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Derek Xiao


Age: 24

Hometown: Baltimore

Current City: New York City

Occupation: Start-Up Founder


Three words that describe you: Funny, logical, and thoughtful.


Favorite activities: I’ve been really into chess and surfing recently. I just spent a month in Hawaii, and I would surf every morning and then play chess on the beach. Growing up I fell into the typical Asian stereotypes and played tennis and piano. My mom only cooked Chinese food growing up, so I started learning how to cook so I could make random food that I craved, like mac and cheese. Now I love cooking and trying new recipes. My least favorite activity would be cleaning the dishes afterwards though.


Who are your favorite Houseguest duos? Those who became best friends in the Big Brother house or had a showmance?

Dr. Will and Mike Boogie. They looked like they were having a great time in the house, while also playing the game extremely well.


What are you most excited about living inside the Big Brother house?

Meeting interesting people from across the country. I love meeting new people and getting everyone laughing.


What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house?

Not being able to see my friends and family for the whole summer.


What is your favorite past moment on Big Brother?

Dan’s funeral speech in Season 14. That moment was flawless game play that leveraged both emotional and logical strategy.


What is your strategy for winning the game?

Build relationships with everyone in the house and slowly turn friendships into alliances. And then layer in unassailable logical reasoning to influence peoples’ decisions.


My life’s motto is…

“If you laugh at yourself first then everyone is just laughing with you.”


What would you take into the house and why?

  • A journal so I can keep track of all the funny stories to share with my friends.
  • My laptop so I can keep working on my business.
  • An iPod so I can get hyped for competitions or relax after long days.


Fun facts about yourself:

  • I rented a Citi bike to compete in a triathlon in college…and then crashed the bike.
  • I was stung by a jellyfish in Thailand and then was later forced to eat the jellyfish.
  • I was one of two Asian guys in my high school graduating class.
  • I started a company that ships meal kits by food influencers across the U.S.
  • I took hip hop dance classes in New York.
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I really liked him in his bio video.  He seems to be positive and willing to do just about anything. 


Listening to him talking on the couch about how he f'd up and he deserves to be on the block is disappointing.  I expected him to be strong and figure out how to get off the block, not sit back and practically expect to be the first one out. 

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