and no one says yes. Julie tells them this season is designed for gamblers. She tells them to head straight to the BY as well.


Britini says she is coming in to win and she is not going to be anyones pawn. She is unapologetically going to be a badass.


Azah does not want to win the first competition because she wants to target the person who wins the first competition.


Julie sets them off on their competition and they start working. They are all working and Britini is moving and checking.


Azah is looking through hers and makes some changes. Britini is making changes. They guys are watching from a balcony. Britini thinks she has it but she’s wrong.


Whitney buzzes in and we get fish and she is incorrect. Alyssa tries and she is wrong. Azah is still making some changes. Alyssa tries again and she is wrong. Whitney buzzes in and she has won!


Julie welcomes us back and Frenchie and Whitney have won the first two parts of the competition.


Brett, Christian, Derek X., and Kyland have their keys. Kyland is from Venice Beach, CA. He volunteers with non-profits. He grew up in two different cultures, African and Mexican.


Christian is from Harwinton, CT., and he lives with his parents and he makes his own fun. He is single and he thinks a showmance will happen. Girls love the curls. He thinks people will underestimate him.


Derek X is from Maryland and he was the only Asian guy in his high school. He is very competitive and his parents are super supportive.


Brett is from Cranston, RI and he loves to travel and learn different cultures. He has a competitive nature. He is going to use a lot of charm and he is going to play the social game.


Julie greets them and congratulates them on making it. She tells them to head straight to the BY as well.


Kyland is hyped to be in the diary room. Brett will backstab people with a smile.


Julie gives them instructions for their competition and sets them off.


The guys seem to be working quickly. Brett is making changes. Derek X is moving.


Christian makes a few quick changes and he thinks he has it and he buzzes in and is correct!


Sarah Beth is from Fort Myers, FL and she’s a forensic scientist. She likes to sew costumes for anime. She says she will not come off as threatening and maybe she will fly under the radar.



Hannah is from Naperville, IL. Doogie Howser was her nickname because she is on a similar path. Her mom is from South Africa and her dad is from India. She is just going to tell them she is a college student studying fashion.


Claire lives in New York, NY. She loves the strategy of Big Brother of finding people to do the work for her and she wants to be in an all womens alliance. She is a huge fan of the game and she thinks showmances are good for the game and she is bisexual.


Tiffany is from Detroit, MI and she has her own phlebotomy service. She is also a single mom and she is not worried about being an older player in the game. She wants to win all the physical competition and she has been a fan of Big Brother for ten years.


Julie greets them and asks who considers themselves a risk taker and Clair and Tiffany think they are. Julie tells them to head straight to the BY.


Hannah is ready to give herself to the game. Tiffany is coming to win every competition right off the bat.


Julie goes over the competition rules and sets them off.


The ladies are moving and changing pieces. Claire thinks she has it but she is wrong and has to try again. Everyone else is cheering them on.


Claire thinks she has it again and she rings in and she is correct and she has won!


Frenchie, Whitney, Christian, and Claire won their competitions and they will get to draft their teams! They will play in teams of four!


Julie goes to the BY and congratulates the captains and fills them in on the first twist of the summer. It is time to draft teams. They will play a slot machine. They will get two options and learn something about their options and then make a choice.


Every team must have two men and two women. Frenchie gets to pick first and he is team captain of The Jokers. He hits his button and he gets Hannah or Azah. Frenchie selects Azah.


Whitney is the captain of The Aces and her choices are Brent or Travis. Whitney selects Brent.


Christian is captain of The Kings and his choices are Alyssa or Tiffany. Christian selects Alyssa.


Claire is captain of The Queens and her choices are Kyland or Xavier. Claire chooses Kyland.


Frenchie is up again and he hits his button and his choices are Sarah Beth or Britini. Frenchie selects Britini.


Whitney is up and her choices are Derek X. or Derek F. Whitney selects Derek X.


Christian is ready and his choices are Xavier and Derek F. Christian selects Xavier.


Claire is next and her choices are Sarah Beth or Tiffany. Claire selects Tiffany.


Frenchie has the last spin and his choices are Travis or Derek F. Frenchie chooses Derek F.


Whitney is next and her choices are Hannah or Sarah Beth. Whitney chooses Hannah.


Christian gets Sarah Beth and Travis goes to Claire’s team.


The Jokers are Frenchie, Azah, Britini, and Derek F. The Aces are Whitney, Brent, Derek X., and Hannah.


The Kings are Christian, Alyssa, Xavier, and Sarah Beth. The Queens are Claire, Kyland, Tiffany, and Travis.

It’s time for the HOH competition! The team captains will compete for HOH and their teammates are each standing on a poker chip. The teams will compete, but the captain of the winning team will be HOH and the team will be safe.


The competition is called House of Cards. Each captain must build a house of cards, but the other three teammates must balance the platform they are balancing on. The captain must hit the buzzer while the house of cards is still standing.


The last place team will become have-nots for the week. The competitions begins and the teams get set. Christian is moving fast. Claire is bringing pieces closer to the platform. The giant cards descend and the teams lower the platforms.


Christian and Frenchies teams seem to be making the most progress. Christian runs for the buzzer but the puzzle falls and he has to go back. Frenchie is making progress and he runs for the buzzer and he has it. The Jokers have won and Frenchie is HOH!


The teams have to continue competing because the last place team will be have-nots. The Queens think they have it and are in second. Whitney is rushing and Christian drops his puzzle. Whitney runs for the buzzer and The Aces are in third and The Kings will be have-nots.


Julie goes to the BY and the winner of BB will now win $750,000. However, there is another huge reward that could be handed out tonight.


Frenchie is the HOH and he gets a double or nothing offer. Two weeks of safety could be for his team if he lands two oversized dice on the table in front of him but he only has 45 seconds and the die must stay on the table.


There will be new HOH next week, but his team would be safe. But if he takes the offer and fails then he is no longer HOH and his team will be eligible for eviction and Claire would be HOH.


Julie gives Frenchie time to think it over.


Julie goes to the BY for Frenchie’s decision. Frenchie says some things are more important than a game and he misses his family so he’s keeping the HOH.


Julie tells Frenchie to hang on, she wants to see if he could do it just for kicks. Julie says it is just for fun. Frenchie lands the first but misses the second. Everyone is cheering him on. Frenchie tries again and misses a few more times. He would have completed the task with .4 seconds left.

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