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America's Got Talent Season 16-Auditions 5

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Terry greets us and we meet Positive Impact Movement and it’s a group of four guys and they are greeted by Sofia. They want to inspire positivity and you can come back from injury and inspire people. Two of the guys start by jumping on the shoulders of the other two guys and they lift a weight and toss it up to the guy on top. They then throw the weights to each other and they are doing various tricks. They get a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience.


Sofia says that was a kind of a surprise and the energy was amazing. Howie loved the act. He says they see people doing acrobatics and strength but they are using every day equipment. Simon says the amount of time they must have put in is impressive. Heidi liked it a lot but there were so many incredible, amazing things they did they’ve never seen before. They get a yes from all four judges!


The next act is The Empower Pack and it’s a dog act. They want to impress the judges, especially Simon and they want to show America how amazing their dogs are. They begin their act and one of the dogs doesn’t seem to want to perform. Sofia loved the act and enjoyed it. Howie says he loves dogs but he didn’t’ find it inspiring. Simon hates to say it, but he agrees with Howie. Simon says they’ve had better but he has to say no. Heidi gives a yes and so does Sofia and Howie gives it a no.


We meet Alexandra Cote and she is there with two dogs, and she talks about her dog Gizmo but he passed away and she’ll never forget him. Now she has two new dogs and she remembers how much confidence Gizmo gave her. She is greeted by the judges and they begin their act. She gets an ovation from all four judges. Her dogs are Tesla and Luca. Simon says this might be his favorite dog act. He thinks they’ll do well in this competition. Heidi says that put the biggest smile on her face. Sofia says she wanted Alexandra to keep going, it was fantastic. Howie agrees and he saw unique tricks. All four judges give a yes.


We then meet Gangstagrass and they want to share a message with the country that they have common ground and they are better together. Simon greets them and they begin their act. They have a banjo, a guitar, and a fiddle, and a couple of rappers to perform with them. Everyone seems to love them.


Howie thinks Gangstagrass is an example of what America needs right now. Heidi loved them. She thought it was fantastic. Sofia says that was a perfect combination and they have no one like them. Simon says that was a good audition and they had an original song. He thinks they will remember this one. They get a yes from all four judges.


Tonight, we also have Delicious Duane Douglas and he’s here to introduce no contact wrestling. He’s going to talk smack to everyone, even the judges. He’s greeted by Howie and he begins his act. He says Terry is the second most intimidating man on the stage. He says Howie can be his tag team partner. Howie buzzes him. Heidi buzzes him as well. He is also buzzed by Sofia. Simon is the last to buzz. And the crowd booed the whole time. Howie says people question if professional wrestling is real and he says he’s here to say this was real…bad! Sofia says there was nothing delicious about that. Duane says he loves him and that’s all that matters. He gets a no from all the judges and the audience.


The next act is The Moon City Masters and they are twins. Simon greets them and they want to tour the world and make albums. They perform I’ve Got a Feeling by The Beatles and Simon buzzes them and says they were boring. Heidi says she’d give them a shot and she says yes. Simon says no and Sophia and Howie also say no.


Next is The Sklar Brothers and they are also twins. Sofia greets them and she wishes them luck. They are going to do a comedy act and they begin their set. They get an ovation from Howie. Sofia says that was so funny. She’s never seen two comedians so in sync. Heidi says she’s laughed more to other comedians and didn’t have it this time around. Simon says it’s cool to have twins, they’ve never seen that before. Howie says he loved them. He says it’s hard enough to do comedy and then to find someone with the same rhythm and timing. He loves them. Simon liked it too. They get a yes from all four judges, even Heidi because she heard the audience laughing.


Next we meet Melodie Blaze and she cuts clothes for a living and she’s on roller skates. She asks Heidi to be her model and she comes out in an oversized pink t-shirt and Melodie begins cutting it. Simon buzzes at one point. Howie doesn’t think that was much of an act and says no. Heidi gives a yes. Sofia doesn’t think that was an AGT act and says no.


Next is Lea Kyle and she’s a quick change artist and she’s excited to meet Heidi. Her boyfriend was on last year’s AGT and it was her first time on stage and it was exciting. Her boyfriend is her biggest supporter. She’s nervous but she’s ready. She is greeted by Heidi and she’s excited to see what she’s going to do and she wishes her luck. She begins her act. Howie is on his feet before the act ends. She gets an ovation from all four judges.


Howie says Leah is the best he’s ever seen. He says they’ve seen quick change artists, but he’s never seen one better than her. He says her presentation was beautiful. Sofia says she’s so in shock and she was having a great time. It was beautiful. Simon says normally there’s two people in the act and the music is terrible, but this was very cool and she has amazing showmanship. It was world class. Heidi loved it too. It was incredible and flawless and she feels like they’ve never had anyone as good as her and she thinks she should go straight to the live shows and Heidi hits her golden buzzer.


Next up is Thomas Evans and he’d love to perform for as long as he can. Simon wishes him luck and he begins dancing and jump roping. Howie doesn’t like it and he buzzes him. Heidi says Howie is jealous. Simon says they weren’t expecting that. Howie says he couldn’t do that but he sees people doing that all the time at the gym. Simon wants to know what gym he’s going to. Howie says he didn’t see anything he hasn’t seen before. Heidi, Simon, and Sofia all give a yes.


Lea Hinz and she’s an aerialist and Howie didn’t like it either. Simon doesn’t know what Howie’s problem is. We then have Bob’s Dance Shop and all four are named Bob. Heidi wishes them luck. Howie buzzes them too. Howie says his buzzer is his bob and his self expression.


Next up we have Tory Vagasy and she’s a singer. Her dream is to be on Broadway and Simon wishes her luck. She sings Into the Unknown by Panic! At the Disco. Sofia says she absolutely deserves to be on Broadway. Heidi agrees and she has a beautiful voice. Simon says it was a brilliantly chosen song and he can see huge potential. Howie says there’s no mistaking she has a powerful voice and she checked every box, but he doesn’t enjoy that kind of music. Simon doesn’t think the audience is booing Howie loud enough. She gets a yes from Simon, Sofia, and Heidi.


Next is Pete Antoniou and he’s a psychic. He’s from London but recently moved to Seattle. Simon wishes him luck and he begins his act. He has a tiny house with a room based for each judge and Terry and he asks Terry to remove an item and hide it and he has a voice message that says Terry hid the bat in his left pocket and he also wrote it on the back of the house. But he wants to do more for AGT.


r Peter has Sofia give her ring to Simon and the judges are asked to go with Peter. There are 1000 rings boxes and he is going to have Simon hide the ring in one of the boxes. Simon starts to hide it in one box but changes his mind. Peter has Sofia think of a memory attached to the ring and he begins walking around the room and selects a box. He asks Sofia how confident she is and she says zero. He has found her ring and knows a detail about her engagement only she knew and that there was a rainbow.


Howie thought Peter was great. Heidi thought it was fun and interactive. Sofia says she wants to say there’s no way she knew that about a rainbow. That story hasn’t been in the press and it’s amazing. Simon says the first part was act and the second part was elaborate and amazing. He gets a yes from all four judges.


Next up is Dokteuk Crew from South Korea. Dancing is their lives and they want to win AGT. Their dance is influenced by anime. Sofia wishes them luck. They perform to Kill this Love by Blackpink. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Sofia says she doesn’t know what’s going on but she likes it. It as incredible. Howie says they are absolutely an amazing dance group and that was his favorite dance this season. Heidi says she loved how they hit them from the first note. Simon says they have K-Pop, now they have K-Dance. He says it was a great, great audition. They get a yes from all four judges.


The last act of the night is up and her name is Jayy and she’s on AGT in honor of her parents. She put her dreams on hold to care for her siblings after her parents died. She sings Lost Without You by Freya Ridings. She gets an ovation from all four judges. Sofia says that was spectacular. Howie says he hears her parents through her. Heidi says it was moving and you could feel every word she was singing and her strength was showing. Simon says what she did was incredible and extraordinary and a beautiful audition. She gets a yes from all four judges.

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