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Play the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 23 Monopoly Game!

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The Morty’s TV Big Brother USA Season 23 Monopoly Game!


bb23-morty-riskreward-23 - Monopoly Game Board.png


As anyone who has ever played the board game Monopoly knows, once started, a game can go on seemingly forever, much like a season of Big Brother.  This summer, Morty’s TV invites you to play our version and have a chance to win a T-Shirt from Morty’s TV in the Morty's TV Big Brother Season 23 Monopoly Game!


The rules are simple. Pick a token House Guest, and then let Big Brother roll the dice.  You will earn Morty’s TV Monopoly Bucks for each event your HG Token experiences each week, and at the end of the season, the player with the most Monopoly Bucks at the end of the season will be the grand prize winner.   


Click here to play today:



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